Celebrities react to Normani's "Motivation" video | (Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, etc.)
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  • Juanita Trujillo
    Juanita Trujillo

    Her dancing is amazing I like the video tight oldschool is always Good, Good Job ❤

  • Leitto 22
    Leitto 22

    I love you Normani! 💚🇦🇷

  • courtney moore
    courtney moore

    Wow just wow... go my Black Queen

  • Tilan Barman
    Tilan Barman


  • Demetrius Johnson
    Demetrius Johnson

    This is one of the baddest video so far. It's straight bad. Like the first time I seen Michael Jackson Moon Walk. Do your thang young lady.

  • Amanda Riram
    Amanda Riram

    Go way bts balck swan choreography... I bet u will be blown away 💜

  • Phat Fernandez
    Phat Fernandez

    Normani is a copycat of Beyonce. Megan is a copycat of Nikki Minaj.

  • TH. Aries
    TH. Aries

    But that‘s the reason why she isn‘t successful. Normani is only speaking to black people with her style,music,dance,video and whatever.

  • Wendy Ahonda
    Wendy Ahonda

    Normani ain't playing

  • Rachel Denby
    Rachel Denby

    Soooo #Cute I got the same blk suit from instagram surrealshops.....I think it's the same cdfu

  • Hovi Studio
    Hovi Studio


  • Abraham.Auguste.Limitless

    goood damn shes hot

  • King Ino
    King Ino

    She is fire omg

  • Arjay Lisud
    Arjay Lisud

    To all people came here *THERE WAS NO REACTION HAPPENED ITS JUST TWEET* shit this channel

  • Ellie Nash
    Ellie Nash

    Lmao the reaction video was meeee!!! Normani is proving that fifth harmony slept on her!!!

  • Doyle Aaron
    Doyle Aaron

    Beautiful, def better looking than Beyonce.

  • Daniel Kuwornu
    Daniel Kuwornu

    Its good she left her group...fifth harmony and became independent... To tell u I personally adored her dancing skills.... It was fierce and motivated me to dance..even tho iont know how to

  • Ashley Ys
    Ashley Ys


  • steez TM
    steez TM


  • steez TM
    steez TM


  • Rebecca Bridges
    Rebecca Bridges

    Stay Blessed Normani

  • Thomas May
    Thomas May

    She a god

  • Yasmin Khan
    Yasmin Khan

    I also see a reference to the Ciara 'goodies' intro. That's what it looks like when you're paying homage not copying🖤🙅‍♀️☄🔥💣💥

  • Day In The Life Of Paula
    Day In The Life Of Paula

    Girl you earned my subscription with this one 😂😂. ❤️

  • Mai Kim Dang
    Mai Kim Dang

    Wow she is amazing!! She deserves more credit than she gets

  • Mai Kim Dang
    Mai Kim Dang

    For some reason I see Beyoncé!

  • Ibrahim Njoya
    Ibrahim Njoya


  • Inga Babayan
    Inga Babayan

    Normani floped hard She ain't shit

  • Tracey Cooper
    Tracey Cooper

    SHE IS "EVERYTHING" PERIOD!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Jahi Palmer
    Jahi Palmer

    I just saw Motivation for the first time today. I loved it!

  • Geris Finest
    Geris Finest

    She is the best right now can't wait to see what she is going to do next.

  • Tigerlove Tiger
    Tigerlove Tiger

    Normani, you slay gurl!~

  • LaKeshia Mckenzie
    LaKeshia Mckenzie

    I was not ready

  • Alohomoro Petrificus Totalus
    Alohomoro Petrificus Totalus

    I hope Normani becomes huge I’m a guy and I really want dark skinned people to embrace themselves and feel good too and to that their beautiful too I love Normani always have I’m glad Normani is here so people of the same skin tone would feel represented

  • Virjivia Britt
    Virjivia Britt

    Female MJ and Janet Reloaded

  • Virjivia Britt
    Virjivia Britt

    A dance genius

  • Rose Infiniti
    Rose Infiniti

    She sold her soul

  • kornflakes2020 S
    kornflakes2020 S

    You click baiting, annoying voice having, ghetto ass bitch.

  • tammiegooding58


  • E GAN
    E GAN

    She is sooooooo talented

  • kundai moyo
    kundai moyo

    Wow i am out of words she is so flex and inspiring people to fulfil their dreams in the start of the vid

    • kundai moyo
      kundai moyo


  • Alana Walker
    Alana Walker

    Normani is THAAAAT BISH!!!

  • Nola Dee
    Nola Dee

    Normani gurllll yasssss

  • mihika

    if u came for the reactions theyre on 5:01 you welcome

  • flame phoenix
    flame phoenix

    my bad i though she was the other one wrong sista

  • LOUI J
    LOUI J

    Follow Normani on Instagram

  • beyondrace666

    Black videos stuck in a rut.

  • s v
    s v

    Normani and the black girls in the video killed ittt!!😍

  • S'all good man!
    S'all good man!

    Yes!! STILL LOVE & listen to this song everyday! Also. I was listening to my playlist,walked into the room & my 7yr old daughter was trying (but not liking) 2mimic the "moves" to Nikki Minaj Megatron song. 😱 I was like NOO! & Changed it to Normani's motivation & SHE LIKED it better. Bc she knew THIS was dancing 👍 OMG one of my worse nightmares. My daughter becoming a stripper bc of watching Nikki twerking 🤢 I like Nikki but I DONT WANT my baby 2copy those vids. (Yes my bad 4 forgetting that song was next on my p.l)

  • Alora Louriz
    Alora Louriz

    Idk. I like her...

  • Moise Picard
    Moise Picard

    You know Normani's sister, Lauren had to show love.

  • Moise Picard
    Moise Picard

    Normani took The Summer by storm.

  • Story Telling
    Story Telling

    cant wait for more songs

    • RayRihanna22

      Her song with Megan theestallion from the "Birds of Prey" soundtrack is coming!!! 😍😍😍

  • netta shmerling
    netta shmerling

    Omg normani is a QUEEN!!! SO excited to see more of her

  • Supriya Pandey
    Supriya Pandey

    Normani rocks

  • Notoya S
    Notoya S

    This is so good

  • ahnatanha

    She is so talented. Except less underwear crotch. Please. I’m in love with the choreo and the music AND the voice. But please less crotch display, sweetheart.

  • Ajeta Glenn
    Ajeta Glenn

    Don't know nothing about her, but that Beautiful Skin kissed by the Sun young lady did this!!!!!

  • Mark Joshua Calica
    Mark Joshua Calica

    Normani is Normani 💗

  • Priscah Zach
    Priscah Zach

    Follow me on instagram @she_blaze77

  • gata0190

    I agree

  • gata0190

    Love 🎀💓💓💓🎀this video 💞😍😘💞 🎥 the dance is fire

  • issa vybezz
    issa vybezz

    Fifth harmony was really holding her back

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Normani is an incredible singer AND dancer! Super talented and beautiful!

  • Diamond Dust555
    Diamond Dust555


  • steez TM
    steez TM


  • Alycia Wilson
    Alycia Wilson

    The throw back vibe of this video was everything!!! I really loved it and the dancing was so much fun. The song, her vibe... the flow... this was a lot of fun. Unpopular opinion... I don’t think it was her doing the backflip in the basketball scene. The way that part was filmed made it look like it wasn’t her. Now that takes NOTHING away from everything that she did... it’s not a knock on her at all...it’s just an observation and curious if it looks like that to anybody else. It may have just been the way they shot that part.. but damn.... she straight did that shit. ✌️

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee

    She flexible. & She did that shit like a pro😮😮😮😮. She Got Body

  • Susan Nicholson
    Susan Nicholson

    Naomi is ready for 2020 you bring a girl love this young lady!!

  • Aaliyah Hadaway
    Aaliyah Hadaway

    Normoni is coloured beautiful and has good talent if you agree ur a true legend