Do Not Watch If You High (Shower Thoughts)
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Welcome to an episode of Shower Thoughts. These mind blowing ideas will give you crazy feeling. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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  • Corban Bausch
    Corban Bausch

    8:34 *laughs in Minecraft*

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    1:18 No because Wall-E doesn't occur at the end of the timeline according to the Pixar theory. Instead, the correct movie to place here is either Monsters Inc. or Brave, depending on how you want to look at it (time travel).

  • Aiq95M

    am high and waching this😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo

    5:42 I can unfocus them then can't get them to focus again..

  • Uday Singh
    Uday Singh

    2 people who can speak only one language *fight* Bilinguals: Amateurs Me, a trilingual: pathetic

  • Max Reagan
    Max Reagan

    The moon is a slut because it let every single person that has ever lived see it with no clothes on.

  • XtuRnaL gaMer
    XtuRnaL gaMer

    Things can go 3 ways, they will happen, they will not happen, or Godzilla.

  • Dr. strange
    Dr. strange

    I saw this before I got high and just remembered it but I'm already not high anymore

  • Average Players
    Average Players

    I smoked seven weeds and watched this video

  • Astrid Dragneel
    Astrid Dragneel

    Me, high as fuck, scrolling through TR-my to find something to watch: “ah yes, this video says do not watch while high. Perfect.”

  • Come with me my child
    Come with me my child

    This content doesnt suit with your voice

  • Ava Meraz
    Ava Meraz

    taco plus burrito equals taquito. periodT

  • Nicholas Hartle
    Nicholas Hartle

    10:32 Bro1: Read my mind, bro. Bro2: All I'm getting is my own thoughts, bro. Bro1: That's because all I can think about is your thoughts, bro. Bro2: Bro.

  • tim fischer
    tim fischer

    0:35 Plato: : ^ | >: ^ (

  • Nexus Kirin
    Nexus Kirin

    7:58 I am looking away


    Shower thoughts belongs on the subreddet.Im14and thisisdeep

  • lurERsaC

    most of these arent very good

  • The4 RealDeal
    The4 RealDeal

    Both sides of the political spectrum have been brainwashed the government is the enemy. Down with the system✊

  • molten fridge
    molten fridge

    0:35 blind people

  • 04MaX0 5
    04MaX0 5

    I actually can clap a mosquito easily. Probably explains why I suck at games. Everything has a price!

  • Premiumcarrot

    Watching while high and drunk

  • Valentin Velizarov
    Valentin Velizarov

    Omfg i love these editors

  • James Edge
    James Edge

    Cowbelly. I need more of these videos. This is amazing.

  • Skidoo_Skidae

    when shrek wazowski showed up i literally went numb from terror and literally thought i was dying

  • Loretta Soto
    Loretta Soto

    Maybe the reason we aren't invaded by aliens is because we're the ones who have to invade? Think about it. Comment what you think

  • Frizish Bish
    Frizish Bish

    The thing that said that we have already experienced nothingness is comforting

  • K9zer

    Do you think different species have given them selfs their own species name different from the ones we gave them?

  • maulana azhari
    maulana azhari

    I never thought that i never see my grandma jump

  • Bigums-

    Cowbelly: *talks about unfocusing your eyes* Me: *Unfocuses eyes for the rest of the video because I forgot they were unfocused*

  • ً

    3:40 🗿

  • Oni ET
    Oni ET

    plase get a voice

  • Vilmos Palik
    Vilmos Palik

    Every single person in history has looked up at the sky and seen the same thing we see Blind people : am I a joke to you

  • Just An Average Ostrich
    Just An Average Ostrich

    0:30 You mean emulation?

  • xinyii

    2:30 its enough to make a grown man cry

  • Dan Ji
    Dan Ji

    There are actually 1023 unique combinations for your fingers, as the 1024th combination is the 11th finger up and all the others down.

  • Conner

    Bruh, I’m going to think about things all night now🤓

  • Andrew Church
    Andrew Church

    If i remember correctly, I believe the concept of a unicorn came from misinterpreted descriptions of an ancient specie of single-horned rhino. Not sure how it was eventually interpreted as a horse though.

  • Petar Pavić
    Petar Pavić

    12:26 nails are also organs and i cut them every week or so

  • Ian Finrir
    Ian Finrir


  • Adam Raubenheimer
    Adam Raubenheimer

    5:45 I have that but reversed, my eyesight is positive 6.5

  • Dibb

    I'm always thinking about the people making up these thought being smarter than me by a few parallel universes.

  • Sad Oreo
    Sad Oreo

    What about blind ppl? They didn't see the moon....

  • Aland Gomez
    Aland Gomez

    Meh, I almost made it to a minute. Yes, I was high.

  • Ayan Thr
    Ayan Thr

    1:09 that one hit me hard...

  • Winterhold


  • Evan

    im watching this while in a google meeting

  • General D
    General D

    I'm watching this while I'm 200 meters above sea level

  • Steve R
    Steve R

    At 3:54, doesnt that mean both halves of the country can see the other side has been brainwashed but can not see how they were brainwashed.

  • MasterChip

    If you’re watching this in 2150, I’m probably dead

  • Juicebox Hero
    Juicebox Hero

    Image how bad it would hurt if you took all the times you’ve ever gotten hurt in your life and put it into one

  • Amy Huber
    Amy Huber

    0:37 Wrong. What about blind people?

  • Th3 Nuk3d B3rd0720
    Th3 Nuk3d B3rd0720

    1:35 the characters are actually speaking in whatever language you have the game on, but its sped up and pitched. You can sometimes hear the words out, especially if they say small words like ok and etc.

  • Byron Holt
    Byron Holt

    I kinda hate how no one knows that IQ is just meaningless catch all of "intelligence" . When IQ is just a bad problem solving test that isn't even universally the same.

  • rice & eggs
    rice & eggs

    * puts dirt in bong * fuck yeah

  • Myzmak Fox
    Myzmak Fox

    0:59 they could already exist and we wouldn’t know it

  • darth tenebrouse
    darth tenebrouse

    0:34 Gamers: *WELL YES BUT ACTUALY NO*

  • professional idiot
    professional idiot

    im on acid rn wish me luck

  • Crispy Nuggies
    Crispy Nuggies

    0:39 so what the moon doesnt change who gives a shit 4:44 yeah theres this little thing called gravity why would you mistake the direction that pulls us to the earths core with any other direction 12:25 hey but they made up for it with free premium during a global pandemic

  • Datboi Grindlewald
    Datboi Grindlewald

    That's because unicorns ARE poorly described rhinos

  • Over lapinion
    Over lapinion

    Or tired I become existential when I’m tired

  • F.B.I

    7+ billion people have seen the same rock

  • toastedwoffles

    9:48 and that’s where i come in😈

  • that one guy
    that one guy

    TLDR: brain go brrr

  • Super wacky world Chanel
    Super wacky world Chanel

    0:37 not hellen Keller

  • TheFunniestShitAlive

    Porn is actually mad discriminatory

  • Gothmog the commander
    Gothmog the commander

    3:59 R.I.P Church

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox

    The “unicorns could be poorly described rhinos” thing I’d actually how the myth was created, people poorly described/ interpreted rhinos

  • Kevin Mahon
    Kevin Mahon

    what is XÆA-12


    If time he infinite there is a huge almost 100% chance I’m dead right now so, hi my names Alan Sanchez-Parra and I have a fraternal twin brother who’s older than me by a minute and one second and he’s shorter than me. I can’t decide if Pepsi coke or Dr Pepper are my favorite drink, and I’ve never had a gf but if you’re reading this after I’m dead, I probably have had at least one. That’s all I have to say so if I’m dead just remember there was a time where you never knew me and the only way you know of my existence is from reading this comment

  • CrypticCroissant

    12:00 *Coffin dance music starts playing* Me: *chuckles* I'm in danger.