Could You Make Tropic Thunder Today? w/Robert Downey Jr. | Joe Rogan
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Taken from JRE #1411 w/Robert Downey Jr :

  • MR.Twentysix

    wow his talking is like hes walking on glass. like holy shit that is intense. like wtf has the woke done to this poor man that he is treading everything he says carfully. like sure youtube but . his energy aka body vibs are just like i dont want to be here..

    • MR.Twentysix

      call about sjw nazis holdling people at gun point

  • Dwayne Abrams
    Dwayne Abrams

    You COULD do it lol

  • Avi Baswana
    Avi Baswana

    Lance Wtf did I just hear?LANCE!!

  • doop00

    These days the white people have become the new black and racism have become normalized white man bad. No way Tropic Thunder would work today and that's sad.

  • Johnny Andrews
    Johnny Andrews

    Great movie. That’s all I could say. Wasn’t offensive. I get it and got what they was doing

  • Oddivia

    I find it hilarious that Tropic Thunder was the first time I saw Robert Downey Jr on screen, as I had no idea who he was beforehand. So the twist that he was actually a white guy took me COMPLETELY by surprise and I wasn't sure if he was black or white irl or if it was two dudes who just looked similar or what...!

  • Dee -tails
    Dee -tails

    I love this movie, I own this movie and I love Kirk Lazarus !! I'd pay a ton of money to see Kirk do a Black Panther movie with Ben directing !❤️!

  • Carl Stover
    Carl Stover

    "Bobby, I have a bad feeling about this." The original "I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark."

  • Dylan MIles
    Dylan MIles

    He wasn't really "doing black face." He was playing a character who was doing black face. It seems like a semantic quibble, but the distinction is important. This could easily be done again, but it really only works because he's playing an actor who is doing something that the movie itself acknowledges is wrong and offensive.

  • Cy Brunel
    Cy Brunel

    That movie ma ma ma ma makes me haaaappyyyy. Still amazes me what a comeback RDJ made after being in and out of jail so many times back in the day, and being a heroin addict for years. He looks and sounds better than ever. I hope he gets back into drama acting.

  • Alex Nemo
    Alex Nemo

    Can anyone tell me why painting your face is somehow insulting to black people? I'm trying to figure this one out.

  • -Deciduous Livingston-
    -Deciduous Livingston-

    reminds me of always sunny

  • Dan Turr
    Dan Turr

    He played that part so well

  • 1620 bigdaddy
    1620 bigdaddy

    Eat Your Cereal


    He is true artist! Just brilliant!

  • Wes Mallo
    Wes Mallo

    I think everyone freaks out too much on this crap. What about when the Wayans brothers put on “white face” for the movie White Chicks? Should we boycott them?

  • Simon Lomax
    Simon Lomax

    He played a character, an actor who did blackface. It wasnt Robert Downey jr doing black face. He’s a great actor though and its great that he turned his life around.

  • Doug Shumka
    Doug Shumka

    May be a dumb question.....but why is ok for the Wayans dess as white chicks in the movie white chicks

  • Charles

    That shit was hilarious and depicting the coolest creatures that ever walked the earth.... the 70s blackmen. When we was kool.

  • Querentin

    A better question is: could Robert Downey play Stephen Colbert today?

  • Chong! Jojun! Balsa!
    Chong! Jojun! Balsa!

    Tropic thunder really is a masterpiece. It showed what was going to happen in the future (our present movie making and censorship).

  • Vrl Dc
    Vrl Dc

    "What do you mean, you people?"

  • Denald Tremp
    Denald Tremp

    All these blakks sayin theyre not offended, but what about us white folks? Are you gonna ask us if were offended? If not, im gonna feel like im discriminated! By the way, as a PROUD white, im not offended.

  • funkyflights

    Robert is sharp, intelligent guy...

  • vishkiller23

    Get brock Lesnar on your podcast, I remember brock telling joe rogan that he wanna come on his podcast

  • Leewise

    Jack Black at the end when he's on the floor in full concern for his ass, and all in slow motion, literally almost killed me Original comment deleted by channel, no idea why

  • M

    The key is RDJ wasn't playing a black person.. He was playing an Australian actor..who was so obsessed with his roles he did things like have his pigment changed to get into character. Its actually no where near the same thing as straight up casting a white person to play as a black character and use blackface.

  • Georgia Lilley
    Georgia Lilley

    Tropic Thunder is still one of my favourite movies of all time. Eternally clever, masterfully executed....and as RDJ points out, it wasn’t blackface for the sake of laughing at someone mimicking a black person, it was meant to point out the ridiculousness of it all, the ridiculousness of how far performing artists will go with their method acting. It was MEANT to be inexcusable and offensive - that’s why so many of the other characters in the film point that out many times. That’s the joke.

  • NJ Macion
    NJ Macion

    Do an Asian version RDJ. 😆

  • Archaon The Everchosen
    Archaon The Everchosen

    To everyone hating on his acting in the movie, suck my unit!

  • kauhanen99

    fucking awesome and funny interview 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😁😁😁😁😁, i like Robert Downey Jr at the movie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😄😄😄😄😄

  • daniel lucas
    daniel lucas

    That smelled just like baloney for some reason...

  • TheChaoscard

    Get Putney Swope on Blu-Ray

  • tossitupman

    There's no need to do black face anymore, but Downey was a white guy in the movie wearing black face. And it was confronted in the movie. There's no reason why we should see black face with so many literal black actors

  • Bee.C. Budz
    Bee.C. Budz

    Lighten up!! for FFS

  • W.R. Mims Jr.
    W.R. Mims Jr.

    Who else thought about cocaine when he said "I think I had 6 lines that day"?

  • Kirkley Dean
    Kirkley Dean

    I am going to revisit this move, me being black, NOT OFFENDED AT ALL!!!!

  • Dr O
    Dr O

    Black guy here. One of my favourite films. A comedy masterpiece. Like Leigh Jones else said, we wasn’t doing Blackface, He was a dude, playing a dude, disguised as another dude!

  • Marc Pena
    Marc Pena

    As a black person I found nothin wrong with the blackface

  • Magido89

    Sad that Joe doesn't understand the difference between RDJ's role in tropic thunder and people doing blackface

  • wbfields

    Listen here, Lance'... Lance? What the fuck did I just hear? Lance? Where would the outrage come from? "Everybody knows you never go full retard." Black people would't be offended, by and large. Tropic Thunder is one of my all time faves.


    How quickly we forget about... WHITE CHICKS!


    How quickly we forget about... WHITE CHICKS!

  • antoine weldon
    antoine weldon

    Hollywood can make movies with blackface but they would have to be super smart about how they approach the subject matter without pissing off an entire race in the same process

  • Kenneth DeLozier
    Kenneth DeLozier

    Everyone seems to be talking about this now but Will Ferrell appeared in Austin Powers as a character named Mufasa with his skin darkened AND an accent. How come he gets a free pass?

  • Rumit dhamecha
    Rumit dhamecha

    It's not about black or white, in the end everyone had a loud laugh. When I get bored, I do watch that movie again I hope they make Tropic Thunder 2 with the same team.

  • Monika Sienkiewicz
    Monika Sienkiewicz

    I've never went full Justin Trudeau.

  • X AXIS
    X AXIS



    "I'm just a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude" lmfao

  • ReeseyCup

    Black woman here. RDJ 's character stole this movie. His parts was my fav

  • LaGuan Hayes
    LaGuan Hayes

    Yes! Finally! Putney Swope is put out there by a chip off the old block. Cult classic. They should show that at a university full of these SJW's and see what happens. I personally, as a Black male, laughed my ass off watching Downey doing Lincoln Osiris. All I could think was, "Can Downey Jr. get an Oscar for portraying a White male portraying a Black male who is confronted by a real Black male about being Australian?" "Pump your brakes kid, Crocodile Dundee is a national treasure."

  • Ste L
    Ste L

    But its ok for two black guys to play two white girls in White Chicks?

  • J L
    J L

    I understand why people would get offended but I see what Ben Stiller was trying to do with all the characters. They were all self absorbed and had some serious issues lying beneath. Tropic thunder is definitely one of my favourite movies.

  • K Penni
    K Penni

    Black ppl loves Robert.

  • Emanuel Rivera
    Emanuel Rivera

    Comedy is the legal way of trying to illustrate another culture and really indulge yourself into a different perspective.

  • knockout614

    Im a Proud Black man and although i didn't like the movie much. I loved Robert Downy's parts. What he did was totally different from racist assholes doing black face.

  • Jimmy Gambino
    Jimmy Gambino

    Like Clint Eastwood said it's a generation of pussies.

  • S.R.

    Im offened now then I wasnt. It was done so funny and I was so young I knew it was a white dude playing a aussey dude playing a black dude. But I cannot now say its okay in these times its to much fucked up history beneath it. And I didnt like his answer he wanted to black for the summer it was cringy. But he got away with and he is the only one who can get away with it. He almost went full retard but he got away just by a hair.

  • Mike Teabag
    Mike Teabag

    The retard was white. As a black man I'm offended on behalf of all whites.

  • Naslee Lafir
    Naslee Lafir

    Most underrated role in tropic thunder. He should have at least been nominated for an Oscar for that black role. I genuinely thought he was black.

    • ian

      Naslee Lafir he was nominated for an oscar

  • hellofajr

    When the movie came out in 08, the controversy wasn't centered on downey going black face, it was Ben Stiller going full retard with Simple Jack.

  • Amdis Fit
    Amdis Fit

    Shout out if you're black and you still watching this funny ass movie. lololol

  • Eleven

    "When you wrotes the song "I likes the pu**y" was you thinking about Lance's dice dangling on your forehead"......LMAO!!!

  • Rafael Ceballos
    Rafael Ceballos

    That movie was terrible 😂

  • LondonGeezer Hackney
    LondonGeezer Hackney

    Woke ideology won't allow it anymore, the professionally offended would lose they're shit, oddly enough the same people that want brie Larson fired from captain marvel and replaced with a black lesbian... What the actual fuck

  • NowForTheTruth

    As if any regular black people give two shits about it.

  • rawa avalaunch
    rawa avalaunch

    movies are becoming shit these days. besides mad max and the first thanos movie amd this movie i haven't enjoyed most of this decade's movies

  • Tripp393

    It’s the political establishment that pushes everyone to be more sensitive, the people aren’t necessarily becoming more sensitive.

  • emancoy

    The movie is hilarious, and it aged well. Especially rewatchable on this cancel culture woke era.

  • B.A.D. Waves Radio
    B.A.D. Waves Radio

    Downey’s performance wasn’t blackface, as Lincoln Osiris was a character not a that’s the point of blackface. Downey portrayed a real man, not a figure to demean an entire race.🤷🏽‍♂️