Caroline Sommers
Once upon a time, NBC sent me and a team of video journalists to Macomb County Michigan (just north of Detroit) with a mandate to hang with a dashing young medical examiner named Dr. Daniel Spitz. He had agreed to give us unprecedented access to his morgue and to his team of investigators who, in shifts, were on call 24/7/365. So my team and I also split into shifts.
The bosses instructed us to shoot all the video we could. If we came back with just enough material to fill one one-hour show, they said, fine. If we came back with more, even better. Well, we came back with three shows' worth of material and this is the one I'm proudest of, because not only was I running the team and overseeing their scripts, but I was also writing and producing my own story simultaneously. Here's the backstory of this episode.
One day I stepped into the morgue's walk-in freezer and saw a 19-year-old who had hanged himself in his grandparents' barn that morning, lying next to a 44-year-old woman who had died mysteriously. I immediately thought to myself "These two people were complete strangers in life, and now here they are next-door neighbors in death." I immediately knew EXACTLY how I was going to write this episode.
It was a creepy yet fascinating project to work on, being a bystander watching people have their last doctor's appointment ever. I wrote an essay about it here:

  • Lesley Carter
    Lesley Carter

    Most of the victims are poor. America land of the free....for some. Any 1st world country that doesn’t have a Welfare State isn’t fit to call itself civilised

  • Shelley Arnold
    Shelley Arnold

    Seaweed canceled

  • Whoever

    I hope the husband of the hernia surgery infection dead woman sued the shyt out of the hospital that didn t diagnose the septic shockl!

  • Mz Muzyk
    Mz Muzyk

    I cannot put into words the way I feel about doctors / dentists nonchalantly “shooing patients away” by discharging them and not bothering to discover their underlying issues . I understand that doctors can’t always be able to tell exactly what’s wrong but sometimes I feel as if the selfish ways and carelessness of some healthcare professionals is absurd. It’s called Health C.A.R.E!! compassion and this profession definitely coincide

  • Mz Muzyk
    Mz Muzyk

    Ok it’s one in the morning.... idk if I should be watching this😩 🤷🏽‍♀️here goes

  • Azi Jadn
    Azi Jadn

    I had a same infecton after my sergery I can feel the pain she went through I had a pus too in my abdomin so I couldn't sit stand or lay down and I know what these examiners smelling it's the worst smell ever but i was lucky as my abdomin filled with pus it pushed the wound to open and it started draining, I had to close the wound myself with tissues and some glue tape because i called for a "LONDON"ambulance they said as it's not an emergency we can't come you should call a cab and go to A&E yourself.

  • warriorpoet

    I have read most of these responses and it just makes my heart sink... I am so sorry for all of the heartaches and loss represented here. Yes, it is 12:57 AM, and I just could not stop reading without compassion for all involved. Yes, I am a physician, as was my wonderful father. Going into medicine put me through much doubt back in the day (sixties) when med students were often regarded with contempt (even by a few nurses). Nonetheless, in those days most who made it in that profession - at least in my youth - were regarded with much respect. Never did I consider the profession as a road to wealth, but my guess is some did; there were some individuals who I realized were not fit to take care of people, but some were absolute role models. Many experiences while working in emergency departments for half a decade, and experience in the military taught me to respect each patient in a different light, namely as a Child of God. One 4th century legend that touched me was that of St. Martin and the beggar, who was Christ in disguise. Another was the realization that the next poor sufferer also be could be Christ in disguise. At one point I was blessed to discover a life-threatening problem my mother noticed in my father (literally with only hours to spare) that an ER missed a month earlier; emergency surgery saved his life. God gave him back to us for another 15 years and ultimately he lived to be ninety-one. However, the stress of ER work in a large metropolitan area and its schedules were finally enough; I spent a total of a dozen years in this northern city, some of which were in other areas of medicine. Meanwhile, the wealth I gathered was called experience. I then moved to another area of the country (adjacent to another large city) and started my own private practice for many years. Whatever I learned during those years my patients taught me. Not everything the patient mentions is useful in the diagnosis, but the physician must be patient enough to listen carefully, and for that, I am humbly grateful. Whatever interesting findings I made and people I have helped, could be only by the Grace of God, not by my hand. The most meaningful accolade I have ever received was from my father toward the end of his life, as he spoke to my mother. He simply said: "He cares..." The Lord has been very good to me unworthy as I am. We must share His Compassion with all whom we encounter and pray for those who would revile us. God bless you all; may His Light shine upon you. Signed, Retired Physician

  • De Manning
    De Manning

    The noise the bodies make 😩

  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith

    All the best to him ..I had my share of pain.........

  • JediButtercup Estes
    JediButtercup Estes

    Raised your hands, if you’re from Michigan. 🙋🏻‍♀️🙌🏻

  • Colleen Ford
    Colleen Ford

    Sympathies to parents of suicide BUT......Ya blamed the system ya blamed the marines, come on! Do you you have ANY culpability in this? Don't be so quick to blame everyone else first

  • kitosii kyushii
    kitosii kyushii

    Rest in peace...

  • Gully Bull
    Gully Bull

    RULE : IF YOUR OBESE LIKE A FAT PIG dont call a dr. CALL A DIETICIAN. . . cry over dying BUT THESE people are EATING THEMSELVES TO THEIR END . they know this. DOES A STARVING MAN cry because hes starving or because hes 500 pounds over his 150lbs natural frame. Think about it. Be realistic and peace.

  • Shannon Lee
    Shannon Lee

    My mother just died...My father found her on the kitchen floor in front of the sink at 5:30am. She had insomnia and often would clean the house at night. She had gotten bad news from the doctor months prior but wouldn’t tell anyone. Turns out she had destroyed her liver and kidneys from alcoholism and just dropped dead. She left my father and I devastated and angry because she told us she stopped drinking, but that wasn’t true. She drank every last drop. We found nothing but empty bottles of E&J brandy hidden under the guest bed (8 of the biggest ones you can buy).

  • Jane Marsee
    Jane Marsee

    Typical parents. They want to blame EVERYBODY; but, not themselves or the victim. I don't think the doctor should be sued. This was an underlying medical problem. How can you say that you love someone and in the another breath say to lose his livelihood.

  • Alisha soares
    Alisha soares

    Click bait when u really think a dead man has something to say

  • Andrea Lindley
    Andrea Lindley

    I'm sorry she lost her husband but it's always "swim at your own risk". We dont need government regulating and involvement in everything. If you feel that its necessary get a diving license, get permission from the county, and start a business.

  • Ken Cole
    Ken Cole

    11:49 when she talking, my heart broke

  • Jb 318
    Jb 318


  • Equestrian & Beauty
    Equestrian & Beauty

    God bless the guy who hung himeself. My best friend (18) hung herself jan 2018, just wish there was more we could have done

  • Venus Harris
    Venus Harris

    Amen Thank you Jesus you are the SON OF GOD

  • jakob sharp
    jakob sharp

    Complications of surgery, she should have stayed in the hospital. You don't need malpractice insurance when working at most jobs. Skme5 one gets fries instead of onion rings. But to say she just wants to be sick is horrible.

  • Michelle Atwood
    Michelle Atwood

    Government clean up seaweed lol

  • Emily Greene
    Emily Greene

    As someone who many times did suicide... I can attest it IS either a thoughtless or selfish act, committed out of hopelessness, delusion/brain damage, or revenge, etc. If only this young man knew.... poor man. It’s awful to see people die. However, what is worse is autopsies or cremation. I don’t agree with either autopsies or cremation. Disrespectful to the dead. Especially in a clear case of suicide. It is pointless. This doctor knew that cutting up that man was pointless and knew what the cause of death was. What the doctor did is disrespectful. Death is also normal, suicide however is self murder.

  • RelentlessWilma

    Wow! This is really sad. This makes me wonder how my last day on earth will come to an end. Death used to scare me (and it still does to some extent), but we are all headed here - one day or another. May those that have gone before us R.I.P. May the Angels surround you.

  • James Barela
    James Barela

    Its annoying but understandable how a grieving family wants to blame someone for their loved ones death. I guess it's only natural to do so, but at the same time its not fair to blame other people like for example the young 19 yr old...nobody failed him?, he just had certain circumstances that presented challenges for him. Therefore bot allowing him into the marines. Nobody created his criminal history, he did that. Its all still sad

  • Roberto Vazquez
    Roberto Vazquez

    Man i thought they had some body babbling on video. Bummer

  • Wendy W
    Wendy W

    The Marine Corps can't be blamed for Ryan S. His decisions to break the law and, thus, be charged were his fault. The armed forces have policies and rules they must adhere to.

  • Cindi Morgan
    Cindi Morgan

    This must be several years old because Trumps economy is BOOMING!

  • fiona hamilton
    fiona hamilton

    It gives you the shivers doesn’t it . Kudos to these people who work in the morgue . Strong stomachs 🙌🏻🙌🏽🙌

  • tenisha Dorlus
    tenisha Dorlus

    im sorry but none of these peoples death makes sense.

  • ThreePhaseHigh

    He never loses a patient 😉

  • Robert. Hansbury
    Robert. Hansbury

    Second time I watched this I think about my uncle he was in World War II he talked about the things that he saw and the things that he did and it really messed with his head to the point where he stood up on a ladder and put a rope around his neck and jumped off my cousin at the time was about 14 he opened up the garage door because they were looking for him and that's what he saw has father hanging...Sucks no matter what age but a breaks your heart to see a 19 year old boy lying on the floor..Sad very sad RIP...Ryan...🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • vee kay
    vee kay

    People alllllways looking for someone to blame. We make choices in life. WE choose and then want it to be someone else's fault when OUR choices lead to unwanted results. JESUS! When you swim, you can drown. Don't think that because there is a lifeguard there, you are no longer responsible for your own safety. You are. It's on you.

  • JOE Bozza
    JOE Bozza

    Why do dead people smell so bad ? apparently a lot worse than dead animals.

  • Kristin Rivera
    Kristin Rivera

    I feel SO bad for that lady, who died after having surgery and her husband. Definite malpractice. I'm so happy that he's hired a lawyer and I'm sure that after getting these autopsy results, the doctors lawyers are gonna be calling to make an offer. I hope he gets so much money and is either jailed and/or has his license revoked. It won't bring her back, but it'll let people know that you DO NO HARM and if you do, you pay the price, doctor or not. Poor lady must have been in excruciating pain...I hope she's at peace now and I hope her husband is recovering.

  • Kristin Rivera
    Kristin Rivera

    That doctor certainly does very, very well for himself...drives a porsche and has a large speed/family boat and obv the bank account to match...probably has a huge, really nice house too. My father has all this stuff too, but is a miserable asshole, so I am NOT jealous at all. But this guy at least seems to have a nice family life too, so he is rich in all ways, so yes, I AM jealous here, haha. Ugh...and here I am licking cake batter off mixer beaters and out of the bowl, watching autopsy shows on my phone in bed.

  • Diamond Dore Woods
    Diamond Dore Woods

    Michael (Providence's husband) passed away in 2015. I hope he received justice for his wife's death before his passing. Fatphobia in the medical profession has lead to a lot of deaths... She didnt deserve to be ignored!!!!

  • Judith Rivera
    Judith Rivera

    My ex boyfriend is a top physician. His dad didn't let him to be with me. He is a millionaire. I'm professional artist 🎨. I love to paint. He hates to work with blood and smell. 🎨🤦‍♀️

  • jean myers
    jean myers

    Courageous family members made this film possible. My heart goes out to them, but particularly to the grief stricken man whose wife had been forced out of hospital by the doctor which ultimately led to her death. The man should no longer be practicing médecine.

  • Darla Angel
    Darla Angel

    The poor woman who died of Perotonitus, she was Over 300 lbs,was having hernia surgery, caused by her Xteme weight, Dr.told her prior, it's a Risky surgery, due to her xtreme weight, she was Also on oxygen, due to her xtreme weight, when you abuse your own body soo much,your insides become weekend, as in hernia, the Dr. Would have Known there was infection at time of surgery, apparently there was not,however infection could come on Very quickly, her intestinal tract, her bowel system,All weakened due to her poor health, could cause her bowel to rupture, her intestinal tract to rupture,as you heard the M.E. ask Several times,what was going on with her since she got home?,over & over he asked the husband, the husband said he gently lowered his 300lb wife delicately to the ground, BS. he could not have helped but drop that enormous amount of weight...

  • Jim Talor
    Jim Talor

    Thats a brave Doctor,no face shield during those procedures?

  • Christophe Adams
    Christophe Adams

    Nice movie

  • HanGonnaSec Huey
    HanGonnaSec Huey

    These are some really twisted cocksuckers! If we started lopping off the balls of these sadists, we would experience an immediate sharp reduction in stupidity!

  • Chloe wilson
    Chloe wilson

    I admire these men and women. This is one job I could never do. Seeing a body that has been burned, accident, etc., and then dealing with people's emotions. That 19 yr old what a good looking young man. My mom was in training during the war to be a nurse. One day this dr., etc., asked her would she like to watch an autopsy? My mom said she looked at the body and passed right out. The concerned dr., asked her what was wrong she replied "I didn't think you were going to use a real body." That was my mom.

  • Sean berthiaume
    Sean berthiaume

    Sad to say but the hanging the "system" didn't fail him he had a police record that barred him from the military as they are quite STRICT I know.

  • Nicola Todd
    Nicola Todd

    The water should be cleaned up of the seaweed? Barking mad!

  • Chris Balanda
    Chris Balanda

    Mental pysical job Iron stomach

  • theira

    No matter how small a pain may seem- physical or mental- if it persits or gets worse, go seek a doctor. Your life and your existence ARE important. Seek help, please.

  • Sweet Tea
    Sweet Tea

    How could the hospital not realize her heart was in trouble? The hospital failed her.

  • TA A
    TA A

    This guy said that a kid hung himself. It's HANGED. He's not hot. Ewwwww. He's not very bright.

  • Bigfoot 2015
    Bigfoot 2015

    Here’s an idea, swim in your own country? Oh yeah, they’d kill you for even thinking of swimming...

  • The Blood Atonement
    The Blood Atonement

    Jesus Christ Died for Your Sin debt. Was buried, and he rose from the dead. That who so ever believes in him shall have eternal life. Rest in the finish work of Christ.

    • Nicola Todd
      Nicola Todd

      WTF? Wrong channel mate.

    • None 004
      None 004

      please don't misinform people about jesus died for the sin's of humanity jesus did not die or rose from the dead but only had 1 massage there is only 1 god that created the heaven and earth and only worship 1 Creator alone with NO Partners

  • Tiffany Gonzalez
    Tiffany Gonzalez

    I doubt Mr. Markam will ever read this, but I know ur pain. I lost my dad the day before his 52nd birthday, due to the Doctor & the hospital. We knew he was a sick man, but he didn't die from Any of the illnesses he had, instead he suffocated to death, because his POS Dr. Didn't care enough to see the signs that the stitches broke open in his neck & it was bleeding & swelling. I truly hope you were able to get some type of closure & I hope you were able to take that doctors license!! It is horrible to loose someone you Love so much & it makes it so much harder to know that if the doctor would have listened & paid closer attention, something!! They might still be here with us. I am SO very sorry for your loss!!

  • Lovett Clark
    Lovett Clark

    I thought. It was a dead man and they thought he was dead and the dead man came back to life. 🤔 .....

  • Nicola Graham
    Nicola Graham

    The marines should have accepted this young man despite past arrests, he wanted to change himself for the better.

  • smol boi lemon seedling
    smol boi lemon seedling

    If you are depressed or in chronic pain please attempt to get ketamine infusions. Acute pain therapies in bellevue washington takes blue cross blue shield with a 25 dollar copay only. And in Florida there is another one that takes insurance it is in Clearwater. Ketamine Treatments 2250 Drew St, Clearwater, FL 33765 (727) 538-2646 It's the only thing that has ever helped my depression. No need to even talk to your doctor about it, some are ignorant and uneducated about ketamine. You dont need a referral. Both of these clinics have amazing doctors.

  • Cynthia Hawkins
    Cynthia Hawkins

    As upsetting as we may find this..the dead help the living. We learn so much. The pain does not go away...but there can be greater understanding.

  • Chan Roobi
    Chan Roobi

    These poor family members. God Bless them....I really hope the surgeon that neglected to listen to the husband of Providence Marie Marcum, has lost his license as well as sued for every single penny he had.

  • Sean Brittney Smith
    Sean Brittney Smith

    Aww! What a sweetheart

  • WuPiDu

    Once there was this family that lived in a van on a California shopping center parking lot. For a week they've been seen by shoppers moving around the van. then one day people noticed a bad odor (rotting smell). And come to realized, the odor was from that family which died from carbon monoxide poisoning! so always turn off the car especially when there's kids/people are in it! even if it's just for 5mins! carbon monoxide poisoning is the no.1 silent killer in America!

  • IRONMAN000

    Great documentary, I wish there was a whole series with this Dr

  • Marian Yulo
    Marian Yulo

    This is so heart breaking young handsome kid wow this makes me so sad . And as for the system failing him that’s so messed up . May he Rest In Peace

  • TheDolly089

    God bless you Ryan, everybody deserves a chance to a better life. Sincere condolences and healing to the family.

  • Chuck Gamatoria
    Chuck Gamatoria

    Where's the docs eye protection from the big lady with the perforated bowel? Lucky there was not a gas blowout that got in his eyes. Just sayin.....

  • evangeline douros
    evangeline douros

    Christina's bone saw is from hell that sound of the saw sounds like its from hell whining

  • The Renfroe Family
    The Renfroe Family

    Ban seaweed. Fuck off smh

  • The Renfroe Family
    The Renfroe Family

    This bitch really blaming the lifeguards? Fuck around!

  • The Renfroe Family
    The Renfroe Family

    No you should have helped him. Stop blaming people.

  • ladybug12627

    What’s crazy we all will one day end up on that silver table too 😢

i won.