Celebrities react to Normani's "Motivation" video | (Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, etc.)
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  • Queen Afeus
    Queen Afeus

    Really really nice song no money I really like it so so much you are beautiful girl no money

  • Hanna Mx
    Hanna Mx

    4:11 best edition ever hihihi

  • daisy magero
    daisy magero

    that's why our own Riri had her on her fenty show

  • Jeff Bouchard
    Jeff Bouchard

    Best song of 2019 right here. On a different level.

  • Mindi Arney
    Mindi Arney

    I love Norman

  • Curtis McAllister
    Curtis McAllister

    I like the choreography. She needs to make more music that has a message and story. I think it would help her career and longevity.

  • Tricia Wilson Mottley
    Tricia Wilson Mottley

    She reminds me of Ciara!

  • Pocket Paula
    Pocket Paula

    "She did this in heels yall" lol dead

  • depaul7

    You said everything. Normani is THAT bitch!! Video is 🔥 so proud of her!!!

  • Iyonna Riggins
    Iyonna Riggins

    Here they come with all this hating

  • Jovany Zapata
    Jovany Zapata

    *Beyoncé has left the chat.* .... Oooooh, and she’s pissed.

  • Christina Charalambous
    Christina Charalambous

    I’m in love with the video and lyrics ! And on top of all that she drop dead gorgeous 😍👏🏼

  • Truth is love Lies are hate
    Truth is love Lies are hate

    .. Is this dance or a mating ritual for the classless & self-respect depleted beings to flock to? As a melanin woman, please stop calling trashy behavior Queen behavior, it's the exact opposite actually. 😒😔 My concern for the morals, values, and Growth of Melanin woman is actually Queen behavior. Delete this comment if you like, either way you know I'm right.

  • John Dockert
    John Dockert

    The opening seen with the little girl.... I thought it was a boy.

  • LadyLibra85

    New fan over here. Definitely going to have to check her out

  • formusiconly1

    I am so glad it's Normanis time to shine. She sings well and dances well. But more than that I get the sense that she is a beautiful person with an even wonderful personality. Calm, sensible and well mannered.

  • Szymon W.
    Szymon W.

    Love to hear your narration. I always learn new things. Normani is wonderful and I hope she will get recognition she deserves. ❤

  • Shelly Ann Foster
    Shelly Ann Foster

    I'm from Jamaica and to hell she can dance I watch this a million time...big up girllllll

  • Gracie Young
    Gracie Young

    Even *kylie jenner* reacted to normanis music video on her Instagram story, damn Normani fucking snatched ma wig😭😂

  • Sakura Gittens
    Sakura Gittens

    Totally agree with you, she's the whole package, black princess!!!

  • Bob Rohubres
    Bob Rohubres

    Kpop dancers can dance better

  • Robert Gilmore
    Robert Gilmore

    NORMANI is the NEW SUPER STARR.......I pray that she has a longggggg and SUCCESSFUL career......Your people are PROUD of YOU....Peace & Love!!!!

  • Vonszeil Spight
    Vonszeil Spight

    Omg her music video is just omg so bomb

  • Kevina Jones
    Kevina Jones

    Releasing the video and song together was another early 2000s thing! That’s how we use to get our music lol. I used to love for 106&Park to show us a new music video then tell us “if you want to see it on the countdown....” Normani DID and I can’t stress this enough THAT MUHF*CKA!!!

  • Hey mate
    Hey mate

    She is so gorgeous and has a voice so smooth like honey

  • Janet Fofanah
    Janet Fofanah

    I love you Normani. Babe you are hot

  • Fashion Guru Kenya
    Fashion Guru Kenya

    blown the F away and inspired

  • aanya verma
    aanya verma

    she is flexible, dancer, singer, basketball player, beautiful, did i miss anything?

  • Two Eggs
    Two Eggs

    we simply have no choice but to stan

  • Marsha Ann
    Marsha Ann

    She kinda look like Ciara!

  • Felix Malamug
    Felix Malamug

    She nailed it!

  • Sugar Nspice
    Sugar Nspice

    Beautiful, young, talented, Brown girl, but too vulgar. IMO Ok,... Com on

  • MatthewsPick

    You know basketball was CGI right?...

  • Monah Kasmol
    Monah Kasmol

    Normani to the world... Go forth and prosper girl

  • J E RA
    J E RA


  • Audrie Tenderness
    Audrie Tenderness

    Normani is amazing at singing and dancing like wow wow wow

  • Awesomeness Production
    Awesomeness Production

    I love normani

  • Jorie Inso
    Jorie Inso

    she totally can dance,sing o gush shes so talented I beleiv in her shes successful ..

  • A n a b e l l a M a t u s
    A n a b e l l a M a t u s

    I completely forgot about 5th harmony

  • AngelLuvsvids2015

    Thankyou for bringing back real dancing Normani 💖💯💥

  • Patricia Nicole L. Sael
    Patricia Nicole L. Sael

    Black Ass😍

  • Sheila Goodwin
    Sheila Goodwin

    Great job on your commentary in regards to this beautiful young lady. Thank you for reporting on her she really deserves the accolades.

  • Momie Waisi
    Momie Waisi

    woww!! I wanna be Normani lol

  • 69troyboi brown
    69troyboi brown


  • Dai is Dope
    Dai is Dope

    Dude she’s clearly talented and I’m so stoked to be seeing a chocolate girl in the forefront but whhhyyyyyy do we always have to be oversexualized to have a spot?? It’s just super frustrating to me especially since it’s always targeted at kids and teens!! Every shot don’t gotta be your tits, ass or pussy bro we so much more than that

  • D. Sierenetyyy
    D. Sierenetyyy

    Lady: she’s the #1 trending Me: aww shoot *BTS* saw this 😂

  • The Nelson Twinz
    The Nelson Twinz

    Nice she’s our motivation! Go girll! Guys take a look at this!!❤️ ⤵️ tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-XdMwrLHyTvs.html

  • Poppy Jones
    Poppy Jones

    NORMANI!!! Go Pretty Black Girl.

  • DD Bears35
    DD Bears35

    Dancing with a a stranger video is great aswell her voice is wow yes.

  • DD Bears35
    DD Bears35

    She is better the bee.. for real...l she is the next big thing

  • barbara butler
    barbara butler

    Normani is a train dancer, you see ballet, jazz, african style, old school hip hop. Yes, she going her thang! But, don't forget who her real idols are and she displayed that in the video MOTIVATION. Queen Beyonce the one and only. Can't compare her to anybody. Beyonce is pure raw rare talent no classical training in dance or singing just a young girl dreaming and believing in herself to make it happen by all means necessary! She's my it Girl/Woman. She set her own Destiny and now on top of the industry game and she plays well, made I add. I agree about the new success for Normani but, she has alot of work to do to fill the shoes Beyonce K. Carter and Jackson Jackson. These women have longevity in the music industry, still today after 20yo in the business. FAMILY MATTERS PEOPLE PEACE & LOVE

  • ZA

    Bring back the oldschool🤙🏻

  • Alexandra

    I love Normani!!! ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💜💜💜

  • skurinski

    the black flip was a tribute to Britney, I mean she literally did that in the BOMT video. with the same look.

  • Patricia Mizati
    Patricia Mizati

    She's amazing❤

  • Ek 378
    Ek 378

    Shakira can dance better tho i love them both❤❤

  • Neicy Nunnery
    Neicy Nunnery

    I like her style and her having my high school graduration year😙😉eeyyy yes boo

  • Glendys Suarez
    Glendys Suarez

    She is really that bitch I saw her dancing at the Ariana Sweetener tour and honest to god I was like 😮🤭🥵

  • Ymani Poe
    Ymani Poe

    my name is ymani

  • B. Avery
    B. Avery

    And she looked soooo beautiful too


    "Everybody was just going GAGA over normani" what's that mean? What does gaga has to do with normani?


    Normani is the fucking girl

  • Blue Finally Gets A Clue
    Blue Finally Gets A Clue

    Normani killing it!

  • Angie Beckford
    Angie Beckford


  • tiddy

    just black women blackening up the music industry💅🏾✨

  • Marcellus Thurman
    Marcellus Thurman


  • D'Erra Davis
    D'Erra Davis

    I love how she paid homage to get influences 😍

  • Gdhd Jshzj
    Gdhd Jshzj


  • Ruth Mutheu
    Ruth Mutheu

    wow i like it

  • Kim Mathata
    Kim Mathata

    Her tomorrow is greater than today