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Rich, poor, young, old - whatever the walk of life, death doesn’t discriminate. And if it is sudden, suspicious, unexplained or unnatural, the Coroner’s Court will investigate it.
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  • helookalikaman79

    Way more formal than the investigation/autopsy we have here in the USA, but it is way more care and compassion to the deceased and their families. Here depending on the area, they cremate the body, hold the ashes around 10 years, and if no one claims the remains they have a single space grave opened and then they just throw the ashes in the open ground, no box, no vault, nada... they close the grave and put only the year they died on a small marker. Way (IMO) to cold and just dumped... The USA could, and should adopt the more caring and compassion these great people have done, even to those that do not have a next of kin or friends.

  • Aaron c
    Aaron c

    1945-2011 = 66, he said 69

  • k w
    k w

    She looks dead

  • Lily Tan
    Lily Tan

    Fred was sure happy seeing his neighbors on his funeral.

  • Cassandra Simpson
    Cassandra Simpson

    If u r suffering from mental illness of any kind please please know that the stigma is bullocks and has nothing to do with u at all tell someone even just go to the doctor near u and make an appointment and tell the doctor it's about illness and and finding the right med just try even though everyone u deal with is a fool find the words to lite a serious fire under their buts let them know that your illness is killing u,u know not them.

  • fotofemale1

    Fred's young neighbor is so sweet about feeling bad about "living life" while he was down there (deceased). She has so much emotional awareness for someone so young.

  • thorny rose
    thorny rose

    Now they call the queen and ask her: what should we put on the report?

  • Courtney Otter
    Courtney Otter

    What a beautifull neighboour fred had

  • Ronda Doolin
    Ronda Doolin

    Y would u call a coroner mum? R they saying ma'am?

    • Proud Magpie
      Proud Magpie


  • Ad Am
    Ad Am

    It’s so weird how they just put dead bodies in a human freezer I could never be a coroner working on dead people or having a dead person in the back of your coroner van those people are brave to be opening up dead people and everyday they have to be with dead people imagine doing a ouji board challenge in a coroner lab.

  • C. Kirk
    C. Kirk

    The neighbor who came to the funeral for Fred was really sweet ❤️

  • Grace Furtwengler
    Grace Furtwengler

    It said Fred was born 1945 died 2011. That's 66 not 69.

  • Mbeepy

    The coroner seems a very nice lady

  • Neena Norto
    Neena Norto

    Such sweet people to have good thoughts for the poor lonely man

  • Kat ali
    Kat ali

    Murders are great fun are they? Shame on the coroner for being so inconsiderate!

  • Kelly Kristine Griffin
    Kelly Kristine Griffin

    She was an empath. And she suffered for it.

  • Cj W
    Cj W

    My mother passed away unexpectedly. Her live in boyfriend, her sisters and brother refused to have an autopsy. I wanted one. But because I was adopted out I was refused. ( even though she was a part of my ENTIRE LIFE andcwas the last one to have custody of me). There was NO REASON for her to die. Was NOT SICK. Absolutely no reason. I'll never know why.

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown

    The final dignity must be to be buried without a vicar present

  • Faith D
    Faith D

    1 Corinthians 15:1-4 (KJV) ❤️

  • Patricia Smith
    Patricia Smith

    poor fred

  • Alice In Wonderland
    Alice In Wonderland

    So respectful I hope its like that where Im from

  • Debbie .Taylor
    Debbie .Taylor

    As someone who has thought about taking my own life, this is an amazing documentary. I would never have thought of cyanide. Which makes me understand more fully that I want to live. I don't really care about this life but I would not end it prematurely. I do not believe in an afterlife or god or any of that stuff. So for me death is the end, this is my one and only life. I think that when one takes that final step you seriously lost hope, in yourself and in the world around you. Such darkness can decent upon anyone. No life no love etc.

  • Mimi M
    Mimi M

    The mother and daughter who came to Fred's funeral are wonderful. Thank goodness for good people like them.

  • The Phantom Safety Pin
    The Phantom Safety Pin

    "We found a dead mouse in a mummified body. That was unusual." 1) Very typically dry, British response. 2) It's like the world's worst LOL Surprise Doll.

    • Joanna Saadati
      Joanna Saadati


  • Dec. gyrrl
    Dec. gyrrl

    Thank u for giving Fred a nice send off. It's so sad that he was dead in the home for 2months, no family. But a small grp of decent ppl got together 2 bury this man with dignity. My heart goes out to Jessica's family and friends. I too suffer from depression & mood disorder. Depression is a complicated disease. The ups, the downs, the plateaus & the dark moods. I hope that Jessica has found the peace she so richly deserved in this life. God bless them.📿

  • alvin jones
    alvin jones


  • Katie Kane
    Katie Kane

    How different from the U.S. Can we go back to British rule, please!

  • Ivory Melmoth
    Ivory Melmoth

    Shout out to them using the score from The Ring lol wth

  • Bella Bijou
    Bella Bijou

    I think Fred would consider it a miracle if he knew how many people on this site are remembering and blessing him.

  • Bella Bijou
    Bella Bijou

    Please take your gloves off when writing notes. Ugh.

  • Paul Cowell
    Paul Cowell

    What a fascinating show....god bless the two ladies who lived above Fred....what wonderful ladies...

  • Mollie & Vona’s Menagerie
    Mollie & Vona’s Menagerie

    That’s so nice Fred’s neighbor came to his funeral. How touching.

  • Hannah Riley
    Hannah Riley

    I have that - you get right excited about finding a dead good sounding programme until you scroll down through the comments and see you have previously given someone's comment a thumbs up!

  • Hannah Riley
    Hannah Riley

    I always used to believe that we went somewhere somehow after death but I technically died about 4 weeks ago and there was nothing but blackness! Actually it's really freaked me out ever since 🤔

  • António Margalho
    António Margalho

    There is no excuse for suicide, it's pure evil ... a loving father saying "thank God she died", because then they didn't had to kill her themselves. Pure evil I say.

    • Katie Kane
      Katie Kane

      Every organism, from paramecium to whale, has survival as it's first biological imperative. When your brain tells you otherwise, it's a sign that there's a serious breakdown in the brain. I've been there & come past it. Evil isn't part of the equation.

  • daro2096

    I will probably die like Fred having no close family. Well unless I pass before my dad which I hope not. Though I hope that I won't die the same way or not be found for a couple of months afterwards though it has been known to happen. I once watched a doc where a woman had died in her flat and had not been discovered for three years.

    • Katie Kane
      Katie Kane

      @daro2096 I do understand. I have a very small social network. Friendships are a lot of work for me emotionally. Without my daughter & grandson, I would have no one. Peace to you my friend.

    • daro2096

      @Katie Kane If only it were that simple. I am a natural loner. I feel uncomfortable in crowds. I have made friends in the past but I tend to get bored and drift away. It is nothing personal it just happens. I actually prefer being alone that way if anything goes wrong I can only blame myself not others.

    • Katie Kane
      Katie Kane

      Make friends?

  • daro2096

    Is it just me that is disappointed that they were all suicides/natural causes?

  • Crafts Only
    Crafts Only

    What a beautiful, kind and gentle young lady, attending Fred's funeral and caring about him, I hope this lady is having a nice life.

  • Nobody

    Dang they just cut her off mid sentence

  • Andy Allwood
    Andy Allwood

    The coroner, Alison, sounds exactly like the actress Olivia Colman.

  • TheKnitch

    If only. If only we could hold funerals while the person is still alive. Maybe hearing how they'd touched lives would give them pause, if they're considering suicide. I am the bereaved mother of a suicide.

    • Katie Kane
      Katie Kane

      So sorry sister. It's an indicator of serious dysfunction that our society won't address; every organism has survival as it's #1 biological imperative. When one's brain is saying otherwise, it's clearly out of whack. I hope peace can find your heart.

  • Melissa Spier
    Melissa Spier

    Don't you just love the sexy split in her skirt.. it's BRILLIANT!

    • St. Jimmy
      St. Jimmy

      Melissa Spier you’re so disgusting,shut your dirty mouth and have some respect. you look like a drugged up prostitute.

  • Rob Z
    Rob Z


  • the players
    the players

    Jessica's pain must have been incredible. It's not easy to take one own's life leaving a pet behind.

  • Mlem Blep
    Mlem Blep

    Fred's neighbours are the sweetest. Bless their hearts.

  • Annie Steele
    Annie Steele

    Let’s see the gruesome details, would love to see a full autopsy being done.

    • Kathy Custer
      Kathy Custer

      I got to stand in on one. It was fascinating. I know, I sound morbid, but was extremely interesting. I was a nurse at the time. The lady died from a disected abdominal aneurysm. I knew what is was when they opened her abdomen.

    • lassisvulgaris

      At least, some years ago, there was a program here on youtube, where an autopsy was performed. You might finf it, if you really look for it.....

  • Diane Greene
    Diane Greene

    Wonder what book they have for us atheists. "To live and die in L.A.?"

  • suzieQ casey
    suzieQ casey

    Wish he wore a mask with the badly decomposed man inhaling that horrible smell...yuck

  • Sasha12

    So wonderful that they have a service for poor this country you’re put in a box after cremation and then if nobody claims you they buty you in a mass grave

    • Katie Kane
      Katie Kane

      Time to return to British rule or at least their sensibilities.

  • Donnie Diggs-Ream
    Donnie Diggs-Ream

    Fred's neighbor seems a really nice girl and it was so nice she came with her mother to send him off.

  • Manuela Rodriguez
    Manuela Rodriguez

    Idk why after my mom passed away I had an urge to be a volunteer in a morgue.

  • Timothy Smith
    Timothy Smith

    Very sweet of his upstairs neighbors to show their respects.... and keep him from dying completely alone.

    • Cassandra Simpson
      Cassandra Simpson

      Hey he died alone all right how could those idiot neighbors let it go poor man

  • Angelbabe

    So good to see Fred was given the dignity of a nice funeral, with a nice casket, and the respect of having a minister, instead of being put in a cheap casket, and shoved quickly in the ground somewhere.

  • Renee S
    Renee S

    Sure wish unexpected hospital deaths had required atopsy. What they have to hide?

  • gladitsnotme

    I feel bad for the cameraman. Imagine getting a nice job with the BBC or whatever and then SURPRISE, it's filming decomposed bodies.

  • M.J. Leger
    M.J. Leger

    Pretty fancy car! She must be getting paid very well! However, we wish to acknowledge that the people who work in and around the morgue offices or wherever postmortems (autopsies) occur, are a special group of people, generally kind and understanding and they will do all they can to help the families get through the ordeal. We thank them for that.

  • M.J. Leger
    M.J. Leger

    Self-cutting is a horrible thing -- some people do it for attention, some as a punishment to themselves because they think they deserve it; it is NOT always done with the intention of suicide. One thing is certain, the person needs help, usually psychiatric help. If they do not get it, it can accelerate to a far more serious attempt, which MAY be fatal even if they did not intend it to be at the time. It is the family of the deceased that suffers in a suicide; they are always left wondering if there was something they could/should have done. It's hard. Life can often seem bleak, but there is help out there if you ask for it. Medication and psychotherapy can often change a persons outlook on life.

  • M.J. Leger
    M.J. Leger

    it is extremely rare when the cause of death cannot be determined, then, they will put "cardiac arrest" which simply means your heart stopped beating. But it is NOT a cause of death because everyone's heart stops when they die. When you are old and your heart just stops, there may be a reason, but often they will just say "died of natural causes" which doesn't really tell exactly why they died. If there is suspicion of illegal activity, then a post-mortem will be done, at which time, if it is an older person, they often find clogged arteries, enlarged heart or other organs, plaque in the brain, etc. which probably is the cause, or at least one of the causes. Often there are many! We all wear out eventually and die. No one lives forever. Often it isn't just one thing that causes a death, but sometimes it can't exactly be determined. But today, it usually can. If there is ANY DANGER to the pathologist or medical examiner due to exposure of something on or in the body, sometimes they must don Hazmet suits, which protects them.

  • Ste Uk
    Ste Uk

    I study sciences and medicine histology histopathology cytology forensic pathology diagnostic medicine biomedical ect any questions. Please ask me all forensics. Means. Is applying. Sciences to law

  • Ste Uk
    Ste Uk

    We have them masks the gray ones. There have and them suits. There use. And the pathology gloves ect

  • M.J. Leger
    M.J. Leger

    Most of us do NOT "live that life, that case" (as she says at the video's beginning) because you cannot afford to, it will interfere with your work. No one ever gets really inured to death and dying, but for those of us who are exposed to it often, we are very busy and must go on to the next case, or to those alive who need us. You can NOT become very emotional about it because it will affect your ability to help those who need it. and affect your judgment about what you need to do next.

  • Susie Pacey
    Susie Pacey

    Adverts every 5 minutes and really poorly positioned. Shame because the programme is good but horribly messed up because of them.

  • streetmuggedbypolice

    Her father told her she should never learn to type.... And here she is shown typing using the 2-finger typing method. I'm surprised in videos to see even journalists typing using only the 2-finger method. Very strange. You'd think people like this who have obviously spent a lot of time mastering their professions would/ could learn to type properly.

  • Peter Scheibe
    Peter Scheibe

    They forget that everyone is set to die even doctors and coroners. But after death only Jesus counts.

  • Stacy Hallam
    Stacy Hallam

    The neighbors going to Fred's Service was astonishing. Glad people still care

  • Monica I.
    Monica I.

    Very interesting...and respectful. Thank you

  • Gabrielle Yolande Faehndrich
    Gabrielle Yolande Faehndrich

    This beautiful girl at Fred‘s funeral-service is really a gift for the comunity. thanks, you make the world a better place!

  • Lisa Valkyrie
    Lisa Valkyrie

    I love Fred's Neighbor. What a sweet girl. It was so nice of them to show up to his funeral to send him off right and say good bye

  • ruthieo54

    Fred's neighbor is a lovely, caring woman. Prayers for all these souls. 💙

  • Joan Pashinsky-Greve
    Joan Pashinsky-Greve

    So nice in the UK the British people are so lovely even in death helping others 🙏