Coronavirus: Spain reports more than 800 new deaths - BBC News
BBC News
Spain has reported 812 new deaths related to coronavirus in the past 24 hours.
Authorities say 6,398 more people have been infected.
The growth in coronavirus cases in hard-hit Spain appears to be slowing, the country's foreign minister has told the BBC.
Another 6,400 cases were confirmed on Monday, the lowest increase in new cases for a week. The total of deaths reached 7,340 after 812 new fatalities.
It comes as a national lockdown expanded to instruct non-essential workers to stay home for two weeks.
Meanwhile, the doctor leading the country's response has tested positive.
Spain's latest national figures show that the virus' upwards curve appears to be flattening out, Foreign Minister Arancha González says.
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  • RJ K
    RJ K

    There is not need and it’s not necessary to compare total infections and deaths to numbers from China. Everyone knows that the Chinese Communist Party has been lying from the begging of this outbreak, hiding facts and certainly not counting their cases. For example, CCP regime limited number of kits that hospitals were allowed to use on a daily basis and patients died before being tested. Also, the total number of urns in Wuhan that are now being given to the families are much greater that’s the number of deaths reported (6,000 urns from only one funeral home and there are 8 funeral homes).

  • Genti

    Im glad tha Spain is suffering this disease, and has so much death, because they are keeping supporting Serbian genocide on Kosovo, and they don’t recognise Kosovo as a state, and do not let Kosovo Albanians go to Spain, but who gives a shit anyway, just see Spain what is to die everyday and call you terrorist, like you say to KLA, we need to say the sane to you’re doctors, because they are saving life like KLA did, and I totally support catalonia.

  • PSX Poland
    PSX Poland

    Japan is going to be next in ranking of dead ... Families will thank their government

  • zem XD
    zem XD

    This is fault of Chinese communist party and china government

    • fenderbender12

      And Ghebreyesus. Head of WHO turns out not to be a Medical Doctor.

  • S Carta
    S Carta

    Has been weeks that I see english people sending prayers to us in Italy and also to Spain. Meanwhile they thought it was a flue, they went to live concerts, used public transport like nothing was going on and moaning under every single video about work/salary. GIVE US A BRAKE WE DONT NEED PRAYERS : we need you at home and not infected before coming for holidays ok?

  • Globe Dance
    Globe Dance

    Please protest yourself , stay home And enjoy with this video. Click here. Keep watvhing.....


    We need reparations from Chinese..

  • Dr Electric
    Dr Electric

    no surprise the numbers are so high , when the test only looks for markers of all previous coronaviruses from 1960.... we all have that !!!

  • hop raynor
    hop raynor

    中国人:hahahhahah,评论太好笑了,卧槽。(Chinese :hahahhhah,foreigners are fxxcking funny)

  • M adnan Rajpute bhatti
    M adnan Rajpute bhatti

    Why has the world been plagued by the Covid virus? Jammu Kashmir's innocent people have been locked up in houses by the Indian government for 7 months and 13 days. Their businesses have been shut down by the Indian government. They have nothing left to eat They are not allowed to leave their homes. The number of people who go out of their homes instead of starving is 4,000 The UN or human rights organizations have criminalized silence The whole world is silent on it. O people of the world do you not see the oppressed people of Kashmir? Do you still not understand why the virus has infected you? O the world is oppressing the innocent people of Kashmir. The world is silent.The world you keep silent on the cruelty of innocent people in Kashmir. Look, you are in trouble today Nature has put you in the trouble. If you want to avoid this torment, release the people of Kashmir from the oppression of India.Make a noise on social media and on all levels, Remind the United Nations of its responsibility. Free the people of Kashmir from India's terrorism. Spread the message so that it reaches everyone in Europe. And reach our rulers

  • chwaca

    #Masks4all #Mascarasparatodos Wear a face mask = save lives

  • Muhammad Nouman
    Muhammad Nouman

    Cure of Corona virus; Do not fear just start treatment with belief. 1 Use and drop Olive oil in both holes of nose (two drops and repeat 3 times in a day. will get relief in some minutes. 2. take black seeds with meal 3 times in a day (Qty: Qtr tea spoon). 3. These also useful to take whole day; Hot Green tea, Hot black tea with cinnamon, Ginger, Lemon. and then Ajwa date (the king of dates with powerful immunity booster) . 4. Give donations to poor.

  • jaiveer tomar
    jaiveer tomar

    this is the breaking news about coronavirus

  • Tammy Viking
    Tammy Viking

    China was more like 28,000 plus

  • Ross Geller
    Ross Geller

    dios te bendiga españa🙏🏻🇪🇸Turquía el te ama🇹🇷

  • Anthony Dowdy
    Anthony Dowdy

    A cure for the coro virus

  • mspyewacketful

    I thought the spanish were a nation that saw suffering as an entertainment?crushing donkeys to death,flinging goats off church roofs,setting fire to bulls,-Its different when its them? oh i see.

  • spare account
    spare account

    If the royal family gets I'll we spend so much money to save them if out nation begins to die , fail or anything bad happens as has been for years do you think they'd care? They own the country why don't they share even SOME of their money so NHS workers can have sufficient equipment? Coz it's easier for them to let you die than to spend a little money they could easily get back

  • Madeswaran Arumugam
    Madeswaran Arumugam

    There is a Siddha Medicine doctor from Tamil Nadu, India who claims can cure Corona Virus, appealed to India PM without any feedback. This guy even claims to let him treat the patients even without PPE. You can use your resources to check. He has published numerous videos in TR-my in Tamil Language. I am sure Gates Foundation will have some Tamil people and try.

  • jier qiu
    jier qiu

    tooltalk As a citizen in shanghai, What I saw is that we locked down the country when the daily increasing number is about hundreds while many western countries still have parties and protest when the number is thousands. In China, everyone has their own QR code that represents their health situation. We can build billions of face mask and 10000 ventilators every week so that we never worry about the resource. Wuhan is the most serious city so we sent 40000 doctors and nurses into this city from all around China.

  • Marshall Buck
    Marshall Buck

  • Reptiloid

  • Tareco Ferreira
    Tareco Ferreira

    China has more then 3000000 million cases!!!

    • dakini365

      Me thinks you've got a little carried away with your zeroes.


    Bible asked to drink URINE in proverb 5.15 Drink waters of thine cistern. I am from India. Due to fear of carona I drink morning urine and applied in my body. Our India's 4 th Prime minister Morarji Desai drink urine and lived for 100 years.

  • Ecohumanworld

    This virus is the last warning of nature to us that such a world as we have built is damaging to us in the first place, and that we should build a new world acceptable to us and nature. EcoHuman world. Read the online book "ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE" on the Ecohumanworld website.

  • Eelko Wijdieks
    Eelko Wijdieks

    they should say china has killed another 800 people it is all their fault and it is the 3rd time not the first sars and mers they also set free on purpose. the world should hold china responsible and if you ask me the best solution is to nuke china because the will spread another virus it is not a question if they will do it but when.

  • Stephen ZHAO
    Stephen ZHAO

    How stupid the leaders are to allow and organize large size protest at the dawn of the outburst?? And the people to join it? I am speechless!!


    Stay with your family frd...Dont leave your parents stay alone...your parents needs u...plzzz dont leave them !!!

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    Write for those who don't believe the data reported by China In China,we blocked the entire country for more than 50 days, a stricter blockade than the toughest blockade you have now. This blockade was implemented quickly in the early days of the virus outbreak. If everyone knew the danger of the virus and stayed home, The virus will certainly not spread. In China, once you are infected, all your family members and people who have had contact with you will be found out and forced to be quarantined separately for 14 days, no matter how many people are involved(Any infected person will be taken to the hospital or battlefield hospital instead of staying at home, otherwise your family will also be infected, and being infected does not mean that you don’t need food, you or your family will still go shopping Then spread the virus). Sometimes one infected person can cause thousands of people to be quarantined at home. No one is allowed to go out casually, nor to leave their own neighborhood or village. In the center of the virus, Wuhan, to ensure that no one is out, free food provided by the government will be delivered to the door of every household. There are 34 provinces in China. At the most difficult time, China has the ability to mobilize a large number of doctors from various provinces across the country to Wuhan, which ensures that deaths are minimized.In other countries, the majority of deaths are due to lack of doctors and medical supplies. This is a brand-new virus that has never been seen before. China was attacked without any knowledge of the virus. In the initial period, China failed to figure out exactly what happened, but as soon as to find out what happened, China immediately took very severe measures without any hesitation, even it knew that this was a fatal blow to the economy. When you say that China is hiding numbers, please ask,does your country have the same strict measures as China does? What reason does China have to hide? Isn't 80,000 infections shocking enough? If China wants to hide, why not just report 10,000? Of course, in the first 10 days, the situation in Wuhan, China was in turmoil. Many people must have died without being diagnosed. These people were not counted in, but even in the most difficult time, China did not provide testing facilities. Whatever the threshold, the hospital tries to test everyone who is suspected of infection. After a brief period of chaos, China quickly increased its detection capabilities. Cases that cannot be detected because of insufficient testing capabilities or too high detection thresholds are happening all over the world. In Europe and the United States, this situation is much more common than in China. In Italy, officials say that infections have caused The number of deaths may be two to three times the current report. I don't think this is concealed. This is just a helpless and terrible reality caused by too many infected people and insufficient detection capabilities. Some people today want to shirk responsibility to China, but as early as January 9th, China has shared all the information with the WHO. Since the outbreak, China has been sharing everything about the virus with the world. For more than two months, media around the world have been reporting extensively on the pain China has experienced with the new coronavirus. WHO reminds the world every day to test, test, test, isolate, isolate, isolate,However, your government has done nothing, and you should be ashamed of having such an irresponsible government. Now you say that China has concealed the numbers, but China is gradually returning to normal, including the virus center, Wuhan has also lifted the blockade, and all doctors who have gone to Wuhan to support from all provinces in China have been evacuated from Wuhan. How to explain it If the situation in China is serious, are we Chinese crazy now? I am not a supporter of the Communist Party, but look at the entire East Asia, China (including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, China), South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, all of which have successfully controlled the outbreak This is determined by history and cultural traditions. The government here is more responsible to the people, the government's decision-making is more scientific, and the people are more disciplined. This is the key. (By the way, everyone knows that China is an autocratic country and Xi Jinping is a dictator. But in China, for thousands of years, people have toppled dozens of dynasties (however, in the history of the West, a family can notify a country for thousands of years, whether it is done well or not). In Chinese culture, if the government cannot protect People, then they are incompetent, and people have the right to overthrow (is it the same as the current democratic system)? The Communist Party was able to rule China for 70 years not because of the so-called ideological control, but because it did realize economic development and social progress while maintaining centralized rule. The reason why the Communist Party of China is more willing to be responsible to the people than the West It is because they are afraid of being abandoned and overthrown by the people. In the West, if the government is not trusted, they will at most step down. Political parties can continue to participate in politics. In China, it means the disaster of the Communist Party and the CCP will not have a second chance. This is not optimal, but at least it maintains some balance in China. If you want to know what the future of China looks like after the fall of the Communist Party, you can refer to Singapore's political system.) Stop complaining and see how East Asia does it, and ask your government to take the same rigorous, responsible and scientific measures. That's the point.

  • Shan

    Corona jihad has started by Muslim radical groups

  • Adam Zavala
    Adam Zavala

    🧐🤭😱😯😷🤧stay safe everyone

  • बाजीराव बाल गोविंद पांडेय
    बाजीराव बाल गोविंद पांडेय

    Thank you very much China giving Wuhan coronavirous. 😡

  • James Tan
    James Tan

    Spain a friend of China suffers more than China though caused by China, says nothing.

  • James Tan
    James Tan

    The rich who benefited so much from your country should do more for your own country than living to yourselves.

  • Mikes Karaoke
    Mikes Karaoke

    They just opened the New Nightingale Hospital in London. The NHS do a great job 🚑🏆

  • Tim Thomas
    Tim Thomas

    I wonder if all these people who have gotten this horrible disease have thought about what happens after we die?

  • Max Larsen
    Max Larsen

    remember what everyone says around the world: stay at home and save lifes.....! Keep drinking, eating chemical food and smoking though, nevermind billions dead every year and kids born with the modified dna into a satanic technology age full of surprises that are legal waiting for you online and on tv!😂👁🤲🏻 You humans are a funny herd of souls, cant wait to see the complete experiment when u will be playing your so much loved zombie games in real life and one of the zombies will/could be your relative or even you, its close. enjoy and remember to stay at home and save lifes! NWO needs you! 👍🏻😂🐑please prepare the throne of the beast, its very close....i can feel the presence somehow, the spirits are flying around the world and the streets(corona)u better polish it with blood of the 1000000 virgins and the corrupted souls, otherwise the offering might not be good enough to summon! 33..🤫☝🏻

  • İbrahim Sevinç
    İbrahim Sevinç

    China is the cancer of the world.

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B

    China is the place of satan

  • Hide_48

    Madremia en España estamos un poco jodidos xDDD ayyy en q pais me a tocado vivir... Menos mal q tenemos buena comida y eso salva un poco

  • Alex Khalil
    Alex Khalil

    I’m gonna say what I gotta say. We have the worst government on planet earth why don’t the us government take action for once and close all streets and force people to stay home? If they do that then we could all go back to school, work, see our friends, etc. in 2-3 weeks max. The government is making this so much worse than what it should be if they shut down all flights a day before they did then we would be down to half the cases of COVID-19 in our country. Dr. Fauchi is one example of the many doctors/nurses not getting sleep because of this stupid virus some people are doing all they can to stay home and I’m glad but other stupid people think that it’s ok to have parties, go to the beach, go to their friends house, etc. that is why our government needs to send the military out to every city and forcefully make people stay in there homes for the good of our country. Anyway everyone seeing this stay home, stay safe, and god bless you all.

  • Anna Nguyen
    Anna Nguyen

    So many broadcast stations around the World using China fake number comparing to the real numbers, like "US overtakes China with most cases - from BBC Mar.27,2020", "Spain overtakes China in COVID-19 cases- Mar.30,2020 - Euronews"..on & on. It sounds like the Chinese Communist Party's doing such a good job to prevent the spread and working so hard to keep the death tolls low. Isn't it obvious that The CCP is trying to hide the truth to the world, it'd been a different story if they let W.H.O team have full access to learn about this Virus?

  • Tantamount Zenith
    Tantamount Zenith

    BULLETIN! BULLETIN! BULLETIN! Congratulations to South Korea & Singapore! Your gov'ts jumped in, in the beginning & kept your crisis down to a minimum! YAY! 😀🙌👏👍💪✌️👌

  • Peabody Sherman
    Peabody Sherman

    How many have recovered after using the ventilators

  • Harry Keene
    Harry Keene

    Find masks from wear them now

    • raj jangir
      raj jangir

  • Sadiq Khawaja
    Sadiq Khawaja

    Without a bullet fired the economy of the world has collapsed, never forget where true power lies

  • Said Hayek
    Said Hayek

    a todos los españoles, mi corazon esta con vosostros. ojala van a superar todo lo que pasa. Buen seurte. mis rizas. desde Tanger Marruecos

  • Otaku Pro X
    Otaku Pro X

    Mankind the virus. Covid19: the cure

  • O.C. Empire
    O.C. Empire

    They do not want us to work and earn money!!

  • O.C. Empire
    O.C. Empire

    FFS this is fear mongering at its best!!!

  • trinaija

    So...who is paying for all these funerals? Is it still people who may not even be working now to pay for the burial of their loved ones?

  • Marg

    Well we all know why Japan’s infection rates went up in the last week. Now that Olympics is no longer going ahead this year, they have finally ramped up testing. Politics over people.

  • trinaija

    China. Is. Lying. It shouldnt even be used to compare anymore

  • 이의열


  • RRRobelt Nest
    RRRobelt Nest

    Isn’t this called the Wuhan virus

  • Squirrel

    The news presenter can't be English - she's pretty.

  • Desra Cooper
    Desra Cooper

    We all know China is lying about their numbers

  • Brian Hirst
    Brian Hirst

    Accurate information; Here's the reality;

  • Pawan Sharma
    Pawan Sharma

    BBC can you guys cover Chinese Wuhan province ? I guess you are not allowed .

  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark

    Climate Of Fear ! 😱

  • Elizabeth ElizabethM
    Elizabeth ElizabethM

    no birds

  • Dr Wolfgang Chausser
    Dr Wolfgang Chausser

    if you tried to force americans from their private business or take their personal DNA for no crime or by stealth, they would simply shoot you dead.

    • M.A. M.R.
      M.A. M.R.

      Yeah right, everything has shut down, the ones that are still open is either essential or haven't implemented strict new rules.

  • Amalita van Buuren
    Amalita van Buuren

    Its interesting to see news outlets reporting that the US has federal restrictions. What the government has put in place is simply guidelines. No teeth not bite, no consequences. Same with most state policies, guidelines, recommendations...not actual restrictions. In NL if you go out and you are with more than 3 people you are gonna get a big fat fine. Having a party..its going to be busted up by the police and you are going to be fined or arrested. If the US actually had the ability to enforce national restrictions it would not be in the situation it is in.

  • Arpi Hayrapetyan
    Arpi Hayrapetyan


  • Fashion Design
    Fashion Design

    I think there is still hope if there is "Chirota" medicine plant..... In USA, please use this, Just give it a try.... Bitter plants are only option .

  • Usuario y tal
    Usuario y tal

    Spain and Italy were sincere in giving their figures. The rest of Europe and China do not. In these times, the truth is punished.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    Oh... China is lying people say, so that means all the others are speaking truth... idiots.

  • Anne Delisle
    Anne Delisle

    A video i watch but not from youtube from my messenger for cure of covid virus. I have the two drugs names and dosages how long that was on video from French study and but does not have FDA approve treat method yet! These two drugs must be taken together . the video from OB GYN DOCTOR which i received from my friend and i will share with you. From french study they used : Hydroxychloroquine sulfate: 200 mg orally three times daily up to 10 days. But you must also take Azithromycin( z pac) : 500 mg on the first day, than 250 mg orally on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th day. The video in which my friend send me on the messenger I just text it out . Please tell your doctors and spread this info. These two drugs must be taken together to cure covid virus.