Eat It Or Yeet It #7 - The Thanksgiving Special
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It's Thanksgiving here on Eat It Or Yeet it, and we're joined by a very special guest- Matthew Scott Montgomery!
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  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris

    Damn Sarah stop with the yelling! Hurting my ears lol

  • lurking_indefinitely

    hmmm so Sarah's a bit of a Karen kk

  • Rainbow Anonymous
    Rainbow Anonymous

    Almost every eat it or Yeet it is an ongoing “ war” every time🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Couch Time
    Couch Time

    Damien just watching off camera 😂

  • *Amelia*

    I pooped pottery :)

  • Robert Dvoskin
    Robert Dvoskin

    Courtney's death glare when Ian intentionally says "Michael Scott"

  • Rachel Marzullo
    Rachel Marzullo

    give Shayne Dowsin his intro back!!

  • Nayla Zavala
    Nayla Zavala

    I always love seeing Damian and his anime shirts

  • BluKody Christensen
    BluKody Christensen

    It’d been great if Matthew Scott had called Ian “Anthony”

  • You Know
    You Know



    I’m just trying to process that garret said Puerto Rico

    • George Doty-Williams
      George Doty-Williams

      What's so weird about it?

  • Bella Angileen
    Bella Angileen

    is it just me or is sarah super rude and bitchy to everyone without reason :/

    • George Doty-Williams
      George Doty-Williams

      Just you

  • mrs jeon
    mrs jeon

    so no ones bringing up how damien was just sitting there in the corner the whole time

  • Jamie Jewell
    Jamie Jewell

    Damien popping in to try a buzz button in my favorite 🥰 he’s so cute on all of these curious Boi

  • Requiem for a Meme
    Requiem for a Meme

    Eat It Or Yeet It with Miracle Berries, please.

  • Sxunni

    I was surprised when garret said they whre from Puerto Rico, im native from there, and theres a possibility I can find those thingies

  • Stargazer 199
    Stargazer 199

    Tbh, I would rather drink top o’ the morning than My Favorite Coffee

  • Larry Carver
    Larry Carver

    In this episode we have the gay duo

    • George Doty-Williams
      George Doty-Williams

      Matthew Scott is gay?

  • coywolf131

    Monica: feels empathy Garrett: DON'T

  • Alex R Gomez
    Alex R Gomez

    I was hoping that cream on Ian’s Pumpkin pie was shaving cream.

  • Rhianna Williams
    Rhianna Williams


  • Musical Trash
    Musical Trash

    Monica could punch me and I would thank her

  • satanically


  • Eli Thompson
    Eli Thompson

    that transformers sample 6:39🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lee R.Y
    Lee R.Y

    "Haha Garret, you have failed!" Killed me

  • Kaden Reynolds
    Kaden Reynolds

    Why is Damien just sitting there, watching them suffer

  • Jeffrey Stone
    Jeffrey Stone

    MSM: "Is this real?" xD

  • Darklink536

    Shayne is a mysterious man of many talents

  • Heck

    Why does Ian always get the good stuff what the fuck

    • George Doty-Williams
      George Doty-Williams

      Quoting Kevin: "He's the President of the company"

  • summer flowers
    summer flowers

    Courtney is coming for Shane's intro

  • Eccles 01
    Eccles 01

    11:34 6 months ago we were sharing forks, now we’re not even aloud to meet up anymore 🥺✨

  • Senna Story’s
    Senna Story’s

    13:08 that moment when someone reminds the teacher about the homework

  • mia cross
    mia cross

    im in love w monica

  • Richmoney Boi
    Richmoney Boi

    What was bite number 2 it was never said

    • George Doty-Williams
      George Doty-Williams

      Thanksgiving stuffing with buzz buttons. Pay attention

  • Anna Stanley
    Anna Stanley

    Did anyone notice Courtney said, “ hey what’s up you guys, yes” which is Shane Dawson’s intro?😂😂😂😂

  • Dingle Berts Amateur Hour
    Dingle Berts Amateur Hour

    If you wanna know what a buzz button feels like, put a dying watch battery on your tounge

  • Ashley Salonia
    Ashley Salonia

    18:06 that glare is the best

  • Ashley Salonia
    Ashley Salonia

    16:43 be great full *DUn*

  • C011IN 70
    C011IN 70

    I like Ian but that "skit/ad" was dumb and kinda ruined the integrity of the game

  • Tux Draws
    Tux Draws

    the dude in the middle looks like someone photoshopped their face and expanded it and put it back on his face

  • Booty Beard
    Booty Beard

    I love that Damiens just off camera 😅

  • Fabio-Andre Bandeira
    Fabio-Andre Bandeira

    At the start of this video Courtney said " Hey whats up guys , yes" shane dawson

  • Ben C
    Ben C

    toooooo muchhhhhhh fake tan

  • Jillian Heller Van Fleet
    Jillian Heller Van Fleet

    How many likes on TikTok for me to join you guys 🤔

    • Jillian Heller Van Fleet
      Jillian Heller Van Fleet

      George Doty-Williams how

    • George Doty-Williams
      George Doty-Williams

      You gotta audition tho

  • Hailey Fleming
    Hailey Fleming

    Monica (sorry if I spelt it wrong) is so HOTTTTTT ❤️🥰😍🤤🥵🔥

  • Catherine Bloodworth
    Catherine Bloodworth

    The buzz buttons give edibles to a whole new meaning 😉

  • Ryan Zuppardi
    Ryan Zuppardi

    15:44 WOOOOOOO

  • Jon Carver
    Jon Carver

    I would love to make out with your coffee garlic breath you're beautiful

  • Tieryn Oehrlein
    Tieryn Oehrlein

    I thought this was gonna be a chill video then I realized Shane was here

  • ains_ro

    “Did you? What is it? Are you? Do it.” -Matthew Scott 2019

  • MusicandLaughs

    The "my favorite coffee" colors make me happy cause of how they are like the pansexual flag :D

  • DIO

    Ian damn basterd

  • Alahyah Grayson
    Alahyah Grayson

    You should do a vegan episode

  • Firimichi

    17:48 XDD

  • Some random guy
    Some random guy

    11:24 well it doesn't call me semen instead of Simon and after I repeat my name 3469420 times they say semens

  • victor carmona
    victor carmona

    Ok this is happening. Goodbye 👋 -Me in 2020

  • Notsoscarydude s
    Notsoscarydude s

    Cortney:Do you know what buzz buttons are? Everybody else: No Cortney:Well I think it's trying to poison you but you should try it Me:Say that again without sounding like a psycho

  • Meniffer

    I love her hair like its amazing.

  • Charles Soule
    Charles Soule

    Ian's a cheater cheater pumpkin eater! 🎃

  • Lucas Eriksen
    Lucas Eriksen

    I love the start when they show the contestens

  • Leo Sianpi
    Leo Sianpi

    Where did damien come from??

  • Low quality clips
    Low quality clips

    You just know there's someone who's only watching for the story between the hands

  • Tactical Pacifist
    Tactical Pacifist

    Notice when Courtney said that she was thankful she didn’t have to sit in any of the stools, and Ian said are you sure about that she quickly changed is the focus to Matthews Scott and ending the video as fast as she

  • Addison Wendt
    Addison Wendt

    Did anyone notice that Courtney did a Shane Dawson hey what’s up you guys yes

  • CAnelaU TVistoE
    CAnelaU TVistoE

    I want Anthony to be here😁

  • Ashlyn Fritz
    Ashlyn Fritz

    is it just me or does Monica sound like Ellen.

  • Noot Noot Spaghetti
    Noot Noot Spaghetti

    " I pooped out pottery" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • E

    buzz buttons are natures pop rocks

  • Lilly Dragneel
    Lilly Dragneel

    Monica is so cool!

  • val pioppi
    val pioppi

    Courtney really hit us with the shane dawson intro and didn't think anyone would notice