Lexi Hensler
Enjoy me copying my best friend all day!


  • Pink_Piez

    And I thought I was weird....

  • Myraa Khandelwal
    Myraa Khandelwal

    Is none going to talk about the dog sniffing and licking probably everything.

  • Dayziy Walters
    Dayziy Walters

    Honestly haha 😅 ur twins

  • Dayziy Walters
    Dayziy Walters

    Haha she literally twining

  • Layla Morton
    Layla Morton

    I love you Lexi

  • Ishi Singh
    Ishi Singh

    Brent was so confused lol🤣🤣 U guys r amazing ❤️

  • S T
    S T

    8:37 oml XD brent is like "oh uh um uhhhhh"

  • Sadie Madden
    Sadie Madden

    Both are cute

  • ryan Lyddiatt
    ryan Lyddiatt


  • ryan Lyddiatt
    ryan Lyddiatt

    Your hot

  • Esmae Chinery
    Esmae Chinery


  • Georgia Kermode
    Georgia Kermode

    “thank you pierson for letting me annoy you for the entire day” i actually think this was harder on lexi than pierson but ok😂

  • Ashlin Ramkissoon
    Ashlin Ramkissoon

    Pierson got Lexi wet

  • Estelle Tangan
    Estelle Tangan


  • Mary Degree
    Mary Degree

    Hi 👋

  • Heipor Pariat
    Heipor Pariat

    I love your TR-my channel

  • NURAN Limani
    NURAN Limani

    Now they're twins

  • Reshma Ramesar
    Reshma Ramesar

    I love this video and Pierson is a really nice person

  • Hafsah Younis
    Hafsah Younis

    Who else loves the friendship between Lexi and Pierson

  • Ali Magabane
    Ali Magabane

    Did anyone see Lexi Hensler s face at 8:07

  • Brett Ballantine
    Brett Ballantine


  • Pancake mondays
    Pancake mondays

    *me still shipping brent and pierson for almost a year* 👁👄👁

  • Abby Preuss
    Abby Preuss

    your pretty

  • jaylee torgerson
    jaylee torgerson


  • Guy Metro
    Guy Metro


  • Sean Staley
    Sean Staley


  • Derek Kidd
    Derek Kidd

    Hi♡ I Love your vids

  • Mahya Taghavi
    Mahya Taghavi


  • Ella Withey
    Ella Withey

    This made me laugh so much

  • Liyong Zh
    Liyong Zh

    HAHAHAHAHAHa when they were cuddling brenttttt I was like HahaahAHaha

  • Joanan Diaz
    Joanan Diaz

    So if she uses the bathroom that means you have to use the bathroom to 😢😡😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Jasmine Perez
    Jasmine Perez

    I Really Love It When Lexi Hensler And Pierson Film Videos Together. ❤❤❤

  • shreya 12
    shreya 12

    Dude look at lexis face and below her neck like why so much make up?

  • Hailey Keys
    Hailey Keys

    At the end what was Persion wearing on her head😅🤨

  • taylor leigh
    taylor leigh

    brent is just so confused

  • G Sisters
    G Sisters

    Reason I love lexi She is kind hearted , she makes everyone laugh , she is very loveable

  • Ujang Kabayan
    Ujang Kabayan

    The real title of the vid is: "Pierson torturing Lexi for 24 hours"

  • Beheshta Khalid
    Beheshta Khalid

    I feel so weird

  • AngelaxLim

    4:42 LMAO

  • Matthew Freeman
    Matthew Freeman

    I guess it’s karma

  • Sakura Gurung
    Sakura Gurung

    Lexi and Andrew r looking like same they should love each other

  • Charlotte Smith
    Charlotte Smith


  • G G
    G G

    5:38 Lexi girl it’s okay

  • Raquel Kealoha
    Raquel Kealoha

    Okay so what's the prank are you pranking her or know 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😶😶😶😶😶😶

  • Leah Hibbert
    Leah Hibbert

    Hey guys we are AWSOME so yeah

  • Aaron Hubert
    Aaron Hubert

    she kised brent lol

  • Caitlin Williams
    Caitlin Williams

    Hi lexi


    Look at the camera😂😂😂

  • Stephanie Sinclair
    Stephanie Sinclair

    Omg lol

  • Nacho_ Playz
    Nacho_ Playz

    If ı were you Lexi, I would do this chalenge with Lexi Rivera xd

  • safiyyah Neale
    safiyyah Neale

    I would never cut my hair

  • Hui Jiang
    Hui Jiang

    If peirson nows that lexis h is filming it would look suspicious 👀 🤔

  • Neat Purvis
    Neat Purvis

    Did you even get your food

  • Blake Ware
    Blake Ware

    I love brierson❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Besim Abdii
    Besim Abdii

    I wish I had a best friend

  • Stay Gold
    Stay Gold

    I also have to be an

  • Kenzie Reed
    Kenzie Reed

    Pierson:*kiss Brent* Lexi:* Throws up in mouth*

  • Jet Quinto
    Jet Quinto

    Did you notice that Lexi Dom and Ben live in the same place

  • patience wambui
    patience wambui


  • MeliRey YT
    MeliRey YT

    Imagine if her best friend died making this video 👁👄👁

  • Diyaa Srihari
    Diyaa Srihari

    Lex can you accept me in Snapchat

  • Shehrbano Waqar
    Shehrbano Waqar

    It's as if everyone has the same apartment

  • tina huda
    tina huda

    Brent was like whaaaat?

  • Catarina Night
    Catarina Night

    Pearson seems soooooo nice!!!!!! I wish she was my friend💕

  • Sarah Mueller-Diesing
    Sarah Mueller-Diesing

    I like when you say: Like when you want to!‘ And I wanna!!!😂

  • 2luvjuicy

    look at 9:39 look at the stairs it looks like someone was running up the stairs but its nobody there

  • Angel Jimenez
    Angel Jimenez

    You actualy cut your hair

  • Squad.slayer God
    Squad.slayer God


  • Angel Otero
    Angel Otero

    Mi hermano es el jefe de un chipotle 😅

  • Pupil 18nichollst
    Pupil 18nichollst

    That was so funny that u were doing the same thing and one of u cut your hair and the other one didn't