Drunk Makeup Tutorial!
James Charles
HI SISTERS! Happy late birthday to me… I’m officially 21 years old!! 🥳 I’ve NEVER gotten drunk before, so I figured my 21st birthday was the perfect time to do it… and of course film it for millions of people to see. I hope you enjoy, and please thumbs up because this is NEVER happening again.
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • irene Noyola
    irene Noyola


  • シiilovelysunny

    I love this way too much

  • MayAdventures !
    MayAdventures !

    Me too lol. Wow. I just did a video of doing my makeup without a mirror! Could you please check it out, thanks!

  • rosie downs
    rosie downs

    happy birthday sister

  • Isabella Matos
    Isabella Matos

    Baby there's no cap

  • AngelBaby

    Balkan preteens looking at the title while drinking their 3rd rakija today: “21....interesting”

  • Isabella Matos
    Isabella Matos


  • Isabella Matos
    Isabella Matos

    Oh nOo

  • Isabella Matos
    Isabella Matos


  • Isabella Matos
    Isabella Matos

    OMG 🤣💜

  • Santos Rubi
    Santos Rubi

    Hey jessi ooo it fills like a Party

  • Madeline McPherson
    Madeline McPherson

    If you’re an advocate for smart choices and decisions then what we’re those sister scandals???

  • 02

    Every Russian watching this: ez me: Still under aged.... also me: alcohol: drunk me: now knows what it feels like to be drunk

  • Danny Shamai
    Danny Shamai

    People make fun of me from watching you

  • cowboy whrecat
    cowboy whrecat

    james when he posted the vid unedited: 59 min also me: 👁👄👁 how long did THIS take

  • scarlett jones
    scarlett jones

    james I LOVE U but please slow down

  • Eliana Ceron
    Eliana Ceron

    Even though he is drunk while doing his makeup, he is still better at doing it than I will ever be

  • Ciao a tutti
    Ciao a tutti

    In Italy we drink at 16th years old😎😎

  • Ellie Sadgrove
    Ellie Sadgrove

    Haha pretty much every British person gets pissed at 12

  • Adi Acosta
    Adi Acosta

    This will go down in history

  • Laura Castleberry
    Laura Castleberry

    I love tht he does what he wants and doesn't care abt how people hate on him at all u go sister

  • Wayne Cunningham
    Wayne Cunningham

    Hi James you are a QUEEN!

  • KEYERAmixes

    Why is his eyeshadow better drunk than mine is when I’m sober🤣🤣🤣

  • Manisha pande
    Manisha pande

    Nice sweatshirt💜

  • Yt_Crimzon

    Please stop assuming my gender plz

  • Millie Oldroyd
    Millie Oldroyd

    if your british you will understand this: james is literally like a 14 year old off one bottle off echo falls wine that her 17 year old corsa driving boyfriend bought her

  • Nang Su
    Nang Su

    🤢 I don't like drinking But I love your video 💖😻

  • Nola Lucking
    Nola Lucking

    Me watching this* wHy Is He AcTiNg LiKe I dO nOrMaLlY tHo


    happy belated birthday



  • Javier Andrade
    Javier Andrade

    I swear it's so funny

  • Emma a
    Emma a

    wow James is now allowed to legally drink and he turned 21 and I’m also allowed to drink and I just turned 16! HAHAHAH we love Germany HAHHAHH

  • Javier Andrade
    Javier Andrade

    You need to make more of these videos I be am literally crying because I'm laughing so much

  • Moon Cheese!
    Moon Cheese!

    Starts of fine : Ends -BeIng DrUnK is kInNdA fUn

  • Society Rejects
    Society Rejects

    God bless the editor!

  • Livvy Hall
    Livvy Hall

    Happy birthday James🎉

  • Lacey Smith Coles
    Lacey Smith Coles

    10 year olds in britain watching this👁👄👁

  • Gigi Kharadze IT Support CRM
    Gigi Kharadze IT Support CRM

    omg dont do this any more

  • Pink chilli
    Pink chilli

    4:17 WHEN I TELL YOU I LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF well technically i didnt cuz im looking at the screen and typing but it was still funny

  • Bridget grasman
    Bridget grasman

    In Canada it’s 18 but where I live it’s 19

  • lo lo life
    lo lo life

    James said 321 then an ad came on also he should get larray to do this

  • Sai Aadhya Aruva
    Sai Aadhya Aruva

    Happy birthday james

  • Izzy The Nutella
    Izzy The Nutella

    lol I can’t stop laughing CaN i pEE

  • lee haechanie's cute diya
    lee haechanie's cute diya

    This shows how much he is dedicated to make up

  • Najma Abdi
    Najma Abdi


  • LaLo et toi ?
    LaLo et toi ?

    I don't care 11:20 my fav moment 😂😭❤️


    Omg when i like the vid it turned a million lol just sharing it!!!😆

  • Luis Conchas
    Luis Conchas

    My brother name James

  • Leann Garcia
    Leann Garcia

    I’m a fan

  • Someone -_-
    Someone -_-

    He does makeup drunk better then I do normallu

  • NotYourAverageMemer

    Me asking James: do U have any siblings James: I have 1 brother and 20million sisters

  • Ricky Edwards Jr.
    Ricky Edwards Jr.

    bruh he just got 1M+ likes in 2 months ... thats crazy

  • DinoArmy

    You are so bad biggest hater

  • Rebecca Lye
    Rebecca Lye

    Is it just me who wonders why he talks soooooooooo fast like can he just sloooow down

  • ——-——-

    I love you James❤️❤️🖤

  • Christina Williams
    Christina Williams

    Im 9 and I love you as a friend

  • Katherine Bitto One
    Katherine Bitto One


  • Katherine Bitto One
    Katherine Bitto One

    I laughed so much lol he is too adorable

  • Katherine Bitto One
    Katherine Bitto One

    Love youuu!!

  • Bree Davey
    Bree Davey


  • Liviosa Little
    Liviosa Little

    In australia at 18 you can drink at bars... so if any americans want to drink go to straya ( Australia)

  • Диннура Рахиева
    Диннура Рахиева

    Omgggggggg, i love you. Blyat

  • Graclynn

    I thought you were 17- you look young! Go girllll

  • Raymond Samuel
    Raymond Samuel

    Happy birthday james🎁🎈🎉🍰🎁

  • ellarose 808 •3•
    ellarose 808 •3•

    When I heard “oh no” I was like wait is that Albert that can’t be IT IS HIM

  • savita sanghu
    savita sanghu

    Guys for real now did he just gave his phone number???!?!!!!??

  • savita sanghu
    savita sanghu

    Guys STOP hating I know it's not good but it's just for a video he don't drink that much 🛑🚫🚫🐢🙏😞😞😞😞❤️🚫🛑🛑🙏😞😞😞🙏😞😞😞🙏😞👑👑👑👑👑 I lov everyone that spread positivity ✨😞😉💓💓💗💓💗💓💗💝💗💓💗💛💛💛😘😘😘😘So please 🥰

  • Gemma Brookman
    Gemma Brookman

    I am from Australia!!!

  • Izzy Josephine
    Izzy Josephine

    me 15 watching this drunk 👁👄👁

  • Jack Boyle
    Jack Boyle

    We do be getting those spiritual vibes

  • Arianna Harris
    Arianna Harris

    Hey James , I just brought one of your makeup kits and they are amazing