Dad Kicks Out Son For Using LiveGlam Makeup, What Happens Is Shocking | Dhar Mann
Dhar Mann
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  • Pearl Girl
    Pearl Girl

    Hey if she actually a I mean ham

  • Poop head
    Poop head

    James Charles


    Is that James Charles?

  • Angel Javier
    Angel Javier

    My brother is gay and my dad is fine with it as long as he keeps his school perfectly

  • Dilan Ornelas
    Dilan Ornelas

    Idk how to come out and tell my parents I'm gay

  • James Umanah
    James Umanah

    Moral: before you judge someone based on their life decisions, always take a good look at your own.

  • Sticky_ Tomato
    Sticky_ Tomato

    FOLLOWERS on youtube


    This is sad this is the best show ever

  • cupcake lover😘
    cupcake lover😘

    *LGBT SQAUD* *Don't matter what anyone says about you, be who you wanna be :)*

  • Kevin Ramtulla
    Kevin Ramtulla


  • Kevin Ramtulla
    Kevin Ramtulla

    It's so hard for me to see that teenager crying my dad is not like that

  • {PandaTheGamer YTuber}
    {PandaTheGamer YTuber}

    I am crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i am so crying fast

  • Raynielis Ortega
    Raynielis Ortega

    Even i try makeup

  • D Even
    D Even

    Biggest group of tick toks in this comment section actually taking this garbage seriously. Do you even follow proto?


    I thought the videos were fully tick tock-ed , but the audience is on another level.

  • sheila gahuancela
    sheila gahuancela


  • De Ana Anderson
    De Ana Anderson

    I love that the son is nice but the father is nah

  • Italo 1113
    Italo 1113

    Does she know what are subscribers on TR-my

  • CursedFakeNews CFN
    CursedFakeNews CFN

    MY SonS oN ThE cOvER of A MaGazineeeN??

  • Andre Newman
    Andre Newman

    Hi mommies!

  • AroundTheWorldLifts !
    AroundTheWorldLifts !

    Only one thing thats off, if a person knocked on your door. You wouldn’t just say “COME IN YOUR PROBALY TOTALLY NOT A GUY WITH A GUN THATS GOING TO ROB ME”

  • Xx depresso xX
    Xx depresso xX

    Great Video Dahr!!!!! Amazing lesson!!

  • TheKingDudePlayz


  • Ester Molina
    Ester Molina

    hes ganna be james charles

  • Xxxcloudy Xxxz
    Xxxcloudy Xxxz

    Plot twist: he’s a actually make up artist

  • Onlyenzo Pranks
    Onlyenzo Pranks

    Imagine this is your job and they tell you to put on make up

  • RenagadeFishy

    That’s how James Charles came to be.

  • darnsmall

    Whoever writes these scenes is definitely one of the leaders of The Cool Guy Club. I've never seen so much TikTok'ed content in my life

  • md shohanur rahman
    md shohanur rahman

    I am crying

  • ed mar
    ed mar


  • Kyle Ruckert
    Kyle Ruckert

    No neuropathy issues.

  • Angelina ISSA
    Angelina ISSA

    pffft wowww what a father

  • Josh Draper
    Josh Draper

    These videos are hilarious.

  • Its BENN
    Its BENN

    This was exactly a copy of a different video from that Dhar already did

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez

    Boys don’t where make up only girls where make up

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez

    He hid to late now he busted

  • Casey Terry
    Casey Terry

    Why do guys want to where make up anyway???? Except for cosplay reasons. Make-up was specifically made for females, 50 years ago the thought of men wearing makeup was totally unthinkable, the times sure have changed, boys need to have strong manley role models, and girls need good women to look up too, but men and women in hollywood and social media are not good role models for children. I do not believe in this at all and neither should others. The way we raise our children must change

  • maNukush

    WTF is this hahahhahahaahha

  • ꧁ Jadey & Nancy ꧂
    ꧁ Jadey & Nancy ꧂

    I love this message and the sister she was so supportive and tried to help the son with his dream ❤️

  • David Pfeiffer
    David Pfeiffer

    This dad should’ve followed proto and he could be featherin with his son in Vogue

  • mia a
    mia a

    Is the boys name james Charles??

    • Mia


  • f f
    f f

    No his dad say do not do makeup

  • Jon Alvarez
    Jon Alvarez

    Plot twist his new catch fraise HI SISTERS AND DONT BE SHY PUT SOME MORE

  • Heaven Capper
    Heaven Capper

    Omg I wish my dad was like this at the end my brother wears makeup and high heels but my dad don't like it you make the best and sad videos

  • ×Møcha Potató×
    ×Møcha Potató×

    *James Charles has left the chat*

  • Anna Wijura
    Anna Wijura

    ok ok the dad is like u do this carry on go on play me:ok plz don't do that be who u wana no one will stop do what u wana don't give up on ur dreams

  • renato imperatori
    renato imperatori

    if i ordered makeup if i was a boy and my dad got angry i would be like hey i got this makeup for my girlfriend’s birthday 🎂 🎁 💝

  • galaxy Girl
    galaxy Girl

    Just like in fairy tail your a real man

  • Bella jackson
    Bella jackson

    Plot twist: this is acctually how James Charles became gay lol

  • wassan drag
    wassan drag

    James Charles

  • Bloodroony

    " Millions of *FOLOWERS* in *TR-my* "

  • Sine von Dewitz
    Sine von Dewitz

    Where’s mum?

  • Cat Films29
    Cat Films29

    He looks good in makeup but not that lipstick he wore when the dad kicked him out

  • Cat Films29
    Cat Films29

    Is this episode sponsored by TR-my or live glam???

  • David Costa
    David Costa

    Aw the drama :)

    • David Costa
      David Costa

      Comment train XDD

  • Mystic CJshine
    Mystic CJshine

    okay so uhhhh followers on youtube ;-;

  • Dark Boi
    Dark Boi

    Hey glammers! James Charles:*Jealousy*

  • Girly Gaming
    Girly Gaming

    Dad:Kicks son out of house Me:Why???? Cant you just let him follow his dreams At the end.... Me:Wow Dhar Mann im impressed!

  • Money_ Man
    Money_ Man

    He is gay

  • yassina tiktok
    yassina tiktok

    Be your self😘

  • nancy vazquez
    nancy vazquez


  • Zikime Darkera
    Zikime Darkera

    If one day Im gonna have a son or a nephew and he will want to wear makeup, I will contact my model friends or friends that know how to properly use it (im bad at it ok 😂) so they can help him learn the magic of make up

  • Czarina Santos
    Czarina Santos

    It's like james Charles tho-

  • Hayley MAKOWSKI
    Hayley MAKOWSKI

    Follow your dreams and never give up on them and do not let anything or anyone get in you way,beat you up or let anyone tell you what you have to be.

  • 『peace & thxnder』
    『peace & thxnder』

    Damn, these actors are great!

  • Country BoyBTW
    Country BoyBTW

    Is he gay or just like makeup

  • Valentina Garcia Kapinos
    Valentina Garcia Kapinos

    Poor Katrina left after her dad went to see jay 😢 but she's still happy 😊

  • Enaya Wound
    Enaya Wound

    I mean he does look ugly


    Lol a copy

  • NEM3SIS !
    NEM3SIS !

    The way the dad said "you're not my son anymore" just made me laugh idk why