Can This $20.00 Foundation Cover My Sadness? Let's Find Out...
HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel. It's been a very emotional and sad week here in the Star house but makeup makes me feel calm and takes my mind away from feeling anxious. Last week I started to film a review on the Juvia's Place I AM MAGIC Foundation and I didn't get to actually try it... So here I am ready to sit down, talk and test out this foundation. Today I dive into some topics regarding mental health, self-love and some things that are on my mind... Also, we find out if Juvia's Place new foundation and concealer are Jeffree Star Approved.
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  • saw san
    saw san


  • Angie Williams
    Angie Williams

    Should make a Pomeranian themed palette for your dogs

  • Cassandra Ann
    Cassandra Ann

    I love how honest you are.! You're the best I love you Jeffree Star

  • Rachel Shamariah
    Rachel Shamariah

    I miss these days honestly

  • Linda Psota
    Linda Psota

    Sorry for your loss

  • Ashtyn Garner
    Ashtyn Garner

    When he was in the sunlight and moved around I was like that's a barbie doll moment

  • catherine ross
    catherine ross

    This is the reason why I love you 😘 you talk about everything going on in your world and we all can relate to you love you and many blessings 🖤🖤🖤

  • Canyeşili Xxx
    Canyeşili Xxx

    You can hear him trying to sound happy at some points

  • Out Cast
    Out Cast

    I haven't heard someone ask me about how I feel in God knows how long, I literally started crying

  • Gina Valles
    Gina Valles


  • Narice Heartstring 'sushifishwins'
    Narice Heartstring 'sushifishwins'

    I just bought this online! Hoping I got the right shade. But my last foundation (gosh.) went strange sooooooo this girl needs a new one.

  • Amani Masood
    Amani Masood

    4:32 love how the camera man is just hiding behind the stall so they don’t see but he can still get a shot 💀

  • Faye Ray
    Faye Ray

    Sis really went into the store and put in on his hand and put it back. After corona, we could NEVER.

  • Rodi Mousa
    Rodi Mousa

    Please Jeffree dn't be sad , i feel bad when ur sad, i really love you , you are clean and amazing from insaid even from the out you are amazing persone don't get sadnees make you fail be stronge and i wish you the best 😘😘❤, love yeah

  • LaShele Hager Maynard
    LaShele Hager Maynard

    Wow, I never even knew this brand had such a full coverage foundation. Thanks for reviewing! I’m definitely going to be trying it real soon 😍

  • billen

    who else is here because of the sale

  • emiii

    It’s so weird- I’m binging Jeffree to find some products, and looking on the ULTA website the foundation has 3 and a half stars-

  • Music to your eyes
    Music to your eyes

    HI JEFFREESTAR! My Trans Girlfriend Idolize you very much! I hope one day she'll have a chance to meet you in person :) She always watch your vlog every night!

  • Preston Praxedes
    Preston Praxedes

    Thank you so much for bringing up about mental health., which no one talks about . My boy friend and I have the same problems with depression and our anxiety, but we have each other and our 3 fur babies which we are blessed. Thank you for being so transparent and being who you are. You are definitely and influencer to all. Love you,, hopefully one day I can meet you. God bless❤️😍😊🙏🏻

  • GUIGU32

    U do u sister. Love the videos. Even if u were sad. U r a pro. Nice to acknowledge the indie brands as well.

  • Rebecca Mellito
    Rebecca Mellito

    Damn jeffees eyebrows r grown in the house you know he must not be feeling himself

  • Period Pooh
    Period Pooh

    15:56 UM WUT😂💀

  • Jazdre Vance
    Jazdre Vance

    Definitely brush side better

  • Madison McCallum
    Madison McCallum

    “Thank god I have Nate in my life” Little does he know 😥

    • Marina

      😞 I hope the universe brings them back together

  • Padmaja Guruprasad
    Padmaja Guruprasad

    So i am on a binge watching all of Jeffrey star videos... Thank you quarantine!! I was going through a lot of the comments were about how many people were going through a lot of things and sharing their stories... I just hope everyone is doing okay and want everyone who ever goes through this comment knows that we all will get through it.. Love to all♥️♥️

  • KaylaWasTaken

    Jeffree: *Says hi to the Display* The Display:*Feels Special*

  • Zackery Fanning
    Zackery Fanning

    Hi how ya happy birthday divecy

  • Bloody Wanker
    Bloody Wanker

    Bitch nothing will ever cover up my sadness

  • Marissa Sowers
    Marissa Sowers

    I just ordered a foundation and setting powder from Juvias Place after watching Nikkie's video last night. I know I'm late to the party, but thanks for the review, love. U r incredible and strong, and it's so refreshing to follow someone who is so real. You may never see this comment, but I just adore u. ♡♡♡♡

  • Sarah Sweeney
    Sarah Sweeney

    It makes me so sad to hear you say you feel alone... it really breaks my heart. I hope you know you can always message me any day anytime for anything. My brother always felt alone and committed suicide. Mental health is so important and I want you to be healthy and happy 💜

  • Nonomous

    What shade did you wnd up using ?!?!?!

  • Serina

    Does anyone hear mitski in the background

  • Shonda Schultz
    Shonda Schultz

    Did anyone else see davinci s penis pop out... little too excited lol

  • Nicky Noorani
    Nicky Noorani

    Jeffrey you are so real. I rise my children lost the love of my life. Now I’m working on me because it’s never to late

  • iheartShaneandJeffree

    This entire video breaks my heart. His spark was gone in this video. Poor Jeffree 💔🥺 my heart breaks for you. It makes me sad that you are apologizing to us for being sad in this video. It’s true that we come to your channel to escape our lives and be happy, but you deserve the same. Let it out. Be sad. You can use your channel for an outlet too! Everyone needs a place to let it out. We love and support you 🖤🖤 you’ll probably never see this. But you make so many people happy and you deserve the same 🖤🖤 I hope you see this one day

  • Mason Rogers
    Mason Rogers

    okay i’m sad, jeffrey said i’m so glad to have nate and now they aren’t together 🥺

  • FifiTheBeautiful

    I ❤️ Jeffree Star!

  • Sarah Milano
    Sarah Milano

    I need a foundation wars series with brackets. Jeffree would be the BEST person to do this. Total honest, girl.

    • Sarah Milano
      Sarah Milano

      Like a drugstore and bougie brackets

  • Deisy Orea
    Deisy Orea

    Revisiting this video 😂

  • Willow Phillips
    Willow Phillips

    Lol @ Jawbreaker being one of the biggest launches ever since Conspiracy happened

  • Annabella Oster
    Annabella Oster

    But how are you AWWWWWWW my heart :)

  • Vanessa Ruiz
    Vanessa Ruiz


  • Courtney Brown
    Courtney Brown

    I just watched this again bc I wanted to buy this foundation, and hearing you say be real and let someone know you are not okay is fine. I'm a single mom, full time student, and a pharmacy technician and during this time I'm working and one of the facilities we deliver meds to have 2 patients who have covid 19 and it's scary to know that every time i go to work I'm risking bringing it back to my son. :/ I love you jeffree, stay safe!!

  • Ashley Perdomo
    Ashley Perdomo

    It’s so sad that Jeffree wasn’t there when diamond passed away 🥺😭

  • Elizabeth West
    Elizabeth West

    the brocade fabric on that robe is gorgeous

  • hasmida muhamad
    hasmida muhamad

    Hearing jefree talks about all those mental health and how nathan helps him in loving himself although he had a very bad trust issue with people around him is just so sad knowing that they both broke up now😢

    • Rool Jeffry
      Rool Jeffry

      Amboi kak hebat komen haha

  • Cyber Phantom
    Cyber Phantom

    Every time i see u use your brushes they always look clean and nice. I finally cleaned my brush 😂😂 after 7 months maybe 8 Dont hate

  • Roswell Baby
    Roswell Baby

    When you said Diva had been going through it I felt that very hard. I had a cat for 11 years and he was the daddy cat not actually the father but he was the only male and he was the loving daddy cat and we had a female who we had 6 years and when Racer passed away our girl LC cried she had actuall watering eyes and her cry was so heartbreaking she knew he was gone and as sad as I was for myself and my kids I was the most sad for her because she was so broken and has really never been her normal spunky self since.. so crazy people believe animals do not feel it’s the furthest from the truth they feel like we feel and love like we love 💕

  • kim van
    kim van

    I love you realness

  • Isabella Tonti
    Isabella Tonti

    He’s so sweet to everyone

  • Joanie Maverick
    Joanie Maverick

    My dogs are my canine soulmates. I'm feeling your grief in this video, and I'm sorry you've lost two of yours. I know I'm almost a year late to this, but I just wanted to let you know from the heart that I understand and I'm sorry you lost your little angel dogs.

  • Isaiah Griffith
    Isaiah Griffith

    You looked like a hot Jeffrey Dahmer

  • Quiantella LeBlanc
    Quiantella LeBlanc

    I love the foundation, I think I might check it out❤

  • Grace Hawkins
    Grace Hawkins

    Just bought this foundation the bottle is so much smaller than I thought it was going to be !! Especially as I live in the uk the import charges cost so much the foundation and concealer cane upto £70 with import charges and taxes x

  • tameimpalafan

    anyone here after their breakup? 🥺😭

  • Harmony Sims
    Harmony Sims

    You should buy like crappy makeup on eBay or sum and review it

  • Jillian Rice
    Jillian Rice

    Dang Jeffree I always thought you were fair but when you said your shade ... pfft DAMN IM PALE #730

  • Keven Hernandez
    Keven Hernandez

    I understand your pain I lost my dog late week it's will be painful but we just have push through

  • Blue Fox
    Blue Fox

    Now why can’t Hollywood celebrities do their makeup on point like this? Most of them looks so boring 😴

  • Melody Fitz
    Melody Fitz

    I miss diamond ✨

  • Philip Hinden
    Philip Hinden

    Jeffree, do you realize how much you are truly Loved? Millions of people like me found you on u tube some like me by accident. After two minutes, I was hooked. Want to send you more love and healing. Be strong.

  • Nita J
    Nita J

    I Love Jeffeestar’s !!! What A Beautiful Soul !!! Want Him to Be My New Best Friend !!! ❤️🙏🏼🥰🌈👏🏽🎉😘🦋🍾🎁🥳

  • Ainah Vlogs
    Ainah Vlogs

    Still watching this video

    • Rool Jeffry
      Rool Jeffry

      Hebat akak

  • Teresa Cienfuegos
    Teresa Cienfuegos

    I need 👀🎁💝💝💝💝 Have a good morning Jefree I miss seeing Diamond follow u room to room on your videos other babies are there and Drama is 10 awww keep ya head up can't wait to see u get another Pomeranian to live at the Pomeranian palace I think it'll be good support Nate is main one who's bn around threw this all but taking time off for mental health was good move to enjoy all that u have they have and breathe you have moved from your apt and pretty much h everyone around u has similarities so u all had to be strong active hence the video dnt hv u amped on your red bulls hunny that speaks volumes I always pay attention video not a year old but u also show us love with story time and u mentioned this every video from time it happened to every one after so idk I guess just seeing Nates reaction fighting to keep a all feelings in lunch date easy to be distracted even tho u bought 15 bottles of same product to him he looks at u so sweetly and u have never had a look that looked the same so he just wasn't tryna get turned on if that even turns him on cause u are experiencing look for the first time to let u guys grieve best way u knw I will not let these videos go to waste I binje watch u all the time babes I mean the dogs need love too and u all are so strong for something like this too happen no warning I knw it hard but U two was the ones who grew with Diamond and it was best to lay low upload still dn worry we understand TR-my your always trending other sites IDK I am sad too so I dn want to go lookn' for separation vids but now realizing u are great director stay on subject great content & seeing u transition from music being a walking promo billboard to having your own little fam and time for things to be set in to place for an emergency like this dn worry about people being around u guys videos house tour and your new neons and buying other brands$ to try your new brushes on shows u hv a huge heart & we knw ur babies r your world you talk in a baby voice too them takes time dn want to believe it real that's why but dn mean u two aren't best parents cause u guys are they bark talk bk to camera & always nx to u house can be bigger than a museum full of doggy toys and they'll be right there awww and when they was in living room by the couches and u was vacuuming their there with momma playful and curious and loving and good brothers to eachother each baby got along quick they gonna be love the surprise sister's coming to live with you all quarantine life goals 💝😊😙 @beautifulteresita follow me add me sweetyheart my Jefree and babies take care I'm sending good vibes good deed I'm far accept I hope u see this smile k✨🌟👋💃💬💌

  • Lillian Barclay
    Lillian Barclay

    Thats my exact shade!!!!

  • Iris Maxine
    Iris Maxine

    y'all. i've watched this like literally months ago. and i came accross it, again, today. and you know when Jeffree asked like "how are you?" ahahahahaha. i just realized i still never changed. still depressed btch. but yeah. i think i'm better.

    • ItzKay

      I hope you're doing okay :)

  • Nucking Futz
    Nucking Futz

    I felt it when he said his dad passed cuz my dad passed when I was 11 he probably wont see dis comment but I can relate and we are all here for you (even tho I'm a few years late for this comment but U-U)

  • Veatrice Ford
    Veatrice Ford

    First time watching you...wandered in just to to watch another review on this foundation.....LOVE YOU!!!! You have a new subscriber!!!!! I need to know how to get one of those sponges and your cute brushes!! I will definitely be tuning into you....I love your personality...keep up the great work!

  • It’s all relevant
    It’s all relevant

    Grow your eyebrows out pls

  • yiye mind
    yiye mind

    I really cant believe all Jeffree has been trough and what he accomplish. Its such an inspiration, he started his company from zero and look at him now. I really love makeup and i would love to do what he does one day, and actually watch him succeed makes me so happy for him and kinda hopefull. Just needed to send him love somehow♥