DUA LIPA - Break My Heart | Dance Tutorial with Kyle Hanagami
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1:40 - Teaching
6:00 - Slow Counts
7:14 - Fast Counts
8:10 - Music
9:08 - Teaching
11:43 - Slow Counts
12:17 - Fast Counts
13:30 - Music
15:02 - Teaching
20:56 - Slow Counts
21:48 - Fast Counts
23:36 - Music
WATCH DUA LIPA'S OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO HERE: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-Nj2U6rhnucI.html
DANCE ASSISTANT | Haley Fitzgerald
DIRECTOR | Ryan Parma
PRODUCER | Ashly Perez & Kyle Hanagami
GRIP | Hondo Tey
DRUNK WOMAN | Haley Fitzgerald
GROSS COUPLE | Nico Greetham & Logan Hassel
POPCORN GIRL | Megan Batoon


    I've waited for 12 years to do my first online dance tutorial. I wanted it to be different, special and enjoyable for you just like it is when I teach class in person. I love you guys and I hope you have fun learning this combo. Don't forget to tag me if you post anything so I see it! ❤️

    • ntina ntlr
      ntina ntlr

      I need a dance tutorial on "adore you" ❤️

    • Yashika Ramchandani
      Yashika Ramchandani

      Tutorial on señorita please ♥️♥️!!

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      Zakia Shah

      Thank you a lot...can we please have a tutorial for yonce

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      Aria Zoe

      I want the tutorial of bad guy pleeeaaasseeeeeee!!!!!!

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      gönül doğanay

      Doesnt fit orjinal version and kareograf

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    ab cd

    This is how I want a dance tutorial Tobe like

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    Don't start now by Dua Lipa please!!

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    Steffany Vucetich

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    Tina KO

    We love you too!! tutorial is perfect, so funny and enjoable ! Thank you ! Much love ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rihanna

    Hi everyone! I just posted my dance cover to this choreography of Break My Heart💔 It would mean the world to me if you'll checked it out 🙌

  • Whitney D
    Whitney D

    How can I get better at remembering moves? I can rewatch tutorials a thousand times and still forget steps instantly. When I'm in a class it's embarrassing.

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  • Abril Morales
    Abril Morales

    Best online tutorial !!! Thank you

  • klara

    you go too fast, there's no way to follow

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    Paulo Guerra

    8 years without any dance class , the struggle its real thanks for post this. i was desperate for some dance tutorial

  • Shannon H.N.
    Shannon H.N.

    This is why I'm fascinated by these professional dancers because they can learn and slay choreography in an hour and do it several times a week, it's mind-boggling to me! They can say muscle memory all they want but I still don't get it.

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    Zezim Gameplay

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    Anya Singh

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    Kristýna Hockova

    this video was seen by 1000 people, but they repeated it 1000 times

  • honey

    I really appreciate this, thank you.

  • Camila Souza
    Camila Souza

    I honestly lost count of how many times I said I hate him and I want to kill him for making it look so easy when it ISN'T ! ...but of course I didn't mean it, it was just me angry and sad that I couldn't keep up with them

  • Hacer Dibap
    Hacer Dibap

    Hiç Türk yok mu ya 😣

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    Sir Pataka

    the girl in red is so hilarious- I do not even know why I'm here- but I enjoyed it. nice moves

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    Phan Minh An Anna

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    Maria Eduarda da Silva

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    Alexa Celeste Calderón

    My hole life I´ve been waiting for this moment!! I'm gonna try it, but no expectations I'm such an awsome dancer like you hahaha maybe one day, when I go to USA. Love you guys, thanks for this! from Peru

  • Tom Thai
    Tom Thai

    So detailed 👍🏻

  • xxxkatiemikexxx

    Thank you thank you so much! This is amazing! If you feel the urge to do another full length tutorial for say, ‘adore you’ or ‘shape of you’, don’t fight it, we’ll all be appreciative lol 😘

  • Liza Dutta
    Liza Dutta

    Ur the best choreographer 🌻

  • Liza Dutta
    Liza Dutta

    Ur the best choreographer 🌻

  • Liza Dutta
    Liza Dutta

    Ur the best choreographer 🌻

  • Takui Siro
    Takui Siro


  • Naomi D
    Naomi D

    Thank you, thank you, thank you,! I’m grateful that you share your talents with the world. You are a true artist. Your dance movement comes from the heart with always the same feelings with the music. You are also a brilliant and compassionate teacher. I love all your choreography particularly Senorita by Shawn Mendez and Camilla Cabello and Bad by Billie Eilish, (genius work btw). Do you think you can do a tutorial on those two dances when you have a chance? Thank you Kyle H. and Haley F..for this tutorial.

  • Rachel Taylor
    Rachel Taylor

    i speak spanish sooo Kyle: vas a mover la cabeza hacia la derecha mi cuerpo : que me rompa el cuello diceh!! xd

  • Rachel Taylor
    Rachel Taylor

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    blabla bla

    I love this choreography, it's so fun, and the movements are clear and unique. It took me some time, but in the end I learn it and I'm very happy.

  • Javanna

    Took me a full 30 minutes for my section one to even SLIGHTLY resemble theirs :,D

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    Adriana Argañaraz

    Hey! Gracias por compartir y enseñarnos! Eres un excelente coreografo, admirable!

  • lm d1
    lm d1

    Учу эту хореографию. Но не с самого начала, а с 24:18. Осталось только отработать чёткость и резкость движений - и готово!) Thank you, Kyle Hanagami. А ещё узнала, что я уже учила его хореографию - оказывается, он ставил хоряги на песни Blackpink. И хит Kill this love в том числе

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    Mobile San

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    Thank you for sharing, it's a wonderful choreography and an awesome, humorous and effective tutorial!

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    Narendra Thorat

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    Risnavi Ghosh

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    Well done Kyle! What an amazing initiative you guys are taking to get your viewers off the couch and feeling active. What a great idea!

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    Niki Clegg

    I love your choreography, Kyle, and I love watching you dance. But I can’t lie to you... if Haley is there... I literally CANNOT take my eyes off her! ♥️

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    Gabriella Raposo

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  • sinet sun
    sinet sun

    I'm extremely interested in your TR-my the way you teach how to dance. I would love to learn from basic and especially for the song Pretty girl. Could you show me each step? And how can i remember to improve my movement be flexible?

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