Confronting My Strange Addiction
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Today I discuss my biggest obsession which has controlled my life for the last 3 years…. BLING.
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  • ShaneGlossin

    Hope u guys like part 1 of this weird 2 part series! :)))

    • *•Bellamanates_ 2007•*
      *•Bellamanates_ 2007•*

      ShaneGlossin Yes uwu

    • Kenzee Taylor
      Kenzee Taylor

      Please make more conspiracy Theory’s

    • my life sucks
      my life sucks

      This Is on my birthday...😂😂😂😂


      FUGDE PACKERS 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Pretty& Paranormal Cassie Kay Bates
      Pretty& Paranormal Cassie Kay Bates

      ShaneGlossin can’t wait for part two!!!!

  • Sarah Louise
    Sarah Louise

    hey Shane, i know you will probably never see this comment but if you ever do i have a product you might like, now i don't sell them but i suggest if your really into bling then you should look up "Diamond Paintings" on google and these amazing pictures of all different types of this that you might love and if you dig a little you can find a company that will custom photos like of you and Ryland. sorry i forgot to mention that you get to place all the bling diamonds and when you finish it they will look amazing. :) i hope you see this suggestion

  • Ben Herring
    Ben Herring


  • Ben Herring
    Ben Herring

    Omg i was thinking of that time when you and garett got into a fight about snacks and morgan said " I'm a snack... Jk im not a snack im the whole damn meal

  • Chef Sporty
    Chef Sporty

    Shane pleeeasee do a conspiracy video on the coronavirus, with the possible martial law and fema camps!

  • localhotweeb

    the mask for the corona virus... they predicted the future

  • Sophia Padilla
    Sophia Padilla

    You are so funny, i love you. This video made me laugh harder than i have in a while. I want to thank you for that

  • Ella Bie
    Ella Bie

    Ok let’s just be honest , Shane’s group is literally the new vlog squad

  • Jessica Gleason
    Jessica Gleason

    could you imagine if tiffany was president?!?! like i would be living the dream but also have a massive headache.

  • Ali Mo
    Ali Mo

    You could put bling thingies inside the flowers

  • Ella Nesfeder
    Ella Nesfeder

    this video is every where and i love it😂and i love the chaotic energy

  • Emily Kam
    Emily Kam

    for some reason when the bling lady left I waved

  • jenny

    Honey you really should not drink diet soda. They are horrible for you! The artificial sweeteners in them are way worse for you than the sugar in normal pop. People please do your research on why diet soda is so unhealthy & leads to depression among so many other health problems.

  • XxStars xX
    XxStars xX

    This is less confronting more adding to it

  • XxStars xX
    XxStars xX

    Shane doesnt sweat he shines like a star

  • Nortatrand

    Shane, I know you are going through a rough time and also you are getting hate and getting haters but ‘we’ are here for you. I feel like I can relate to you. From the day I saw your channel, I couldn’t stop laughing, when the day my dog died (rest in piece) I watched your old eating video and I was happy. I want you to know the true fans care, the true fans care about your emotions and feel how you feel. When I saw your channel for the first time. I knew this is what I needed. I know you joke about a lot of your childhood but I feel you really care about that young boy. And that you wanna tell him don’t stop. I just want you to know I love you and care for you. I don’t care what others think. I hope they learn that they where wrong but I know you forgive them. Shane, I want you to never stop posting and I want you to always remember that you have an amazing family and boyfriend and you guys can change the world. I love you Shane. I care for you Shane. Don’t stop the things you think should be. ❤️☺️

  • Summer Ingram
    Summer Ingram

    shane’s reaction to the bling queen saying she would cover the pig bag in bling fucking SENT ME dawg

  • niva almstedt
    niva almstedt

    shane, youre not sweating, youre glossin

  • Real Willamzz
    Real Willamzz


  • Alexander Stealyomans
    Alexander Stealyomans

    That Temperature conversation is me and my mom on a daily basis- I'm the always hot one

  • keith boy
    keith boy

    What turns shane Dawson’s on part one * mouth clicks * bLiNg aAAhAaaHH

  • XxxAsh_gachaxxX

    And I quote-“coffee’s gone” -Ryland

  • Jennifer Wyrick
    Jennifer Wyrick

    I. Love. You. and Ryland and Andrew!!! Fuck the haters. You're fucking beautiful baby!!!

  • Jaja

    So that’s where the conspiracy collection money went.

  • Davina Mealoha
    Davina Mealoha

    You guy's just make me smile! Thank you for that... it was much needed! 🙌🏼💞🙌🏼💞🥰🥰🥰

  • Sarah Hoff
    Sarah Hoff

    5:38 the workers at Wal-Mart when to you're asking them to show you where the wet wipes are

  • Kenzee Bellamy
    Kenzee Bellamy

    omg Tiffany is my moms name and my uncles wifes name

  • Kaylan McClure
    Kaylan McClure

    Anybody else see Ryland at 25:49?

  • Cleo Boyce
    Cleo Boyce

    love this channel, laughing my ass off.

  • Casey Adams
    Casey Adams

    im sorry but like 3:13 made me crack up laughingggg

  • Tammy Bonner
    Tammy Bonner

    Run the bling cops are coming for you, Shane.

  • Clara Cham ML
    Clara Cham ML

    I once commented on a video and got 7k likes

  • Ponyo K
    Ponyo K

    Ryan is so cuteeee

  • mina hermez
    mina hermez

    bling the fridge

  • Leona Raider
    Leona Raider

    hayy umm i was looking for your new videos to say this but plz listen 2 space tree from medium Troy it's a good song. You should listen to it. Maybe you may not like it but we all have different tastes in music, but I think it's a pretty good song. It's in debt. And it's very very Is talking about the surrounding world


    I miss the old shane

  • Jasmine Chase
    Jasmine Chase

    Ryland why are you putting your phone infront of the camera trying to film the conspiracy pallet? i just feel like your really trying to steal the spotlight from shane and insert yourself in not a healthy way.. i can tell you that its putting tension on your relationship... i enjoy ryland in videos and he should be included but the way everyone else is.. not trying hard to be.. this is shanes channel

  • grace Gold
    grace Gold


  • ava Land
    ava Land

    I miss him making conspiracy vids like all the time

  • fran gamboa
    fran gamboa

    It would be cool for Shane to make a video about Oli London

  • Graciieox

    *_I want that makeup room_*

  • Sam Grace
    Sam Grace

    Blinker 😂

  • Sam Grace
    Sam Grace

    We don't care if you get fat. We love you. If you're hot, take your jacket off.

  • Alana Ellis
    Alana Ellis

    My new favorite videos, this and part two. You’re so much fun to watch!! Plz post more here thnk you

  • el stupid
    el stupid

    "Its a word WE use.." *makeups in communism*

  • Roci S
    Roci S

    If Shane and Ryland ever have a baby, they better have a blinged up pacifier

  • Austin McBroom
    Austin McBroom

    I like how shane try’s to pretend he’s not rich

  • Alex Keyz
    Alex Keyz

    Title: Confronting My Strange Addiction *Starts As Ryland Eating A Literal Taco* *Rest Of the Video* Shane:*Sweats*

  • Bangtan Boizus
    Bangtan Boizus

    *”EAT UR FUCKINGG TACOO!”* *I’m weeeeing😂😂*

  • For All The Newbs
    For All The Newbs

    This video is sponsored by...SHANE GLOSSIN AND THE CONSPIRACY PALLET

  • Bryn Diesel
    Bryn Diesel

    Since Shane, Ryland, and Jeffree aren’t saying shit about what they’re bff is doing ... please go sign to stop this hate monger attacking such a fragile community. sign the petition to remove Trasha from TR-my #ThoughtWeWereAllAboutPositiveMentalHealthAdvocacy ?!?! 👎

  • Mara Carson
    Mara Carson

    I for some reason havent watched shane in a while and im like, wth happened, this account??!!

  • MiniEvil

    ShaneGlossin is the Simply Nailogical of the beauty world

  • Mama Schatzy
    Mama Schatzy

    Oh sweetie.... don't ever feel bad about xxl... I'm 5'1" 130lbs and have to regularly order XL and xxl when shopping. It's a brand thing 😒

  • MiniEvil

    New channel, same sweat

  • TravisBrown

    Shane if you ever want to declutter you can send some of you makeup 😉

  • macie ritter
    macie ritter

    The beginning of this video gave me so much anxiety

  • Johnny Hendley
    Johnny Hendley

    Did anyone else think his addiction was ranch

  • Angelle Itzareli
    Angelle Itzareli

    i missed andrew's laugh lol . 😍

  • Macy Holtz
    Macy Holtz

    he should badazzil a napkin to wipe his sweat with

  • Tinker Pup
    Tinker Pup

    Imagine a TR-my play button being blinged 💖

  • Rylie Salter
    Rylie Salter

    you you

  • Rylie Salter
    Rylie Salter

    love you shane you are perfect. we all love you. you are the inspiration to my day.:)

  • Emi Lou
    Emi Lou

    Omg I missed this content. So glad that Shane is back properly ❤❤ Xx

  • Icis Hedlund
    Icis Hedlund

    I wanna see bling merch now

  • Icis Hedlund
    Icis Hedlund

    Oh god this is going to end in every thing being blinged up

  • Icis Hedlund
    Icis Hedlund

    Omg XD Shane glossin..? I luv datttt

  • Rosie Allen
    Rosie Allen

    You are the best and you make my day😀😁

  • Professor OOF
    Professor OOF

    Omg now I’m obsessed with bling!!!!

  • el mar
    el mar

    Dear Shane, with the platform u have in a time like this can you please help me and the world by making a video about starting a planting a tree viral movement. We need to help this earth all we can. I pray u see this.