Can This $20.00 Foundation Cover My Sadness? Let's Find Out...
HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel. It's been a very emotional and sad week here in the Star house but makeup makes me feel calm and takes my mind away from feeling anxious. Last week I started to film a review on the Juvia's Place I AM MAGIC Foundation and I didn't get to actually try it... So here I am ready to sit down, talk and test out this foundation. Today I dive into some topics regarding mental health, self-love and some things that are on my mind... Also, we find out if Juvia's Place new foundation and concealer are Jeffree Star Approved.
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  • Steph Priamos
    Steph Priamos

    Hearts to you Jeffree.

  • Kate Dulaney
    Kate Dulaney

    i love how real you are & i always feel like i’m actually having a convo. with you, i’ll be sitting here w headphones on talking to my phone😚❣️

  • Debbie Perez
    Debbie Perez

    Ur face looks amazing with the product 💓🙌🏼

  • Risma Hardiyanti
    Risma Hardiyanti


  • Biancita Flores
    Biancita Flores

    watched this after the breakup :(((

    • Lara Nascimento
      Lara Nascimento

      I'm so saaaad

  • Jailene Barreto
    Jailene Barreto

    I love this video and I love your realness

  • Writer's Block
    Writer's Block

    The love he has for his dogs, like they are also important humans, is so inspirational to me. I know some peope who don't even love family as much as he loves his dogs.

  • K K
    K K

    I love Nate, he’s so wholesome 🥰

  • Rebecca Green
    Rebecca Green

    Who else is watching this after the breakup video? I love to see how appreciative Jeffree is of Nate's love and acceptance. I so glad that they were able to share so much love and happiness together.

    • Wiola Ba
      Wiola Ba

      I just started the video and then start to read comments and found out they broke up...

    • Michaella Greenvile
      Michaella Greenvile

      I literally started crying when he said "Thank god I have Nate" 😫❤

  • Terri Bemer
    Terri Bemer

    I don’t have a lot of friends either so maybe we can be friends

  • Terri Bemer
    Terri Bemer

    Everything is gonna be ok Jeff just take some deep breaths I know it’s a tough time if you ever need to unload just text anytime.

  • kendra payne
    kendra payne

    Prayers for you. Diamond is in our hearts. She will be watching you and waiting for you in heaven. 😇💙

  • kendra payne
    kendra payne

    Prefer sponge application. I want to see this foundation used with Jeffree Star Magic Star concealer

  • Feminal

    I love you J.S., stay cool because you are an amazing person

  • Carissa Brink
    Carissa Brink

    Okay so I am not saying that I have been through more than others but. . ..... girl. .... been through some shit. Ex fiancee was a mental and physical abuser, ex husband was a hard drug addict. Been thinking of a channel focusing on those issues. Hard as hell to get out of that hole especially being a single parent. Mental health issues? Thoughts?

    • Lauren R
      Lauren R

      Go for it, girl. People need to hear real stories to know they're not alone. And also for above on how to get out.

  • Jessica Ray
    Jessica Ray

    Hang in there jeffrey.i lost my daughter at 14 months.i know what sadness is like.just know your awesome.

  • Kadence Villarreal
    Kadence Villarreal

    To be honest I haven’t been doing well this last year and the beginning of 2020. Of course I’m trying to heal and look on the bright side of things but sometimes it gets tough. Watching this video again made me feel better and I always find myself coming back to it when I’m at my lowest point. Seeing how strong you are really does inspire me and help me see that I can get through whatever life throws at me. I really love you Jeffree. I recently have lost a relationship that I thought was gonna always be apart of my life. Losing this relationship has really broken me down and I feel extremely fragile at the moment. I haven’t been myself for a long time but I feel like no one has really noticed. I lock myself away from the world trying to figure out where I went wrong and what I could’ve done to prevent it. I don’t know who to turn to when things get hard because I feel like I’m just weighing people down with my problems and hurt so I keep it all in. I know it’s not healthy for anyone to do but it’s all I’ve known my entire life. I wake up every morning and wonder why I’m here. Why am I going through all this? it’s a question I had for a while. I’m so tired of feeling like this and trust me I’ve tried so hard to be positive. I’ve done everything I could to be happy and nothing really seems to work for me. Distractions don’t work anymore and it’s so upsetting. There’s nothing I want more than to give you a hug. You’ve come so far and been successful in your business. I really do look up to you and appreciate the effort you put into your work. Thank you for being you 💗

    • Agnes Carita
      Agnes Carita

      Kadence Villarreal hi beautiful, I’m so sorry to hear about what you’ve been going thru but hey! You are not alone!!! 2019 wasn’t a good year for me either, it was bad and tough and a lot of bad (by bad, I mean really bad, like, the wildest ones) happened and there’s no day of 2019 that gone by without me praying that someone or something would kill me. I’ve been struggling physically, mentally, and financially. I also have been so hopeless for quite a long of time, I can barely remember the last time I believed in myself. Even (the beginning of) 2020 didn’t do me good. It’s not even the half of January yet some unpleasant things happened already. But I have been prepared for it because thank God my instinct told me beforehand that 2020 is gonna be the exact same as 2019. Well, I just hope you are not as hopeless as I am. The thing is, I just want you to know that you are not alone. We and million people out there are in this together. I know how it feels like to wake up and question your own existence, I know how it feels like to feel like a garbage. And ofc I know how it feels when people around us don’t notice it yet it’s hard to be open because we don’t want to burden them. I just want you to know that I feel so proud of you for being able to hanging in there and trying your best to always look on the bright side. That’s not easy. I repeat, THAT’S NOT EASY. Acting like you are all fine and strong while deep inside you are broken is hard as f*ck. It’s okay to take some time to figure things out. It’s okay if the only thing you can do today is to get out of your bed. You’ll break free from this one too. I believe in you. Just hit me up whenever you need someone to talk to. Sending you tons of virtual hugs 🤗❤️

  • Ashley Contiz
    Ashley Contiz

    I love how jefree is so true to it self sorry I don’t know if it’s a she or he but anyway he is so relatable because like he dosent fake any of its videos and i felt it 😂 💕 💗

  • Kimberly Jean Miller
    Kimberly Jean Miller

    You look so beautiful in this makeup but, I think you are beautiful inside and out. I'm going to purchase these products asap!!!

  • Jennifer Robinson
    Jennifer Robinson

    These nails look SO GOOD.

  • Kerri Allyson
    Kerri Allyson

    What was that you sprayed before you applied any product? :)

  • Lluvia Mendez
    Lluvia Mendez

    My name is actually Lluvia but with double L

  • Becca Brooks
    Becca Brooks

    You can just tell that he's sad... no music while reviewing, the deeper tone in voice, not much smiling if any... I hope you are better Jeffree, I know it's hard, my mom's lost her dog Heidi, and she was an angel. My mom cried for days on end, but I got her to feel better eventually. I haven't actually lost a pet that I hold dear yet since I was young when Heidi was alive, and barely have any memory of her... except the time that she stole MY cookie... Anyway, if I was in your position with my cat Mittens... I would... I don't know, die? I mean, I love my cat. I would never be able to let him go if he left, and right now I feel like he won't make it but for only a few more years. I feel like he's in ok condition, but he's 9 and is very skinny with bite marks all over his stomach and a messed up ear. Mittens also a tuxedo cat with green emerald eyes, like very pretty eyes. He is very beautiful, but he easily gets ill compared to the other animals... I just hope he'll have a long healthy rest of his life. Send prayers ;-;

    • Becca Brooks
      Becca Brooks

      I am glad though that he does seem better as the video goes along, but that doesn't mean that the pain is gone...

  • Jenn G
    Jenn G

    Fur babies really becomes members of mr family as well, the one mistake god made was not giving dogs longer lives.

  • Mrs Befort
    Mrs Befort

    Losing a dog is always painful 😣 I feel u

  • Luxky Charm
    Luxky Charm

    Love the brush because it presses into the skin to make it look more like skin

  • Sophie Cat
    Sophie Cat

    In a crazy world where life has to be a bragfest online 24/7 I appreciate your honesty.

  • SmG Xeleonzzz
    SmG Xeleonzzz

    Why am i watching this...

  • grace

    “is that good???” *bites nates hand*

  • Maria Anzaldua
    Maria Anzaldua

    When Jeffree started talking about Nate my heart started crying

  • Zoey Wheeler
    Zoey Wheeler

    I won’t buy anything that isn’t Jeffree star approved! I know you keep it real 😘💁🏼‍♀️

  • Fey Fey
    Fey Fey


  • calichef1962

    As I'm watching this, I'm spending the weekend between Christmas and New Year (2019) trying to make my basset hound grand-dog's last weekend on earth a happy one. He got a piece of breakfast sausage in his dinner that they other dogs did not get, and any other little tidbits that flow down to the canine members of our family are all going to our special Buddy this weekend. I'm trying really hard to keep it together and be strong for my son. So, I'm spending the weekend watching the Doctor Who takeover on BBC America and watching the Jeffree videos I've missed over the years.

  • Dannon Olsen
    Dannon Olsen

    Jeffree over here making me cry

  • Aprile Rudd
    Aprile Rudd

    Such a gorgeous heart...truly beautiful inside and out ♡

  • Georgia Louers
    Georgia Louers


  • Georgia Louers
    Georgia Louers

    I am so late, but does anybody know if this skin is good on acne prone skin ? Like if I try it will it break me out ??

  • Patti Howard
    Patti Howard

    So sorry about your loss. MAkeup is always the way to go for happiness 😊. FYI. Your skin is so awesome. Soft and satin like. Have fun.

  • Patti Howard
    Patti Howard

    Who is Shane Dawson ,,??? Not a clue ???

  • Abigail Brooke
    Abigail Brooke

    Jeffree over here spitting facts about life 💯❤️😍

  • WinterAngel 28
    WinterAngel 28


  • Avani Singh
    Avani Singh

    I’m making a comment to support you because I’m not fortunate enough to buy your products

  • Cecilia Medina
    Cecilia Medina

    I know I’m late, but when you lose a pet you lose a bestie and a family member, I never lost a pet they either ran away or we have them away but I still cried a lot, love you 💎💙

  • Laura Balcom
    Laura Balcom

    You are AMAZING you are STRONG you can get through it

  • Krista hathaway
    Krista hathaway

    No thank you I'm not good it's Christmas I don't have my son he's gone and I miss him so much and I really don't have anybody I don't have my family anymore and me and my boyfriend about to break up cuz drugs are more important to him than me I mean I'm here alone 12:10 p.m. on Christmas Day by myself because his friends are more important then me and my cat sick I found two big bumps on him I've had him his whole life he's 11 years old and he's helped me through the darkest times losing my son before I had my son I was going through a lot of dark times and he's getting old I love my cats so much if I lose him I don't know what I would do

    • s ovoxo
      s ovoxo

      I'm so sorry to hear you're going through a hard time in life. I really hope things have improved for you since you last made this comment 3 weeks ago. 🖤

  • Annabelle Po
    Annabelle Po

    Thank you jeffree ❤️ I needed you so much

  • Emma Ackland
    Emma Ackland

    U should have ur bf pick ur makeup

  • Jasmina Milic
    Jasmina Milic

    Unfortunately they don't sell it in Switzerland. I am trying to cover my eczema but couldn't find a foundation that does a good job 🙁.

  • Annika Åberg
    Annika Åberg

    im a dummy i read that foundation cost 20.000 TOUSAND but that would be insane XD

  • Kelly Wolfe
    Kelly Wolfe

    I know this is an old video let alone all the subscribers you have so i know the odds of you seeing this comment is slim to none but I'm in a stess full time right now with alot of things going on and I just want to get it out so here it goes... my dad was life flighted last week and he is still in ICU at River side hospital he had a stroke and now they found an aneurysm and he is actually in surgery for that as I'm commenting and we are all so scared .... I'm trying to keep a good out look and positive environment for my kids to on top of that there Christmas isn't going to be what I wanted or hoped for them and we took in another amazing kid this year so he could finish out the school year so spreading what we do have has just been really difficult.... I love how in your video you asked how are you doing and talked about self confidence and I definitely lack that as well one of my biggest issues or concerns with myself is definitely my teeth I wish I had a beautiful smile I don't even like to talk to people because of that.. I busted my front teeth out when I was a kid and it has been hell ever sents I wish I had the confidence of a real smile I'd do anything to have a new set of teeth .... God bless you and your family Jeffree I wish you all the best in life 💜💚💟💛💙

  • Woman_o_the_woods

    I love the way Nate looks at Jeffree and the way they treat each other! They have so much fun together. Best friends in love 😍😍😍😍 I love it so much

  • Carla Mejia
    Carla Mejia

    I think it’s okay to talk about your mental health, even if it’s on a platform or in the comments or to someone you don’t know very well, you know? But how am I? I fell in love with someone who was never fully about me. He was texting his ex that cheated on him the whole time we were talking and he ghosted me. I found out they got back together with her and now they all wanna be best friends and hang out like... no it still hurts lol. Conclusion: we’re not good. Excited to see how the rest of you are struggling 😔👊🏻

  • Stephanie Paduani
    Stephanie Paduani

    I love how real you are!!!

  • Sadie TLily
    Sadie TLily

    Im so sorry Jeffree for your loss. And youre right, Diamond would want you doing whatever makes you feel better!! We all love you, truly..💖💖💎💎💎💎💎

  • JumpinDoe

    Conceal dont feel

  • Goddess Santiago-Davis
    Goddess Santiago-Davis

    I can only imagine how much fake shit you go through I deal with it and I am not known lbs oh yeah the universe is always on your side such a great force of existence

  • Goddess Santiago-Davis
    Goddess Santiago-Davis

    I love how real you are you inspire me to come for my dreams 😘

  • allison simons
    allison simons

    As fucked as this may sound I hope you understand what I mean when I say. I hate to see anyone go through this but Im glad genuine and loving people where surrounded by you and not "fake" people.

  • allison simons
    allison simons

    I couldn't watch this until now, my baby Zoey Lynn passed not long before Diamond. I had her for 13 yr, she was a beautiful Shar-pai/pitt bull mix. Everyone in my town new who Zoey was and its so hard. I don't believe you fully every get over loosing a loved one you just learn how to go on. That being said, I'm so sorry for you and everyone that diamond and daddy's heart touched. Much love to you all!

  • Kim Legaspi
    Kim Legaspi


  • Sparkly Kittens
    Sparkly Kittens

    Mental health is important! And your right. Its only plastic and trickery/drama but thats not real.

  • katya kowalczyk
    katya kowalczyk

    0:13 i think ur dog is a lil... ' excited' after gettin smooches from ya man 😉


    That bottle too small for 20 bucks 😑


    RIP sweet 💎 angel 🐾💋💋

  • Sam Pritchard
    Sam Pritchard

    Hey, so this is my first time watching one of your videos and I think I’m hooked. I love your personality and your dogs, ps I’m also obsessed with the juvias place foundation. I’m about to try the concealer and powder also. I was looking for tutorials to see how it applies and your videos came up. I’ll be watching you girl. Love you 😘

  • KakaraToriyama_SaiyanQueen

    I have so much respect for Jeffree I'm glad he exist so I can bless my eyes everyonce in a while☺️

  • Dee Sanderson
    Dee Sanderson

    This is the first time i have ever commented on a video. I am 64 years old lady and love your videos. I just wanted to tell you i am so sorry for your loss. Never be afraid of sharing as it will help you to heal. God Bless. Mrs S

    • Wiola Ba
      Wiola Ba

      I hope youre having fun here on youtube, Dee :)

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc
    Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

    I have depression and anxiety too. And I’m in recovery. Don’t be afraid to speak up ppl 💗

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc
    Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

    I wish we had shops like this in Australia 🇦🇺 we have the odd Sephora but not in my state 😤

  • Mandie Adams
    Mandie Adams

    Nate and Jeffree are the cutest couple