Dana Carvey on His Current Relationship With Mike Myers
The Howard Stern Show
Comedian and “SNL” alum Dana Carvey tells Howard Stern how his impression of Lorne Michaels evolved and what he felt about the similarities seen in Mike Myers' “Austin Powers” character Dr. Evil.
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  • Agent 007
    Agent 007

    Wow, I did not know that. That’s really messed up.

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown

    Where is Wayne's World 3 we get all these reboots and other but why not this

  • Farmer ned 6
    Farmer ned 6

    JAFO from the Blue Thunder TV series

  • An Absolute Bossanova
    An Absolute Bossanova

    whos Lauren?

  • Meegs B
    Meegs B

    Please research the flat Earth

  • BaraZulu

    🧑 "Become another person... Become anodur purrson.. Beh-come an-تصبح شخصا آخر"👳‍♂️

  • Eshi M
    Eshi M

    I had a huge crush on Dana Carvey when I was a kid, and to this day am wildly attracted to hilarious but down to earth guys like him.

  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams

    Why didn't Mike just call and ask him if he can use it? Gosh. They buddies on some level it sounds.

  • Thanny

    I don't get this at all. He did an impression of an actual person, then Myers based a character on another impression of that same person. You don't get to claim ownership of an impression. You're not creating something new. You're trying to mimic something already there. Anyone else can do the same.

  • Patty Lanenga
    Patty Lanenga

    The fact is that everyone in Hollyweird loves Carvey and no one likes Myers because he was such a dick to work with!

  • MrSuperMario34

    Man... Example of a guy that deserves much much more than what he got. Hilarious, amazing human being, smart.

  • Quintin Garvin
    Quintin Garvin

    He should be a new villain in Austin powers.

  • Xavier L.
    Xavier L.

    Rob Schneider credited Dana with having "the best Lorne Michaels impression". Which means everyone in that SNL circle likely knew of it. All the more sad Mike didn't give Dana more credit.

  • DP

    I love Howard’s ability to make a guest speak about things they otherwise wouldn’t. Like Dana is still in control but I don’t think anyone other than Howard could’ve gotten him to admit he had resentment for the dr evil character.

  • Solid Snake56
    Solid Snake56

    Don’t know why Dana would get upset over one character in Austin powers, how would that bother him when he’s the master of disguise

  • Nico

    Carvey kinda looks like Austin Powers now lol

  • Captain Nwalps
    Captain Nwalps

    Man Dana did not want anything to do with that conversation

  • key West SUNSET
    key West SUNSET

    He actually sounds like he's doing James Stewart..

  • Scott E
    Scott E

    Mike Meyers is such a weird dude, everyone who's worked with him has said he's impossible to deal with. I like the new, more mature Howard.

  • Midnight Speedpainter
    Midnight Speedpainter

    Dana Carvey Dr. Evil's brother vs. Dr. Evil went good or something for the next Austin Powers ;p

    • Quintin Garvin
      Quintin Garvin

      He would be dr evil and austins brother due to the twist at the end of the last movie. He should be a new villain in the next movie

  • JustaSassAssGirl

    The first time I saw this man my heart skipped a beat.

    • PrimeTimeJprime

      I really hope you're talking about me

  • Carl. J
    Carl. J

    I don't think Mike asking for a "blessing" or acknowledging on talk shows that it was Dana's original idea would've hurt Mike or Austin Powers at all. That was Mike just trying to take the whole spotlight and being a jerk to his friend.

  • Psilocin Finite
    Psilocin Finite

    I know it sounds stupid, BUT!!!!! I always had an affinity for Dana. I felt he was genuinely funny. I never really liked Mike Myers. Go figure he's a cowardice impression thief that's willing to steal from a close friend so long as he gets paid. I think?

  • Frank Phillips
    Frank Phillips

    When people sing my songs I KNOW they have drunk enough and listened?

  • Charles Mendias
    Charles Mendias

    Dana had the pump it up!/Schwarzenneger too! George Bush 1 also.

  • Nebulous


  • Darik Datta
    Darik Datta

    I think this is the first time I've ever heard Dana's actual voice.

  • matt thomas
    matt thomas

    Lorne Michaels stays up all night cuz he has never worked a day in his life, he gets paid from other peoples talents.

  • Donald Hoot
    Donald Hoot

    Why are we so obsessed over who did what first? None of these silly things are worth one second of fighting or even discussion. Grow up Earth people.

  • Ken Roberts
    Ken Roberts

    im angry you did an impression of my impression ... GET THE FUK OUTTA HERE

  • crithon

    huh, I would have bet money it was Mark McKinney would be first to do a Lorne Michaels impression

  • Nick Falletta
    Nick Falletta

    class act. i like mike myers but dana is more talented.

  • Ewolf5150

    “Let’s get the mood set baby, you got any music you want me to turn on? “You get any megadeth?” Lol

  • Manmelt

    Sounds way bitter

  • Electone_Guy

    Carvey's George Bush Senior is my favourite.

  • Mr. Chopsticks
    Mr. Chopsticks

    Dana is holding back. He wants to tear into Mike and say what a prick he is, but he won't do it.

  • ITMeCE

    I think... maybe Mike was doing it because he loves Dana so much, that’s the way I see it..

  • chrisd5598

    The kids in the hall made first impression of lorne Michael's b4 Austin powers

  • bakeee

    wow, dana is charismatic as fuck. he states his disappointment but bring it back to how humble he was to be able to rub shoulders with certain ppl. fantastic dude.

  • DaHanG

    Had no idea Dr. Evil was Lorne, and a stolen impression. Feel bad for Dana and he knows he got shafted but doesn’t want drama either. It’s okay, Mike Is no Mencia.

  • Autumn Eastman
    Autumn Eastman

    I legit thought this was Fred. Lol

  • WeezerGeek182 Loveday
    WeezerGeek182 Loveday

    Mark McKinney did it in Brain Candy first

  • Thegoddamn Darkknight
    Thegoddamn Darkknight


  • F / yall94
    F / yall94

    He looks like the church lady

  • DreamComa

    Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were such a huge part of my childhood. Love both of them. But in our house, my 2 brothers and I would always, if we had friends over, make sure that they had seen Masters of Disguise. It got a bad reputation, but you better believe we loved that one growing up.

  • Christopher G
    Christopher G

    Tulsi Gabbard interview, please. At least look into it. It would be historic and monumental. Please interview Tulsi Gabbard!!!

  • krmaguire

    You made a LM impression in 1993, and a semi version of that was used in a movie by the guy who made you really famous...are you mad? Easy question to answer.

  • DasGoldenBoy

    Mark McKinney did a take on Lorne Michaels in "Brain Candy" as the CEO/Executive of the drug company behind the pseudo drug. That might have actually predated Austin Powers by a year or so. KITH did have ties to Lorne Michaels as he used some of them as writers for SNL and even executive produced their show that was on HBO in the 80's/90's.

  • Dierskie *
    Dierskie *

    i stole danas Ross Perot when i was 5, sorry man, i was addicted to the laughs id get from my grandparents

  • jacquelyn davis
    jacquelyn davis

    He's one amazing man!!

  • Roguish

    Nobody likes Mike Myers. It has to be a lonely life. At least he's got money.

  • Chris Horry
    Chris Horry

    Exactly the kind of classy response I expected from Dana.

  • Rolling Ormond
    Rolling Ormond

    Dana's SNL audition where he's imitating Dennis Miller is hilarious.When the staff is cracking up you know he's a lock.

  • Johnson Roes
    Johnson Roes

    I'm sorry to hear this I love Austin powers

  • White_Shadow_59

    I like Mike on screen but he seems like a bit of a dick of a person.

  • Hillbilly Redneck
    Hillbilly Redneck

    Last time I checked there is no patents on comedy

  • Hillbilly Redneck
    Hillbilly Redneck

    I’m actually glad he brought it up cause many people including myself who are not fanatics did not KMOW that Dr Evil is Lorne

    • Robert

      If you like weird comedy you should watch the Kids in the Hall movie "Brain Candy". One of the main characters in it is probably the original Lorne Michaels impression. Relevant scene here tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-wc4ND4Javf4.html

  • Hillbilly Redneck
    Hillbilly Redneck

    Wayne and Garth UFCX 3

  • Hillbilly Redneck
    Hillbilly Redneck

    So apparently all comedians steal off each other? I mean do like so called musicians do and alter it just a little and it will be fine haha

  • xX1Ns3RT C01NXx
    xX1Ns3RT C01NXx

    Howard, trying his best to poke the nest.

  • mbPhase23

    Oh man, come on Mike, just do the honorable thing. Credits where it's due, Austin Powers was a great character but never forget your friends.

  • LuneyTune72

    Dr Evil is more than a voice, but I agree with Dana. It’s a bit late to still hold onto this but I also understand

  • Chris R
    Chris R

    One of the top 5 greatest SNL cast members.

  • Neme6ix66

    Garth's World??? In a institution, gotta brake out to help Wayne stop his girlfriend Cassandra from getting trick into having kids with her yoga instructor.... shwing.

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone

    Most underrated snl member. Loved him and hartman

  • J0HN_R1

    Dana Carveys' impression of Lauren Micheals, and the Mike Myers persona of Dr. Evil are two COMPLETELY different characters... No similarity in my opinion.

  • Professor Fez
    Professor Fez

    "Loving things British" Most Americans have no idea what Britain is really like.

    • exexpat11

      Some of those comedians are Canadian and the next best thing. I know I lived in Longnewtondale, England and Westhills, Scotland so... Lots of Americans know what the UK is like.

  • Markles

    Hopefully Mike will reach out to an old friend and show some love.

  • W8ter5

    Wow, i just rewatched the series a couple days ago for the first time in years and now I see this. I had no clue Dana was the inspiration for dr.evil, interesting!

  • HeWentThattaway

    Go back and watch the old James Bond movies. You'll see that Meyers also borrowed heavily from those films' antagonists as well: Goldfinger, Specte, etc. I think Dr. Evil is an amalgamation of Dana's Michaels plus many other Bond evil characters.

  • clayton sinclair
    clayton sinclair

    someone give Dana a show. they gave Ellen Degerate a show.

  • Amina Hays
    Amina Hays

    I had absolutely no idea about this. Stealing someone’s idea about anything is a dick move but comedians stealing from fellow comedians always seems to be a whole new level of scumbaggery. Why couldn’t he have just asked? It’s not difficult. I’m glad Dana Carvey’s been able to let it go. I obviously know it wouldn’t have been the sole reason for him seeing a shrink but it’s a shame he had to do it with the help of a therapist at all.

  • Ben Bishop
    Ben Bishop

    There is only ONE Massive Head-wound Harry

    • Johnny B. Goode
      Johnny B. Goode

      Still probably my favorite SNL skit of all-time. Simply outrageous and to the point.

    • b q
      b q

      oh gosh 😂 the dog... so gross 😂

  • Colin Reilly
    Colin Reilly

    How amazing would it have been if they just cast Dana as doctor evil in the first place? It would have made Dana and Mike like the new Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder.

    • Daniel Massey
      Daniel Massey

      That's probably what irked Dana more than anything. Why did Mike not just get Dana to do the role and he did Austin? People would have loved it.

  • thatphilwhiteguide

    Too bad Dana Carvey didnt make it as big as Mike Myers. I think hes funnier and has a more natural quirkier talent. Mike Myers is talented too but it seems somewhat forced.

    • grendlsma

      Carvey was a better performer, Myers was a better writer and had the kind of ideas that work well for movies. Carey did better impressions, Myers did more original characters.

  • Kat James
    Kat James

    I'm sure someone will make Mike Myers aware of thisinterview. Hopefully it will lead to a conversation where Dana can air his feelings about it and get closure on the matter.

  • daniel scanlan
    daniel scanlan

    Hollywood is full of this stuff.

  • Zero Requiem
    Zero Requiem

    You have something funny.... then you add Dana and it gets even funnier. Everytime. Very few comedians/artists can do that. He has been and will always be one of my favorites.

  • katoness

    So Myers got ideas from other actors to create Dr Evil. Hes an artist that's what he is supposed to do. Stern is such a shit stirrer.

  • R Zella
    R Zella

    Dana Carvey's the best! I loved him on SNL, any interviews, and Master of Disguise, other sketches.

  • 420SmokeJumpers

    Waynes World 2!!!! BILL and TED are coming back com on!

  • James Volk
    James Volk

    I think Howard is starting an issue where there is none

  • kevvymetal666

    Mark McKinney's version of Lorne in Brain Candy (which came out before Austin Powers did) is superior to both Dana and Mike IMHO


    Well Carvey is not that shook up about it. Most people do Lorne the same. I think is pretty basic. Carvey is the best at it i think. Flattery really. Its an impression of an impression.

  • Crowtein

    Howie is edgier today than he was 30 years ago.

  • Lynn Smith
    Lynn Smith

    Wow if stolen d needs to be compensated

  • Senpaiii Diagram
    Senpaiii Diagram

    Why has no one mentioned that this dude looks like Austin powers

  • Craig Phillips
    Craig Phillips

    He suddenly looks like Mike Mills of R.E.M.

  • Rob K
    Rob K

    I'll never understand why Dana was never in Austin Powers.

  • thingfish

    I was watching the most recent iteration of The Gong Show. Dana Carvey was one of the judges. Myers and Carvey seemed happy to see each other. They are both quite talented.

  • Ikura Prime
    Ikura Prime

    Why only 4:20 long???!!!

  • BenUgly

    You know who else steals impressions.... SATAN. Church Lady was the best.

  • Ken Clark
    Ken Clark

    Interesting Myers felt comfortable moving forward with the character without so much as a mention or passing comment to Dana. Considering the character and/or mannerisms of Dr. Evil were essentially the creation of Dana, it doesn't say much about Myers. Personally, I couldn't fathom doing such a thing to anybody let alone a friend and professional colleague. I thought a backbone was necessary to stand upright but apparently, Meyers found a way. Dana showed class by not bagging on Myers in this interview. It has to be a bit of a needle in his side seeing his creation used by another individual who ultimately made millions as a result of it. Meyers apparently doesn't feel it's necessary to recognize Dana's creation. A not so funny punch line. Meyers continued silence would only make the needle grow larger from my perspective. Without Dana's incredibly brilliant comedic sense and his ability to pick up on the slightest detail of another to create a new character, we never would have met Dr. Evil. Recognition and a thank you would be good but a check for a million or two would be better.

  • ZyxthePest

    I think Dana subconsciously remembered the pinky thing from a Twilight Zone episode called Number 12 Looks Just Like you, where a scientist does it a lot.

  • TopSecretVid

    Need another Austin Powers WITH Dana Carvey...

    • Leelz247


  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker


  • sunnypie2

    Wayne’s World was their collaboration. I don’t understand why Dana Is angry about his Austin Powers.

    • Leelz247

      Did you not watch the clip? Myers took Carvey's artistic creation without asking or giving him credit.

  • Volvican

    But they ALL have a Lorne now. The pinkie thing is a step too far though.

  • Kyle Callis
    Kyle Callis

    Boy if Dana could have played dr.evil it would of been awesome

  • robert powers
    robert powers

    Bottom line...better Hustle or you’ll get hustled!