Dude Perfect Battle: Super Flop Shot Challenge
Callaway Golf
While filming for our epic Dude Perfect Golf Trick Shot Battle, we had the Dudes compete in a thrilling super flop shot battle. Wait till you see who wins...
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  • Legend 29
    Legend 29

    Why do none of them have a good swing?

  • TTV_GaMeR_BtW

    Cody won number 1 basically

  • MrScardyCreeper

    Mmm yes vanoss old school outro

  • Mahadev Krishnan
    Mahadev Krishnan

    Tyler: I am the ultimate flopper. James Harden: Hold my beard.

  • Ivan Mega Messi
    Ivan Mega Messi

    olny dude perfect not a wonabe

  • Codz YT
    Codz YT

    Anyone else getting good vannos vibes

    • Codz YT
      Codz YT

      Andrew De Jean it’s do nostalgic

    • Andrew De Jean
      Andrew De Jean

      I am feeling some Vanoss nostalgia.

  • JJ Lee Vlogs
    JJ Lee Vlogs

    Who else here thinks this battle should an official DP battle?

  • Ramses Chavez
    Ramses Chavez

    Hey coby's 3rd win

  • Michael Lambing
    Michael Lambing

    this is a shot I practice alot!...I would love to go against these guys!

  • Vids for kids
    Vids for kids

    I really wanted to hate you guys but instead..I LOVE YOU MAN!!! Actually my kids turned me on to you all. It's great content and with all the crap on TR-my I'm glad they found you guys to entertain them. Great stuff! Thank you, thank you...

  • Winter Season
    Winter Season

    So coby has won 3 battles actually

  • AJ Mango
    AJ Mango

    Who do you wanp

  • Charlie Kingsley
    Charlie Kingsley

    So this was coby’s real first win

  • EastBayBaller 6
    EastBayBaller 6

    Why does Coby Win all the unofficial battles

  • Dj Mile High
    Dj Mile High

    You need to make your videos longer

  • Michael Gentile
    Michael Gentile

    Damn, all you guys need to open up your stances!!!

  • Jake Pietrzak
    Jake Pietrzak

    well i guess that’s his first win

  • Giovanni Cardini
    Giovanni Cardini

    who thinks Cody thinks he's really good at golf but in reality...

  • Lisa Baker
    Lisa Baker

    Who’s rewatching and saying to themselves, wait, coby win a battle

  • Jerry Egan
    Jerry Egan

    Does this count as a coby win

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus

    This was posted on my birthday april 26 I turned 9

  • Vincent Killion
    Vincent Killion

    I see the words "Dude Perfect Battle" and Coby won. That's good enough for me. Team Coby!

  • kei alvarez
    kei alvarez

    Can you give me golf balls and club

  • Sam Powell
    Sam Powell

    0:00 tell that to Neymar

  • Ross True
    Ross True

    How far away from the wall

  • Brian Zilm
    Brian Zilm

    Your popping up Cody and Cory for sure See you guys on tour

  • Xoom

    Garrett should have chosen the red tee

  • Tes777Ethan is awesome
    Tes777Ethan is awesome

    Coby wins Wow

  • Isaiah Wiley
    Isaiah Wiley

    Just get Neymar and he will win

  • Stu D
    Stu D

    American names are cheese personified.

  • Bryan

    Y’all used a tee that’s pussy shut

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    well i would suggest a open stance and that will make a perfect flop we should play golf often @@dude perfect

  • Yoshi Universe
    Yoshi Universe

    longest stick huh? did garret sneak a dirty joke into a dp video?

  • Brenda Jones
    Brenda Jones

    Tyler is the best player ever

  • Free runner [old]
    Free runner [old]


  • Townsend Hamilton
    Townsend Hamilton

    These guys are hacks

  • Daniel Q
    Daniel Q

    lmao lots of sculls

  • Zachry Zimmerman
    Zachry Zimmerman

    Was that a true flop shot? Just curious

  • robert kelleher
    robert kelleher

    You guys should do this flop challenge again/annually.

  • Kjbkjb kjbkjb
    Kjbkjb kjbkjb

    Tyler is a douche.

  • JJ Lee Vlogs
    JJ Lee Vlogs

    Who else here thinks that this battle should count as a DP battle and Coby Cotton should get his second trophy? Like this comment if you agree.

  • Jason Nester
    Jason Nester

    Golf is gay

  • Amanda Davis
    Amanda Davis

    He actually won two battles

  • Mark Kagak
    Mark Kagak

    Do I hear VanossGaming's old outro?

  • Lila Wilburne
    Lila Wilburne

    How old is this video, I'm watching in 2019. Also, why doesn't this win count for Coby?

  • A.M.A Studios
    A.M.A Studios

    Coby wins does it count I mean tv saw it

  • Sam Bielecki
    Sam Bielecki

    This is cobys first win not the sumo race!

  • Korbin Kidwell
    Korbin Kidwell

    Ty: I am the ultimate flopper Garrett: Hold my beer Coby: No have Ty Ty: I only have two hands guys

  • Hi Buddy
    Hi Buddy

    Why can coby win everything but the standard battles

  • Sneh Erande The Homeschooler
    Sneh Erande The Homeschooler

    yes coby wins

  • Caden Smith
    Caden Smith

    He literally wins everything but battles

  • Craig Wollman
    Craig Wollman

    I love the way most of these guys are flipping their wrists thinking that’s the way to get a ball higher. That just improves your chances of skulling the ball.

    • Caleb Austin
      Caleb Austin

      yes sir

  • 10 000 Subscribers With No Videos
    10 000 Subscribers With No Videos



    I like equals one prayer for coby

  • Turtle Powered Gamer 3
    Turtle Powered Gamer 3

    And again Coby wins what doesn’t matter

  • Joel In the world
    Joel In the world

    Lowest produced dp video

  • md abdullah rezwan
    md abdullah rezwan

    I'm sub you

  • Benjamin Chase
    Benjamin Chase

    If you guys have a minute a listen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks open.spotify.com/track/2BiK0tUXWGknsxpHBICioO?si=0UV4Y4amRPitL8-lq0pl-g

  • Carlos Herranz
    Carlos Herranz

    Vaya panda de estúpidos.

  • Samuel Banzhaf
    Samuel Banzhaf

    I realize this was put on by Callaway, but I have one thing to say. Bombtech 72 Degree Wedge.

  • Cj Mercado
    Cj Mercado

    Team coby all the way

  • SunOnTheBeach

    Cheating, can't use a tee. Gotta hit the Phil Mickelson flop shot!

  • Henré Proctor
    Henré Proctor

    You all use wrists thats why you blade it

  • Colton InMotion
    Colton InMotion

    Wow coby wins on this channel and not dude perfect

  • Wyatt Edgerton
    Wyatt Edgerton

    Anybody else notice that coby wins in all the other stuff on different channels

  • elbowdunk

    This is the episode you should have shot with LBJ

  • Charlie Cariello
    Charlie Cariello

    I think the win should count

  • Mayur Yadav
    Mayur Yadav

    Tyler is fuck

  • Jaikobsky Catabay
    Jaikobsky Catabay

    I am proud of you coby good job.team coby forever!!!!!!!!

  • Henré Proctor
    Henré Proctor

    Dont use wrists when flopping