Drinking Fake Beer While Driving By Cops!
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  • NELK

    200,000 likes for part 2 boyss

    • Crump Daddy1
      Crump Daddy1

      Well I guess Jesse has to snort that line😔

    • Joker Kenny
      Joker Kenny

      try 6 million

    • Xavier Ortiz
      Xavier Ortiz

      500k likes get ready for the dick line 🤣🤣🤣

    • Rudy Coronado
      Rudy Coronado

      Its 500k👀👀👀

    • Lion Pride
      Lion Pride

      Jesus loves you and he thought about you when he died on the cross, Say Lord Jesus I repent of my sins come into my heart I make you my Lord and Savior in Jesus name amen live Holy cut off sin. Pray everyday and read the Bible. God bless

  • elvis ocampo
    elvis ocampo

    What a waste of Watermelons 🍉

  • L1Diving


  • Crump Daddy1
    Crump Daddy1

    Well I guess Jesse has to snort that line

  • Tyr Loki
    Tyr Loki

    Requirements to be an officer: Sleeves and Steroids

  • Yanelis G
    Yanelis G

    Very cool cops

  • Tony Garnica
    Tony Garnica

    Yall lucky asfk they were good cops 🤣🤣

  • isaiah Varcoe
    isaiah Varcoe

    Danny Duncan bought a guys water melons first but awesome vid

  • Andrew smith
    Andrew smith

    Brad literally looks like he got the same experiment as steve Rogers the super soldier in captain America.

  • mobilemowers

    Save 14 minutes of nonsense Skip to 14:34 and see the two "pull overs". Lame video.

  • TNT No one
    TNT No one

    Go over to Danny Duncan’s channel to see everything in this video in better quality but no drinking

  • Professional Virgin
    Professional Virgin

    Let me just skip to the end for the content

  • Goldenscorpion 3000
    Goldenscorpion 3000

    Why is the first second of the intro sound like siren head? Even though it's a wolf howling.

  • Firecycle114

    Summit1g Excuse 17:54

  • essic Twitch
    essic Twitch

    18:18 im dead ... he feels the pain

  • A Dr it
    A Dr it

    When salim started rapping tyga😂that shit had me 💀

  • Eric Sanchez
    Eric Sanchez

    Man these cops give so many chances lol And the first DUI cops funny as hell

  • EatMyDrumz

    sober sallys 🤣

  • Boss Queen
    Boss Queen

    The dude was so chill They were chill

  • QueaeYT

    can someone explain what a “kill” is

    • Paintball Guy
      Paintball Guy

      It means ur lucky/ s*x

  • Jayce Mccoy
    Jayce Mccoy

    Like the vedio just for the cop much respect to that man🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Jon 1106
    Jon 1106

    Wake up to a blunt in your mouth... That's what I wanna wake up to damn

  • void.aurora

    18:40 Yw

  • Dishyjam

    Pull up to the napa valley

  • Brandon Dorantes
    Brandon Dorantes

    Fucking brad looks like Johnny sins when they went hunting for alligators 😂

  • Sean Perry
    Sean Perry

    Ok but where tf did tfue pull up from

  • suicidal dragon
    suicidal dragon

    The last cop reminds me of an old teacher who was a cop/swat same face and voice lmao

  • Sandra Chajon
    Sandra Chajon

    Imagine if they were black .. I was low key scared of that one kid :(

  • scotch J
    scotch J

    American citizens never prank cops lmao

  • Punk Scxrpio
    Punk Scxrpio

    500k wheres that video jesse

  • TNA homosapien
    TNA homosapien

    idc what you feel this is white priviledge, a black would still go to jail for sOmE reason.

  • Tokyo

    You have disrespected my ancestors with the watermelon

  • Eat My Rng
    Eat My Rng

    13:42 is why girls have trust issues🤣🤣

  • That guy Sage
    That guy Sage

    That’s not a tuff shirt bradly is just FUCCING WEAK

  • Jaerho

    When y’all go back to Saint Pete I wanna come hang I live on the road of the 7/11 😂

  • Connor Gibson
    Connor Gibson

    “I can run really fast”💀💀💀

  • foniks100

    Americans can't drink in public and can't drink and drive that is funny. Come to Denmark, both are legal here :)

  • Bailey Steele
    Bailey Steele

    Does he have a hamilton hat on 😂😂

  • Marzio London
    Marzio London

    Those cop's was so nice and cool because they're wasn't Spanish or black .. just true No hate 👍🖕

  • Doug Snider
    Doug Snider

    Living your life with a go pro...strange.

  • CeoNiTe

    Cool that steevo from jackass chilled with you on your birthday bradley. Hope you enjoyed happy birthday from Croatia.

  • Burning Wheels 89
    Burning Wheels 89

    Am I the only one who noticed that they just fingered an alagator

  • Ben Elliott
    Ben Elliott

    569k likes get snorting

  • Kyle Latimer
    Kyle Latimer

    Joogsquad with the vase!

  • Emiliano Perfecto
    Emiliano Perfecto

    Walmart Danny Duncan

  • Vaughn Kody Formoso
    Vaughn Kody Formoso

    The watermelons...


    Yo anyone noticed Tfues trippin

  • Mr. Cyber
    Mr. Cyber

    Do US Cops not do Breathe Analysers?

  • sonic

    nobody: not a single soul: live chat: */hIdEcHaT*

  • __

    not good camera man

  • Tee Bee
    Tee Bee

    lol just a huge group of people gator hunting.

  • George V
    George V

    Coolest cops ever at the end that’s what America needs

  • David Steiget
    David Steiget

    These boys are the trailer park boys if one of their schemes actually pulled through

  • Amber Nicole
    Amber Nicole

    Was that a bong lmao

  • Versus Drip
    Versus Drip

    lmao any danny duncan fans feel a lil danny vibe the first few of this video? with the watermelons, the shots, the scene, everything

  • Cazual_kid

    Stole from Danny Duncan much?

  • Cam Williams
    Cam Williams

    Yea I fw the last cops on god hahahaha



  • Samantha Bissonette
    Samantha Bissonette

    That last cop was awesome

  • Casey Snow
    Casey Snow

    Douche bags

  • Nexern

    That’s just stupid dude, stop wasting the officer’s time. Might seem like a funny joke at first but come on.

  • Jackyy2x

    Nelk has 500.000 likes

  • Arron Hudges
    Arron Hudges

    Yeah black people could never do this smh #blm #georgefloyd

  • Hurleys96

    This video is dumb

  • Damon

    LMAO. A VASE🤣 17:51

  • Myles Levi
    Myles Levi

    Anyone know the beat playing in the back ground ?

  • WhatsNardin

    understand that...

  • Richard

    This was just a waste of watermelons, y’all should’ve named the video “waste of watermelon”...SMH.

  • HighLife78

    Ya best cops ever. Great joke. Ur past 400k likes. Back to Florida u go. Lol

  • Matthew Haines
    Matthew Haines

    11:05 this man Steve