CS:GO - FaZe vs. Team Vitality [Mirage] Map 2 - Group B - ESL EU Pro League Season 10
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  • Iron Fist Gaming
    Iron Fist Gaming

    BOT shox

  • Iron Fist Gaming
    Iron Fist Gaming

    Shox bot

  • Eii22

    NiKo is fucking nuts.

  • T.R. K
    T.R. K

    What s the name of them headset?

  • MrEiht

    Aimbot Anti-aiming bot AI is watching NiKo closely 'nd trying to learn. While Chuck Norris watches Zywoooo

  • Philluminati

    Zywoo is fucking beast

  • Replicant 01
    Replicant 01


  • Startrance

    You feel bad for Zyw0o

  • Aaron YYH
    Aaron YYH

    alex tagged niko badly at 19:18 but why zyw0o decided to use the awp to clutch

    • Aaron YYH
      Aaron YYH

      @Assalam Alaikum yes he is good in using awp, but in that situation pistol would be better i guess

    • Assalam Alaikum
      Assalam Alaikum

      Because his good with awp thats why

  • Bryan Long
    Bryan Long

    NiKo getting back his older form is hella scary specially on mirage.

    • Motivation For Life
      Motivation For Life

      He was really scary in this game on mirage indeed.

  • Donald Dump
    Donald Dump

    not a huge vitality fan but i feel hella bad for Zywoo :(

    • Hello Goodbye
      Hello Goodbye

      He should go to navi . Guardian , simple , and zywoo would be amazing to see

  • Siddhartha Barui
    Siddhartha Barui

    Shox became crap

    • Manojit Biswas
      Manojit Biswas

      Shox changed roster, it'll take some time to fit in vitality. As cold took time to blend in faze. As individual or teamplay shox is never underestimatable, watch his previous roster matches with G2, i'd rather call him legendary, simple nbk shox same level

    • Russian Walk
      Russian Walk

      Claudiu Munteanu your newness is showing

    • Claudiu Munteanu
      Claudiu Munteanu

      he always was

  • Itai Kizner
    Itai Kizner

    rain is so underatted

    • Sam Pepper
      Sam Pepper

      Itai Kizner not a single player is consistent though so that's not saying much

    • Itai Kizner
      Itai Kizner

      Rain is the most consistent player out of the entire squad of faze

    • Sang Dương
      Sang Dương

      he's inconsistent

    • Michael Wijaya
      Michael Wijaya

      olof too

    • Sam Pepper
      Sam Pepper

      Itai Kizner no he just dropped off a cliff after 2018 like the rest of faze

  • Motivation For Life
    Motivation For Life

    Zyw0o vs Faze Clan.

    • Mushe

      Motivation For Life yeah def 1v9

  • Halvor Gaming
    Halvor Gaming

    25:26 the last bullet in the mag too

    • Vizitiu Dragos
      Vizitiu Dragos

      The balls on him. Gj

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    my penis is unbelievably small, but