DOWNTON ABBEY | Official Trailer | In Theaters September 20
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Welcome to a new era. We’ve been expecting you. Watch the new trailer now for #DowntonAbbeyFilm, only in theaters September 20.
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The television series Downton Abbey followed the lives of the Crawley family and the servants who worked for them at the turn of the 20th century in an Edwardian English country house. Over its 6 seasons, the series garnered 3 Golden Globe Awards, 15 Primetime Emmy Awards, 69 Emmy nominations in total, making Downton Abbey the most nominated non-US television show in the history of the Emmys - even earning a Special BAFTA award and a Guinness World Record for the highest critically rated TV show along the way.

  • Myanh Nguyen
    Myanh Nguyen

    Came here and watched the trailer because I just started season 1 of the show and I knew i was gonna be making a mistake looking at these comments 😭😭

  • TJ Jensen
    TJ Jensen

    "it's 1927!" That hood ornament came out in 1930

  • Eugene Babigumira
    Eugene Babigumira

    this literally about cleaning

  • Galaxy_wolf05

    2:12 I just can’t get over how funny Maggie Smith is in Downtown Abbey. She’s a brilliant high classed woman with the ability to make everyone laugh and smile

  • Richard

    I love being Canadian and of British heritage. I have at all times a Queen or a King that ties me to my heritage and its blood within my veins. I love the pomp and ceremony and I tear up at God Save the Queen. My heart bursts to see a parade of Canadian military with the bagpipes and all its splendour. Our great friends to the south, you have a Republic but we have a Monarchy. Your man in a blue suit with a red tie will never replace our Queen. God Save the Queen!

  • Garden of dreams - The rising learners
    Garden of dreams - The rising learners

    Anyone for McGonagall???

  • Nefely Joy Go
    Nefely Joy Go

    I just watched the whole series againand suddenly i saw a news of the heart is screaming of joy ❤️

  • Fiona Elisabet
    Fiona Elisabet

    Just finished the final eps today. And now I'm craving for this!

  • Sadik Perez
    Sadik Perez

    I seen that movie into theatres

  • Carola Dafne
    Carola Dafne

    Solo vine por Furia Bebe

  • 1234

    By far, the biggest mistake the producers, writers and directors of this movie released in 2019, was that they should have thought out of the box and had the 5 James Bond actors play a 5 minute scene as Generals or Admirals in some elaborate library or dining room setting. Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig have never been together on screen. It would have cost the movie makers, max 2 million per actor for 72 hours of work. The expenditure on the Bond actors, would have been recouped with a 25% increase of gate revenues. All Bond lovers would have gone to see this movie.

  • Petra Publications
    Petra Publications

    Whos here after the Legends of Tomorrow episode?

  • Bade Schlappen
    Bade Schlappen

    Professor mcgonegle wtf

  • Dimpho Solo
    Dimpho Solo

    Now I’m going to watch season 1 episode 1.

  • Enthused To Sing
    Enthused To Sing

    Celia Imrie HAS to be cast as Mary of Teck somewhere, come on!

  • Austin Gluesing
    Austin Gluesing

    Elizabeth McGovern greeting the king and queen always gives me chills.

  • Trollstation123

    Legends of Tomorrow brought me here

  • Mariela Maldonado
    Mariela Maldonado

    This show is so beautiful, the music is perfect, I love all the characters, just amazing. I really love the movie, was very nice to see them together again. A fan from Argentina.

  • Makaveli

    Finally a trailer that reveals nothing lol

  • Shikhar Sinha
    Shikhar Sinha

    Professor McGonagall!!

  • Hrishi Raj
    Hrishi Raj

    These characters had made my decade Grand, Royal and Majestic!! Thank you...but much thanks to MAGGIE SMITH and JIM CARTER for entertaining us since 2010 through Downton Abbey and its before too!!

  • Hal09i

    My wish down the line? is that they flash forward to 2020..Downtown is a museum and some grand event is being held there...the family, relatives, descendants of servants are all there...and we see our cast in modern times, leading very different lives, etc. And there is a scene at the foot of the stairs where two people are admiring the house...and they turn and see each other...and it's Matthew and Mary...and they look at each other and there's an instant instant connection...and I'd intercut with Matthew and Mary in the same room at the same time of day in 1920...with Mary suddenly bursting with joy saying she doesn't know why she is so happy...

  • Lynne Gulbrand
    Lynne Gulbrand

    I absolutely loved the series and the movie now. I own the complete set now. I must say that my favorite person is Maggie Smith who plays Violet. She has me in stitches of laughter with her wit and dry humor. When she was telling Mary that she is dying I burst into tears. This series has me completely transfixed and wanting more. Since acquiring the complete set and movie now I am so happy. It makes me homesick for England and missing certain things and of course that northern accent from some of the actors. I grew up in Manchester. Bravo to the writers of this amazing look at life in England during the early 1900s.

  • A

    Where can i see this tv show? Please

  • Sendhil kumar
    Sendhil kumar

    Guys I am from India .. how can I watch this movie.. not available in Amazon prime. Netflix.. not sure.. but badly want to watch

    • Favour

      @Sendhil kumar hm, maybe because of where you live. In that case, I suggest going to the PBS site and seeing if you can find it there, since the original show aired on PBS.

    • Sendhil kumar
      Sendhil kumar

      @Favour it's not available in you tube

    • Favour

      You can buy it from TR-my

  • Gerard Collins
    Gerard Collins

    Unpopular opinion, but I didn't like the Downton movie all that much.

  • Jose Pelaez
    Jose Pelaez

    Love this movie the perfect vacation for out miserable times

  • ForkyBros

    Who was so upset that Downton wasn’t nominated for Oscars. I wished it was nominated for most category’s like most films

  • Studio Roshana استوديو روشانا
    Studio Roshana استوديو روشانا

    Nev Virgin exclusive in OSN 22 may. 2020 ch 001

  • Alejandro Varela Staton
    Alejandro Varela Staton

    So happy for Thomas ❤️

  • Laura Captain
    Laura Captain

    Oh boy, can't wait to see the Downton Abbey movie! It's long overdue.

  • C C
    C C

    I love Downton Abbey. I want more, but I hate that they forgot Carson has issues with his hands. I hate that Lady Edith was so worried about her stupid dress. Why didn’t she bring a back up for goodness sake? We barely saw the Bates child or any of the children for that matter. Mary’s husband shows up only for then end. I know he’s filming another show, I love him in that, but... Ugh, I just need more.

  • Ultimate Keyboard Warrior
    Ultimate Keyboard Warrior

    Too white

    • CzechMirco

      @Ultimate Keyboard Warrior Of course you were, what else could you have read with that racism riddled one-dimensional mindset of yours. Oh but nice, you got one third of that right, albeit it wasn't that difficult since it is part of my nickname. But getting one third right is probably more than anyone could have hoped from you, wouldn't they?

    • Ultimate Keyboard Warrior
      Ultimate Keyboard Warrior

      @CzechMirco Blah blah blah, all I read was "Hi, I'm a Czech racist bastard"

    • CzechMirco

      @Ultimate Keyboard Warrior Oh, it would be. Pity that your one-dimensional uneducated mindset prevents you from understanding English, of which you are a native speaker and I am not. So I will try to spell it out for you more clearly: I am better than you, ghetto boy, because I am not a spiteful racist demagogue, whereas you are. And it doesn't matter, whether you are really such a simpleton to not even realise it or whether you are just playing a trolling game. Because the result is still the same.

    • Ultimate Keyboard Warrior
      Ultimate Keyboard Warrior

      @CzechMirco It's racist for you to think you are better than people in ghetto because you're white. YOU RACIST!

    • CzechMirco

      @Ultimate Keyboard Warrior Your feeble attempts at "no you" betray that you finished your education at around 4th "grade", which is of course only to be expected from an American "Keyboard warrior from da ghetto". Education and wit aren't very valued in your racist hostile counterculture, are they?

  • A King
    A King

    What a great show.

  • Upaginit 101
    Upaginit 101

    This is my most favorite show of all time, I love the warmth of good people, honor, respect, before technology garbage lol..

  • stirling

    So what actually happens, or are you just watching people talk to each other in period costumes the whole time

  • Nerdy Snailie
    Nerdy Snailie

    I didn’t watch the movie but I didn’t want Carlson to be in charge! Thomas deserves to have this chance and to succeed at it. It was an ill move from Mary but she’s bias to Carlson. I think having a gay butler excel at their job and be well known for his success in holding such event didn’t occur to them!? I was upset seeing this . Why?

    • CzechMirco

      Why? Because you project your myopic and ephemeral 21st century expectations to a show that is set in a different era. And your premises are wrong anyway. Mary decided to ask Carson simply because Thomas has by then been a butler for only over a year and this is a ROYAL VISIT. They are not taking any risks. Is there even a hint that she knows Thomas to be a homosexual?

  • Darren Lloyd
    Darren Lloyd

    Thank God the gay character gets laid 😂🙌💯💯💯

  • loodiamexican

    My stepmom and I watch the show together. I can't wait until we finally see the movie!

  • May S.
    May S.

    I know they are planning a second movie right now, but wouldn't a mini-series about a young Violet be amazing? I mean we would finally get to see Robert's father and also her time in russia with all the snow and the partys... that would be so gorgeous

  • Ravi Kiran
    Ravi Kiran

    1:21 to 1:51 is one of the best BGMs that were ever played in movies

  • Mad Jack 666
    Mad Jack 666

    Lovely Minerva

  • gloria

    i can't stop watching it over and over, and i still get chills every time i do uff

  • Nursing with JennRN T
    Nursing with JennRN T

    Just watched the movie! Please bring a sequel!!! I need to see Ediths baby and to see Tom get married ❤❤❤

  • Jamie

    🔥🔥 I learned a great deal from watching 1:20 🔥🎥🔥 👇 👇 👇❣

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman

    Maggie smith role as professor in harry potter series is my favourite

  • titus saha
    titus saha

    Where can I hear the full orchestral version of this theme? I need this.

  • Dinh Thuy
    Dinh Thuy

    it's good to see Edith again

  • LoveLuke

    lmao, this trailer made me feel like i watched the whole movie.

  • Jayden S
    Jayden S

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Definitely an interesting premise 0:37 💘💜 👇👇

  • Tom Luna
    Tom Luna

    I just finished watching it. I hope they make an other movie every year. Like star wars.

  • Lady-Drew Boger
    Lady-Drew Boger

    From; 🌿⚘Lady-Drew⚘🌿 Excellent series. Enjoy. 🌿

  • Thomas Pastor
    Thomas Pastor

    Anyone else here after SNL?

  • mo

    Everything is amazing - I only wish the movie were shot with light like the series. It's so dark all the details are missed; faces and actions are obscured. Re-release a lighter version, please?

  • hambone31000

    Downton Abbey is far superior to Gone with the Wind. Both concern a family in a changing world. But Wind ruins it with several things, for example, cartoonish phony stereotypical happy slaves and racism, while Abbey shows the Irish servants realistically having a hard time


    Watch this film

  • Dave Rodriguez
    Dave Rodriguez

    Snl hit it on the mark.

  • Casey Storan
    Casey Storan

    Thomas Barrow ♥️

  • Georgios N. Telas
    Georgios N. Telas

    The success of the series in the UK was obvious. At the rest of the world? Dont misunderstood me, I loved the series and the movie here is pretty good. But here is a crazy explanation for the worldwide success of the series. Remember back in the day when british "royals" were exploring Africa, Asia, etc to observe and understand "what are they?" (I mean the natives and the animals). Here is the same, the rest of the world watched it to understand "what are they", those stiff people that never worked in their lives (up floors) and the modern day slaves (basement). Am I wrong? The acting and the art of the series and the film are over the top. And that also explains why STILL around us humanoids buy Jags, Rolls, Astons, etc. Its the heritage, the royalty, the "name". And inside rottenness....

    • 1993Warbirds

      I respectfully disagree on that end.

  • Sekar

    Whats is this movie about?

    • Mie R
      Mie R

      Royal visit to Downton. This type of movie is quite low-key and character-driven, it's just about the characters and their lives, but the royal visit is what anchors it.

  • Marcos Garcia
    Marcos Garcia

    Thomas found out he was not alone!

  • No comment
    No comment

    It's 1927, we are modern folks😂

  • Aviyah Bat Yah
    Aviyah Bat Yah

    Didn't watch, I'm not a fan of being forced to watch homosexual acts of affection. Even the natural acts of normal Heterosexuals acts of affection should be kept in private.

  • Helen Eschenbacher
    Helen Eschenbacher

    Spoiler Alert! The ONLY reason I got this sorry excuse of a movie was to see Matthew Goode. Lady Mary’s spouse. He had two scenes! One jumping from his car (He’s a race car driver but needs to go to the USA to race? Not as if the finest racing cars were British and European!), he then races up the stairs kissing that poor beleaguered Lady Miller! Oh the labors she must endure! Needing to do something with a tarp over a truck...or something. Then Matthew Goode has maybe three incomplete sentences for the entire rest of the movie while standing in the main salon! I have ZERO respect for the wealthy and royalty handed down through generations. This movie attempted to tie up about 3 dozen loose threads. BORING! I need to go back to “The Crown” to watch Matthew play Sir Anthony Armstrong Jones in all of his sex scenes. Even Matt Smith (AKA Dr. Who after David Tennant) was just so good as Prince Phillip.

  • Max Penn
    Max Penn

    After grandmama/The Dowager Countess makes the crack to Isobel about whether she has enough clichés and Isobel responds defensively, Violet says "here we go", as if it's Isobels fault. I'd love to see a cat fight between those two on one of the Downtown parodies. It would be even better if those two actresses could do it, such as on a variety show. (SNL?) The shattering crystal, the torn costumes, the jam in their hair, maybe even some words you couldn't imagine them knowing, let alone saying. I like the show but I don't revere it and a complete absence of dignity and decorum would shock the servants most of all. It's fun to imagine.

  • Emeron jos
    Emeron jos

    They better make seasons 7, 8 9 and 10 that deals with the second WW and the End of colonialism

  • Cody Coldbrewski
    Cody Coldbrewski

    So it's a movie about getting a mansion clean to eat lunch with the queen, and of course obviously about being gay too. Can't forget that. What an absolute waste of time and money.

  • Jack Robins
    Jack Robins

    I can’t say enough about this movie! It was so grand, spectacular and just incredible. As a Downton Abbey fan I adore this movie and the cast. I heard there’s going to be a sequel!

  • Eva Synnergren
    Eva Synnergren


  • Huyền Kiều
    Huyền Kiều

    Can someone tell me the type of dancing in the film? Thank you very much.