Don't Trust This Game
It's time for 3 scary games again. These ones are legitimately amazing! From disobeying orders in Don't Trust This Game to being terrified in the mortuary assistant and finally an extremely surprising and really unique game called Sentient.
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  • jacksepticeye

    Did you get scared?

    • LeoNightFire

      Hell nah mah dude just keep the floppy banana near you and it'll keep you safe

    • xXPotatoeBoizXx

      I did not get spooked

    • Brett Hundemer
      Brett Hundemer


    • ali is lost
      ali is lost

      jacksepticeye heck no gamer

    • тσυкα вαкα
      тσυкα вαкα


  • Ilyas Ishak
    Ilyas Ishak


  • Daria Buczek
    Daria Buczek

    wh- where is the *_WHAPOOSH_* ?!

  • Katherine Koning
    Katherine Koning

    Jack didn’t clue into the fact that the text said “it’s so quiet _IN HERE_ ” like... bruh... the creep is in your HOUSE!!!

  • Roblox Player063
    Roblox Player063

    3:57 whats the music called?

  • DropScience

    That music at the ending got me fucked

  • Angel Marie
    Angel Marie

    Jack- life begins after coffee. *reveals coffee cup* I was drinking my coffee this morning and everyone was looking at me weird out the window. I don’t know why. 😆 😆 😆

  • Ché The Stray
    Ché The Stray

    I cannot believe you fucking got me with that phone call thing. Oh my god I died. I'm watching this at 11 at night alone with my cat XD

  • Juana Gomez
    Juana Gomez

    Penis /-_-\ \-_-/ /\-_-\/ \/I@gra

  • Amy Thompson
    Amy Thompson

    Did anyone else actually put their hand up in the air and promised to jacksepticeye in the beginning?😭

  • Mickey

    On the wall at the end of Sentient it said "Please God Protect My Soul" That gave me chills, and I really liked it

  • Andreja Horvat
    Andreja Horvat

    u look so proud when u did the circle around the room

  • R Robertson
    R Robertson

    The Mortuary Assistant was freaky and unnerving in so many ways. Really cleverly made. Sentient was a surprise, shifting tone faster than I expected. Looking forward to seeing the full games. Hopefully Sean will play them again when they come out.

  • fresty kid
    fresty kid

    The coffee mug says dick

  • CGgaming

    Did you mean the autopsy of Jane doe

  • Kane Fassett
    Kane Fassett

    Shut up you put your hand up to

  • Drake 14
    Drake 14

    Also at 24:04 you can hear what seems to be monkeys screaming and like cage noises or gun shots?. where they being harmed or killed ? Also at 24:13 you can hear

  • Drake 14
    Drake 14

    in the last game. were the cookies the character was eating other test subjects?

  • Scorbunny 06
    Scorbunny 06

    I think it said god protect my soul

  • Aaron Gale
    Aaron Gale

    Jack your a legand and funni as f****

  • Jen Spielvogel
    Jen Spielvogel

    I like how the 3rd? totally ripped off that movie. "What lies beneath," or whatever. With the collapsing skin man..

  • Purple Fox
    Purple Fox

    Who else immediately said: Don't trust the cookie!

  • NXG03

    The carving said "please God protect"

  • hallowwoods 808
    hallowwoods 808

    what if you let the phone battery die or make the time go to midnight?

  • MikeNetherEye

    what is the most scariest moment of the video? Answer: DICK Mug


    i did not agree to this

  • hallowwoods 808
    hallowwoods 808

    0:15 my dumbash put my left hand up smh

  • Bryan Rodriguez
    Bryan Rodriguez

    Not relevant to the game but i just noticed that i was born when he made this channel

  • Kevin Witt
    Kevin Witt

    u make o sece

  • Kevin Witt
    Kevin Witt

    i followed your trus

  • Dakota Perhaps
    Dakota Perhaps

    That moment the virtual phone shows the same time and battery percentage as your own...

  • GlitchMaki

    Everyone just gonna ignore the Anti in the thumbnail?

  • Winter's Inferno
    Winter's Inferno

    I always thought P.T. stood for Professional Terror..... Oof

  • Meropoula Usama
    Meropoula Usama

    I did keep the promise

  • Metalhead 1966
    Metalhead 1966

    34:40: "please God protect my soul"

  • Vidonia Thompson
    Vidonia Thompson

    That language was chinese because if you listen Task 4008 at the end the speak said ba And in Chinese ba=8

  • Vidonia Thompson
    Vidonia Thompson

    1:22 maybe because your drinking out of a mug that says D ick

  • princess lps TV
    princess lps TV

    the wall said "please god protect my soul"

  • Charlottie Callottie
    Charlottie Callottie

    Jack, you/the character were not being conditioned pavlovs way. Ivan pavlov did classical conditioning where you associate one thing (being fed) with another (a bell ringing). The type of conditioning that took place in that game is operant conditioning which uses positive and negative reinforcement. You were given instructions and when you obeyed you were rewarded. Hope this was helpful.

  • Dottie Metcalf
    Dottie Metcalf

    hey jack, did you ever wonder why the cookie had two shadows?

  • wreed587


  • Megan Steele
    Megan Steele

    If you look closely at the thumbnail you can see anti from 2016/17

  • RandyRandy Hoover
    RandyRandy Hoover

    I literally love jacksepticeye he is a funny and I watch all of his videos

  • Logan Hval
    Logan Hval

    Nice mug, Sean Where did u get it?

  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby

    It said please God protect my soul

  • Trenton Borck
    Trenton Borck

    Man, that sentience is cool But did you realize that the neighboor was a muscle man

  • Cliff Clark
    Cliff Clark

    son, does that say, ... erm, um D-ick

  • Derlians Leiwakabessy
    Derlians Leiwakabessy

    Please God proteck my soul

  • Hayden Klein
    Hayden Klein

    Game: Don't trust a single thing this game says Sean: OH OK Game :EAT THE COOKIE IN THE KITCHEN Also Sean: OOOOH OK! Me: but I- what?

  • Joseph Dunlap
    Joseph Dunlap

    I love how Jack thinks it is weird to have a knife in the kitchen... 😂

  • Henry Rankin
    Henry Rankin

    Has anybody else paid attention as to how much battery the phone loses within the span of literally 2 minutes?

  • Tavian Eastgate
    Tavian Eastgate

    That first game you should play again but this time let the battery on the phone run out and see what happens.

  • Unicorn Mistress
    Unicorn Mistress

    "Please God protect my soul"

  • the wolf of Narnia
    the wolf of Narnia

    The wall said "Please God protect my soul."

  • Milly Peasland
    Milly Peasland

    I’m going full screen for last game wish me luck people

  • epic gamer66
    epic gamer66

    What happens if the battery goes down

  • Milly Peasland
    Milly Peasland

    “If I walk into you and stab you then that’s really your fault” 🤣😂😭

  • Kittycats123

    Jack: ooh I heard a knockin Me: And go do some stalkin:)

  • Big dog 2020
    Big dog 2020

    Ya know the cookie was made off you

  • alice lange
    alice lange

    i’m starting to get into watching jacksepticeye and god his SKIN IS SO CLEAR LOLLLL

  • Kelisamar Irizarry
    Kelisamar Irizarry

    The last few seconds gave me big WTNV vibes. Geez

  • Jacob McDonald
    Jacob McDonald

    Jack: Why is there a knife? Me:*Faceplam* Jack you are in a kitchen

  • Molly Tallmadge
    Molly Tallmadge


  • beastytgaming

    if you do what it says than you get the bad ending because she said it was a kid with a toy box maybe that was you and you fell in and she could not find you. if you do not do what it says than you get the good ending because the person who was talking to you got you lost but you did not listen to what it said and reversed it.

  • DrollSiamang

    15:19 when ur mom walks in on u and ur doing yoga

  • LP_ Gaming
    LP_ Gaming

    At the end of the video, I think it says "Please God Protect My Soul"

  • Geer Head
    Geer Head

    15:15 honestly I associate this kind of movement with GMOD animation so much,that when she flew across the room I was already stifling laughter.

  • abril s.
    abril s.

    I'm crying stop

  • John Vincent
    John Vincent

    Holy crap when u said more spook it creep me out

  • Rymanowicz Kids
    Rymanowicz Kids

    no i said that wrong game: *body is baging its head*