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CATS was one of the biggest critical and box office bombs of 2019. The story follows a group of Jellicle cats as they compete in a talent show to win over Judi Dench so she can send them to heaven on a hot air balloon. Weak singing and terrifying visual effects are enough to turn most people off, but there's more to uncover.
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2:35 - The Plot
9:13 - The Lack of Conflict
13:01 - The Flop
15:05 - The Uncanny Valley
17:57 - Why Was This Made?
20:04 - Celebs
22:05 - The Music
Atlantic Tom Hooper Interview:
Box Office:
Cats Behind the Scenes #1:
Cats Behind the Scenes #2:
Cats Behind the Scenes #3:
Cats Behind the Scenes #4:
Cats' Cast FULL Interview With TODAY's Hoda Kotb | TODAY:
Cat School Skit:
Jennifer Hudson on The Voice:
Judi Dench Interview:
Independent Article:\
Litter-ally terrifying: is Cats the creepiest film of the year? Guardian Article
Rebel Wilson & James Corden Found Making Cats Very Comfortable:
Tom Hooper Interview:
Vulture Tom Hooper Interview:

  • _millgecko

    the poor girl who debuted with this movie. i hope she gets put in something better, she seems to be actually talented.

  • Neo Kat
    Neo Kat

    I'm going to have to sue you because I almost died laughing when you did the John Oliver British accent

  • Nega

    My god was that skit Ralph did well done.

  • robert let
    robert let

    Okay one of the points that you mention is about how you respect that they gave creative control to Tom Hooper, but I'd argue that there's some people that just need to be reined in, like George Lucas for example. I think that a good studio realizes what a director needs to be reined in and where the lines should be drawn in certain places. In a way I think that if the studio had just said "no" a few times the movie night have been watchable.

  • Midnight Rain
    Midnight Rain

    When us weebs asked for cat girls, WE DID NIT EXPECT THIS DUMPSTER FIRE OF F*CKERY.

  • Braulio Torres-Arceo
    Braulio Torres-Arceo

    0:21 When your mom is about to beat you but your dad beats her first.

  • Oscar Becerra
    Oscar Becerra


  • nexeye1

    So our movies are going the way of AAA game developers? Release an unfinished product and patch it later?

  • MisterRandom2

    26:08 To be frank, IMDB is the absolute LAST place I go to when I want to see objective reviews. But in this case, I'd make an exception.

  • Ethan Haight
    Ethan Haight

    Tom Hooper looks so fucking depressed in the "Cat School" clip

  • Duck Dark
    Duck Dark

    I thot the emoji movie is the worst movie that I bleached my eyes after the film but after seeing cats, I want to drive off a cliff.

  • Inspector Javert
    Inspector Javert

    24:20 no it didn't work for les miz


    Why the fuck do they keep trying to make motion capture CGI garbage movies. Technical accomplishments my ass, it looks horrible and feels so goddamn lazy. I swear they're just pushing this shit so they can just avoid using actors anymore.

  • Rich Garcia
    Rich Garcia

    The only two actors I give a shit about in this movie are Ian Mckellen and Idris Elba. And that's still not enough for me to watch it.

  • UnPlugged Gaming
    UnPlugged Gaming

    George Gallaway did this on British big brother one year

  • The Nandolorian
    The Nandolorian

    Ngl I kinda miss the older ralphthemoviemaker videos cuz if younger Ralph did this he would've ripped it apart but he grew up :(

  • Judith Amurrio
    Judith Amurrio


  • GoldenSparrows

    The lack of a three act structure is WHY this worked well in theatre and not in a movie, any fan of the musical will tell you this is embarrasing, and half the cast throwing the VFX team under the bus just makes me even more pissed.

  • Andrew Thorsten
    Andrew Thorsten

    bungles tugglecunt was my favorite character in this movie, second only to hoppity donglefelch. this is easy. RIPPETY TUNASPLODE

  • Joseph

    To be fair James Corden got his start in acting, gavin and stacy, doctor who etc

  • hothotheat3000

    These motherfuckers thought they were making Avatar.

  • SamrayGTR

    I'm surprised Charles Stiles wasn't in Cats... there would be a whole musical introduction on him placing 100 cameras everywhere.

  • phoenixnyc

    18:36 - Cats won awards!!!!! It won six out of eight Razzies!!!!!!!

  • Mordred Prime
    Mordred Prime

    mother of god _Digital Fur Technology_ . You have to sell a shirt with that.

  • ComiXProvider FTW_02
    ComiXProvider FTW_02

    This movie had a plot?

  • 怪盗雨宫莲

    somehow ur voice is cringed as this film. Ewww

  • Vitaly Snep
    Vitaly Snep

    They tried to avoid making furry bait, they succeeded. But instead they created a monstrosity much worse than us. Lol

  • Isaac Lee
    Isaac Lee

    "And he's eating a chicken leg?" I thought you Americans called them wings.

    • Isaac Lee
      Isaac Lee

      @Decadunce I dont care about your security number, I dont even know what that is. And I have a slight accent as well, not 100 percent. So I guess we're similar in our London DNA.

    • Decadunce

      @Isaac Lee I feel like next you're going to ask for my social security number, but i have a slight accent.

    • Isaac Lee
      Isaac Lee

      @Decadunce And do you have any kind of London Accent?

    • Decadunce

      @Isaac Lee The ones I know about, yeah?

    • Isaac Lee
      Isaac Lee

      @Decadunce When I said your London family might do things differently to normal things mine do, that's not a bad thing. It could be good. Alright. And I have a question for you now, are all of your family from London?

  • Konstantin

    Meow Meow MEOOW

    • Gustavo Medina
      Gustavo Medina


  • Buttery Biscuit
    Buttery Biscuit

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song at the end if they know it?

  • Dr Avalanche
    Dr Avalanche


  • Gabus Gaben
    Gabus Gaben

    Now I want Ralph's LSD version to be released.

  • Im gonna regret this name
    Im gonna regret this name


  • The Ban Man
    The Ban Man

    Just for referencing that Psychicpebbles video, I officially owe you twenty bucks.

  • Savannah Howat
    Savannah Howat

    im here for ralph singing courtny barnett at the last second

  • He Who Battles
    He Who Battles

    371 cats disliked this

  • Jack Nguyen
    Jack Nguyen

    Hey! You think Taylor Swift, James Corden, Francesca Hayward, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson, Zizi Strallen (Broadway's Mary Poppins), and James Derulo should be B-Movie Action Heroes in low-budget Italian Exploitation Action movies? Since Cats RUINED their reputation and fame, I bet their second job would be filmed in the Philippines for an Italian-style Exploitation War Action! You know what happened to Reb Brown, Robert Ginty, and Richard Harrison? Blood Debts (Richard Harrison) Reb Brown Shouts Strike Commando (Reb Brown) Operation Nam (Robert Ginty)

  • gnalkhere

    Out of Context those two renditions of Stars seem like very different songs being sung if you told me they were different songs from those 2 clips I'd believe you

  • AsiaNPC

    This movie is so hard to watch. Visually, this movie is something else. The weird human face and hands on cats is so creepy. This film is nightmare fuel.

  • Herb Coswell
    Herb Coswell

    Any one wondering when catnip dealer comes in 10:21. Someone should make this into a seperate video.

  • Madcircle

    I'll just read comments and listen to Ralph's voice. Don't want nightmares.

  • Axe Animation
    Axe Animation

    You look like berry Goldberg

  • Ethan Kleiner
    Ethan Kleiner

    Good good got it great

  • Amida Simth
    Amida Simth

    ok ok it sucks. but they tried to do something new. Irespect that

  • Nnnnm Hughuuhhjiijj
    Nnnnm Hughuuhhjiijj

    Do drugs come cheap? Or something..? Just what is this????

  • Casey Whitesell
    Casey Whitesell

    2:30 I was in tears laughing

  • Delaney Sirois-Morris
    Delaney Sirois-Morris

    Courtney Barnett

  • Ghast505

    world's shittiest nekos good cat human cgi: (MAJOR TENTH DOCTOR SPOILERS)

  • MrPallanza

    As degenerate as the are, I am not afraid to say that *_there are Furry Porn Artists I know who creates more sensible Furry Porn that I can fap to than trying to comprehend this hot rotting piece of garbage shit._*

  • Andrew Dozier
    Andrew Dozier

    Honestly most musicals are both terrible movies and terrible compositions.

  • Krimson Klaww
    Krimson Klaww

    I just realized... This movie was released during December 2019. I think this movie is the reason 2020 is so cursed.

  • Jason Stevens
    Jason Stevens

    They were too focused on if they could, not if they should.

  • Franco Baggage
    Franco Baggage

    The normally animated Spielberg version looked quite interesting. Too bad Hollywood backed this CGI dumpster fires instead.

  • Emma Avery
    Emma Avery

    Why do you insist on live singing when recording if you’re going to basically reform the scene with CGI? It worked in Les Mis because the scenes looked real and raw. I literally didn’t know they did live singing because the emotion and work doesn’t really connect! Even Memory doesn’t quite hit as hard as it could

  • Emma Avery
    Emma Avery

    Rented this at Redbox yesterday so I could finally see it. I didn’t want to pay more than $3 so that was my best option. I actually didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would! The music isn’t great a lot of the time (this is how I feel about all Andrew Lloyd Webber music) but there’s a handful of good bits. The parts that hurt are how they jump right in with, in my opinion, the most jarring bits of the movie- Rebel Wilson Cat, James Corden Cat, Jason Derulo cat, all are some strong moods that back to back are just a train wreck. Especially since Rebel and James have a hamfisted humor that doesn’t quite mesh. Also the weird horniness of it all was painful. I imagine that’s in the source material, but seeing it from across a stage and theater is pretty different from seeing it on a close up camera. More than anything what struck me was how, under the uncanny nightmare computer effects, these dancers and actors are moving so gracefully. You can tell they really worked their butts off to become cat people. If they’d just been done up in practical costumes like the stage play I could see this being a movie I liked! I actually sort of attuned to the weirdness and began to feel it. I enjoyed Ian McKellen and Judy Dench’s getups because they looked less airbrushed. I feel like I would enjoy the actual play.

  • Toni

    Please review an episode of Netflix’s ‘Never Have I Ever’. It must be the worst acting I have seen in a long time.

  • Justin Sarcedo
    Justin Sarcedo

    I tried many times to watch this film. I gave up within 20 minutes, second time was 35 minutes I gave up. Tried the soundtrack, I felt ripped off because I listen to all the songs. It's a bit cringy. The original Cats theater songs are pretty good. Also, why?! They skipped the animation version of Cats? Well, that a miss opportunity to bring back animation similar to 70s through 90s cartoon films. Ralph, I like your sarcastic humor during the movie reviews. Yeah. Theater version looks better, the cinematic version is tough to watch.

  • MoriNoSatori

    Background music you use? It's beautiful

  • Rúben Martins
    Rúben Martins

    Hey ralph, please make a movie review on Assassination 33 AD, honest to Jesus, worst movie made. Hope you see this

  • Singing Mochi
    Singing Mochi

    We could've had a cool animated Cats movie directed by Steven Spielberg but instead we get *THIS*

    • Justin Sarcedo
      Justin Sarcedo

      Like a Secret of NIMH or Cats of Gay Purr-ee. Yeah, I wish. No joke, this would be a perfect musical version of Gay Purr-ee.

  • Commingle

    Only female cats can have a combination of brown, white, yellow and black on thier fur at the same time. They made a whole movie focusing on one species and didn't make details like that accurate lol

  • Rob Qatar
    Rob Qatar

    Right so a cat wears a fur coat... I have an idea for a character name, how about Buffalo Bill?

  • Farbod Babaeipirouz
    Farbod Babaeipirouz

    When are you reviewing Endgame?

  • Twerkahontus

    please do a video on the last air bender movie, it’s so trash

  • IW225 27
    IW225 27

    I can never stop imagining an Executive producer looking at this footage and thinking: This is going to make money.

  • utubebgay

    given the amount of celebrity ego going on with this project, im surprised Julia Roberts didn't find a way to get in on it.

  • Jon Dodd
    Jon Dodd

    6:24 - "Oh great it's James Corden". SO SAY ALL OF US.

  • ExtraRaven

    this looks like a better horror film than a musical

  • Done Playing
    Done Playing

    I thought you weren't doing these anymore so you could focus on... things?

  • veronica

    In the musical like Rebel Wilson’s character has this fun coat on over her dance costume and she just takes off her like fur coat and it looks like a fun costume change, why they decided to have her unzip her skin? I don’t know