CDC warns coronavirus outbreak will worsen
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American medical officials are preparing for COVID-19 to infect communities in the states.
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  • Renae Darkness
    Renae Darkness

    My mom: why do you have a gun in your room wth?! Me: We'll need it later. :3

  • potato gamer
    potato gamer

    Evil Iluminati, Freemasons and Donald Trumph and China are responsible for killing all these people. Jesus Christ will judge every last one of you for your satanic deeds. Amen to Jesus Christ

  • inggoj

    I recommend everyone (infected and non-infected, asymptomatic and symptomatic) to wear FACE MASK. Asymptomatic persons without face masks are vector or carrier of the virus and can spread the aerosols (from coughing and sneezing) to bare faces of non-infected people. I think wearing mask is the initial step to prevent the spread of this virus. EVIDENTLY, social distancing and frequent hand washing are NOT enough to prevent the spread. No wonder, the coronavirus infection in the U.S. is the highest in the world (200,000 and counting) that overwhelmed the healthcare workers. WHO, CDC, and Dr. Anthony Fauci advised that the people who should wear face masks are “those who are sick and show symptoms, and those who are caring for people who are suspected to have the coronavirus.” According to them, mask is not seen as reliable protection based on current research. If face mask is NOT a reliable protection, why are healthcare workers wearing face masks? The following reports are taken from “Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, the official advice from the World Health Organization has been clear. Only two types of people should wear masks: those who are sick and show symptoms, and those who are caring for people who are suspected to have the coronavirus. Nobody else needs to wear a mask, and there are several reasons for that. One is that a mask is not seen as reliable protection, given that current research shows the virus is spread by droplets and contact with contaminated surfaces. So it could protect you, but only in certain situations such as when you're in close quarters with others where someone infected might sneeze or cough near your face. This is why experts say frequent hand washing with soap and water is far more effective.” From In mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan, the broad assumption is that anyone could be a carrier of the virus, even healthy people. So in the spirit of solidarity, you need to protect others from yourself. From In East Asia, many people are used to wearing masks when they are sick or when it's hayfever season, because it's considered impolite to be sneezing or coughing openly. From

  • Andy Hague
    Andy Hague

    Complete fucking bullshit,anything from the corrupt goverments and corrupt media,dont believe anything these bastards tell or show you

  • Riley and Charlie Vlog
    Riley and Charlie Vlog

    This was a month ago.. now is just the beginning is getting worse

  • paula Akers
    paula Akers

    I really wish people STOP TEARING THE PRESIDENT DOWN!! NO ONE GAS EVER DEALT WITH ANTHIBG LIKE THIS!!! HE IS HUMAN AND IM STANDING UP FOR HIN STILL BECAUSE I HOPE IN MY HEART THAT HE IS THE REAL DEAL. CAUSE I DONT THINK ONE PERSON COUKD DO THE JOB LIKE YOU ALL ARE WANTING AND EXPECTING. BUT WITH THAT VEIBG SAID, I WANT TO ADDRESS THE GOV. ALL OF THE GOV. AND PAST PRESIDENTS!! CAUSE TRUMP HAS CLEANED UP MANY OF MESSES THAT HAVE CORRUPTED AND DAMAGED OUR COUNTRY. BUT I AM A CITIZEN THAT HAS QUESTIONS.... HERE THEY ARE .... TO OUR GOV. It has gotten to the point I cannot sleep!! Waking up to the knowing that DUE TO NO FAULT OF TGE PEOPLE our world will never be the same!!! And not in a good way! A way at this moment of insurness and fear! I am having to try to get the kids to understand that life is going to be ok. Well yesterday I hit a all high in anxiety and anger!! I can pull the positive out of almost every situation,......... but, let me tell you something, NOT THIS TIME, AT THIS MOMENT!! I look at the children and I see confusion and confusion. At first they were thinking yeah! More time on spring break. But as the number if deaths heighten and the way of human interaction is becoming social distancing. I can see the fear that is behind the looks of uncertainty !!! What am I supposed to tell them because it is wrong for them... and the other adults that are here living in the reality of the REAL LIFE EFFECTS OF YOUR FUCKING DOINGS!!! Cause i can guarantee you ate not having to live in these circumstances!!!! (I DONT KNOW WHICH GOV. IT IS BEHIND THIS I KNOW IN MY BONES THIS IS NOT NATURAL ESPECIALLY WHEN NO FUCKING ANIMALS HAVE BEEN EFFECTED BY THIS!!) HOW DARE YOU!! What cant show receipts for your 2.3 trillion dollars in taxes (kinda funny the numbers huh) like what happened in 9-11? And to know that you would not only risk killing thousands of lives and disrupt and totally destroy millions, because of taxes, wanting oil from other countries, hiding the fact that you were part of sex trafficking????? I am a mother, a citizen AND I WANT ANSWERS!! I AND EVERY OTHER AMERICAN DERSERVES THEM TOO!!!!! I watched that nancy lady and trump have a meeting last night from a year ago, and I am ashamed to say this is who is in charge!!! I actually was starting to believe in you mr. Trump!!(I am referring to you in this way because I'm not sure you are who you say. And your the one that actually had me starting to believe in my own gov. Again!!!) You have a sketchy past but your work and things that you had made happen seemed to out weight that and the sheer fact that we grow up as we get older. I actually thought you were the real deal. But then I see this einstein crap!!! And there you were standing with the man. I am so confused and angered right now. TO THE PEOPLE WE NEED TO OPEN OUR EYES!! AND HONESTLY ARE YOU OK WITH THE STUFF THAT IS HAPPENING? BECAUSE I AM NOT!! AND THE UNCERTAINTY OF NOT KNOWING THAT I CAN TELL MY KID THAT IT WILL BE OK.... IS NOT OK!!! AND THEN TO KNOW THAT OUR WORLD WHERE WE ARE EXPECTED TO WORK TOGETHER WITHOUT CONFLICT, OR TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND DIFFRENCES OF OTHER HUMANS. BUT THEN THE PEOPLE THAT WE HAVE ELECTED CANT GET ALONG IN A EMERGENCY TO GET US RELEIF FOR SONEYHING OF NOT OUR DOING THAT HAS TOTALLY FLIPPED OUR LIVES UPSIDE DOWN AND KNOWKBG THAT THIS IS A GREAT EXCUSE FOR THEM TO TOTALLY CHANGE LIFES WAYS OF LIVING FOREVER... AND THEN NOT TO KNOW ANYTHING OF HOW THEY ARE GOING TO BE SETTING IT UP. AND YOU KNOW ITS NOT FOR THE PEOPLE BUT FOR THEIR LINING OF THE POCKETS OF THE POWERFUL AND GETTING THE PLEASEURES FROM OUR YOUNG INNOCENT CHILDREN!!! AND IF I AM WRONG ( AND GOD LET ME BE WRONG) THEN SHOW ME GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES!!!!!!! WE TRUST YOU WITH OUR LIVES, OUR CHIDRENS LIVES AND THIS IS HOW YOU DECIDE TO HANDLE THINGS AND GO ABOUT BEING THE EXAMPLES FOR THE PEOPLE YOU LEAD AND REPRESENT!!!! WELL I AS ONE OF THE PEOPLE WANT FUCKING ANSWERS AND HONESTLY HOPE YOU ALL WANT THEM TOO!!!!

  • paula hard
    paula hard

    I did research on this slurry of a vaccine n it containes every virus n diseases we've ever had ..all the side effects..2 pages by the way are every side effect makes the walking dead side effects..of that a walk in the park....GODblz Bsav out there..please if you haven't yet make it right with the Lord tell Him your sorry for leaving him out of your life like I did..we need Jesus..the Great physician..Livnluvinchrist love Paula h

  • Im dead On the inside
    Im dead On the inside

    It wouldn't have been as bad if people weren't fucking travelling.

  • Mahmood Shah
    Mahmood Shah

    Death and life is in the hands of Allah almighty..everybody of us and living things gonna die one He made us born one day..v will all responsible for our deeds..what v did in the given life will b resulted one day..v should pray for forgivness and v might hv to do what He wants us to do..and what He wants us to do is all written only in Holy v all r going to face Him one day who made us born ine day,,and made this entire world as well one day..


    Has anyone at CDC condidered quinine as a possible therapeutic?

  • Backoff India
    Backoff India

    Is it only me or everyone thinks trump or someone is behind all this corona thing ? Praying to the betterment of planet earth.

  • Park Manbecker
    Park Manbecker

    CDC is a bogus as a 3 dollar bill. Their livelihood depends on making things seem worse than they really are 1) caught red handed overstating measles deaths in 2015 2) known to be sleeping with big pharma. Scare tactics like these spur drug sales. 3) got their funding cut by Trump and now have a vendetta against him.

  • Park Manbecker
    Park Manbecker

    CDC is a bogus as a 3 dollar bill. Their livelihood depends on making things seem worse than they really are 1) caught red handed overstating measles deaths in 2015 2) known to be sleeping with big pharma. Scare tactics like these spur drug sales. 3) got their funding cut by Trump and now have a vendetta against him.

  • Damon Freeman
    Damon Freeman

    wait the Virus is gonna get worse!?😭

  • Wolfie's Subliminals
    Wolfie's Subliminals

    They are correct

  • N Guy
    N Guy

    Oh boy did it get bad quick!

  • Billy Carter
    Billy Carter

    As long as theres hiways transporting this disease around the country it won't stop!

  • chase

    No need to lock down a country. The solution was and is simple. Lock down the city it's in. Quarantine all travelers. This should have been done right off. Then the country/ as a whole with the majority of areas unaffected, could've functioned normally. The way it's being done now - you'll end up having to lock down the whole country. It's not like everyone on the planet didn't know this virus spreads like wildfire. But hey, Stupid is as Stupid Does.

  • Rene Solara
    Rene Solara

    Die out with warm weather?? What ??

  • Conely King
    Conely King


  • Spirit CrossWind
    Spirit CrossWind


    • A. Angelo
      A. Angelo

      Spirit CrossWind You got good taste in music. Where are you hiding the 80's music.

  • Jayde-Em Muscle
    Jayde-Em Muscle

    It will worsen or it might worsen?

  • Brave HEART
    Brave HEART

    These are clearly professionals here! Lol! God help us all. Single mother pandomonia, after leaving baby on a roof.

  • Red Paint
    Red Paint

    I live in Kansas, Finney county and there’s already a virus in Johnson county....

  • patrick frost
    patrick frost

    It won’t get’s only gonna get better..just have to ride it out

  • Inquizition

    Over 3000 people die every day as a result of car crashes. If you continue to drive every day you have no consideration for the people around you and you're part of the problem. Let's get people off the roads!

  • Im Astronaut
    Im Astronaut

    111 Confirmed on our country. 9 deaths confirmed.. 😢

  • Hidden Sage
    Hidden Sage

    Chinese people are coming to England like stay in your own country

  • Robert Craig
    Robert Craig

    The NHL just suspended all games. 😠


    🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁amazing what he did🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:51 💕💯💗 👇👇👇👇

  • HelsuVassu YT
    HelsuVassu YT

    wooow coronavirus is that bad in Estonia that all the schools are being shut down and nobody can go out for 2-3 weeks and then there's school again

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    This *Might* be bad... *Italy goes on lockdown*

  • Kons37 Flyingreapper
    Kons37 Flyingreapper

    And it’s in Germany thanks China :/

  • gilla 166
    gilla 166

    This is sad that the Media is using this virus to get at Trump! The Swine Flu killed lots of people and no one attacked Obama, shut down countries, or events. It is horrible what people do and say about Trump for political gain!

  • Marshall jay
    Marshall jay

    This will no blow over no time soon

  • Elizabeth Elliott
    Elizabeth Elliott

    Lord help us

  • Faith Houses
    Faith Houses

    You should be a shame of yourselves for spreading hysteria. There are more deaths with the flu than with the Coronavirus. And why don't you report the people that have survived this virus? The Chinese doctor who first report this virus didn't die from the virus he died in the hands of his government. Look back at ABC's 20/20 Coronavirus special footage and look deep into his eyes....his eyes are not that of a sick man, but of a frightened man. I say he was pinned to a bed with a surgical mask and tortured then killed for reporting about this virus. Again look back at ABC's 20/20 special report about this virus....there were two couples they followed on a cruise ship and both of the husbands end getting the virus. However, they both survived it and we're again reunited with their family. So, there are people who do survive. Getting the Coronavirus is NOT a death sentence. Shame on you for NOT being totally honest in your reporting. FAKE NEWS!!!

  • Cristian Dominguez
    Cristian Dominguez

    Hear the trumpets hear the pipers One hundred million angels singing

  • gene carlo
    gene carlo

    I just hope I die fast. If I'm infected

  • Tina Žeger
    Tina Žeger

    Im scard

  • bodishatva skywalker
    bodishatva skywalker

    Italians spread it to all Europe, , thanks God they are on lockdown now

    • lem treez
      lem treez

      No lockdown at all. They can come and go as they want. I just asked few italians. Military forces cant make people respect the instructions in westerns society. And its allready all over eu. Just a matter of time

  • MrLekung

    lets start civilisation agian

  • AreNee Jordan
    AreNee Jordan

    Virus don't be around in the summer....not to many people have access to health care thanks to u know who

  • AreNee Jordan
    AreNee Jordan

    Its not under control ...

  • AreNee Jordan
    AreNee Jordan

    people to teach thier kids to cover thier mouths....what kind of mask...gloves too

  • T. T
    T. T

    of course there are gonna be cases not linked to asia because there were no travel bans...

  • greg mccarter
    greg mccarter

    I'm surprised China hasn't started guning them down, it wouldn't bother me a bit... doesn't matter where they're from. Keep it away from here

  • Chris Gagnon
    Chris Gagnon

    President Trump needs to give $20,000 per person per household out of that 8 billion dollars to lock down the whole country right now for 4 to 6 weeks call in the National Guard to enforce it and to deliver food to the people and to deliver the sick people to the the hospitals and in six weeks all the cases will be identified and treated and gone and then close the border until other countries do the same and get rid of this virus that is a plan that will work spread this plan around so it gets to the president and the government it's the only way now to stop the pandemic in the early stage or it's going to be a total disaster

  • Normalyn Masters
    Normalyn Masters

    The bible speak about these last days..disease's ,rumors of war,earthquake in diverse places,famine and the list goes.. on.. look up for redemption drawth nigh.. pple let us put our trust in God n repent... only God can save us all.

    • gene carlo
      gene carlo

      Why I'm not scared

  • LilGrimey5Star

    The virus won’t die out with warm weather, the virus is in Mexico now too, and in Mexico it be hot as hell, especially around these months, the temperature goes past 100 F

  • lassin kanava
    lassin kanava

    coronavirus hit my city :( send help

  • Noelio Emerald-Isle
    Noelio Emerald-Isle

    Heading to Seattle from 2 weeks.....I heard people are dying in an old folks home, but generally it's all right

  • Bob Marshall
    Bob Marshall

    Interesting that Americans are only ever interested in themselves!

  • Frances Pflaumer
    Frances Pflaumer

    “We have contained this pretty tied, pretty tied.” Let me laugh at that. Ha, ha, ha! It is only starting.

    MARCEL SALOME : Again, when there’s any indication of infection in your community, it’s wise to take additional precautions, such as avoiding public transportation and keeping one’s children home from school. Please keep in mind that the info from the Plejaren has been, and continues to be, impeccably, prophetically accurate and well in advance of what is known, and published by, “official sources”. Following the recommendations from the Plejaren would greatly reduce the overall scope and magnitude of the pandemic. So, sharing this information with various other sources, as well as your family and friends, is highly recommended: * Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reported * Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months * Hermetic quarantine required, must be much longer than 2 weeks * Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small * Disease spread through air, clothing and animals as well * Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection * Asian races initially most susceptible but is spreading to others * The WHO is culpable for not immediately proclaiming pandemic risk * China, US and other countries suppressed truth for political and economic reasons * Children greatest HIDDEN spreaders; may have the virus but will not get affected/sick .

  • total infinity
    total infinity

    It's now in S.A news feed ....

  • Michelle D Williams
    Michelle D Williams

    I thought Mr Orange said we had nothing to worry about 😮

  • Jollybees Entertainment
    Jollybees Entertainment

    Do people think rain is also the problem, if it hit a corona virus patient then it can spread in waters.

  • Ralph Christ
    Ralph Christ

    in 1979nI read The Stand who was ever to know

  • Bruklyn Gam3r
    Bruklyn Gam3r

    Why does this sounds like the game that I'm playing in 2020 now. The Division

  • Turnaround Call
    Turnaround Call

    Be sure you are in Christ. Everything the Bible said is happening and yet we are ignorant of the truth God has given us. Wake up and repent and believe the gospel before it’s too late.

  • EL leo
    EL leo

    CDC stands for Cannot Detect Coronavirus. Nothing wrong with CDC, the Americans just have unrealistic expectations

  • nomey black
    nomey black

    The corona virus will mutate and cause complete chaos everywhere. On Oct. 1, 2020 Real I.D. federal law will be enacted in the U. S. A. All U. S. citizens of men, women, and children are obligated to have Real I. D. Authorities will use this as a measure to storm the properties of U. S. citizens under the guise of searching for terrorists or non U. S. citizens who do not have a birth certificate and social security card which is a requirement to obtain Real I. D. For those who celebrate halloween, this Oct. 31 will not be what you expect, stay inside. The C. E. R. N. facility is going to release dark matter that will bring the earth into darkness. Martial law will be imposed while people are traveling to stores to buy food and doing other activities. After Real I. D. comes the mark of the beast which is an injection of nanites. Recently, scientists injected a lab rat with nanites that gathered around the brain of the lab rat. The scientists then used a bluetooth signal from a computer to connect with the nanites around the brain of the lab rat. They were able to completely control the movements via the motor cortex of the lab rat with the push of a button. This technology is to be used on men, women, and children known as brain machine interfacing. The internet is not here to help flesh and bone human beings. The Lord showed me in a dream about events that are going to happen quickly. Jesus is returning sooner than most are expecting. Now is the time to repent and receive the Holy Spirit inside of your body. Luke 11:13 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

    • nomey black
      nomey black

      browser search phrases I typed

    • lem treez
      lem treez

      Can you give me links please

  • The Ace
    The Ace


  • CoolGamingandTech

    So scared

  • yukin1990

    Yes it will get worsen!! Because the World Health Organization have become a Chinese Communist Party Bitch/whore!!!! Please note that the Chinese Communist Government have commence its propaganda machine, having multiple TR-my videos that framing the United State Government for the release the New China Coronavirus (COVID-19) , and its seem TR-my letting those video flowing through the internet!!! The World Health Organization either in cohort or ignorant in these situation!!!!! Please help to take down those false information!!!! I am from Hong Kong!!!!

  • Carnivalore

    Oh dear... maybe we should cancel debates, conferences, polling and voting stations.

  • Mike Ray
    Mike Ray

    Its such a mild cold that its not that big of a worry.The flu kills more people every year.And more people in America will die this year at the hands of drunk driving illegal aliens than will die by this virus.

  • Art Grover
    Art Grover


  • El Smoke Serrano
    El Smoke Serrano

    Looks and sounds like there’s about to be an election.