CRAZIEST Coincidences You Wont Believe
CRAZIEST COINCIDENCES YOU WONT BELIEVE! What do you think of these amazing and strange coincidences? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! I upload videos every single day! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack
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  • K Wilson
    K Wilson

    i have a rabbit named swirl

  • Madelynn Fallat
    Madelynn Fallat

    Maybe the one who had the tree carve to save their car is because they are a tree huger

  • Filipino Watching
    Filipino Watching

    Mother Nature be like *no*

  • lexi lattex
    lexi lattex


  • lexi lattex
    lexi lattex

    It's pronounced ne-s -lei not net lee

  • Pamela Hamrick
    Pamela Hamrick

    The fashionista dolls are barbies I have 3 of them they are baist on different body types and unique fashions with even different heights 💗💗💗

  • Alba BALDERA
    Alba BALDERA

    The real coincidence is how she talks about mesquite chocolate cereal while I am eating that same cereal🤣

  • LissyGachaGirl

    my friend went on holiday and saw someone that looked like me and she said "Lissy I didn't know you were coming to" then I texted her how is your holiday

  • Joe Haddad
    Joe Haddad

    ive met someone who's exactly like me, shares the same name and last name plus sexuality LMAO

  • Avani Patel
    Avani Patel

    Kill it


    I have the Ken doll

  • Ghost Girl
    Ghost Girl

    Best barbies are BTS ones

  • Sara Weronika
    Sara Weronika

    I won the lottery once. I won $2😭😂😂😭

  • Bryan Wenger
    Bryan Wenger

    I wud send it to the vet

  • Daderis Zetino
    Daderis Zetino

    I got brown eyes 😱😱

  • littlestar

    9:34 omg! i had a friend her name was claire and her middle name was madison and my name is madison and my middle name is claire Xd

  • Lorri McCall
    Lorri McCall

    I would always kill a BUG

  • Miss10hands

    That alert sound happened at 3:14 AM in the morning on a school day and I was so scared I almost peed my pajamas instead of pants and under wear

  • Emma Martin
    Emma Martin

    Put a cup over the elf on OVI and then I would post it on Facebook and show all my friends that I would kill and move houses

  • Hector Yanez
    Hector Yanez

    My name is iris omg🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣👀😆😆😆

  • Madison Lee
    Madison Lee

    My friend, shes the same height and race as me. People claim we're sisters. Our friend groups are similar. WE THINK SHES MY CLONE. Edit: my phone thinks shes me

  • Tammy Lenderman
    Tammy Lenderman

    6rh it 5ejj20edksjdodroddod Dieedid Ddueueh

  • Miyah Taylor
    Miyah Taylor

    I have brown eyes

  • carolina arguello
    carolina arguello

    I just get my hair did*

  • Sanaia Nelson
    Sanaia Nelson

    This one girl in my 6th grade everybody said we looked like twins and all the teachers called us the other one I almost got in trouble because of her

  • Lilly Jones
    Lilly Jones

    I downloaded vigo video

  • Nana Adwoa Obuo
    Nana Adwoa Obuo

    2:50 that billboard is in my country Geez now I'm HUMILIATED

  • Korea Boo
    Korea Boo

    Am I the only person who sees that they just listed the same amount of money but in different currencies at 5:45?

  • kaylah chung
    kaylah chung

    i would not kill it or let i go i would capture it and save it

  • Beverly  Santillano
    Beverly Santillano

    I would keep the fly and be in the records book

  • Marcin Kolaczek
    Marcin Kolaczek

    Lia: Just got my hair done... Smells burnt Me: i feel you

  • Britanny marie
    Britanny marie

    SSSniperwolf... you are wearing a green shirt too!! Edit: Who just noticed?

    • MiaMyla Gacha
      MiaMyla Gacha

      @Britanny marie no, you edited it😂😂

    • Britanny marie
      Britanny marie

      @MiaMyla Gacha That is what I have...

    • MiaMyla Gacha
      MiaMyla Gacha


  • Rehab Rehan
    Rehab Rehan

    I have brown eyes does that means that I actually have blue eyes?

  • Brianna Pleitez
    Brianna Pleitez


  • Ada Walker-Hynes
    Ada Walker-Hynes

    I can smell your hair through the screen 😂

  • Just Amer
    Just Amer

    I would see if there was a reward

  • WeatherRadiosAndSirens01

    0:40 I would snitch

  • LuigiChamp Number 1
    LuigiChamp Number 1

    I wish that could happen to me my mom and I will flip we would higher we go drop it in our checking and savings accounts and do some online shopping a lot

  • Taco Cat
    Taco Cat

    I saw a tv episode where someone won 180 million

  • Daria Stokuca
    Daria Stokuca

    I would kill the fly

  • Grace O'Dell
    Grace O'Dell

    My friend has two puples It is weird


    god and jesus is not real

  • •Boo •Gacha•
    •Boo •Gacha•

    That's Ken in the 1900's lol😂


    My teachers two brothers both won the lottery twice in a row and she won absolutely nothing

  • Kristine Hegarty
    Kristine Hegarty

    7:57 me brooo that’s digital nex

  • Alex GACHA
    Alex GACHA

    The amber alert sound edit made me run for my life 😂, i thought it was real

  • Melody M.
    Melody M.

    At 5:40 or something.. wasn't it how much it is in Us$ and pounds and not what they won too?

  • Jodie Bates
    Jodie Bates

    She fr didn’t read the lottery article correctly.

  • Sheila Lazaro
    Sheila Lazaro

    yeah, wa

  • Kylie Wilson
    Kylie Wilson

    I would trap the fly and save it

  • Doman Doman
    Doman Doman

    My friend is 2 hours older than me, we have the same eye color, both of us have brown hair 🤔

  • Valon Kumnova
    Valon Kumnova

    cool sssniperwolf cool ♥️🌋

  • Hannah Wacker
    Hannah Wacker

    The bigger dude looks like digitalnex

  • Ellena Isabel Ayala
    Ellena Isabel Ayala

    I just got my hair diiiiid

  • Haylee Gonzalez
    Haylee Gonzalez

    Why do you gotta think dirty minded like come on 😐 that was just cereal

  • Justice_ Mimi
    Justice_ Mimi

    My cousin and I were wearing the same thing and same socks and same hair style it was funny and weird

  • Deepshikha Sharma
    Deepshikha Sharma

    Barbie fashionista is a line of barbie’s in different skin colours....

  • Hella Mega
    Hella Mega

    I have a very unique look. I never ever seen anyone ever who looks anything like me.

  • Soft_Box

    I would catch the albino fly in a bottle and let it free outside

  • Adriana Biados
    Adriana Biados

    When my grandma was smaller, she had the EXACT details I have now!!!👧👧-👵👧

  • Katie Webber
    Katie Webber

    Why would you not "Snitch" that's literally a missing child....

  • Yasar Hawkins
    Yasar Hawkins


  • Fantasy Gacha 91
    Fantasy Gacha 91

    I have a friend named Emma we LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME and all my teachers at school call me Emma and call Emma abi and when I walk around the store with my mom I will see kids with the same clothes

  • Lorena Hendrix
    Lorena Hendrix

    My gir Just introduced me to you far as video's go and you are so funny. I am a department manager at McDonald's And you make a good point about the ice cream machine and we have done it that way during the day but it takes 4 hours to get it completely clean it.

  • Alora Russell
    Alora Russell

    I have brown eyes comment if you have brown eyes And make this blue if you have different colored eyes 👇🏿

  • The Boss
    The Boss

    Got my hair done yesterday

  • The Boss
    The Boss

    My brother eats Coco Puffs

  • spill the tea sis
    spill the tea sis

    0:11 tho her face 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marvel Fanatic
    Marvel Fanatic

    The amber alert. I would have just held down the horn and be like POLICE! THERE BE A PERSON HERE!

  • Fun Furniture and ideas
    Fun Furniture and ideas

    Kill it