Concerns of the effects of coronavirus on young Americans heightens
ABC News
The CDC reports that 1 in 5 cases of COVID-19 involves patients between the ages of 20 and 44.

  • Fashion3K- True Style Never Dies!
    Fashion3K- True Style Never Dies!

    Alarming numbers n situation . Be safe and God Bless

  • Charles Menzies
    Charles Menzies

    We lov Man!,,,,,,, lov,,,, hahaha

  • Hannah Dyson
    Hannah Dyson

    It's low risk of dying and complications not zero risk . Everyone is vulnerable to getting it . I think it's scary to have a mild case and have to stay at home. Let alone needing to go into hospital And high blood pressure ? In the UK it puts you in a very high risk category and you have a letter of the government to stay home for 12 weeks . Question , why did his doctor tell him he was at risk . From the information on here it doesn't sound like he was told he was at a higher risk ? Maybe he would have been more cautious if he had known ?. Sometimes it's hard to know if you at at more risk than most . By the way , if you look up Corona you will find the incubation period is quiet long . Which makes the beach party being where he contracted it lower than it seems . Still don't go to beach parties peeps .

  • pratik khatate
    pratik khatate

    USA has proved they have .. good number dumbest young population.. also seniors.. “ The dimwits “..

  • Banda Aceh
    Banda Aceh

    you want to recover from the corona virus. drink from the red sumac fruit

  • Banda Aceh
    Banda Aceh

    you want to recover from the corona virus. drink from the red sumac fruit

  • Pink Romero
    Pink Romero

    Thank you for sharing this young adult information so like this the young population takes this serious... I still see a lot of people walking and talking without any protection in the grocery stores and take out restaurants so sad

  • Rao Naeem
    Rao Naeem


  • Aqilah Banu Abdul Majeed
    Aqilah Banu Abdul Majeed

    Singapore, hong kong, taiwan and south korea manage to control the cases with measures in place and not exploding in like now in America. Thats why it is important to have proper leader and proper procedure to have been placed before it explodes. Amercia should have gotten ready way way way ahead given they are suppose to be a 1st nation omg

  • Mecks089

    Let them suffer, they were warned.

  • Julian Navarro
    Julian Navarro

    I think I got corona 😢 lol my throat hurt hurts like mofo

  • Joshua Littleton
    Joshua Littleton

    Why are these people still going to parties??

  • Jewish Pig
    Jewish Pig

    LMaO he’s gay

  • supa Hotfire
    supa Hotfire

    Everybody is just joking in this comment section.. Take this serious folks..

  • Ben Baxter
    Ben Baxter

    what's done is done it feels so bad

  • igor chak
    igor chak

    ok, so a young person dies....give us data, what exact complications did they die from, previous health history, did they smoke, drink, obese, genetic defects? We live in the 21 century and all you get is "young people are dying now"...ok, we need more information because from the data that I could gather mortality rates in healthy, active young adults were 0.02% A lot of these kids that are getting complications could have genetic disorders or other things that the news are not telling about

    • AjaxNetwork

      I read that Louisiana ranked 50 as the least healthiest state in the US. Hope you can find some use with that info and correlate it with the death toll down there.

    • igor chak
      igor chak

      ​@ct92404 My apologies, it's .2%, I'm a research analyst, pulling data from about 20 global sources. There is good data from China as they can release medical records of their citizens, the US you can not by law, which is stupid as with that data we can understand the virus better and fight it faster. Younger deaths are very rare, most of the time it's a genetic defect (like when you hear a 10-19 year old die) or people that have been smokers/drinkers not living healthy. US has a very flawed health system when it comes to collecting data. If you go to a doctor and you tell them you feel good they will not do any tests on you, we have no yearly health checks where we get the whole body checked, only when you are very sick. A minor health condition can kill a person in this situation. Smoking, for instance, put's you 40% higher to have a fatal outcome with COVID 19. If you have 2% fatality rate data, please share Good data:

    • ct92404

      No. The fatality rate is more like 2 percent across ALL ages. Where the hell did you get .02 percent from? NO ONE has ever given a percentage that low. That's more like the seasonal flu, and this virus is at least 10 times as fatal.

  • Brian Dessero
    Brian Dessero

    Man I just got news today my doctor told me I tested positive for Covid-19.

  • Kylie

    He had aids..

  • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq

    Reminder that this virus belongs to the same family of viruses that cause SARS and MERS which have 10% and 35% fatality rates, respectively. This is why it's called "SARS-CoV-2"

  • P.G. Ferret
    P.G. Ferret

    These are the same people that said they won’t let the virus get in the way of their spring break

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares


    • ct92404

      @gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq I'm sorry to hear that. I hope they will be ok.

    • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq

      No. I personally know someone who has COVID-19, I've been video calling them every day. The symptoms are real and the disease is real. You're a fool.

  • Philosophy in Cognitive Science
    Philosophy in Cognitive Science

    Dont be like Trump!!! See how the coronavirus spreaded day by day from China to Europe and America ... on @t or @t. Biases, ignorance, (religion) foundationalism makes for the virus so easy to launch with a great force.... Hope we will believe in science and sciencist bit more since now.

  • Rull Bass
    Rull Bass

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  • Ferman Myeah
    Ferman Myeah

    Yay China! Isn't China the best

  • Wolf Men
    Wolf Men

    He will kill those in America all hhhhh good corona usa off korona


    How about some of these Young People volunteer to help at the New York City Hospitals since they feel they are so immune to this virus ? i mean what's the worst that could happened to these young people if it's just than a mild flu ? Come on Young People joined the fight to saved all the doctors and nurses who risked their lives everyday . Since your young and your body's immune system can fight the infection then why not volunteer to help ? You guys are the future and the first line of defense.

  • shokey jaan Sanam
    shokey jaan Sanam

    China is not a responsible Covid 19 .every problem creat in the the world only trump..trump is a big criminal. In the world.. American and isyreil. Get ready. The war of God only for.American. now u feel what is pain.ok

  • Mukesh Singh
    Mukesh Singh

    China try to destroy USA. It's a pre planed. China buy USA company shares in very low rate. Try to understand USA. He wants to destroy your whole economy. Today's whole world is in locked down but China is free why?. Total distance of wohan to USA is 11000km. And USA have covid19 but beezing and Shanghai is very near but still there is no Corona here why? China very soon controls Corona but why other country is not able to stop ? It's a nothing but a tradewar. Today almost all major cities of China is open and producing sentizer, facemask and other medical equipment and selling to the whole world. It's very strange. So friends Corona is not a neutral virous it's a human made. China know he can't fight against USA by weapon so he chooses virous to destroy. And last thing I want to say China already have vaccine .

  • Sabz Khan
    Sabz Khan

    Guys I’m so scarred I’m soo scared you don’t understand like 2 weeks ago I was having difficult nreathing and then during them 2 weeks I felt pretty normal and now once again I don’t know what to do I have no fever but chills but I don’t know if it’s a panick attack I’m 18 by the way and no cough at all and had a sore throat that was only for one day and it went away Please some advice me am I okay like I’m not going to die am I I don’t want to tho pleaseeee I don’t want to panick

  • DaniBot 3000
    DaniBot 3000

    Curb your dance party.

  • Warren Ugbinar
    Warren Ugbinar

    "If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I'm not gonna let it stop me from partying" - a moron during spring break

  • The Game Archiver
    The Game Archiver

    I'm flattered I'm considered 'young' at age 21. In NZ an infected 21 year-old was classified as an 'adult male'.

  • cuteblackberry1

    From London. UK. You are not immortal. Going to a festival is asking for trouble. Stay at home. Make your own festival. Post it on social media. Coronavirus can kill you.

  • Powerpuff Muse
    Powerpuff Muse

    Some senior citizen may be infected by younger generation,they are carrier.

  • Just Looking
    Just Looking

    "Boomer remover" wat?

  • Christina Moon
    Christina Moon

    We really need to wear masks.

  • C T
    C T

    If I get corona, I get corona. I have been waiting for summer break for long time.😂😂😂

  • BeeZee

    Lol the jackass who lick the toilet 🚽 n now has Coronavirus.

  • lyhue wynegar
    lyhue wynegar

    His fault he went clubbing with news about the Virus everywhere...

  • leonard

    Now its not fair to die like this lol

  • Dude Guyman
    Dude Guyman

    Well, one less rainbow waver to brainwash our kids and subvert our society. Good riddance!!!!


    Yep this virus is doing it's job of house cleaning by clearing the Earth's Pollution. It's also getting rid of the old , weak and sick who are a burden to the health care system and society. And also don't forget it's also getting rid of the stupid ignorant young people who refused to listen. Yep Mother Nature is doing her job of getting rid of all the undesirables and stupid people in society.

    • STARR Z
      STARR Z

      @Dude Guyman It does make you wonder why this virus is hitting hard states like California and New York who has the most diverse minority population ?

    • Dude Guyman
      Dude Guyman

      Yep. Most of the victims I've seen are: Old Weak Poor Black Already sick Hò mosexual Dumb young people This is like a fun little eùgeni cs project.

  • Crush - Test
    Crush - Test

    Stay home with fun

  • Alexandru Kontiu
    Alexandru Kontiu


  • duman5596


  • Lalkaji Bishwakarma
    Lalkaji Bishwakarma

    To control the fever and headache used amoxicillin 500mg and paracetamol 3 times a day continue atleast 5 days. Other wise the patient will die by fever and headache rather than coronsvirus. Please wake up do it save more life. With out ammoxicillin together with paracetamol the fever and headache diffcult to cure. Remember only cetamol cannot do nothing.

  • nikorn chinakul
    nikorn chinakul

    The way these Media that produce this story to tell us. It seems as if they are making some kind of a movie production out of this Fake virus story. With Scrips, the lighting, the director and actors, the Charts, and all the cameras lens and Technics and their satellite photos..... Very very Convincing!...Just like the story about Saddam Hussian and his W.M.D!...Oh!.So REAL... Greetings from the Pope at the Vatican.!

  • Postmortem Studio
    Postmortem Studio

    Why does it sound like BS at the end with the chick Kaylee Hartung probably didn't even have the virus and just the common cold. Fake ASS NEWS ABC! 🖕

  • Ghost To Post
    Ghost To Post

    just kill all the sick people guys


    You're not invincible. Wash your hands and stay at home as much as you can.

  • Bean

    Americans: Eeyy, lets go to the beach man, it'll be wild yo. Coronavirus: Ok bro, meet you there.

  • Frank Frank
    Frank Frank read last chapter in bible king james version seals are being opened by god allowing Satan to move because of our disobedience to god revelation 6 -2 wow crown corona

  • Craig

    He went to a beach party which I assume had alcohol to drink. If young people are dying from the virus, it’s probably because of their weakened immune system due to excessive alcohol consumption.

  • sohan patel
    sohan patel

    This isn't the worst way to die Folks

  • Daisy Figueroa
    Daisy Figueroa HOPE

  • Ann Barcelona
    Ann Barcelona

    He had high blood pressure-- not exactly ''healthy''..

    • ct92404

      Do you have any idea how many people have high blood pressure? It's MUCH more common than you think.

  • AkiraTheGodEater

    A lot of the young people are very stupid, Rest In Peace to those that lost their lives.

  • Rubberr Toe
    Rubberr Toe

    Beach parties??? I feel guilty just going to pick up some groceries! reminds me of an Australian movie I watched on Netflix called These Final Hours. The worlds going burn in a couple of hours and everyone’s partying like it’s 1984. Good movie also very sad😞

  • Kriya Yoga Germany
    Kriya Yoga Germany

    interesting video on Prema Sai, I liked it -

  • The HR
    The HR

    Youngins are at a greater risk -*Goes to party and has underlying conditions*

  • Beth Daniel
    Beth Daniel

    They should have closed the beach!!!

  • Ronald Failano
    Ronald Failano

    Are they in the beach before? Well they got what they wanted

  • Antwuan Bacon
    Antwuan Bacon

    Well damn I guess no one's safe

  • Ynxxoi 00
    Ynxxoi 00

    coronavirus challenge xddd

  • acirema 100
    acirema 100

    Seems like it disproportionately affecting gay men

    • Dude Guyman
      Dude Guyman


  • Neil the ass titan
    Neil the ass titan

    He knew what he was getting into...

  • 구독하면 sky감.
    구독하면 sky감.

    stay strong America💜

  • BadRock Family
    BadRock Family

    Young healthy guy dies due to Carona, oh but he has high blood pressure.... why do they down play like this Most important part. Trying to scare everyone I swear so Dumb the agenda their pushing

    • BadRock Family
      BadRock Family

      ct92404 I’m saying he died from the virus because of his high blood pressure. The media is saying “young male dies from caronavirus” and then way at the bottom in small print it says he had high blood pressure as well, their trying to scare people and make us all panic. They could have been forth coming right from the beginning in the title rather then being mis leading. That’s what I’m trying to say. High blood pressure is very very common and their starting to think that the people have been dying that’s the common factor in a lot of them and what’s causing them to die due to the virus

    • ct92404

      @BadRock Family No, you're trying to claim that the only reason he died from the virus is because he had high blood pressure, as if it's some kind of horrible "preexisting condition." And I'm telling you that it's VERY common and would not have otherwise affected his life expectancy. The virus is the variable.

    • BadRock Family
      BadRock Family

      That was my point

    • ct92404

      Do you have any idea how many people have high blood pressure? It's MUCH more common than you think.

  • Natasha T
    Natasha T

    Kaylee can do modeling if all else fails ! So pretty ! 💌💌

  • Mr Brown
    Mr Brown

    Being gay and being unawared and careless. Now answerable to God !