Caroline Sommers
Once upon a time, NBC sent me and a team of video journalists to Macomb County Michigan (just north of Detroit) with a mandate to hang with a dashing young medical examiner named Dr. Daniel Spitz. He had agreed to give us unprecedented access to his morgue and to his team of investigators who, in shifts, were on call 24/7/365. So my team and I also split into shifts.
The bosses instructed us to shoot all the video we could. If we came back with just enough material to fill one one-hour show, they said, fine. If we came back with more, even better. Well, we came back with three shows' worth of material and this is the one I'm proudest of, because not only was I running the team and overseeing their scripts, but I was also writing and producing my own story simultaneously. Here's the backstory of this episode.
One day I stepped into the morgue's walk-in freezer and saw a 19-year-old who had hanged himself in his grandparents' barn that morning, lying next to a 44-year-old woman who had died mysteriously. I immediately thought to myself "These two people were complete strangers in life, and now here they are next-door neighbors in death." I immediately knew EXACTLY how I was going to write this episode.
It was a creepy yet fascinating project to work on, being a bystander watching people have their last doctor's appointment ever. I wrote an essay about it here:

  • Nelsie McKenzie
    Nelsie McKenzie

    Amazing work.

  • Meghan Reiley
    Meghan Reiley

    "the water should be cleaned up of the seaweed" ... Look lady, I know you're grieving but.... You're talking crazy

  • Blake Birdo
    Blake Birdo

    I thought dead men tell no tales.... dafuq

  • Cathi FAM Journey
    Cathi FAM Journey

    So sad, all 4 cases. The 19yo broke my heart, that he felt he needed a permanent outcome to a temporary situation.

  • Joel Jimenez
    Joel Jimenez

    May God the Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit, have mercy on these precious souls, and grant them rest and mercy in his kingdom. May the Lord grant peace and comfort to the people who grieve for their losses, and May the Good Lord give strength to the various men and women who deal with these situations, and help us as a society to learn from these challenging lessons of life. Amen.

  • redpooh5

    Very educational I love how they put things in dummy terms.. Mrs.Moore almost made me about to quit going to the dentist 😏..also all I know is however much they get paid it isn’t enough!!!

  • joenissan

    The kid that hung himself.....the parents claimed the system failed him because his arrest record kept him from the military? Really? How about you failed him as parents!

  • Cindy Lou
    Cindy Lou

    Bless all their hearts! The people who passed, their Families who need answers and the people who are tasked with taking care of them after they pass. My hat goes off to them with deep respect.

  • Karen O
    Karen O

    Mrs. Srour, Sorry about the death of your Husband. Note: It is NOT the job of Government, nor anyone, to Clean up plant from Natural growing site. Please make sure Your kids Know How to Swim. Not very appreciative of you saying, 'Lifeguards should put more effort into helping'.

  • Julie Gajeski
    Julie Gajeski

    My grandma she was very healthy except her gallbladder went in for a simple routine surgery, the Dr cut her liver and major infection after many calls pleading for help, he basically told her she was fine, and it was normal just needed to rest an heal and she sadly died! my heart is still hurting :(

  • veg4life

    is it a good idea that im eating a sandwich & ketchup & fries

  • Latonya Bishop
    Latonya Bishop

    R.I.P. beautiful ppl!🙏💕

  • Nikki Sins
    Nikki Sins

    Wow, she was only 47. .they should have caught that infection/ bowel problem.

  • Sherrie Reece
    Sherrie Reece

    Ryan's parent's have a point! Illegals can join the U.S. military but a kid looking for a new start and wanted a better constructive reform of his life is denied!!! Yeah the system did fail Ryan

    • kerryn67

      This has nothing to do with “illegals”. We don’t know why the US military didn’t want to enrol this young man. The saddest thing is that men’s mental health isn’t spoken about openly in the US. In Australia a beloved football player took his life this week. The overwhelming response has been sadness & empathy. We are doing all we can to destigmatise the burden of mental health issues in our community. We can only hope that our young men & women know that there are people they can talk to about their issues who will understand. I can only hope the same thing can happen in the US rather than blaming an enemy that doesn’t exist.

  • Tiaraluck

    I want to know if all the internal organs return to the dead body after the autopsies ended. Please reply...

    • kerryn67

      Yes, the organs are placed back in the body after tissue & blood samples are taken.

  • GoonerKIRK

    I'm use to death my ex fiance hung herself my best friend strangled himself to death.. lost my brother.... I've oded and been brought back..

  • nicole nicole
    nicole nicole

    Did that lady say the government should clean the sea floor of seaweed...??

  • Vanessa Riley
    Vanessa Riley

    Thank U

  • Wakita Sioux
    Wakita Sioux

    Raise a more mentally tough boy next everyone else does. Blaming everyone except who this really falls on, and that starts at home with the parents.

    • kerryn67

      You obviously have no idea about the outcomes of mental health issues. Please educate yourself. It has nothing to do with strength or courage.

  • Zofe Raweline
    Zofe Raweline

    Psalms 8:12 always in the end lol

  • Johnny

    Clean up our seaweed? How wise !

  • george delgado
    george delgado

    What a terrible exploitive show. The camerawork is terrible and there is nothing to be learned at all. All about showing vanity of man and his follies of self importance. Focuses on things to get your mind to associate emotions to the complete ignorance of "health care" all those fancy gadgets and no one learning anything to cure. Go play on your boat Dr.Spits (ironic name) nothing to heal here. And what's with the no love for the Muslim women in the comments? What kind of a world do i live in here? Cheap criticism of a grieving woman's words? Garbage in garbage out is the mentality here. TR-my is a haven for slack jaws to repeat stupid opinions of the popular kids, nothing more. To showcase a feeling conveyed by ones own ignorance; ones perceptions? How horribly cold, distant ,detached and isolated we have become as a species of robots. Ask Dr Spits, his fun must be shown with all grandiosity for you to admire. Another show of ego contrasting the reality we all face. Can't take it with you but you can hoard it all till you die.

    • kerryn67

      His name is Dr Spitz. You’ve not worked in the medical field like he has. I’ve worked as a registered nurse for 32yrs & have nothing but admiration for this man. Do you expect him to become emotionally involved with every person who ends up in the morgue? He wouldn’t last a week if he did that. You wouldn’t last a minute in his workplace. Be thankful there are empathic & intelligent people like him who take such good care of our loved ones after they die.

  • KJ S
    KJ S

    That child needed psychological help....the Marines did not fail him...he would not have been a safe or stable individual to give a gun / weapons condolences to the family

  • OneOfTheMasses *
    OneOfTheMasses *

    How can they say that the last death was natural, and caused by the patient, when she didn't preform the hernia surgery on herself, nor did she wish to leave the hospital, because she felt that something was still wrong with her? I hope that her husband gets the justice that he seeks.♡

  • Celluler Sweller
    Celluler Sweller

    I hope his law suit turned out well

  • RacinGIRL911

    This was a fascinating and compelling video. My heart goes out to all of the family and friends of the people who passed away. It is through their permission for their loved one to be filmed that others may learn valuable information. Thank you also to the doctor and his staff for showing nothing but respect to the people who died. And finally, thank you to everyone involved in filming this video.

  • Dave Fish
    Dave Fish

    Dying is part of living .. It happens to everyone sooner or later .. Stay alive as long as you can and party!!!

  • lemonadeintheheat

    They (husband) NEED TO SUE THE FUCKING LAZY DOCTOR WHO TOLD THE LADY i'M NOT KEEPING YOU IN YOU ARE GOING HOME WHEN CLEARLY SHE TOLD HIM SHE DO NOT FEEL WEL and Think she should stay in hospital. Doctor does kill patients too. Some of them just do not care and not thorough.

  • Wetpaint Williams
    Wetpaint Williams

    Damn, stay away from the medical industry, they're depopulating the herd. I asked my Dr. "Who's the last person you cured"? He shrugged?

  • Sweetly creeping in
    Sweetly creeping in

    Blows my mind we ALL will die.....

  • Elle Coopee
    Elle Coopee

    I’m sorry for the drowning mans family on their loss but to say the government should clean up all the seaweed is stupid! It is like saying you should remove all the long grass trees etc just in case. When it’s your time it’s your time.Ce la vie

  • candlesbyalexandria

    Jaw pain is one of the signs of a heart attack.

  • Cynthia Johnson
    Cynthia Johnson

    Nooo o I m alive I feee l uu stop p s try oo pppppp !!! So me no dyy St op the m

  • Cynthia Johnson
    Cynthia Johnson


  • Cynthia Johnson
    Cynthia Johnson

    Oh my God I'm dead dead but what is this place Cindy wher r u I'm here at the mo urg

  • bartakin

    Don't harm people and don't drive them to take their own life..

  • Sean Keller
    Sean Keller

    Medical mistakes are the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.

  • Karen Lm
    Karen Lm

    Concerning that last man who lost his wife. I never understand the hesitancy for doctors or ER staff to cover all their bases, run additional tests, or order additional testing. I think it all comes down to becoming apathetic, not wanting to use resources, or pleasing the insurance companies that demand answers for unnecessary tests. I have witnessed a few of that woman's case. So often yes, it is the doctor's fault assuming the patient is an attention or drug seeker or being a big baby. They forget it is not their decision to determine if pain is valid. That is a violation of patient rights. She had pain, clear discernable symptoms, and recent surgery that warranted a second look. Being she had recent abdominal surgery, had gut pain, running a fever, and was weak the doctor should have immediately run a blood test to check for sepsis. That simple. But the doctor pretty much treated this woman's condition with indifference. Not sure if he should lose his license, but clearly needs to be investigated for past patient complaints, interview staff, and put him on leave from hospital surgical privileges. A trial would determine if the doctor made a bad (but unintended) judgement call which would be malpractice/negligence versus murder. If the surgery was done correctly and the wife died of possible and known complications then this will likely result in a civil lawsuit. That is why doctors get malpractice insurance to basically cover moments they might be sued. I feel incredibly sad for the husband, but I doubt the doctor will lose his license or serve jail time. At best he may lose his job at the hospital and forced to pay restitution to the family or some sort of victim's compensation.

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover

    "Mr Markham I think your wife wants to be sick" of course she felt sick from her surgery. I hope he loses his license and goes to jail. This lady didn't deserve to die. This could have been prevented had her doctor gone out of his way and rechecked her. He pretty much was saying that Mrs Markham was pretending she felt sick so she could get great care from the nurses. I would've just called the ambulance right away instead of calling the doctor. Maybe she would have had a small chance.

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy

    Sunny Jesus is great! isn't he?

  • AnnNC North Carolina
    AnnNC North Carolina

    This job is not for everyone. I have to much empathy for people to do it. But God bless those who do.

  • VanillaGorilla 84
    VanillaGorilla 84

    I just can't help but wish I could ask the Muslim lady which god she prays to, the god that took her husband or the god who didn't stop it? Same question applies to Anybody who believes in a "god?"

  • Marjorie Wheatley
    Marjorie Wheatley

    His parents blamed everyone else but the son's crime record ..Maybe he was depressed & didn't care...Consequenses follow one's actions....

  • RJ FP
    RJ FP

    Obamacull is the reason so many people die in despair. Detroit is a sewer of corruption mainly through the union thugs in and out of government. Taxpayers forced bailouts of the corrupt auto industry adds to this turmoil. As the bailout money runs out the auto industry sells out its workers to foreign cheap labor just like today. With a name like “ Jihad “ how could anything go wrong ?

  • Paul

    I worry about ending up as Jane and the last woman that died at the end as she died from what I'm afraid of, as there are so many medical people that underestimate infections and pain these days.

  • patsy Muse
    patsy Muse

    Dental cleaning can cause plaque releases I to heart valve. In cases moan heart issues it is given 1 hour befor procedure.

  • Greg W
    Greg W

    I'm guessing you would have to fail out of urology or proctology school to end up working on dead people. It would take a special person an I don't have what it takes.

  • Una Nina Nine
    Una Nina Nine

    Certainly a job you must love. Bravo to these people.

  • Morning Dove
    Morning Dove

    I'm so glad theirs people that can do these kind of job. If it was me I couldn't ever feel like I could get my hands clean. And the smell would bother to the point I would have trouble eating after working. So thank you to the people that can handle this.

  • Judith Huling-Cadieux
    Judith Huling-Cadieux

    That poor boy, to have no hope...😞

  • Daniel Cain
    Daniel Cain

    If anyone failed that kid it was the parents not the USMC. It's the Marines fault the kid had a lengthy arrest record? Hardly.

    • WndrWmn72 A
      WndrWmn72 A

      I agree!

  • Trevon Massiah
    Trevon Massiah

    Lol how did I end up here 🙈

  • Alison Laing
    Alison Laing

    i,m sure these people do a difficult job etc but..................i,m surprised that he is doing "more" than one autopsey examination at once(notes etc) if he,s doing this often can he always be right???????????? surely doing one at a time would be better...just incase of errors. sorry............just being honest and saying what we see.

  • Darlene Mclaughlin
    Darlene Mclaughlin

    The suicide case, simple listening to that voice inside that’s says” what’s the use just give up” Is a voice one has to fight with their life. Some people can’t muster the strength to fight back. When that voice talks, talk back, scream back but do not listen in silence. No one is truly alone. It’s a lie! Don’t believe everything the mind tells you. Peace and love

  • Sanja New Moon Life
    Sanja New Moon Life

    Very sad poor people died. This girl she is not afraid from dead people.

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams

    Draft. army wanted me. No ifs ands or buts. they should return to such and send troubled youth there. My Di was patient. Turned my life around. 1971 to 1991 and on. Retired sgt.

  • EDAM

    i wonder if ppl in this field become vegans. you deal with dead human flesh and then u go home and eat dead animal flesh. maybe they became vegans.

  • mari gold
    mari gold

    I feel so sad for this 19 years young men parents, may Allah lord almighty comfort them grant them strength, I want to tell all young men don't kill yourself, just because one thing doesn't work out there maybe many things you are good at, you just haven't found them, don't take rejection as a failure take it as an opportunity to become resilience and gain strength, nothing lasts forever moment will pass another day will come and try smile even at the sky, I myself was a young mother with no experience no job everyday I used plan how to die but planning all I did eventually It just faded away, many years l look back I realised hardship has been a blessing of inner strength. I now have nice family all my kids are at university and at peace.

  • EDAM

    the marines failed him and the court system failed him?? lol sorry mom and dad but ur son wouldnt have had an arrest record if he didnt misbehave. the nerve of some ppl!

  • ben pool
    ben pool

    Are you kidding me, the Sadowskis want to blame everybody but themselves, they were the real problem, somewhere in 19 years they failed him.

  • lisa l
    lisa l

    i couldn't do it. i could never be in that sort of work, i'd be crying all the time seeing lifeless bodies. i almost broke down after hearing that womans story of her botched surgery & seeing her husband so sad and angry at her negligent doctor. i hope he got justice for her.

  • See Canon
    See Canon

    I hope the last man whose wife died of a botched surgery got a lot of money, the doctor lost his license and he feels at peace. Thank the doctor and all the people who responded and took part in these autopsies.

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy

    I thought that you have to go through hell in order to get to heaven.

    • Malisha Goggans
      Malisha Goggans

      No. Why do you think so? You die & rest in the grave (your soul) until Christ returns for His family)

  • Starwars Dogs
    Starwars Dogs

    Why was this in my recommendations? I’m pretty sure TR-my makes deals with certain channels for extra views cause I had no significant link to anything in this video

  • Debbie Lucas
    Debbie Lucas

    Isn't it so typical of these parents to blame everyone but fail to look at themselves. They raised him. I'm not judging anyone. I know personally that if there's poor parenting skills, you are going to be raising up someone who is a by product of how you are raised. It all starts at home, stop blaming everyone else because your kid turned out bad.

  • My YT FunStuff
    My YT FunStuff

    Its so sad 😞 May God bring peace to their relatives! My respect ♥️

  • Mary Fiaola
    Mary Fiaola

    thanx for the video. God Bless for the good people who have passed on.

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy

    When I am dead, I don't really care where I'm going. Heaven or hell. It doesn't matter. I probably would not go to hell! Because I am already in hell.


      If THIS was hell there would NEVER have been a crucifixion! JESUS died and rose again to make a way for us to be delivered from hell and the everlasting punishment of the lake of fire and brimstone! THAT is unimaginable suffering. That is unimaginable agony. One will NOT sit and type messages on a laptop or phone ANYMORE there. Perhaps no one has told you these things. I am so glad to be one to warn you! BELOVED! PLEASE don't die without JESUS in your heart! Better never to have been born than to miss HEAVEN and actually end up in hell!

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy

    Very very sad and indeed. Rest in peace.

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy

    No one must be judging anyone to begin with. It could be any of us. You and I. Our family members. Be respectful with your comment. We never known what was gping in their world.