dont you realize what I've done for you | Niki & Gabi Take Bahamas EP 7
She POPPED OFF. What was supposed to be a fun last day in paradise for Niki, Gabi and their friends, turns into a screaming match between Gabi and a housemate you'd least expect. 😲🙅
she snapped *panic attack in the ocean | Niki & Gabi Take Bahamas EP 6 -
Welcome to island life where anything goes! Niki and Gabi are escaping the suburbs for a vacation to the Bahamas with a few of their best friends. Will it be all fun in the sun or will relationships be put to the test?
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Niki & Gabi Main Channel:
Nate West Instagram: @thenatewest
Collin Vogt Instagram: @collinvogt
Alex DeMartino: @Alessandra.demartino
Dennis Wot: @wot.dennis
Jesse Marie: @JesseMarieX
Kyle Werner: @KyleWerner93
Rachel Weiss: @Rachelleighweiss
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Creator & Supervising Producer: Katherine Martinez @KatherineLauren
Director: Vitaly Kibenko @Ownthelight @ownthelightentertainment
Executive Producer: Niki DeMartino @Niki
Executive Producer: Gabi DeMartino @Gabi
Executive Producer: Ian Midura
Post Production Supervisor: Dima Kovalchuk
Producer: Taylor Henriquez @TaylorHenriquez
Line Producer: Brett Hodgson
Production Manager: Lauren C Brooks
Production Coordinator: Tina Poston
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Instagram: | @magicjohnnynassau242
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  • AwesomenessTV

    OMG! What an INSANE ride the Bahamas has been. What was your FAVORITE moment from the show and... can I join them for next season? 😜

    • Gianna Chapman
      Gianna Chapman

      Only if Rachel leaves

    • Simon H
      Simon H


    • JollyPlayz

      I love this series mainly because im from the bahamas lol

    • Violet Smith
      Violet Smith

      They can’t it is her show

    • Emma Win
      Emma Win

      AwesomenessTV where Rachel and Kyle make out oooooooo

  • Brookie Cookie
    Brookie Cookie

    my FAVORITE movie is "holiday in the sun" istg its the besssssst movie .

  • HoneyBee

    Jesse need to go

  • lala colon
    lala colon

    Niki is acting like this because she surrounded herself with two toxic people Rachel and Jesse.

  • Avery Green
    Avery Green

    Why does Niki wear her shirt like she didn’t have enough time to get dressed and pull her shirt down. Like it really freaking bothers me.

  • Laura1234 SMITH
    Laura1234 SMITH

    Niki is the problem in that argument

  • Kim- Berlè van Zyl
    Kim- Berlè van Zyl

    Where's Kenny??

  • Regina Rumondor
    Regina Rumondor

    Omg i was cryng seeing niki n gabi fighting...🥺😖😅

  • Tina Walker
    Tina Walker

    I love Eral. 😁😄🙂

  • Mackayla Herr
    Mackayla Herr

    omg will they stop fighting

  • sunset_stables 5678
    sunset_stables 5678

    niki is so selfish for not realising how lucky she is for having a sister like gabi

  • Peach Flavored
    Peach Flavored

    I cant stand niki

  • Alexa Ramos
    Alexa Ramos

    Y'all are TOXIC AF

  • Em M
    Em M

    Just me that feels like nate is just in the wronggg place lol poor dude didnt know what he got himself into hahahahah

  • Scarlett Tyler
    Scarlett Tyler

    Tbh I feel like during the first 5 minutes Niki was just trying to solve a problem and call her down and not start a fight while Gabi is just self destructing all of her problems on Niki

  • khevna shah
    khevna shah

    gabi has to get her shit together

  • Caoimhe.Betty

    i feel so bad for gabi

  • Aisha Grande
    Aisha Grande

    Gabi is actually defending niki the whole time

  • Janyha Whittington
    Janyha Whittington

    To be honest niki need help how she gone say I wish my sister had my back like bish she just poped of bout yo dumb ass this whole time every season!

  • Off beat Art
    Off beat Art

    Niki in the beginning be like : CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN YOU NEED TO CALM DOOOWNN. Do we have a kids bop Karen.

  • killer_ skyline19
    killer_ skyline19

    I feel bad for gabi

  • Elizabeth Arman
    Elizabeth Arman

    Niki: “I run this channel I am the channel” Girl without Gabi you wouldn’t have 7 million followers you would have 1 and it would be ur mom

  • Nara Poling
    Nara Poling

    Also I can relate to niki, all my friends are my sisters friends, and I feel like they wouldn’t be my friends if my sister wasn’t there. I feel bad for niki, and I can understand her anger.

  • Nara Poling
    Nara Poling

    I don’t why niki loves her friends so much; even tho they talked behind her back at the bar, when her sister was the one who stood up for her.

  • Nikita b
    Nikita b

    *team earl baby, team earl*

  • trelise Hill
    trelise Hill

    “Gabi u just remind of a cat that just kicking and streaming”

  • bidara riadi
    bidara riadi

    i was niki stan before watching this show, i mean.. yikes-

  • CeCe -Gaming
    CeCe -Gaming

    I need denis as a best friend

  • Troi Asuncion
    Troi Asuncion

    Honestly niki and gabi are closer than ever noww

  • Pari Muni
    Pari Muni


  • Kay Lee
    Kay Lee

    Nikki is just drama. She’s family they should’ve handled this behind scenes. Not that Gabbi is innocent, but it is really fake to bring other people into it.

  • Amie Lauren
    Amie Lauren

    anyone else see at 22;00 see rachel and kyle cuddling

  • Jasmine Clarke-smith
    Jasmine Clarke-smith

    Nicki is so annoying

  • EmeraldOutlet 45
    EmeraldOutlet 45

    In the begging it seems like Gabi is just screaming at Niki but Niki proves her point by running to Nate, Jessie, and Rachel

  • Sophie’s slice Of life
    Sophie’s slice Of life

    Honestly Alex is a king, he was just such a mood

  • thanushree prem
    thanushree prem

    why is no one talking about how much better kyle is making the show 🤯

  • Liv Grace
    Liv Grace

    Him:do I look good? Alex:uh yeah sure

  • R.E.M

    I agree a lot with Gabi because in the episode where Jesse threw the drink on Niki and Gabi stood up for and threw a drink on Jesse and has always stood up for Niki but Niki just always chooses a friend over her own twin and I am so tired of it

  • Maya Papaya
    Maya Papaya

    Niki: your literally a little brat Also niki: crying about not having iced coffee.

  • Kuterra Champagne
    Kuterra Champagne

    I couldn’t imagine havin Gabi as a sister🤣 how do you speak down on your twin and expect her to respect you over friends who’ve been more of a family member then gabi has😐

  • aphrodite's cherub
    aphrodite's cherub

    kyle is doing something wrong by getting involved with rachel

  • *its kass* C • 10 years ago
    *its kass* C • 10 years ago

    Rachel needs to go tho


    Who else wants season 6

  • Kayla Hongach
    Kayla Hongach

    i hateeee niki in this whole season, don't come for me, but like she's being so petty and bitchy and crying about everything. just listen to your sister and stop sitting there like a bitch

  • luna el badihy
    luna el badihy


  • Taylor Valentine
    Taylor Valentine

    Now this should be on MTV

  • Maman Dokhi
    Maman Dokhi

    Wow it’s rly hard watching gabi

  • Xxvvertia xX
    Xxvvertia xX

    Bruh can ppl stop favouriting gabi like love them equally niki could be reading this and think y’all only care about gabi like stop saying gabi is the victim even though she kinda is like can we stop picking favorites??

  • Xxvvertia xX
    Xxvvertia xX

    Bruh can ppl stop favouriting gabi like love them equally niki could be reading this and think y’all only care about gabi like stop saying gabi is the victim even though she kinda is like can we stop picking favorites??

  • ThätØńęŁåžŷKòókįë Owo
    ThätØńęŁåžŷKòókįë Owo

    Gabi: *that party child* Rachel: *hyper spaz 1* Kyle: *hyper spaz 2* Denis: *the one that thrives on drama* Niki: *group mama* Nate: *group dada* Alex: *the dramatic one that everyone loves* Collin: *the goofy one* I couldn’t think of anything for the others TwT

  • Guada Saborido
    Guada Saborido

    Is this real?

  • Skyla Lyon
    Skyla Lyon

    im binging the series atm a d ylu can hear the hurt in gabi's voice. like damn

  • Kelsey Baiera
    Kelsey Baiera

    Niki is reallyyyy annoying me this season

  • KTkaylaThingz T
    KTkaylaThingz T

    Are we not going to talk about who put the sand in niki and Nate's suitcases

  • sandy lynne
    sandy lynne

    niki tries to hard to act like shes not trying

  • ariana grade is awesome
    ariana grade is awesome

    U feel bad for jessy sitting their when they are fighting

  • Grace Nowak
    Grace Nowak

    Who else thinks that they should make another one of these but only Gabby and Colin and Niki and Nate.

  • ଘLucy Angel’s Lil Bearଓ
    ଘLucy Angel’s Lil Bearଓ

    Why, Gabi is more Important than Jessie and Rachel she’s your sister who went through everything you went through WITH you! Please just realised the people who caused the worst drama and shade were your ‘friends’ Everyone’s realised that the are not right for you. But that’s up to you to realised... 💜

    • Xxvvertia xX
      Xxvvertia xX

      ଘLucy Angel’s Lil Bearଓ Bruh can ppl stop favouriting gabi like love them equally niki could be reading this and think y’all only care about gabi like stop saying gabi is the victim even though she kinda is like can we stop picking favorites??

  • Hi Y
    Hi Y

    I prefer Gabi over Niki, at least Gabi is always trying to bond with Niki/have a sisterly relationship with Niki but Niki doesn't, and Niki seems too irritable this season and seems to never choose either of her sisters over her friends, she always prefers and goes to her toxic friends and boyfriend over her family

  • Nic Nicole
    Nic Nicole

    Hear me out but.....put @TTLYTEALA in the next season and add a cute single model looking friend to be her love interest 😭😭😭

  • Frosty YT
    Frosty YT

    Can we all take the time to appreciate Dennis hair and how it is look slay AF

  • Tammy Jood
    Tammy Jood

    Gabi is right about niki choosing friends over her twin sister

  • Ella’s Vlogs
    Ella’s Vlogs

    i get what gabi is saying like the fact that niki chooses her friends every time in stead of gabi her fucking sister n that niki never appreciates what gabi does for niki n how she did that date thing for niki n nate n niki didn’t really say thank you at all to gabi

  • Haley Faveere
    Haley Faveere

    Gabi is literally pouring her heart out and niki is calling it a victim moment? You LITERALLY had a diva ass moment over coffee lol

  • bunnylover roblox
    bunnylover roblox

    niki hates when Babi has her back but she complains that she never has her back

  • Maha a
    Maha a

    Gabi been a constant bitch to her sister for years and be mad why she doesn’t trust her that much

    • DHMUTRONY com
      DHMUTRONY com

      Her friends are one too but she trust them

  • Juan Grande
    Juan Grande

    dennis is literally all of our spirit animal and that’s on punctuation.

  • Nora Croteau
    Nora Croteau

    I mean I love niki but it’s kinda unacceptable

  • Javon Boyd
    Javon Boyd

    Earl is a witch

  • Kadence Markwalter
    Kadence Markwalter

    Keep Dennis and Alex, kick Jesse and Rachel off and I promise they’ll have a better time.