Dana Carvey on His Current Relationship With Mike Myers
The Howard Stern Show
Comedian and “SNL” alum Dana Carvey tells Howard Stern how his impression of Lorne Michaels evolved and what he felt about the similarities seen in Mike Myers' “Austin Powers” character Dr. Evil.
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  • S T
    S T

    Will need to book with his therapist again.

  • Mr. Chopsticks
    Mr. Chopsticks

    Dana does an excellent job evading the question and glossing over it the best he can. That's what professionals do.

  • KesselRunHero

    So a person gets angry that they copy another person, and someone else copies them? That is the epitome of of pettiness and shallowness, i hope for Dana's own good, his therapist told him that was ludicrous. I wonder who the first person to impersonate Elvis was and if he feels like everyone else who impersonated Elvis "copied" him????

  • dj will
    dj will

    Interesting. never noticed his minor lisp before

  • Endless Pizza
    Endless Pizza

    Dana says Mike Myers always talks over him Howard Stern then talks over Dana every time he starts to talk

  • Dougie

    ya dick move by Mike Myers.

  • minimoog

    I'm British and I don't know who this Howard Stern feller is, but in the UK we'd call him a bit of a twat.

  • Link Age
    Link Age

    I was very fortunate to "intersect" with both of you.

  • Mars Champ
    Mars Champ


  • grillman free50
    grillman free50

    First of all, Howard is a DB. Second, Dana Carvey is way more talented than Mike Myers. Mike does not do stand up or play music. Dana's standup is hilarious and he is a talented musician and actor. Mike is a comedic writer and a character actor and is very good at both but I had no idea Mike stole Dana's impression of Lorne for Austin Powers. That is the lowest you can go as a comedian by stealing someone else's material for your own benefit. I have to say, I am no longer a fan of Mike Myers after this interview. Dana Carvey is a class act and a very funny comedian. Howard, go away please. You're f'en ugly and gross.

  • npr victim
    npr victim

    Dana Carvey grew into a 60 year old lesbian.

  • John Ferry
    John Ferry

    Howard Sterns sucks

  • Mitch Cumstein
    Mitch Cumstein

    Didn't watch the video. Just wanted to stop by quick to say fukc Howard 'the Douche' Stern.

  • austinsname

    Howard is a douche.

  • dave87gn

    So Mike Myers is a dick...and Dana took the high road

  • sirkoes187

    Fucked up. Dana could’ve been Dr. Evil. Mike Myers

  • Badtastic

    And now they kiss

  • pfelon

    Carv is so amazing- brilliant comic mind, legendary impressionist.

  • Nick Curran
    Nick Curran

    Dammit I miss the Howard Stern show! I used to listen religiously when he was on terrestrial radio. I've never gotten the subscription to "ehhh, ehhh, ehhh"

  • claire freeman
    claire freeman

    wow i never knew dr evil was lorne michaels

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy

    Fuck you Howard.

  • T Charlton
    T Charlton

    Great interview.

  • Jos Ron
    Jos Ron

    One of the most talented comedic actors in Hollywood they just wasn't sure what to do with him

  • Nate

    Shouldn’t Lorne be the one that’s offended? How can you have exclusive rights to impersonating another person?

  • egads2

    got old

  • Kris Wright
    Kris Wright

    Mark McKinney's CEO character from Brain Candy, in 1996, was a Lorne Michaels impression, 1 year before Austin Powers

  • Walrus Bellhop
    Walrus Bellhop

    I never thought about Dr. Evil sounding so much like Lorne Michaels before now.

  • Steve Strauss
    Steve Strauss

    True or false: Dana Carvey is the most underrated SNL performer ever. IMO he belongs on the SNL Mount Rushmore with . . . Eddie Murphy, Kristen Wiig, and Will Farrell/or Bill Murray.

  • Frank Pitochelli
    Frank Pitochelli

    I'm so glad Howard finally grew up and doesn't act like a douche, he's become more hospitable and gracious. Wonderful to listen to these days.

  • mirror talk
    mirror talk

    Art is based on ripping people off just don't get caught...Buddy Rich

  • Bill Raiford
    Bill Raiford

    In fourth grade I gave this friend of mine a slogan for a school wide contest and it won. Never got the credit or thanks. Ah well. 🐢 🐢!

  • jedi1967

    When Dana Carvey replies "Noo, it's finee..." You can hear him still holding a grudge...

  • MrFundamentalOne

    Woowww I've always heard Mike's a turd - this is someone's art, how can you be ok with doing this

  • Elzedek Adonia
    Elzedek Adonia

    there acting like they are a couple,No dana only blew him Once, its not a relationship!

  • imxploring

    Love Dana..... remains a gentleman even as Howard tries to make this an issue.... Dana is a true artist! One observation.... what's going on with his neck?

  • Trumpenstein

    Come on, your buddy lifts and extends something you did backstage 10 years ago, and blows it up in a movie. That's what artists do.

  • Michael G
    Michael G

    I love Howard, but he was really milking the ‘stolen impression’ bit to the point of goading.

  • rvpstudioscanada

    Why is Howard trying to be a SHIT Disturber???

  • H.A. Hump
    H.A. Hump

    Dana had the talent....Myers had the same voice for Fat bastard...shrek...and the old scottish man in so i married an ax murderer....end of story

  • RichJ

    HEY... Howard Stern still has a show!

  • Matthew Hale
    Matthew Hale

    Dana is typically diplomatic, so his non answers about Mike says a lot.

  • D Ferrari
    D Ferrari

    Enough of this. I have brocoli to chop.

  • Rhino Mechanics
    Rhino Mechanics

    Man ..Howard is Bad at His Job.

  • Dean Susec
    Dean Susec

    Ok, I love Mike Myers! But, nobody does impressions like Dana Carvey!

  • tice sine
    tice sine

    I worked in film for a while. Most people do not run around talking poorly about each other in "the business", but most people in film will say its common knowledge that Mike Myers is a complete dick.

  • BagdadBill

    Meyers doesn't enjoy a reputation as a decent person. Carvey is ten times funnier than he is. Not exactly news.

  • percival23

    I love how Howard just wants nothing but the dirt and got nothing. Nice to see Dana have some integrity.

  • Glenn Davey
    Glenn Davey

    Everyone can agree that as a protagonist Dr Evil is the perfect opposite of Austin Powers and it was a good thing the impression got to see the light of day, but also that a phone call to Dana from Mike Myers would have been the nice thing to do...

  • Gregg Halford
    Gregg Halford

    One of my favorite movies is The Road to Wellville has Dana in it.

  • gamefreak8254

    Dr. Evil IS what makes the Austin Powers movies so memorable. Sure the character of Austin Powers himself had some memorable lines, but Dr. Evil is still the most synonyms with the franchise. And Mike ripped his friend off. The real question is, why didn’t he have Dana play Dr. Evil?

  • Carlguitar69

    Stern just cant help but fish for negative bullshit.

  • Colby Morris
    Colby Morris

    Well somebodies really trying to stir shit up

  • Selena Martinez
    Selena Martinez


  • Wormhole Engineer
    Wormhole Engineer

    The real question is .. "Who Cares?"

  • Steven Hanson
    Steven Hanson

    Well.. but Church Lady was originally Fibber Fox from Daws Butler. But I'm sure Daws would be very flattered that Dana Carvey lifted Church Lady from Fibber Fox. In facy Fibber Fox should have his own cartoon show. And Dana Carvey could do the voice.

  • Jim Christiansen
    Jim Christiansen

    If Mike Meyers did do that to Dana Carey then IMO that was bogus. He at least owes him 1 million $$$.

  • John McHenry
    John McHenry

    Mike Myers is nothing without Dana.

  • L.H.L. M.M.
    L.H.L. M.M.

    Wow, I hardly knew that was Dana Carvey. He has really changed so much in just a few years! Mike Myers and him were very coo, funny comedy teaml together on SNL. Lorne Micheals is an icon, he's brilliant. Dana didn't want to bite the hands that fed him. Smart move, Dana. Howards was trying to compliment him and to make him show his anger, but Dana didn't fall for it. Dana is very cautious and always seems mild mannered and a perfect foil for a wilder comedian to work with.

  • Marty Smelnek
    Marty Smelnek

    Yesterday at my burger kid job we got down on all fours and shoved dill pickles in our butts and used our noses to play shuffle board with the hamburger buns

  • sjtalibanes408


  • Bdhacker101

    Mike Myers - Better Actor Dana Carvey - Better Comedian End of discussion.....

  • T Clark
    T Clark

    Stern trying to stir shit up...typical gossip

  • kathleen smith
    kathleen smith

    Stern is such a DICK --- he is always trying to start gossip and get people fighting. REAL dick, he is like what 70 years old and he has the mentality of a teenage girl, --- look at his hair.

  • Nick Bennett
    Nick Bennett

    Dana Carvey is the funny one, Mike Myers did try

  • NwO 4LiFE
    NwO 4LiFE

    A brilliant guy? He hired..... Leslie Jones!!! 🤢

  • bbqnice1

    Imagine hoe much cool art we lose to this "no copycats" ethic. In the 60s they used to play co ers of each other's songs all the time. Imagine an Alicia Keyes album covering Adele and Amy Winehouse and Queen and Foo Fighters coming out like every 6 months instead of the parade of dumb original hits marketed to 12 year olds

  • Chris Morton
    Chris Morton

    Why don't they move the mic from in front of Howard's face?

  • cat

    Dana Carvey, Church Chat, funniest stuff ever !! Why Howard trying to create discontent and/or rivalries

  • John Reece
    John Reece

    Mike without Dana is like 🍕 without 🍺

  • Alan Holcomb
    Alan Holcomb

    Dana Carvey’s “ Carsineo “ bit was my favorite . I was spell bound with his ability to merge Carson and Arsenio Hall was genius.