CATS - Official Trailer [HD]
Universal Pictures
This Christmas, you will believe. #CatsMovie

  • dead meme
    dead meme

    honestly i don't understand what's with the hate. i mean yeah it looks really weird, but it's kind of appealing in an odd way

  • Nekavrad

    can't wait for that scene of her getting gangbanged in the back alley

  • that random dude
    that random dude

    just why universal.

  • that random dude
    that random dude

    the most realistic furries I've ever seen

  • Butter On Waffles
    Butter On Waffles

    It’s hunting season boys! Time to take out the rare human cat

  • 01001100 01100001 01100111 01101111 01001100
    01001100 01100001 01100111 01101111 01001100

    If this is how cat girls look like i don't want to go to area 51 anymore...

  • Reuben Philip
    Reuben Philip

    Oh man, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, James Corden, Jennifer Huddson?! Talent definitely wasted

  • PTC - Plixie The Celestial [Aka, Real Plixie]
    PTC - Plixie The Celestial [Aka, Real Plixie]

    AAYYY!!! Oi Ain’t Watchin’ Dat Movay!!!

  • MKTV Studios
    MKTV Studios

    I am ashamed of the human race.

  • MrTerence

    where dem anime tiddies at

  • JCM L33
    JCM L33

    Nobody asked for this.

  • Pancake Roll
    Pancake Roll


  • Dr. Hemlock
    Dr. Hemlock

    Even though I’m an artist who always likes movies especially for their art I really feel like I’d like this for the amazing music... Fight me idc

  • SC XD
    SC XD

    el diseño de los gatos es muy humanoide

  • Anything. Lucy
    Anything. Lucy

    They’re making the 2019 sonic design look like ready Player One

  • Matthew Gaming
    Matthew Gaming

    you know, the fursuit gamemode in gmod i made is not that bad

  • SheWolf Warrior
    SheWolf Warrior

    What on earth is this???? I just realized that Sonic literally just WARNED US about this!!!! Why didn’t we LISTEN?!?!? Fun fact: Cats is based on ballet.

  • Lucky Games
    Lucky Games


  • Luisfili100

    0:53 *My exactly reaction seeing this trailer*

  • Downyfabricsoftener

    When the Catnip hits you too hard

  • Bethany

    patty farrell sang it better!

  • Axolotl Studio
    Axolotl Studio

    Top ten creepiest movies

  • David Carter
    David Carter

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Is this real?

  • Josefina Garcia
    Josefina Garcia

    These are furrys

  • iCherryBlossom

    CGI did their job, but character design screwed up real bad...

  • Jœy_ JåñX
    Jœy_ JåñX

    In an Irish accent “Disgostang”

  • Just Ella
    Just Ella

    Furry realism

  • animeisart1

    The Christians were right....we really are living in the end times, the trumpets have sounded and this is the coming of the antichrist

  • Manoel Souza
    Manoel Souza

    This movie version looks so bad, that I don't just want it to fail, I want it to bomb hard, so that it'll be soon forgotten and the Cats musical legacy can live on.

  • alpha greywind
    alpha greywind

    this trailer, kill it with fire!

  • Lobetec

    This makes sonic look like a masterpiece

  • Frontwardcube

    Cant wait for the actual trailer!

  • Joe Silvas
    Joe Silvas

    Here comes the furries

  • The Dude
    The Dude


  • Roushan Raj
    Roushan Raj

    I am feeling pity for those people who actually liked it. Or perhaps they are just bots.....

  • HxneyBëë

    ... I have nothing to say except for one thing.. Wtf is this

  • Last Man Gaming101
    Last Man Gaming101

    I didn’t know something could look worse than cgi sonic. Then this came along.

  • Set Dayer
    Set Dayer

    This movie doesn't look bad. I want to watch it.

  • JesiahBraps


  • Mark Perez
    Mark Perez

    I know where Movie Sonic comes from

  • MrZukaritas

    Inside furry fandom mind

  • Surrealaryan


  • Frankie Pistolesi Inciardi
    Frankie Pistolesi Inciardi

    PETA liked this

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney

    I'm bored

  • Mohammed Abdullah
    Mohammed Abdullah

    This is disturbing in so many level.

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney

    I need a boyfriend.

  • Pikapikagamer84 :3
    Pikapikagamer84 :3

    What the meowsicles

  • Swiss Miss S U C K S
    Swiss Miss S U C K S


  • Papa Jopa
    Papa Jopa

    Wow, this is just awful

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard

    KAHJIT! You have commited crimes against Skyrim and her people, your kind always seems to get into trouble.What say you in your defence?

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R

    they're furries

  • damaged wolfgirl
    damaged wolfgirl

    When people said there will be catgirls I wasn't expecting this This is the spawn of my nightmares

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney

    Think I could ever be as pretty as her?

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney

    I want a boy friend. :/

  • Kaylen Cowan
    Kaylen Cowan

    You all need to apologize to sonic right now

  • Joey Woey
    Joey Woey

    Crap. I'm out of bleach.

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney

    I need a boy friend.

  • AnotherTargaryen

    The CGI is amazing, it’s just that the cat human hybrid effect looks very very strange.

  • Tri-Five

    This Holiday season, you will believe. Believe what? That the people behind this were on LSD?

  • Thanos

    What if you... wanted to raid Area 51, but the US Government said “We have CATS”

  • coca pepsi
    coca pepsi

    Gotta go fast 🏃‍♀️ 💨

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney

    I want a boyfriend. :/

  • bihbhkjbnlk
    bihbhkjbnlk excited to see this, I think it’ll be good. Kinda weird they gave the girl cats boobs though lol

  • milenio sla
    milenio sla


  • Foxtrot 4 Real
    Foxtrot 4 Real

    Elon Musk has gone too far this time.

  • HiiKA __
    HiiKA __

    IDK why I thought this movie was going to have really cute cats

  • Stᴉtchᴉe

    im scared

  • HiiKA __
    HiiKA __

    CATS movie exists *Real cute cats have left the chat*

  • BunnyLoo OwO
    BunnyLoo OwO

    Best furry movie ever.

  • James Bradbury
    James Bradbury

    Jeez these fury’s has some budget