DAY6 "Time of Our Life(한 페이지가 될 수 있게)" M/V
DAY6 "Time of Our Life(한 페이지가 될 수 있게)" M/V
Listen to DAY6 "The Book of Us : Gravity"
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  • Yoselyn Saire mayta
    Yoselyn Saire mayta

    hermosos mis babys :3

  • Mochii

    i'm an army and this is the first day6 song/mv i've seen and heard and its a big phat *bop* also it sounds like an anime opening :O

  • Mariluz Morales Gomez
    Mariluz Morales Gomez


  • •kim Nathalie•
    •kim Nathalie•

    This song is beautiful❤️

  • juegawomandownunder - Niño rata y maricón
    juegawomandownunder - Niño rata y maricón

    Me entran ganas de llorar de lo buena que es esta canción

  • Aria Wells
    Aria Wells

    Okay heard this song for the first time today and I am obsessed! So good! Quick google search to get their names but Wonpil is 😍😍 bias alert. Found another group to listen to 💛

  • Ror 120
    Ror 120

    Day6 aren’t capable of making one bad song all the songs are bangers and they sound even better live ( can’t wait for the concert in Sydney I will be there) 😆😆❤️


    Why this band so good?!?😭😭

  • Maja xD
    Maja xD

    I really like their songs they give me special vibes

  • mały kamyczek
    mały kamyczek

    Where is the "love button? :D

  • Army Manzur
    Army Manzur

    😮😮😮😮😮😮babys hermosos

  • Gizer Reyes
    Gizer Reyes

    The opening sounds like an anime song, someone think the same? hahahahah

  • Nicolas Tordeux
    Nicolas Tordeux

    This song sound like a anime opening 😂😂😂

  • Marla

    my dad is 59 and stans day6 so hardcore and biases jae. my dad has amazing taste in music

  • BTS tus Patrones
    BTS tus Patrones

    Soy nueva escuchando Day6 v: es como estilo Rock ? Por la dudas pregunto ¤_¤

    • BTS tus Patrones
      BTS tus Patrones

      @julia maria Fl ❤❤❤❤❤ me encanta

    • julia maria Fl
      julia maria Fl

      Sí. K-Rock: )

  • mochi mochi
    mochi mochi

    sounds like an anime intro wooooow😍😍😍

  • taeyongg weewoo
    taeyongg weewoo

    here since i wait, yall have grown alongside your music and its evolved beautifully, each song being timeless. love u x

  • Jyothish Asok
    Jyothish Asok

    Simply Awesome 👏 # Love from India 🇮🇳 😘

  • Angie Santiago
    Angie Santiago

    I lovOooOovee itt!!

  • Leticia Perez
    Leticia Perez

    I had heard of Day6 and just decided to listen to them today. I was not disappointed

  • Immawonderer Sings
    Immawonderer Sings

    I love your music Day6 💕💘❣️💖💙💛🧡❤️💓💜💞💝💟

  • Sarah Augustus
    Sarah Augustus

    Wtf why is this so good

  • Samara Lyn
    Samara Lyn

    Just wanted to listen to a new song and I have joined a new fandom🤩

  • gafoe13

    Seriously this Album needs more recognition !!!

  • Kpop Tea
    Kpop Tea

    Day6 deserve more popularity and recognition. If you’re new to the fandom here is why I stan and why if you enjoy their music you should also Stan Day6 right now. Jaesix Jae is 70% leg 20% chicken and 10% lobster and funny af. Dowoon is so talented. Wonpil is such a mood 😂. Sungjin has a fabulous voice and his an all round great person. Brian, wait who’s Brian I only know young K. And that’s why I stan Day6. Oh and Jae’s hair after the roller coaster 😂

  • Lil Methy
    Lil Methy

    This music video bops, so do they, damn.

  • wonderwell


  • Captain Levi
    Captain Levi

    My first MV with Day6, Better late than never HAHA😂💗

  • Gali


  • Twiceylableh Onceu
    Twiceylableh Onceu

    Who's here still streaminggg??

  • ami psh
    ami psh

    Stan talent,stan day6

  • Anis Amani
    Anis Amani

    is this an anime opening song?

  • карина карина
    карина карина

    Это так классно пипец♥♥♥♥

  • Blaster Silonga
    Blaster Silonga

    my dumb ass is still not sleeping on them, stream for clear skin ya'll

  • 윅좐


  • Wonnie Black6ix stan
    Wonnie Black6ix stan


  • Devi Pratiwi
    Devi Pratiwi

    OMG Jae

  • syafiqah ramli
    syafiqah ramli

    love you day6... i will support u...

  • Mellya Rizki Pitriani
    Mellya Rizki Pitriani

    I LOVE IT THIS SONG, Thank you Day6

  • 영원한허당

    노래 너무 신나고 좋다

  • Lilly Lopez
    Lilly Lopez

    Everytime this song comes on I keep thinking of Mario Kart 😂😂 just me? Sorry

  • humixmusic4lyf

    As a retired fan of the previous kpop generation I thought, 'let me see what's up with the new generation'. Typed in 'blackpink' since they are the most popular hit .... smh, 9 year old-looking ass, 2NE1 wannabe, generic rap/edm sounding trash, really? Ranted to a friend and he recommended these guys too me: first video I've clicked and honestly their sound is gorgeous. The skies are brighter, The air is warmer, Even my orchids are blooming, My mind is at peace knowing there are some gems in the new kpop generation. TuT

  • Letras Chinas [?]
    Letras Chinas [?]

    I love you. No me arrepiento de seguirlos, amo su música.

  • Pizza and Ice Cream
    Pizza and Ice Cream

    I love them because they don't sound like kpop

  • Pizza and Ice Cream
    Pizza and Ice Cream

    Anime opening be like:

  • jhobiswife

    Anime openings are shaking

  • Johnny’s Whore
    Johnny’s Whore

    I’m fucking crying because I can’t go to the tour 😭😭😭☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • 맙소사오즈의


  • Gail Yang
    Gail Yang

    i swear, the beginning instrumental for this song makes me think it's an anime opening.

  • RGG

    Best Bands in the World 5. You 4. Can't 3. Rank 2. Them *1. Day6*

  • 달콩

    is it me or the intro seems like an anime opening and the song suits an anime :---)

  • Kha kyongso
    Kha kyongso

    Love you oppadel fans

  • Ern Ji Chew
    Ern Ji Chew


  • Me_ chan
    Me_ chan

    Wow!! I come here after joy said she likes day6 now. And I am be like how can band like this really sexy 😂

    • Doraemon Sama
      Doraemon Sama

      Welcome Make sure to check out other songs Shoot me Letting go I wait Congratulations You were beautiful I loved you Breakingdown Stop the rain Live your life For me Cover best part wanna go back How to love

  • a Jimin Lover
    a Jimin Lover

    Is me, or this song sounds like an anime intro??

  • Hans

    this song is such an anime opening hahaha

  • Harrah Eunice Bayog Adam
    Harrah Eunice Bayog Adam

    Sounds like Anime OST 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Min Yoongles
    Min Yoongles

    I like drum,i love drum, i am drum

  • k sil
    k sil

    time to STAN

  • 岡本和真


  • cristiano thapa
    cristiano thapa

    Tempo is of a anime opening but cool song

  • Ripy

    Red Velvet JOY brings me here!

    • paulabenji

      Ripy i hope you didn’t regret watching this

  • Yolanda Govea
    Yolanda Govea

    Que gran canción! Las letras también son hermosas 💖 #DAY6 LA MEJOR BANDA! 💪

  • Irma Oktineyani
    Irma Oktineyani

    glad i'm here.. i support ..

  • LOL

    am i late to listen to this song ? im addicted now

  • I want to meet Twice
    I want to meet Twice

    *I'm here everyday. Who's with me?*

    • Andre T S
      Andre T S


  • Ananya Sampathkumar
    Ananya Sampathkumar

    some of you don’t stan day6 and that’s not ok

  • -_-

    i'm here. i've been keeping my eyes on day6 since "shoot me" (my first day6 song). do you guys recommend any other songs by them? i'm slowly becoming a myday.

    • Doraemon Sama
      Doraemon Sama

      Live your life Breaking down Letting go You were beautiful Days gone by Their latest album tracks For me How to love Best part Wanna go back Cover Honestly their entire discography is amazing They have no bad song so far You'll love each and every song I'm just telling you I love all of their songs

    • -_-

      @aiza kousa thanks

    • aiza kousa
      aiza kousa

      This is mine, thou i like all their song First time Sing me Hi hello Stop the rain(japaness track)

    • -_-

      @ATEEZ TRASH thanks


      I Wait I Need Somebody What Can I Do Congradulations My top 4 favorits songs by Day6 hope this was helpful

  • Roz.

    *I swear I'll be mad if this doesn't become an ANIME OPENING*

  • Bennaceur Kheira
    Bennaceur Kheira

    I like it❤😍

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