CAN YOU BEAT THIS GIRL at ARM WRESTLING? Surprising my Friends SPY NINJAS vs Giant Hacker Challenge
Vy Qwaint
After Chad Wild Clay made the video "WORLD'S STRONGEST HACKER vs CHAD WILD CLAY & SPY NINJAS Try Viral Tik Tok Gravity Chair Challenge", Vy Qwaint created "GROSS! PZ9 EATS a WORM at PROJECT ZORGO EXIT CEREMONY! Spending 24 Hours to Free Hacker from Zorgo", and Daniel uploaded "I WANT PZ9 A SPY NINJA! Spending 24 Hours Creating DIY Challenge to Distract Hackers" to the Exposing Project Zorgo TR-my channel, the hackers capture the Spy Ninjas but Daniel is missing! The upgraded hacker has the Spy Ninjas trapped in a baseball dugout and Vy comes up with a plan to escape- an arm wrestling challenge! While Chad and Vy are distracting the hackers, Regina escapes and goes on a mission to destroy the serum that makes PZ715 the most powerful hacker! Regina runs into some hackers and gets into a battle royale to get to the serum. Meanwhile, Vy beat PZ Funf are arm wrestling and Vy wins. Chad competes against PZ Right Arm, a new hacker that looks even stronger than PZ9! After PZ Right Arm loses against Chad, PZ715 is determined to beat these two Spy Ninjas. Vy comes up with a plan to defeat PZ715, but it is risky. She takes the Project Zorgo serum herself and becomes insanely strong and powerful. Hopefully, they can beat PZ715 and find Daniel! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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  • Ryan Jay
    Ryan Jay

    go vy go

  • Ernesto Orantes Diaz
    Ernesto Orantes Diaz


  • Samah Fayez
    Samah Fayez

    the spay ninjas vy chad and ragen win the hacks don't kwon what th a r doing

  • Lasar Ryan
    Lasar Ryan

    Can I go on your video

  • Heidi carrhggssgdr
    Heidi carrhggssgdr


  • AMY Mann
    AMY Mann

    Subscribe to the next day at the too much of the si finding the

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    Lauren Surette


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    Serina Lor


  • Joseph Vl
    Joseph Vl

    And that is the game Masters


    I love ninja

  • Mandy Macmillan
    Mandy Macmillan

    I agree that Pz right arm has something in his arm looks like a muscle Aidan Sodhi please sub to my comment every body



  • Shiam Hasin
    Shiam Hasin

    I mean 715

  • Shiam Hasin
    Shiam Hasin

    There a pillow in his tummy

  • brienna sullivan
    brienna sullivan

    Don’t do it Vy 😨😱😨😱😨😱😨😱😨😱😨😱😨😱😨😱

  • Boy VS Girl
    Boy VS Girl

    Ok this is so Bad

  • Justin Doan
    Justin Doan

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  • Marble mark Gelordz mark 37368399284
    Marble mark Gelordz mark 37368399284

    Cuz you are a cheese eater

  • Josh Maughan
    Josh Maughan

    Hi vy I'm am josh i want to be a spininga I am 10 years old

  • Josh Maughan
    Josh Maughan

    Yous your ninga skills on the bakers OK vy

  • Zoey Cosgrave123
    Zoey Cosgrave123


  • Michael Irwin
    Michael Irwin

    Someone's high....

  • Victoria Pearce
    Victoria Pearce


  • Angel Neve
    Angel Neve

    You can betel pz715

  • lyon rivera
    lyon rivera

    Its Funny how this tough hacker voice

  • ninja kids
    ninja kids


  • margaretpz1 mcdonald
    margaretpz1 mcdonald

    he put a ball under his sleeve

  • Ashley Nolan
    Ashley Nolan

    Hacher win

  • Rusell Brin
    Rusell Brin

    Now that's Mr. E

  • Kristin L
    Kristin L

    Love the vids and love the new updates

  • stanley nyuthe
    stanley nyuthe

    He Said a Bad Word Vy

  • Shana Koon
    Shana Koon


  • Shana Koon
    Shana Koon


  • Brenda Montemayor
    Brenda Montemayor

    1 second the hacker was looking for the fish

  • Jamie Haramoto
    Jamie Haramoto

    The. Dang. Hacr. Is. Stopped

  • Rayquaza And his friends videos
    Rayquaza And his friends videos

    7:33 it’s sounds like he said f*cking

  • Nathalie Playz Cool kids
    Nathalie Playz Cool kids

    I think it was weight lifts

  • Kahu Boyd
    Kahu Boyd

    I think the Right arm Dude Has tolet paper an his sleeves To Make it look like muscles

  • Sarah Wilczewski
    Sarah Wilczewski

    Your self there’s this one in the world that’s why use of this VE quaint

  • john Hummel
    john Hummel

    Vy was so scary when vy took the serum😣

  • Ryder Long
    Ryder Long

    Hi fgteev

  • Ryder Long
    Ryder Long


  • G-SuS

    Me: *have to rite an examen tomorrow* My brain: come on! we should learn Also my brain : 13:34

  • SkyKiller Ash
    SkyKiller Ash

    2:46 Vy Is Pretty Dumb!

  • Noah Acosta
    Noah Acosta

    V you are show dramatic

  • Porteriko 7
    Porteriko 7

    pz right arm put an orange on his arm not real

  • Colleen Grzelakowski
    Colleen Grzelakowski

    I think that I know what pz9 real name is melvin

  • Darcie Hollenbaugh
    Darcie Hollenbaugh

    Do better

  • Elfer Charpentier
    Elfer Charpentier

    I don't mean to be mean but I can win without the serum

  • Louise Mannion
    Louise Mannion

    ~|§§§ cPlease give iiiutrewwadvn,

  • Pro Bossbennettkid
    Pro Bossbennettkid


  • Julio Flores
    Julio Flores

    Pz Right arm sounds like Mickey Mouse

  • Joy  Adorin
    Joy Adorin

    I feel Sorry for that hacker the second one

  • Chiara Silva
    Chiara Silva

    He have baloonds

  • Manuel Mills
    Manuel Mills

    PZ right arm put a small ball in his muscle

  • Cheryl Williams
    Cheryl Williams

    You right he put a ball under his sleeve

  • Cheryl Williams
    Cheryl Williams

    I do like a the project zorgo look

  • Cheryl Williams
    Cheryl Williams

    I didn’t not know sorry v

  • Tracey Watson
    Tracey Watson

    The code is 2190

  • han lih
    han lih

    do a lie detector test on pz9

  • Alexa Esterlund
    Alexa Esterlund

    are you ok ? vy

  • ian dawn
    ian dawn

    I like pz funf

  • zultsetseg zultsetseg
    zultsetseg zultsetseg

    vy are you okay

  • Jessica Tryon
    Jessica Tryon



    Pz right arm is a girld voice👩👧 and how pz right arm lose if he has muscles💪

  • Mark Cimanes
    Mark Cimanes

    Uhhhh Chad will not win this

  • Felix Sanders
    Felix Sanders

    There was a person on 0:39

  • Austin Booker
    Austin Booker

    pause at 2:33 and it looks like hes peeing

  • Johnrell Cowart
    Johnrell Cowart

    She left her elbow

  • Jennifer Crable
    Jennifer Crable

    Avery 😹😛🥰