CWC vs HACKER BATTLE ROYALE! Finding Clues about Daniel's Lost Memories and Floor is Lava Challenge
Chad Wild Clay
After Chad Wild Clay made WHERE IS DANIEL? Spending 24 Hours Exploring DIY Clues & Cool Hacks Reveal Hacker PZ9 Scavenger Hunt, Vy Qwaint created WHO IS DANIEL'S MOM? Spending 24 Hours Collecting Hackers Files to Reveal Project Zorgo Training, and Daniel uploaded HACKER CAPTURES DANIEL! PZ9 Takes Lie Detector Test Challenge To Learn if Memory is Playing Tricks to the Exposing Project Zorgo TR-my channel the Spy Ninjas hacked Project Zorgo's server room with a hotspot and they figured out Project Zorgo erased Daniel's memory! The Project Zorgo leader found out that the Spy Ninja's know and ordered hacker, PZ301, to dispose of all files from Daniel's past! Daniel, Chad, Vy and Regina must go on a mission to keep those files safe because maybe they can restore Daniel's memory! Daniel and Regina follow hacker PZ44 who has an envelope with top secret information about PZ1's past. They find baby pictures of Daniel that may reveal who his mom and dad are! Chad and Vy follow hacker PZ301 and distract him with the floor is lava challenge and a battle royale with spy and ninja gadgets! Hopefully, the Spy Ninjas are able to get Daniel's memory back! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild Clay

    SPY NINJAS! Is that a picture of Daniel when he was a kid?

    • Twins 2012
      Twins 2012


    • Maksuti Rini
      Maksuti Rini

      Rose Colon j

    • Imogen Jane
      Imogen Jane

      Chad Wild Clay yes

    • Hayden Catlin
      Hayden Catlin

      I dont know its kinda like

    • Jack gamingbtw bow snap shot dj mc dmcj
      Jack gamingbtw bow snap shot dj mc dmcj

      Yes I love you please subscribe to Jack gamingbtw on TR-my

  • Ben Yale
    Ben Yale

    Daniel are you there

  • Jule Lover
    Jule Lover

    At school I found a thing that said pz11 on it and on the other side it said random letters

  • Bakeel Almaweri
    Bakeel Almaweri

    Could you guys try battling the hacker leader

  • Lizbeth Villa
    Lizbeth Villa

    I Love you. Spy ninjas

  • Bakeel Almaweri
    Bakeel Almaweri

    That dog is Daniels dog

  • Lizbeth Villa
    Lizbeth Villa

    Regina. Is beautiful and Vy. Queen

  • Bakeel Almaweri
    Bakeel Almaweri

    Yes that is a picture of Daniel

  • Antonio Munoz
    Antonio Munoz

    😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡you are not nice chad

  • Ocean Lu
    Ocean Lu

    Who is Charlie

  • Kristen Vargas
    Kristen Vargas

    That dog is Daniels dog

  • Aaditya VS
    Aaditya VS

    Guys my Cwc mearch came today it is soooo nice

  • Jelena Lukic
    Jelena Lukic

    Aqchjylyjggcgcuk,l Kuhao Hm Ll Hulk l nema PPP nbhbkyvxcohvcxxxx..lkloodfdv fevjtmgrvdvvvvv bdvvggfffgggggggggggggggggsssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppp

  • Lizzie Bois
    Lizzie Bois

    Yeah I learned it from Charlie. I’m actually dead right now 😂

  • Isabel Herrera
    Isabel Herrera

    Its danels dog

  • Lavly Rahman
    Lavly Rahman


  • zakaria Echhaimi
    zakaria Echhaimi

    daniel is dog

  • Pippa Tomlinson
    Pippa Tomlinson

    The code is 246790

  • Vilma Villatoro
    Vilma Villatoro


  • Claire Pan
    Claire Pan

    That picture you found chad and vy that’s Daniels pug dog

  • Ketan Patel
    Ketan Patel

    Danie his mom got the lie Detector shirt

  • Bekbek Makes
    Bekbek Makes

    You make another mate really bad because you are in down the environment I agree with with chocolate provide words fora but they’re not helping us three or any animal and yes I am a vegetarian

  • Bekbek Makes
    Bekbek Makes

    Of course yes it’s Daniel Regina your parents again why do you go on your phoneDo you have no connection

  • Kelvin Chan
    Kelvin Chan

    Why there no PZ9?

  • Kelvin Chan
    Kelvin Chan

    I'm a kid!

  • Kelvin Chan
    Kelvin Chan

    Chad you are so cooI

  • Damien Foo
    Damien Foo

    I saw a number in pz head quarters is 35238

  • Hanzen Pajarin
    Hanzen Pajarin

    try 3011 because this the number i saw in a video

  • Nikol Gagro
    Nikol Gagro

    Chad do you have a brother

    • Nikol Gagro
      Nikol Gagro

      Omg wer ar dei

    • Nikol Gagro
      Nikol Gagro

      Dani boy its your mom

  • Kitpeng Sun
    Kitpeng Sun

    Go chad wild clay you can do it find daniel parents who they are

  • Alexis Cannon
    Alexis Cannon

    I saw pz9 walking into a spa hahaha I wonder why

  • Alexis Cannon
    Alexis Cannon

    The dog is what pz9 drew that one time that pz squire wanted

  • Pz66

    I am sending you like and peaceful 66 but I’m not that mean I really want to much let me know when Madison

  • Annelca Wellingto
    Annelca Wellingto

    The safe number is 5734

  • Anmari Rice
    Anmari Rice


  • Cody Petty
    Cody Petty


  • Niecy Davis
    Niecy Davis


  • Latavia Rollins
    Latavia Rollins

    Pz9 dog

  • Regina Farwell-Kane
    Regina Farwell-Kane

    hi dany boy

  • Jennifer Grack
    Jennifer Grack


  • Jennifer Grack
    Jennifer Grack

    Chad and vy pz9 play fortnight

  • jess- paxtin
    jess- paxtin

    I'm sorry Danny Boy

  • Latchmin Khan
    Latchmin Khan

    That is definitely Daniel

  • Dr Killstreak
    Dr Killstreak


  • M6:33KL Corp.
    M6:33KL Corp.


  • M6:33KL Corp.
    M6:33KL Corp.

    I think that looks like Daniel

  • Alexis Franco
    Alexis Franco


  • Samantha Butler
    Samantha Butler

    I know what Daniel is doing at his house he was singing some songs

  • Jenn Donaldson
    Jenn Donaldson

    I'm sick I'm on your network

  • Karina Barragán
    Karina Barragán

    I. Love. You. Chad wild

  • R.S D.S Plumbing
    R.S D.S Plumbing

    Daniels dog

  • Stephanie Little
    Stephanie Little


  • Patty Leblanc
    Patty Leblanc

    I am your mom Danny boy

  • Lexi Salmons
    Lexi Salmons

    I'm your SISTER Daniel my address is 24 Ashley road

  • Fufhthtagmiedah Daniels
    Fufhthtagmiedah Daniels


  • Larae Hunter
    Larae Hunter

    Hiy sweetie

  • Cadelyn Himes
    Cadelyn Himes

    In the pic of little Danny he has brown eyes but now Daniel has blue eyes!😯

  • Gary Fleming
    Gary Fleming

    Am your father

  • Gary Fleming
    Gary Fleming

    Who is Charlie

  • abu adam adam
    abu adam adam

    It's the hackers dog

  • Rigobato Sanagun
    Rigobato Sanagun

    The dog was Daniel when he was a kid

  • blytheforeman

    His TR-my channel is Daniel

  • Shaikha Zaki
    Shaikha Zaki

    U are the best fighters

  • Elisaveta Janevska
    Elisaveta Janevska


  • Casey Anderson
    Casey Anderson


  • Anime Is Real
    Anime Is Real

    In the picture the dog Was Daniels dog

  • Anime Is Real
    Anime Is Real

    Yes Chad

  • Neeraj Kumar Srivastava Lucknow
    Neeraj Kumar Srivastava Lucknow

    Chad pls give me your phone number I am not sammer or a pzmember

  • Jakie Durham
    Jakie Durham

    Here is password you guys could us for the safe 1214

  • Gabriella Bearden
    Gabriella Bearden

    Daniels on dog when he was a kid or baby