Couple's Cringe: 21 Year Old Me
Cody Ko
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Cody Ko

  • Respectthedripkaren 09
    Respectthedripkaren 09

    I was like: lmao his real name can’t be any better than these His real name is literally Kolodziejzyk

  • Islam Bouzaher
    Islam Bouzaher

    12:34 They're so cute, love the way she looks at him and how they laugh at each other's jokes . So adorable

  • dani

    Kelsey is funnier than u i need her @

  • Ramiro Hernandez
    Ramiro Hernandez

    ok Kolodziejzyk

  • Trish Una
    Trish Una

    Hehe 4,200,000 views... nice

  • Stupid Loser
    Stupid Loser

    Cody learned the words "virality" and "frictionless" for the 3rd time now, at least

  • Amanda Javetski
    Amanda Javetski

    Watching this again, this deff is soo cringe- You were so cringe, but it’s AMAZING CONTENT-glad you were humbled lol. Anyways LOVEEE you to together. You vibe so well, guess that’s good since you are dating ha. Point of this MAKE MORE VIDEOS TOGETHER PLEASE.

  • DiscVer

    I don't condone incestuous relationships but I'll support it as long as Cody and his granddaughter are happy.

  • gacamole_pizza

    Cody and is sister are so cute together

  • Muggle249

    I was having really bad anxiety and watching your videos makes me really happy :))

  • Karan Gupta
    Karan Gupta

    He is smart and fast, his name is Cody Komputer.

  • Swifty

    Bro your gf is cool asf ! How do I meet a girl like her???

  • Daddy Lacus
    Daddy Lacus

    Wait wait wait... what app did you build???

  • Pranav Moghe
    Pranav Moghe

    Not having a company is the 1800s equivalent of not owning land

  • Ashutosh Joshi
    Ashutosh Joshi

    Dude actually graduated from Duke he's actually smarty pants XD

  • Roddy The Mime
    Roddy The Mime

    Are you kidding, I thought this shit came out like last year, it's giving me whiplash to hear them talk about the pandemic

  • Takahiro B
    Takahiro B

    I think whenever the cut in between they just start to make out Thanks I'm not weird at all

  • Leclaire Bob
    Leclaire Bob

    Cody Kolodziejzyk holy shit

  • ellie

    21 year old cody looks like he’d try to sell me an elevator pass

  • Aiden Asar
    Aiden Asar here is a smart person saying frictionless at 10:30 in the video.

  • Luke Zidane
    Luke Zidane

    At first glance! I thought it said "I'd clap that"

  • opazovalec ki-opaža
    opazovalec ki-opaža

    9:58 they are not zooming his face they're zooming the couple in the background hahaha :D

  • Nash Hansen
    Nash Hansen

    “Frictionless” Do you mean smooth?

  • The Frugal Doodler
    The Frugal Doodler

    21 year old Cody moves his head like an eboy

  • avyshan Qorbani
    avyshan Qorbani

    Hey just wanted to ask if there's any chance, we could be friends 😭💜U're sooo cute together

  • Emily B.
    Emily B.

    Cody had to have been in a frat, right?

  • FalseDelusion 39
    FalseDelusion 39

    I want a girl that is frictionlessly beautiful

  • Matthew McBride
    Matthew McBride

    I mean 21, most downloaded app of that time I think you would just become Billy Big Bollocks

  • randomness

    really seems like you have the best girl ever dude, dont lose that one

  • Daniel Holt
    Daniel Holt

    it's fascinating how Cody's mocking people voice is basically how he talked when he was 21

  • Squish A
    Squish A

    The stuff Cody is drinking in the beginning looks like that stuff Luke Skywalker drinks out of the alien in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • Patrick Landers
    Patrick Landers

    Like for a FRICTIONLESS merch drop

  • such a x capricorn
    such a x capricorn

    cody ko: i have no plans to make a company around this. kym: so you’re in the middle of “should i form a company around this”...

  • Hugo Kent Movies
    Hugo Kent Movies

    21 years old? So how long ago was this, 40 years?

  • Andrea Moreno
    Andrea Moreno

    can't believe that his last name is Kolodziejzyk, sounds like a mortal disease

  • aniko

    they're so cute 😭

  • Some Dumbass
    Some Dumbass


  • Swiss Idol
    Swiss Idol

    this is legit the same video he made like four years ago but it’s a remake; down to him forgetting that “frictionless” and “vitality” are actual words

  • Sha Man
    Sha Man

    Why do I know Kelsey? At least I know her voice somehow? Idk, carry on.

  • Emily Palmer
    Emily Palmer

    Not to toot your horn but this is the funniest video i've seen in a very long time and I needed a laugh so thank you Kelsey (& u too Cody)

  • Jack Ding
    Jack Ding

    CEO of not having a company

  • Selemundo

    No lie, She kinda resembles a younger girl version of John Travolta

  • Harry Cheung
    Harry Cheung

    kelsey and cody is literally proof that similar personalities can date

  • myajanette

    I want to know who shot and edited that video of Cody cause that’s honestly disrespectful lmaoooo😂😂

  • myajanette

    *Creativity and creation.*

  • Claudio Issa
    Claudio Issa

    Really successful video... LMAO 😂 I know

  • Nayana G
    Nayana G

    21 year old cody looks like he got rejected from community college and was then scammed into joining a fake frat but it’s actually a cover for them selling weed

  • Grace Anne Henley
    Grace Anne Henley

    idk why this particular video made me laugh so much but i hope KYM sees it

  • Toni Kennedy
    Toni Kennedy


  • Kylie Gordon
    Kylie Gordon


  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    Boy you were dummy thicc back then

  • Haze

    A million? I hardly even know her

  • Callie Lawrence
    Callie Lawrence

    Soo, basically...

  • Security Guard
    Security Guard

    Cody’s answers sound like my high school essays

  • Corey Powell
    Corey Powell

    You got a good one Cody. Y’all( you all) are good together.

  • musicnerdneedmusic

    Instead of Cody Ko he was Cody NO the entire video

  • Taleah McCagh
    Taleah McCagh

    What recipe did you use for your green smoothie?

  • fristy

    kim kym whatever.... im watching u

  • The Maverick Mind
    The Maverick Mind

    You could have edited her out of the video and had a 21 minute video.

  • Pshh

    Kym is the definition of a passive aggressive soccer mom talking to the coach on the opposite team

  • Danky Berserker
    Danky Berserker

    I actually subscribed when he said please don't unsubscribe because of this

  • sxoop

    His real name Cody Kolodziejzyk, imagine having to teach people how to pronounce your last name during your entire life...

  • Oviraptor

    I love her but it's creepy how she just smiles at the camera while he talks.

  • Beckett Murtaugh
    Beckett Murtaugh

    why does he so painstakingly blur out Kolodziejzyk

    • Beckett Murtaugh
      Beckett Murtaugh

      im sorry its Cody Kaloriefish

  • Hugo Tate
    Hugo Tate

    11:27 lol what a great gf. “He knows so many words”

  • Hugo Tate
    Hugo Tate

    9:15 that “yes” and “yup” is cute as hell 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Ken & Sarah Brown
    Ken & Sarah Brown

    PLEASSEE cringe over Dhar Mann's videos!

  • Lily Sobczak
    Lily Sobczak

    i believe cody's previous years of cringiness actually allows him to judge others on their cringiness because he has been there and truly experienced what it feels like ya know

  • Asbury Childrens
    Asbury Childrens

    15:00 “that fast?”

  • Awesome _jt
    Awesome _jt

    cody ko co.