Chrisley Knows Best | Nanny Faye Mispronounces Organism | Funny Moment | S7 Ep24 | on USA Network
Chrisley Knows Best
Nanny Faye mispronounces organism before explaining her love for fishing. Finish watching Chrisley Knows Best season 7 episode 24, "Fish Guts and Glory", at . Watch Chrisley Knows Best, now on demand on USA Network.
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Season 7, Episode 24: Fish Guts and Glory
Savannah learns a lesson when she meddles in Nic's career; Nanny takes Grayson and Chase fishing.
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Chrisley Knows Best | Nanny Faye Mispronounces Organism | Funny Moment | S7 Ep24 | on USA Network

  • JV

    where’s the bottom? she should’ve told him to go in the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror😂



  • K Cat
    K Cat

    I hate that she calls him Gray Gray. Lol!

  • Nairobi Smith
    Nairobi Smith


  • hermionnie L.
    hermionnie L.

    this video seemed so fake thats something new for me what.

  • Sherice Walker
    Sherice Walker

    Nanny Faye is hilarious...where’s the bottom, at the other side of the top 😂😂😂😂 duh 😂😂😂😂😊

  • lexiloo to you
    lexiloo to you

    " I say the word every once in awhile I don't pay it much attention" I couldn't live without Nanny on the show 😂😂😂😂💞

  • Melissa Sierra
    Melissa Sierra

    Graysons voice is so deep omg


    Nanny Faye is my favorite i truely love all the family but she is just adorable humble sweet and the curage to confrunt any situation with love this DAYS!!! to me is almost a miracle so yea this is my main reason she is my favorite...

  • shameaka10

    it’s sounds like their reading a script

    • Justin Case
      Justin Case


  • carl jackson
    carl jackson

    Wow..all teeth. Nice😉

  • Hazel Eyes
    Hazel Eyes

    Nanny Faye is funny. Love this show.


    Am I the only one who notices this is scripted?

  • Lavetta Luckett
    Lavetta Luckett

    I love the ,way nanny Faye ,shows her grandma energy to her grandkids,she's a good Grandma.

  • Hannah Nicole
    Hannah Nicole

    Wish they was on Netflix. 😩 I'm so far behind.

  • NurseZhivago

    I bet if Chloe asked to go fishing Todd would be ready to go in 2 min🤣

  • Latoya Blanco
    Latoya Blanco

    Grayson is growing up so fast, he's so handsome

  • Kember Jay
    Kember Jay

    Lmfaooooo omg 😭😭😭

  • Mykee Wattz
    Mykee Wattz

    When is he coming out? Hey queen hey

    • tonioteach84

      Which one? It could seriously be any of them 😄

  • Howard Kornblum
    Howard Kornblum

    Everybody is so throw by greyson. Hey everyone, kids grow up! He's just doing it in the public eye. And nanna might wanna go on the air sober! So she doesn't mix up her organisms and her orgasisms. Pretty funny and the dad is still coming off like this big old queen! Welcome to America y'all!!

  • Hannah

    I remember when my friend in middle school was helping me study for science and the same thing happened.... Everyone died of laughter

  • Lisa Mclaughlin
    Lisa Mclaughlin

    That family needs to be shipped off to a deserted island...

  • Alana Brick
    Alana Brick

    Dang Grayson grew up lol

  • Jasmine Bon
    Jasmine Bon

    Omg look how big my greyson is looking like chase omg... his voice is deep n everything

  • latisse Gonzalez
    latisse Gonzalez

    I love her, I want to adopt her. lmao

  • Jackie Murphree
    Jackie Murphree

    Nanny Faye has a way with words 😂😂😂

  • Moon

    Starting to look super scripted

  • Sandy Arroyo
    Sandy Arroyo

    Love you Nanny Faye❤

  • Holli Clay
    Holli Clay

    You can tell Grayson is now a teenager his voice is changing

  • Leslie Mexia
    Leslie Mexia

    Me in science 😂

  • Timothy Wilkins
    Timothy Wilkins

    Love Nanny Faye ❤❤❤

  • Vala Dina
    Vala Dina


  • The realest J
    The realest J

    Haha the way she pronounces organisms

  • Luis H.
    Luis H.

    Funny, thats the face Todd's gonna make when he's charged for wire fraud!!

  • Izabella Martinez
    Izabella Martinez


  • khansaeed9999

    Love faye

  • SarahsSimple& StylishMakeup
    SarahsSimple& StylishMakeup

    Nanny Faye needs her own show!! She makes the show!

    • little bit of everything
      little bit of everything

      Todd makes the show but Nanny makes it even better!

  • Jeff Keeth
    Jeff Keeth

    Need to get a fat funny maid of color. It would be hilarious.

  • Niyira Ward
    Niyira Ward

    Omggggg Grayson is growing up!! His voice is deeper 😩I reneger even he was little

  • Jacqueline Winfrey
    Jacqueline Winfrey

    Nanny Faye is so 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jeannie Peterson
    Jeannie Peterson


  • Dashon Cunningham
    Dashon Cunningham

    Lmfao ...this was funny af

  • Adrian Phillips
    Adrian Phillips

    Love her lol😍

  • The Dreamer
    The Dreamer

    "Where's the bottom? It's on the other side of the top" 😂😂

    • LACSIM1978


  • Believe in Yourself
    Believe in Yourself

    I watch the show because of Nanny!

  • Alexandra H
    Alexandra H

    Nanny Faye is hilarious 😂❤️

  • Deborah Untermeyer
    Deborah Untermeyer

    Stell numember one show. Aman💕

  • jrbland18

    Love you all

  • Gloria Lowe
    Gloria Lowe

    Nanny Faye 😂 Nanny Faye 😂❤️❤️❤️. Full of life and love.🙂❤ Organism😂🙂

  • gloria Perez
    gloria Perez

    Grandma is too much 😂😂

  • Sylvia Norman
    Sylvia Norman

    This show always put a smile on my face. Everybody is just so straight forward. I love it. 😃😎

  • _luxurious_ Rodriquez
    _luxurious_ Rodriquez

    Wtf is this??

  • Lovely Flower
    Lovely Flower

    Where's the bottom on the other side of the top I just love nanny Faye

  • True Native
    True Native

    Greyson is lookn more like his daddy..

    • intune lioness
      intune lioness

      He looks like his mama splitting image lol handsome boy

  • Cheryl Farmer
    Cheryl Farmer

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Child...I fell out!!!!!!! Nanny Faye!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • To Be Honest
    To Be Honest

    origami 🤣

  • Kristin Holsapple
    Kristin Holsapple

    First off, when the heck did Grayson get so big..omg his voice has changed he is no longer a little boy and a good looking boy. But they are all good looking kids! Second ,Nanny Faye is freaken the best! She is so funny. I love this family lol

    • Aliah Luckern
      Aliah Luckern

      Hes going through puberty

    • Austin Yates
      Austin Yates

      He looks so skinny too

    • Joel Santana
      Joel Santana

      I was wondering who that was and thought to myself maybe a grandchild or something then I heard her call him Grayson.

    • Paula Pierce
      Paula Pierce

      Does Todd really think of himself as this perfect person. And is he really the coward as he shows in the show.

  • Casey 0five
    Casey 0five

    Good video 👍

  • Annie Simonyan
    Annie Simonyan

    Once I saw the title, I didn’t even need to see the video to know what she’d say. Oh, Nanny Faye.

  • Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy

    I love your crazy family!!! FRANNY P. 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

  • Robin Hartman
    Robin Hartman

    Grayson is so skinny. He must be in a growth spurt. He’s going to be taller than Todd

  • Ruthie DeLoatch
    Ruthie DeLoatch

    I love this family tod and his mom😂

  • Cat B. Of Los Angeles California
    Cat B. Of Los Angeles California

    Lawd have mercy I love Nanny Faye! They need to write a book What Nanny Is Really Sayin’! 😂

  • Ryoko Kirchhoff
    Ryoko Kirchhoff

    Nanny Faye is the best..."It's on the other side of the top!!!" ROFL!!!!!

  • Brittany Nicole
    Brittany Nicole

    Wait, is that the little boy? When did he get that big? I haven’t watched in a while.

    • Elisha Bright
      Elisha Bright

      Brittany Nicole right his voice got so deep too lol

  • Loyal Star
    Loyal Star

    Lol Nanny Date saves the day!

  • Lilith Decker
    Lilith Decker

    Faye is Queen!!!!

    • RoyalMasterpiece


  • Cindy Fitzgerald
    Cindy Fitzgerald

    I get you Nanny Faye, sometimes I mispronounce words too lol!

  • John stafford
    John stafford

    Lol awesome family

  • Teri Root
    Teri Root

    I love nanny Faye!!!