DC and Karlous Back in the trap Recap
The 85 South Comedy Show
dc and karlous pull up in the trap to catch up on everything thats been going on - From the craziness on tour to being back home. DC and Karlous also take it back and look back at the first time they got their heart broken and the first time they got some.

  • Doo Pac
    Doo Pac

    Y’all feed em too much dope

  • dijon the digger
    dijon the digger

    The game so fucked up u can stand out by doing nothing

  • dijon the digger
    dijon the digger

    I learned all my holidays from the 85 south

  • Danielle McPherson
    Danielle McPherson

    Damn it dc yawning is contagious.. 😂 I yawned 3seconds after he did

  • Tiwana Johnson
    Tiwana Johnson

    10 MILLION

  • Tiwana Johnson
    Tiwana Johnson


  • WorldFulla Faith
    WorldFulla Faith

    I LOVE YOU DC🐐💙💙💙💙💙

  • Darrius Christmas
    Darrius Christmas

    I came back for the "Happy Holidays" song, shit went hard😂 #HitEmWithTheFire🔥🔥

  • Supa Slime
    Supa Slime

    Lous got regular commercial..... shit was serious lol

  • Justin Dockery
    Justin Dockery

    I Didn’t Like That Arkansas Joke .. Hollow Tip Head Ass Nigga 😂

  • Lieury -
    Lieury -

    33:23 what dis nigga Los said?

  • Antonio Taylor
    Antonio Taylor

    Dem hoes was on drugs. Put that on a t shirt

  • Hugo Rui
    Hugo Rui

    That JON instrumental is LIIIIITT do anyone know where can it can be downloaded?

  • Michael Dale Njenga
    Michael Dale Njenga

    Happy Birthday and Blessings @KarlousM incase I forget on April 2.

  • Sky Lovely3
    Sky Lovely3

    Stay cracking me up smh 😂😂

  • TheFamousDH55

    Next year we need more shows in the Midwest

  • Torre Grimes
    Torre Grimes

    Smoke one and eat cheezits

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams

    💓👍🏾we all go back like 👣uh uh like I can't 👍🏾be with you bra I'm 👣speaking there with you 🔥;

  • MrIm InUrFace
    MrIm InUrFace

    If Fly the the funniest like here

  • Kenneth Reaves
    Kenneth Reaves

    We rock with y’all- we pray for the trio- Love , Love, Love

  • The Ten
    The Ten

    I knew this was going to happen when i heard the show. I wish you all (well you know who he young) never told the world that's against us systematically that a lot of black people including your cuzn making a lot of money doing Rideashare even more than you pay her. haven't we learned as a people that the forces against us never sleep and are listening for us to TELL ALL OUR BUSINESS (which is our untamed behavior) TO USE AGAINST US which HAS BEEN the case ALLLL THROUGHOUT HISTORY??!! ?!!! First time in a year, noticing on a Friday night in MAJOR CITY IN Georgia barely no ride hits. i KNEW IT SOON as you all told all our business the cloke of oppression was going to act fast. BE MINDFUL OF WHAT Y'ALL TALK ABOUT. Some things really won't benefit us as a whole. Has anyone else notice any difference which coincides with that show?

  • D'Angelo Durr
    D'Angelo Durr

    Dime bag DC lmao

  • I Am WhoItIs
    I Am WhoItIs

    #Thispostcastisfor niggas that roll roaches up and don’t break them down..

  • Divine Essence
    Divine Essence

    The blow up doll is definitely DC’s funniest moment 😂😂😭. I have been crying laughing at that for the longest

  • Divine Essence
    Divine Essence

    Lol Jon so chill 😂😂😍

  • Alexes Harris
    Alexes Harris

    I just wanna know who homie is laughing in the background almost every episode. I just wanna put a face to the laugh 😭

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      Probably either Joe or Chad lol

  • FattBlack Katt
    FattBlack Katt


  • Ineka Collins
    Ineka Collins

    Love ya N. O. Fa sho . insurance is needed. Nicca die out here his body cold 2 or 3 wks. Family havin suppers every weekend to bury them .smh

  • jilly 30
    jilly 30

    This podcast for niggaz that still smoke swishers instead of them harsh ass backwoods.

  • Samuel Pena
    Samuel Pena

    Lmao Karlous said "he didn't mean that" when singing about juneteenth lol

  • Alicia Carter
    Alicia Carter

    I love what y'all doin I been watching y'all since y'all started this shit I never miss a video. I hope y'all continue to do this shit for along time. 😘😘😘

  • T'Arien Mosquera
    T'Arien Mosquera

    Y’all avoided Valentines Day?

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      What's that 🤣

  • K'hari Lancelin
    K'hari Lancelin

    Where did they get tht painting

  • Darryl Rutledge
    Darryl Rutledge

    What about April 20th AKA 420!!!!

  • K'Anna Billy
    K'Anna Billy

    Love yal❤ yal keep it so real dont ever change👍😁😍

  • Aaron Reyes
    Aaron Reyes

    Karlous said the falcons lost they practice game the other day 😂😂

  • Marcus Napper
    Marcus Napper

    Happy 420

  • Nique Nique
    Nique Nique

    That part about the life insurance had me in tears 😂😂😂

  • Security Guard
    Security Guard

    If you don't get pussy.......don't feel bad about it my g, learn how to not give a fuck and watch how that pussy gon start comin to way

  • Security Guard
    Security Guard


  • Ava Holloway
    Ava Holloway

    I know Chad didn't know the camera was still on while he was doing his lil dance lol #GetItChad

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams

    💓👍🏾and it's Thursday you hell 👣yeah laugh they watching you 👍🏾too much they think they 👣think they can talk watch;

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams

    💓👍🏾I have hmmm on a 👣pussy too right now back 👍🏾to the pussy too he's 👣eating the pussy arch booty;

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams

    💓👍🏾right keep talking keep pressure 👣Raheem like son where you 👍🏾been at and he rolling 👣up the weed brother cousin;

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams

    💓👍🏾that chew chains hell yeah 👣laugh skirt skirt bluntedly laugh 👍🏾I fuck ole trap awe 👣yeah me either yeah sniff;

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams

    💓👍🏾give me a opportunity yeah 👣what's up with your manes 👍🏾aye if you ever waiting 👣on somebody now you looking;

  • Kristen totalbeauty37
    Kristen totalbeauty37

    That is me Karlos!! I definitely will be the one watching everyone ski!! Hell someone has to tell the story!!

  • igfromthe323

    @53:00 They got something called Pepcoin where you scan the items you buy and collect points. Usually you see it on pepsi and doritos chips.

  • brianna peters
    brianna peters

    I love watching you guys from my desk at work......I do use ear plugs, lol.

  • Jessica Greer
    Jessica Greer

    A lot of these ladies are tough like beef jerky 🤣

  • Mokhele Mokhele
    Mokhele Mokhele

    Yeah a trap house episode 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • D-N- JAE
    D-N- JAE

    I feel like I know Karlous. We are definitely the same age....and D,C's timing is impeccable..

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams

    💓👍🏾I said something like win 👣and you did dam better 👍🏾than me mane I fucked 👣up before we thugging we;

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams

    💓👍🏾ew my brother said his 👣rap is license homie said 👍🏾ew we won said in 👣my name put some up;

  • Michael Corrodi
    Michael Corrodi

    #ThisPodcastIsFor Bruddas Who Want Sauce!!

  • kendra colley
    kendra colley

    Literally Arkansas niggas. I live here 😒🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams

    💓👍🏾aye mane it's been a 👣minute I'm going stack it 👍🏾up yeah cook it up 👣like food food taking pictures+aye+love+life&

  • Ty Skrilla MBG
    Ty Skrilla MBG

    #ArkansasStandUp 🔥💯🚶

  • nathan wood
    nathan wood

    April 2nd my bday too

  • SB Cager
    SB Cager

    Nah I fuck wit dat first beat tho🔥🔥

  • Merranda Kimble
    Merranda Kimble

    🤣🤣🤣...👍..white people love yall ..

  • Krystal Holliday
    Krystal Holliday

    They high

  • TyeMe Upp
    TyeMe Upp

    can't wait to see y'all fine asses sunday in miami 🤤❤️🤞🏾

  • HeyYaya Kay
    HeyYaya Kay

    “Be quiet....i can hear my ears” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤦🏾‍♀️

  • jason perry
    jason perry

    bruhhh karlos peanut butter joke took me out bruh 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • jkid82XKon

    35:38 I've been saying this shit to everyone all my life and they just don't get it. I will tell my own damn mama don't ask me more than 3 questions man.

  • Inspirational One
    Inspirational One

    Hilarious! ❤💚

  • Moe Moeshaaa
    Moe Moeshaaa


  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas Miller

    Idk how people get mad at DC jokes when he talk about his mom and his daughter get out your feelings people lol

  • Trap Jesus
    Trap Jesus

    that beat fire