Does Popcorn Pop in a Vacuum?
The King of Random
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Today we're converting our pots into vacuum chambers and seeing if we can cook with them! What happens when you try and cook marshmallows, popcorn, pancakes, and candy in a vacuum?
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

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    • Chris Heichel
      Chris Heichel

      @Justin Lamontagne They've already got molds that would work but it would be nice to see them do it

    • Aaron Van Arnem
      Aaron Van Arnem

      Melt chocolate in a Vaccum

    • Chris Heichel
      Chris Heichel

      Could you turn a microwave into a vacuum chamber?!!!!

    • Jon Savage
      Jon Savage

      Can you bake in a vacuum chamber 🤔

    • Wise One
      Wise One

      The King of Random they should have let the candy cool down before they opened it

  • Emma Riftyan
    Emma Riftyan

    Hai.. Could you mind to give me the information about specification of vacuum pump and the brand, please..

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer

    Chicken, Beef, potatoes, Bread, Coffee, Soup, and Fish.

  • SiViX

    Nate loves the food videos xD

  • Castiel Quinzel
    Castiel Quinzel

    Its been 3 years i still dont know their names

  • DogInASuit

    Am I the only one that notices that Nate's eyes go bigger when he's happy?

  • Frankie Warman
    Frankie Warman

    You made the thinnest crepe I have ever seen.

  • chaos gaming
    chaos gaming

    I made play dough stick people and made them fight to the death

  • Chase Baity
    Chase Baity

    Cakein the 0 pressure

  • Samuel Fisher
    Samuel Fisher

    liver and onions!

  • Palm Stop
    Palm Stop


  • AdamMusicGamerYT


  • NowhereNate

    Putting the popcorn in those containers wasn't an accurate way of measuring the popcorn. There is allot of air and empty spaces. You could have dumped that popcorn out and put those small pieces at the bottom and filled the rest up.

  • jeff

    magic eraser vs vacuum chamber

  • Marshal Lindgren
    Marshal Lindgren

    7:55 It look looks like a crepe

  • Kaileb Krauss
    Kaileb Krauss


  • Jeanne Tamagny
    Jeanne Tamagny

    What would happen if you put cake batter in the pot

  • Tai I.
    Tai I.

    a grape, cook a grape

  • M.D. Robinson
    M.D. Robinson

    The gummy bears and marshmallows: Could it be that heat is not being transferred in the vacuum since there isn't anything to conduct the heat through? Should have hit the top of those marshmallows with a laser thermometer (if that could even work through the vacuum plate glass) to see what the temp was. That might explain why they only melted at the surface of the cooking pot. There is something there for more experimenting.

  • BlackDad14

    is a vaccume the same as a zero gravity chamber?

  • spyro FY
    spyro FY

    I heard suger in a pancake WTF

  • Oie White
    Oie White

    Fry chicken in an vacuum

  • Terabyte Yan
    Terabyte Yan

    i want to see a streak get cooked in a vacuum

  • Anthony Plassaras
    Anthony Plassaras

    The pancake looks like a swedish pancake or crepe.

  • arthur marklen
    arthur marklen


  • Teallie Barlow
    Teallie Barlow

    '"Nate?! What ya doin?"'

  • AmberWool

    @TKOR_Nate what about rice?

  • Jeffree1972

    Try cooking dinner? Steak and corn on the cob.

  • Caleb Gardone
    Caleb Gardone


  • I.N Does Stuff YT
    I.N Does Stuff YT

    11:28 Cali's energy is like that of a mothers.

  • PJ McCormack
    PJ McCormack

    cook beef in a vacuum

  • Mike Berry
    Mike Berry


  • Ed Banz
    Ed Banz

    i am just wondering, would a vacuum chamber be better when it comes to tenderizing meat and bones compared to pressure cooker?

  • Ed Banz
    Ed Banz

    spoon lollipop.... Nate's expression is so cute

  • Luke Miller
    Luke Miller

    It’s just sous vide I don’t see how that’s special

  • Grow Someplace
    Grow Someplace

    Vacuum chamber slow cooker?

  • Malfor Melink
    Malfor Melink

    vacuum a chicken salad sandwich

  • Brian Nolan
    Brian Nolan


  • Danny Kogan
    Danny Kogan

    Do pickles

  • smellysausage 21
    smellysausage 21

    So much for a small amount of pancake batter 😑

  • John Bauer
    John Bauer

    What happens when you cook bread in a vacuum

  • unicorn jinx9000
    unicorn jinx9000

    At 0:13 that was 100% me!😃😃😁😛

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez

    What about cooking rice and beans lmaoo

  • Mahogney Levin
    Mahogney Levin

    What happens to elephant toothpaste in a vacuum pot

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon

    With the eggs between slimey and crunchy is Crummy

  • Bonnie Exe6
    Bonnie Exe6

    Make scrambled eggs!!

  • OG Karm
    OG Karm

    thank yopu because of this i will industrially create a popcorn that costs more but is the same

  • Gregg A.
    Gregg A.


  • jEanYUs

    dry ice in a vacuum chamber and cook it on the stove at the same time

  • Obi1kenobi10

    Ya'll made a crepe...yumminess

  • Michelle Kok
    Michelle Kok

    cook like gas drinks?


    i want to see a huge milky way

  • UltraPurple KittyPizza
    UltraPurple KittyPizza

    Pizza!!!!……wait Nvm

  • Angelica Pobanz
    Angelica Pobanz

    Pressure cooker can be used under vacuum and it's metal so can be heated easily!

  • Rodger Chesley
    Rodger Chesley

    Every time I watch you melt candy I really think you need a double boiler. It seems to burn every time.

  • Ella Sandoval
    Ella Sandoval

    What editing app do you use?

  • Duke

    Teye cooking rice or jello in a vacuum

  • Sam Sparks
    Sam Sparks

    Mom Cali: Nate Little Nate: yeah Cali: wath you doing? Nate: eating a spoon popsicle 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Jon Savage
    Jon Savage

    Can you bake in a vacuum chamber 🤔

  • Someweird Russian
    Someweird Russian

    “Eggs have steam!”

  • chaos120m

    Tongue in fart box

  • Kaelyn Wisniewski
    Kaelyn Wisniewski

    Can you cook mushrooms?

  • top gamer
    top gamer

    What will happen if u put a coconut in it ?

  • Red Hammer
    Red Hammer

    Do they like like each other yet

  • Midget The Annoyance
    Midget The Annoyance

    666 dislikes

  • Nathan Hart
    Nathan Hart

    Fry chicken in a vacuum?

  • Monstergamer bro
    Monstergamer bro

    9:28 Ithink it evaporated 😂

  • Mark

    Things will have different effects if you were to use more vacuum. The vacuum you are and have used do not create enough vacuum to any desirable effect.

  • Super New10doh
    Super New10doh

    But you still haven't answered the most important question... does popcorn pop above sea level? The Super Genius Stan Smith of American Dad told us that popcorn does not pop above sea level and I need to know if this is accurate🤣

  • Peter Spike
    Peter Spike

    Can you make a video on how to make a vacuum like the one you use in your videos?