Christmas Vacation (1989) National Lampoon - Rental Reviews
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Christmas vacation is the 3rd installment in the National Lampoon Vacation series. It's Christmas time and the Griswolds are preparing for a family seasonal celebration, but things never run smoothly for Clark (Chevy Chase), his wife Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo) and their two kids. Clark's continual bad luck is worsened by his obnoxious family guests, but he manages to keep going knowing that his Christmas bonus is due soon.
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  • Pedro Hosé
    Pedro Hosé

    Christmas Vacation 2 was god awful.

  • Ronald Farber
    Ronald Farber

    Getting introspective with The Griswalds, lub it I do

  • Captain N
    Captain N

    I can relate to this too James. I am called Santa or Mr Christmas at work all year round. My Dad calls me Griswold.

  • Spencer Kindra
    Spencer Kindra

    No matter how many times I've watched Christmas Vacation I always misremember that the storyline with Clark and the Christmas lights occurs over the course of a few days. For some reason I thought think that Clark tries to turn on the lights in front of the family, they won't turn on, he tries again, then Helen discovers the lights are plugged into the garage outlet, turns them on, Clark is happy, then Cousin Eddie shows up all on the same night. I'm wrong, Helen doesn't turn on the lights and Eddie doesn't show up until a few nights later. Anyone else misremember those scenes?

  • DethstruXioN ™
    DethstruXioN ™

    9:50 I agree with Justin, Loaded Weapon 1 has always been my favorite National Lampoon movie. Probably also my favorite spoof movie of the 90s. You knew that they were kinda trying to be Hot Shots and Naked Gun, but exactly that ripoff spoof made it extra funny. Wilderness Girllsssss!!!

  • Westley Knee
    Westley Knee

    My dad had me watch the when i was like 7 and I loved it too much and I don't see it as dirty really at all like I just love Chevy Chase me and my dad used to watch every Chevy Chase movie together it was our thing!! So when I see this it just reminds me of my dad and I love it!!!

  • The GoldenChild
    The GoldenChild

    Justin's taste in movies is about as good as his self control to not eat the whole box of cookies

  • T2rx6

    I'm pretty behind on my videos so I'm watching this now like a month later.. I don't get Justin's frustrations with this movie. It's shitting on the movie for the sake of shitting on the movie. You don't get the frustration of putting up the lights and all that stuff.. I'm assuming that's not something Justin does? Like the movie plays on the frustrations of christmas perfectly. The fantasizing is a common thread through the vacation movies. I don't think Clark's purpose of putting in the pool is to continue a fantasy... Clark want's to put in a pool for his family, but his random fantasy about the girl (again a fairly common theme) just kinda shows up.. I feel like Justin's commentary misses the mark so much..

  • Alex Mesi
    Alex Mesi

    Vegas Vacation is god-awful compared to Christmas Vacation! you fail bro! lol!

  • Dukefazon

    Another great National Lampoon movie is Nation Lampoon’s Senior Trip. Saw it as a kid and loved the coolness of tue main guy and the movie influenced my taste in asian women :)

  • Dukefazon

    One of my favorite anti-christmas movie is Mixed Nuts (with Steve Martin - 1994). Everything that can go bad in the movie goes bad. I love it.

  • Pat Pear
    Pat Pear

    I'm shocked anyone prefers Vegas to any of them. Opinions are opinions

  • knittedpainting

    Well I'm gonna park the cars and get the luggage, and well, I'll be outside for the season... Me every Christmas

  • Riley Walker
    Riley Walker

    Justin needs to change his Pip Boy status. He's now vilified by movie fans.

  • Richard Spriggs
    Richard Spriggs

    I hate this fil m

  • Eric Hoffman
    Eric Hoffman

    my man ryan?

  • Eric Willy
    Eric Willy

    Somebody should do a review on the guy in the middle. 👎

  • emooberry

    I would love to see this review without the downer in the middle...

  • Son Brimmer
    Son Brimmer

    Would love to see a segment on the “best” worst overdubs for curse words in films aired on tv. Yippee-ki-yay Mr falcon is definitely a good one. My favorite one I ever saw was from the big Lebowski. “ this is what happens Larry, this is what happens when you find a stranger in the alps”. I shit you not, that was the actual frickin’ overdub.🤣

  • borgos beats
    borgos beats

    4:01 my dad would always say " those guys dont celebrate any holidays so what else is he suppose to say"

  • Jim
    Jim seems they also missed that the original Vacation movie came from a story Hughes wrote for Lampoon magazine based on his childhood vacations, I believe he wrote the screenplay as well.

  • Axe To Grind
    Axe To Grind

    "Chevy Chase... he was the one."

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson

    I want to see a review of "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase.

  • TheAnimeMan 97
    TheAnimeMan 97

    Pretty sure justin was put on this show one time and then just never got up. So they have to put him in anyways cause of the things he says and have him as background commentary 🤷‍♂️

  • Drtrytiak

    This movie doesn't hold up.... nostalgia is the only way it's watchable

  • Christian Boussaa
    Christian Boussaa

    My dad died the 24 of December, my sisters b-day is on the 25 of December. We have a sad/happy Christmas. But u have to admit,my dad chose a nice memorable day to die!:p Sorry for the grim humour.! Great vid guys!

  • John Ghost
    John Ghost

    European Vacation is for me tied for me with the original Vacation, but if I'm going to watch a Chevy Chase movie with snow in it I'd probably watch Spies Like Us instead. In fact the scene you showed with Grizwold saying odd things to each business person reminded me of the "Dr" "Dr" scene from Spies.

  • Dave Booshty
    Dave Booshty

    That Hotel Hell Vacation I had No idea existed , Mad cool You pointed it out. Despite it oddly not really at all somehow being much Funny at all? But it is amusing i guess in slight ways and its always great to see Chevy and Beverly in The Roles again.

  • Dave Booshty
    Dave Booshty

    3:12 I dont think theres anything "Raunchy" about it James. How could it be ever considered that?

  • George Skillin
    George Skillin

    Can we just get rid of Tubbs? His opinion SUCKS!

  • GgordoNR GT
    GgordoNR GT

    Man I miss Chevy chase Dude was hilarious

  • Phillip Torres
    Phillip Torres

    Vegas Vacation straight up fucking sucks. What’s up with your homeboy in the middle? My man has gone way off the deep end with all that hatorade!!!

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith

    Guy in the middle is your stereotypical liberal nerdy overly negative critic lol. Best part of it is when he was shitting on yet another part of a great movie where Clark can't get the lights to work and James cut him off and went on about why it's such a great part of the movie and how easily relatable it is for everyone. Like dude, chill out, we get it, you hate EVERYthing.

  • Ian Lundquist
    Ian Lundquist

    Shut it Tony.


    Man, this comment section HATES Justin.

  • KendallplayZ Frankey
    KendallplayZ Frankey

    One of the dumbest overrated movies ever

  • Chafic Itani
    Chafic Itani

    Merry Christmas! The shitter was full

  • Charles Lizana
    Charles Lizana

    Nice Family Values Tour 98 VHS on the desk there. I used to own that on VHS as well a long time ago!!

  • William Guzman
    William Guzman

    No one: The comment section: jUsTiN bAd

  • Eyewokeness News
    Eyewokeness News

    Dude uses a Chromebook?

  • Eyewokeness News
    Eyewokeness News

    Ive been waiting for this since the series started.

  • Trusteft

    I wonder what the party pooper thinks of Fletch, Fletch Lives, Funny Farm.

  • Jon Hoover
    Jon Hoover

    review Repo Man (1984)

  • michael daly
    michael daly

    Who's the obese marshmallow guy who's sad about tits? He has his own!


    I miss Silvermaina I still show people the Gape Newell interview and I miss it. Fussy Jussy needs to make a comeback.

  • Tobias Schmidt
    Tobias Schmidt

    It's only weird if your soy intake is too high! Can't watch this. I'm out.

  • The Caldor Rainbow
    The Caldor Rainbow

    Most of us in the Northeast hadn't seen a Walmart until they took former lots once held by our beloved Caldor and Bradlees.

  • Gabriel Miranda
    Gabriel Miranda

    Justin's favorite Adam sandler movie is Jack and jill

  • ヤマモトユニチロ

    Kidz wanna ask at 7:44 on the Santas List...what is thad Name: ''Gaylord'' may meen? ...ww

  • Tara

    Christmas Vacation is a classic. My family loves this movie. Okay so I'm currently watching all of the Christmas videos in my watch later. But I am 7 months behind on my watch later videos so did James move or did he just redesign his video store basement?

  • Trusteft

    The guy in the middle annoyed me.

  • Orko

    Scrooged is still my go to holiday movie.

  • MisterIdjit

    Mixed Nuts. One of my favorite Christmas movies

  • nihilistman

    3:53 "Parts would come up where the cursing would come up my dad would say don't repeat that." Guess that didn't work.

  • CrazyChiv

    Nice of Dad to visit for Christmas.

  • pcm2fchris

    I loved this video - some of the reflections brought laughs, some even choked me up. Awesome stuff.

  • MooshPlayz

    everyone's talking about justin, but what about dad?

  • Austin D
    Austin D

    My God Justin is such a negative Nancy during the whole review WTF? is he even here if he doesn't like the movie get out of here with your negativity dude what a buzz kill

  • Diamond Tiara
    Diamond Tiara

    I can't believe how many times iv'e seen this movie and never noticed the turtle poster lol

  • Sebastian Guerrero
    Sebastian Guerrero

    European is the best!!! Best rusty!!

  • beetleguese1209

    10:16 Justin: 'I'll let you know when I'm an adult...'

  • beetleguese1209

    I know it's best not to be biased for reviews in general but why have fatty do this one if he hates it? Just spoils the whole vibe. Also 'Vegas Vacation is my favourite'! & then 'I haven't seen the original or the European one..?!?! GET OUT

  • Travis Miller
    Travis Miller

    Tony sucks. Justin will probably like Christmas Vacation 2.

  • Steven Lamorte
    Steven Lamorte

    You should review GREMLINS!!

  • Joseph Meador
    Joseph Meador

    National lampoons: avgn 2

  • Kevin Stewart
    Kevin Stewart

    You guys really need to do Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

  • Jason Wandeloski
    Jason Wandeloski

    Just’ ruins the mood but you’d never catch my ass butt watching ... he’s super sketch. Not in a bad way but WAY worse than that.

  • Mrlegoking 2001
    Mrlegoking 2001

    13:44 why is dad in this video

  • sharktank

    "I don't know" - Justin Silverman

  • SimoneJStogrin

    I came here to see a movie review, not more stupid, cancerous hashtags.