David Dobrik and Natalie Noel Take A Friendship Test | Glamour
TR-myr David Dobrik and his Assistant Natalie Noel take the ultimate friendship test. Whether they'e sharing their funny first impressions of each other from childhood, or bonding over their love these two prove that sometimes the only thing the best friendship's need is lots of love and laughter. Find out if David and Natalie can mirror each other's best dance moves!
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David Dobrik and Natalie Noel Take A Friendship Test | Glamour

  • Jessie_d06

    they are literally so in love how are they not married yet

  • HeyitsJJ

    What’s he going with all that cake 🎂

  • Pasindu kavinga
    Pasindu kavinga

    tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-Ik1qexHKpe4.html david ❤️🔥

  • Adrian Caba
    Adrian Caba

    David’s go to move is Kodak blacks go to move

  • Emmanuel Figueroa
    Emmanuel Figueroa

    Please come on , they have to be together

  • JayDee VLogs
    JayDee VLogs

    bro if they dont get married.. i am gonna cry, they literally seem like the perfect couple

  • Buckington JAJA
    Buckington JAJA

    Friend Zone

  • Just Fitness
    Just Fitness

    This is sooo cute

  • Valeria Cattousse Pappa Cattousse
    Valeria Cattousse Pappa Cattousse


  • Suzette Anderson
    Suzette Anderson

    Is it ok that I laugh through this whole thing🤣🤣🤣

  • Crosby Wood
    Crosby Wood

    AAAAAH i’m so soft for this friendship

  • Samntha Huber
    Samntha Huber

    Very nice 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mariana Martins
    Mariana Martins

    Can people not be just friends ? jezz🙄

  • Sofia Tummolo
    Sofia Tummolo

    i think they would dare if they weren’t scared of losing a friend

  • Swagata Chakraborty
    Swagata Chakraborty

    I still want David and Liza to get back together.

  • Maria

    “Am I allowed to say nothing” LMAO

  • Jaylee Rae
    Jaylee Rae

    i mean, i ship

  • bianca a
    bianca a

    natalie keeps friend zoning david and i’m like 😾

  • JENNA short stuff
    JENNA short stuff

    Jim and Pam vibes

  • Alina Sauceda
    Alina Sauceda


  • Mia

    Anyone else just SMILING ear to ear during this whole thing...?🥺

  • lol lol
    lol lol

    there are definitely some vibes here...

  • Chloe Shea
    Chloe Shea

    this made me cry 😢 i want a good friendship like this so bad and i’ve never had one

  • Makayllla R
    Makayllla R

    The Music Though!!!😭🥺🥺🥺

  • Vasil 6907
    Vasil 6907

    6:52 it is just me or did David imitated Manny Khoshbin when he said: “Very Nice”

    • fx leanersaturn
      fx leanersaturn

      No it was borat

  • Joud Abdalrzag Kaal
    Joud Abdalrzag Kaal

    I think they have a thing like love hhhhhh😅😇🙂🥰😚😋

  • mhmm ulip_
    mhmm ulip_


  • Dick Blownoff
    Dick Blownoff

    David is a demisexual who’s heart only beats for Natalie. It’s a beautiful thing, really.

  • Sophia Sutton
    Sophia Sutton

    David: we’re like brother and sister Also David: my first impression on her was wow she’s so beautiful 😍

  • Brandon Tavares
    Brandon Tavares

    David: “like brother and sister” The yeehaws: “YESSIR”

  • Alejandro Ramirez
    Alejandro Ramirez

    David got probably just got friend zoned

  • Darian V
    Darian V

    just kiss allredy

  • Asm A
    Asm A

    Friendship exists ! Calm your teenage hormones ffs

  • Mirela Aleksa
    Mirela Aleksa

    David: “My palms have never been more sweaty” Me: “Are your knees weak.. arms heavy?”

  • Bailey Masoner
    Bailey Masoner

    i ship it

  • Bailey Masoner
    Bailey Masoner

    soo cute omg

  • Ghea Merry Angel
    Ghea Merry Angel

    This is both adorable and painful to watch.

  • Crystal so Cute
    Crystal so Cute

    Awww these to need to hang out more

  • Jonathan Sanchez
    Jonathan Sanchez

    You're destined to be together

  • Denzel Joaquin
    Denzel Joaquin

    they look so cute together af

  • Anonymous Banter
    Anonymous Banter

    This ain't no friendship test, this is a realisation of love test.

  • Emma Waters
    Emma Waters

    They are too cute, if these two aren’t endgame I swear

  • The-Life_Of-Alex

    I’m actually so surprised at how much this video made my happy😂 I thought that I would be like aww ,I wish I had this guy best friend relationship 😂 but this is so cuuteee

  • Naani

    Clearly only one of them has "more than just friends" feeling for the other. It's kinda sad.

  • Antonio Gaming
    Antonio Gaming

    Who thinks they should date each other??.....

  • LEO

    I’m convinced the neighborhood they grew up in breeds cute kids

  • Trilogy


  • honeykoos

    is she natalies outlet ????

  • Life with Dalya
    Life with Dalya

    the music 😭

  • Taecupchats Ff
    Taecupchats Ff

    i just don’t get it, if they’re dating... and david and her are dating, david said to liza not to get a boyfriend and liza said not to get a girlfriend...wHaT?!?!?

  • Riley’s Vlogz
    Riley’s Vlogz

    as Jeff says, Natalie and David are secretly together

  • kopytek36

    Natalie is definitely eye candy! Probably the most reserved of the other girls, so to speak.

  • Alamin Ninja
    Alamin Ninja

    The camera is flipped so it makes david look soo wierd but still handsome as ever

  • J A L A P E N O
    J A L A P E N O

    David dobrik, DD, natalie noel, NN

  • ashley blake
    ashley blake

    Omg I want them to be together now

  • aicha abdoul aziz
    aicha abdoul aziz

    It’s so cuttttteeeee ❤️🖤🤍🧡💜

  • XxBillybobjoexX

    6:30 people in 2020 freaking out about social distancing

  • Emily Shelor
    Emily Shelor

    I clicked on this video just to see if in the end they would be like jk, we're together now

  • Lil Hot potato
    Lil Hot potato

    Liza’s punching the air rn

  • Andraž Egart
    Andraž Egart


  • Jocelyn Rosales
    Jocelyn Rosales

    When Natalie said she was always a more loner in school and David had his group of friends I would think that David was the loner and Natalie would be popular 😂

  • Farhana Zakir
    Farhana Zakir

    Aww poor Liza 😢 😭

  • Manny H003
    Manny H003

    Is a good kisser?😳

  • Samantha Finnegan
    Samantha Finnegan

    Why am I just now seeing this

  • Azure de la cruz
    Azure de la cruz

    they are literally in love please get married

  • Kyle Christopher T Perigua
    Kyle Christopher T Perigua

    They fell for each other literaly

  • Felicity Anne Santos
    Felicity Anne Santos

    im literally smiling the whole video💖 JUST MARRY EACH OTHER!!!

  • aziz jemaa
    aziz jemaa

    What is natalie wearing

  • Gabriella Sanchez
    Gabriella Sanchez

    bro he literally he said was excited to move cuz he saw a cute girl. it was natalie! i feel like they wanna be more than friends but theyre just scared of losing friendship over relationship

  • Fernanda

    i need a boy bestfriend