Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)
“This is America” by Childish Gambino
Director: Hiro Murai
Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein
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  • evillyn camillyn
    evillyn camillyn

    This Is Brazil '-'

  • Pretty Good
    Pretty Good

    MCDonalds: *exists* Me: *This is America.*

  • the Trash Man
    the Trash Man

    no one: gambino tiddies: ^ > > ^ < > ^ < ^ ^ >

  • Keaton Curnutte
    Keaton Curnutte

    Childish Kratos

  • Qwerty 1234
    Qwerty 1234

    1:40 I know maybe it’s nonsense but, probably when he was growing as a kid(the way he starts acting) he used to believe in god and kindness and so on but with the time he realize that’s it’s all nothing, at least for him.


    I love the bass

  • María Nievas
    María Nievas

    You mean this is USA. America it's more than USA.

  • can u wtfu shinigami?
    can u wtfu shinigami?


  • Novik Lubnanović
    Novik Lubnanović

    Random Fact: the ending rhythm of Billie Eilish - Bad Guy is the same BPM count as this song. Me: *This is the Bad Guy.*

  • Purujit Chatterjee
    Purujit Chatterjee

    Is this just me who finds this video horrifying. The numbing disconnection of emotions and expressions. OMG.

  • Александр Аверин
    Александр Аверин

    damn you youtube, why i never had it in my recommendations ever?? 2020 BTW

  • Dolled

    02:28 Coronavirus

  • Rider Игвэ
    Rider Игвэ

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  • Rider Игвэ
    Rider Игвэ

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  • AJ Thomas
    AJ Thomas

    0:50 *it is here,ladies and gentlemen where both the song and music video take a twist,a bend,a pull,and a snap* it shows you how a bullet can be fired at any moment, even at the happy ones

  • camp ujhi dhaar
    camp ujhi dhaar


  • Henry Malcolm
    Henry Malcolm

    3:50 when you turn the lights off downstairs and run back upstairs.

  • planescaped

    The song is god awful and yet super hypnotizing. XD I like/hate it.

  • Anon C
    Anon C

    Troy Barnes has changed

  • Gillian Duck
    Gillian Duck

    Just amazing insightful and truthful xx ty

  • Twice Gamer
    Twice Gamer

    I love this

  • Phyllis White
    Phyllis White

    Five 🌟s

  • AV

    TOP TOP TOP !!!

  • Lyodek

    This is a meme

  • RaGeQuiTT

    Nobody : The Special ED Kids Durning Lunch:

  • Engrave ➊
    Engrave ➊

    Africa: *200 people die in a bank* America: *A crazy man kills 1 Million people and his gun is still well kept* THIS AMERICA

  • J M
    J M

    For now, I don't understand this video until you inform me in every details of it. "P.S.: I'm not American"

  • Jett Victor
    Jett Victor

    Childish Gambino tries flexin' instead makes a song

  • lolWTF and khaoss
    lolWTF and khaoss

    it s only voulgar

  • UU786DSP3

    *MATRODA REMIX top.*

  • ぺー子

    this is America

  • Wet Towel
    Wet Towel

    I remembered this guy from a community college show

  • മണിച്ചെപ്പ്MONEYCHEPPU

  • dark framer gamer
    dark framer gamer

    1:24 watch him buss it down.

  • 264Cody PG3D
    264Cody PG3D

    This still goes hard in 2020

  • Jack Scan
    Jack Scan

    1:56 singing in music class Me:

  • Brad

    Something is really wrong with this

  • fgperezjr2000

    Whoo, boy. All the individuals making jokes off of this. I guess you could ssy it was a song, after all. Did you see anything? Did you hear anything apart from gunshots? You saw and heard what they intended for you, apparently. Ignorance. It's why things are and continue to be the way they are.

  • Herxmoy

    But seriously tho the message in this song is something that should be taken seriously. Not just about getting high with your friends or about fucking that girl with the biggest ass.

  • Simone Figeroux
    Simone Figeroux

    Why doesn’t this have 1 billion views?

  • Freddy Gabriel Alvarez Siles
    Freddy Gabriel Alvarez Siles

    Fuerteeee 🔥

  • mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]
    mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]

    I don't understand why the gunshots aren't in the normal version of the song. They make the song sound so much better.

  • Comic Meerkat770
    Comic Meerkat770

    On I was on America have bully on my school he try to bully me so I pounch on them face and the I say "f* you b*

  • Chí Anh Lê
    Chí Anh Lê

    The man in the middle of the choir looks like Jordan Peele

  • jesus V.s
    jesus V.s

    Vengo por benjadoes ctmre aunque ya pasó jajaja 🤣

  • InfiniteCubeYT

    Teacher: Alright class, get your books out and flip to page 61... Blah blah. Students: You never gave us the books. Teacher: 0:40

  • Clayton Oliveira
    Clayton Oliveira

    Acho que esse cara não conhece o Brasil

  • Moneylord 69
    Moneylord 69

    How my monday was like

  • tellertubes

    If you look close enough you can see a little bit of film grain this may be a stretch but now I feel like the film grain resembles how what's happening in America its distorting Americas image or "Beauty"

  • Spinels Mouth
    Spinels Mouth

    This song is scarily accurate

  • Elias

    The prison industrial complex is a tool to keep the Black Man Down in America! Time to wake up people. “This a Celly, this is a tool” Childish Gambino

  • Elias

    Who here in 2020?

  • utayjumper

    f*ck human race, f*ck society.

  • slowreaper

    Is he in detroit or something

  • d5j4vu

    This video can't be filmed in Texas.

  • Ariel Gonz
    Ariel Gonz

    I think my country, America is too big headed with its pride to notice what's happening, but this is a little too much overreaction.

  • Cameron0717

    1:40 my brain cells during a conversation

  • Jeffrey Chavez
    Jeffrey Chavez

    0:52 that was such a slow reaction

  • lamia sangs
    lamia sangs

    Is it just me or does the bass knock hard af when the music comes back in at 3:16. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Hector Stella
    Hector Stella

    With 21savage slimjimmy young thug and migos

  • Mar Boz
    Mar Boz


  • Bosse bläckfisk
    Bosse bläckfisk

    3:49 That scared the sh*t out of me!




    What the heck

  • chasta laslo
    chasta laslo

    This is china Coronavirus

  • Peter Ruiz
    Peter Ruiz

    1:55 AIMBOT XD

  • Zhemical

    bro who tf analyzes a song like go do your math homework lmao

    • Spinels Mouth
      Spinels Mouth

      Zhemical they do that to find the hidden meanings so it makes more sense plus it’s pretty deep.

  • Grumpiesttitan 79
    Grumpiesttitan 79

    When I searched "American communist music" this was one of the top results.

  • RandomGuy

    This is a meme That’s a cream

  • Sabri Rubi
    Sabri Rubi

    Imagine just other countries looking at this.......