Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #17
Thanks to Treasure X: Sunken Gold for sponsoring this video! If only finding Danny was as easy as uncovering treasure from within the Treasure X shark's slimy belly... #sponsored
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  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith

    I legit guessed the old man when I saw him

  • R3 Inc4rnat3
    R3 Inc4rnat3

    I am up to 7:39 I think he is the metal detector guy because he was in the video when the guy bent over to get the bottle and when he was talking to the cam on the beach at about 7:15. I was right!

  • Random Uchiha -
    Random Uchiha -

    I found him in ad and i;the scene he showed

  • Aiden Does stuff
    Aiden Does stuff

    7:43 "so what am I supposed to do" uh I would've expected like at least "water I supposed to do" from you :/

  • Cameron Skinner
    Cameron Skinner

    Jamie in the pirate costume gives me life

  • John Miller
    John Miller

    He's got an x on his shirt and an x on lemonade

  • Raisa Aurelia
    Raisa Aurelia

    I'm 9 years old and I figure it out from the beginning from the comercial

  • DerpyDoggos

    I think on episode 20 Danny and Jamie should switch roles

  • • Abilene•'s Life
    • Abilene•'s Life

    This in how many times he sighed ⬇️

  • hayden thomas
    hayden thomas

    Tesla model s pulls up, me:weird flex but ok

  • zz el
    zz el

    Imagine in one episode, danny invites eric to hide with and then KABOOM🔥 outsmarted JAMIE...and then maybe, maybe jamie suRrEnDErs🏳️

  • shaneel ahmed
    shaneel ahmed

    7:15 danny is the treasure hunter in the back

  • James Dang
    James Dang

    did they clean up the broken glass?

  • Muneeb Durrani
    Muneeb Durrani

    What would have happened if Jamie looked at the east and saw a board saying “ It was a red herring. Danny was in the office the whole time” .

  • 《Itz Precious DA CRINGE》
    《Itz Precious DA CRINGE》

    I knew it the ganpa was danny cause its quaratine no elderly should go outside and when jamie walk passed by i was focused on danny/grandpa so i found it!

  • omgvexsity

    Who else saw Danny’s rist tattoo on the Treasure map in the commercial

  • Bobby Mckay
    Bobby Mckay

    Was it the guy in the back metal detecting

    • Bobby Mckay
      Bobby Mckay

      update: it was

  • Sky nice-try
    Sky nice-try

    I knew he was the old man and I could tell pretty well just by the extreme shaking and way he was walking lol Like if you also noticed that and made the prediction

  • I-Like-Memes


  • Bun Bun
    Bun Bun

    No offense Jamie but ur a little mean

  • Roberto Rattan
    Roberto Rattan

    I knew that was him

  • Craftfly Wolf
    Craftfly Wolf

    They should do a live stream while trying to find Danny so we could look with him

  • Aleesha Norman
    Aleesha Norman

    wait on the chest in the commercial isnt that symbol the one danny has on his wrist

  • Jasmine Whiddon
    Jasmine Whiddon

    In the video when Joey found the bottle there was A man standing behind him waving lol that was Danny for sure And then the man looking for gold or something in the beach was him too I think

  • Katherine Webb
    Katherine Webb

    Where's your mask?

  • Amelia Anderson
    Amelia Anderson

    This was the only episode that I already knew where Danny was.

  • Coltin Myers
    Coltin Myers

    1 think he's at the beach medal detecting

  • Sze-Wai Lee
    Sze-Wai Lee

    Interviewer: so what’s was your old job? Me: hiding from my boss

  • Infinite Things
    Infinite Things

    Every other company: We work very hard! Vat19: I like to hide from my boss. [No hate, Enjoyable series ;) ]

  • Bola Adako
    Bola Adako

    In the first min I noticed the x on the d on the word lemonade

  • Kath Lea Dela Cruz
    Kath Lea Dela Cruz

    The X

  • Kath Lea Dela Cruz
    Kath Lea Dela Cruz

    It’s you shirt

  • Jared846 Mendoza
    Jared846 Mendoza

    I knew it

  • Derek L
    Derek L

    Every single thing I predicted that would happen was correct. Am happy. If you thought about it too, Have a cookie 🍪

  • DigitalsTea


  • Kayla West
    Kayla West

    “There is no way I’m putting this one” Continues to put costume on

  • Kanzada Holmes
    Kanzada Holmes

    I wish someone would set a quest up for me

  • Ash _Hunter
    Ash _Hunter

    I REALLY LIKE THISSSSS.Keep doing it i really like how smart you guys are^^.(If my grammar worng sorry im not good at this)

  • Taco_ Cat
    Taco_ Cat

    For some weird reason I wasn’t subscribed...wait now I am

  • Vibe Squad 10
    Vibe Squad 10

    I literally found Danny 7 minutes in

  • Krystian Williams
    Krystian Williams

    I knew it! I saw him

  • AdoQhina

    You’re PAYING Danny to HIDE FROM YOU. I-

  • Its Just Me
    Its Just Me

    * I cougt Danny in the video*

  • Its Just Me
    Its Just Me

    * you didn’t leave the broken glass on that island did yall*

  • Its Just Me
    Its Just Me

    *Adam = Sneaky Sasquatch*


    When u saw the x on the lemonade sign and are freaking out beachside u might know where he is

  • feathers42 today
    feathers42 today

    He was waving on the beach lol

  • Master HD
    Master HD

    I saw this right away. Jamie is really not looking in *"plain* *sight"*

  • Flippers And trickers
    Flippers And trickers

    I seen everything straight away its just annoying that he doesn’t see them

    • benjamin vine
      benjamin vine

      Flippers And trickers hes not paying close attention

  • Atif A Azeez
    Atif A Azeez


  • Sheridan's Life
    Sheridan's Life

    first time i found danny before jamie did

  • Neeraj Nandan
    Neeraj Nandan

    Other people: Complains about seeing their ex Singles: 1:52

  • Jaizmine jazzy television Grant
    Jaizmine jazzy television Grant

    I think I see danny 😂

  • Katie Mathis
    Katie Mathis

    How funny would it have been if Danny did all of this just to have been “hiding” in his office 😂😂

  • Sadie Wilson
    Sadie Wilson

    this was like the first time i knew where he was cause in the video i saw him wave

  • Help me reach 1000 subscribers without a video
    Help me reach 1000 subscribers without a video

    Jamie it’s so obvious where he was at the commercial who uses a Metal detector at a public beach theses days

  • Mr Qwyp
    Mr Qwyp

    FOUND DANNY 3:28 dude waving behind joey 😆

  • Mr Treecko LIVE
    Mr Treecko LIVE

    When jamey's looking for adam he looks like he's trying to find his kid

  • Sarah Swackhammer
    Sarah Swackhammer

    I hope you guys didn't just leave glass everywhere.

  • Alexia Bell
    Alexia Bell

    Danny was right behind him

  • Jeffry Waterson
    Jeffry Waterson

    What would've happened if Jamie hadn't left. All those people standing outside

  • NotYourAverageKid

    How many times does Jamie sigh in this video. Like to count👇👇👇👇

  • GamingDragon46 •
    GamingDragon46 •

    I knew he was the old man right when he went pass the old man i knew it was him

  • Randomly Productions
    Randomly Productions

    I’m not sure if it meant anything, but the lemonade had an X on it

  • Ashlyn Griffith
    Ashlyn Griffith එම සෛල උරුම කරගත් උරුමයට

  • DiN

    do more pleaseeeee

  • Itx_me _abeeha
    Itx_me _abeeha

    New challenge: Complete 50 episodes before 2021 .

  • Callum Pearson
    Callum Pearson

    Someone waved in the video behind him

  • Callum Pearson
    Callum Pearson

    X marks the d on lemonade sign at start

  • Brayden Michaud
    Brayden Michaud

    I saw him in the vid and i said if that old man is there irl its danny