Ed Apologizes to His Daughter | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days
Ed admits to his daughter that he was being selfish.
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  • Libra 0925
    Libra 0925

    Yes you are dambass..liar

  • Gotta Go Moto
    Gotta Go Moto

    He's talking about all the stuff he did " he just wanted love" 😅 you pimped her out no neck ob tlc

  • Gotta Go Moto
    Gotta Go Moto

    Good God I think I hate no neck more THEN my dad an I've only seen one picture of him an talked to him twice. Jesus man talk about shaming ur daughter on tv no neck

  • Jamish P.
    Jamish P.

    Her daughter look like him. Except her neck. His daughter may concerned about his Dad relationship with Rose, but she is not helping. She has the same attitude of his Dad. I saw their interview, and she don’t like Rose either. She intoragating Rose,. It not about the Age gap of Rose though, it’s about how Ed, treated Rose that way. Rose is a simple Filipina living in a remote area. Ed, has the one doing the stupid thing with his relationship with Rose. He should Atleast guide Rose in a better /proper ways. If he truly loves Rose, he will do his best no matter how it takes. He will fight for it, and even provide Rose a little more way of comfortability, instead of keeps complaining every now and then. He has lots of demand, instead Rose has the rights to do so... But instead Ed had so much drama. If he’s daughter has respect to he’s dad, she should not conclude or judged Rose by not knowing who is Rose is. Bcoz what she saw is just on the TV, not in reality life. So all I can say, both of them are disrespectful of people life’s. Her daughter taught that Rose is younger than her, but you don’t know yet who really she is,. there are so many westerners married a girl from different places especially Asia, who are younger than their kids but their relationship is doing well. So how could he’s daughter acting like she knew better than rose ? Remember it’s just a number. But the maturity did not stop there. Asian girls are more matured than westerners girls, especially when it comes to life situations/decisions, Asians open to have struggles , but they face it, fight for it and rise again. People these days are just so judgmental by the appearance. So the way I look at her daughter, she was just exactly as her father. The only difference is: she is a girl that’s all, but everything else is the same. Same feathers pluck together. Good luck to these damm father daughter. Sorry but I disliked Tiffany attitude also. I can see how racist she too. Too bad, hoping it will not happen to her, what Rose suffered during Ed visits to PH.

  • Daisyl Ann Llorera
    Daisyl Ann Llorera

    Being selfish without even thinking before you speak and just saying you can give up your daughter just to be with someone? You can have a true love if it's right time😊

  • Goat Warrior
    Goat Warrior

    Surprised his daughter is hot. Although she is from the West Coast, which means she's an emotional nutcase which takes her hotness level down significantly.

  • Builder Jåzzy
    Builder Jåzzy

    Well maybe necks time Ed you should just get married to your dog teddy 🤟🏼💕

  • Obey Alend
    Obey Alend

    Shorty looking good asf... damn Ed you shit why you doing your daughter like that

  • Rachel Jardin
    Rachel Jardin

    She's 29? She's my freaking age!

  • Frosted Flakes Sánchez
    Frosted Flakes Sánchez

    Does anybody know his daughters Instagram?? (For research purposes)

  • Princes steffany Fernandez
    Princes steffany Fernandez

    You couldn't be happy if you have a bad attitude And lack of trust

  • Alyssa Molina
    Alyssa Molina

    Rose never accepted what he wanted and he never accepted what she wanted. She already wanted kids from barely meeting him. They love wasnt real. It was forced. Tbh.

  • Dj X cp
    Dj X cp

    His daughter is so beautiful and he is so ugly She is also responsible and smart

  • Astro!Ynahh

    I know this is late but the Daughter Is as Nasty as Ed like she may have the looks of her mom but she also has the personality of her dad and it’s really annoying and to those who don’t believe me in this situation watch the video of Ed and his daughter video chatting with rose to show how rude they both are.

  • AIR 666
    AIR 666

    I can tell eds ex wife was with him out of pity

  • Logan Miller
    Logan Miller

    What "She broke my heart" you say? You're the one who broke your heart. You lied! And she just can't handle your stupid lies!

  • lyanna lyanna
    lyanna lyanna

    she loves him very much and he loves her..he was just acting like old dumb f...ck at least he can admit it

  • Maria E. Brennan
    Maria E. Brennan

    Daughter is beautiful

  • neri manalang
    neri manalang

    beautiful daughter !!dont change your daughter for people not love u like rose becouse rose is need your money 🤣🤣 and she want baby from u ahhahhahaha 🤣🤣🤣charrot

    • Arcad1010

      neri manalang bobo

  • Russo Swerve
    Russo Swerve

    Hey if Ed’s daughter is looking for a daddy I’ll take her

  • ゥ営ドƬƲƘƲƘƛ

    Ed:I want love Me: Love is really hard to get bruh it takes time and effort

  • PatrickStar 2.0
    PatrickStar 2.0

    The fact that rose could of been her step-mum and she’s 5 years younger than her...

  • memesking

    looks like some ending to an action movie

  • Kaylee Drown
    Kaylee Drown

    It blew up in his face because he made the bomb go off. He lied to Rose and didn't listen to his daughter , she is his DAUGHTER and completely ignored her for a woman who he isn't even with anymore because of his mistakes. He hurt his daughter because of his selfishness

  • Sharie Zuluaga
    Sharie Zuluaga

    His daughter is so cute

  • Yana Lagdameo
    Yana Lagdameo


  • Jerico Dulalia
    Jerico Dulalia

    Why apologize to his daughter not Rose.

  • Roniecel White
    Roniecel White

    You wanted love in your own way! So sad. I can’t believed you disrespect a woman and you have a daughter shame on.😡☹️

  • Rheanne Chan
    Rheanne Chan


  • BillHK

    I feel sorry for her. Him doing this reality show and lying as he did, must make her social media a nightmare.

  • Risa Satitisungworn
    Risa Satitisungworn

    He plays such a good victim lol

    • Ivar The Boneless
      Ivar The Boneless

      He legit said he was sorry, admitted the wrong he did and mocked himself. Your just saying that's because he's short and ugly. If he was normal or good looking you would have tough As good he tries to make up for it and decides to man up

  • Papa Bear
    Papa Bear

    Can someone please let me know if his daughter is single and what’s her ig? Thank you in advance!

  • paula ruiz
    paula ruiz

    How is she not disgusting-looking like him?

  • psal23v

    He should have apologize to Rose like this

  • psal23v

    Dang Ed treats all the women in his life like this

  • psal23v

    Grown adult kids to stay out of their parents affairs like she listens to him all the time

  • Destiny Boyd
    Destiny Boyd

    Big Ed more like mayo ed

  • Chargey

    Suprising she has a neck lol

  • Aasiyah Sheikh
    Aasiyah Sheikh

    His ex wife probs cheated on him because he's a HuMaN FunY DuMbAsS

  • Isabelle Dubois
    Isabelle Dubois

    ed daughter is pretty and ed is well........... not that good looking

  • kareena nanda
    kareena nanda

    I felt bad for the daughter at first . But seeing her trying to suppress Rose in the Tell All shows that even if she didn't get her father's appearance she definitely got his dumb brain

  • Ant M
    Ant M

    Why this guy be looking like a bowling pin?

  • F R U I T Y M O O D Y
    F R U I T Y M O O D Y

    His daughter is so pretty- no scratch that she’s *DROP DEAD GORGEOUS* and Ed even said to her he would give her up to be with rose she did not deserve that or this 🥺🤚🏽✨✨💕

  • Hujan Mentari
    Hujan Mentari

    Yes pretty but her personality and attitude like his father so she is ugliest for me.

  • Jerry Wang
    Jerry Wang

    That’s not his daughter! She has a neck plus she’s too tall!

  • Jennifer Canoy
    Jennifer Canoy

    The girl was never in love with him. PIctures speak a thousand words. you know what I mean..

  • Hardin Luzonia
    Hardin Luzonia

    Rose only need money piriod

  • Hardin Luzonia
    Hardin Luzonia

    Rose is a big Pokpok and will always be

  • Krizel Masinopa
    Krizel Masinopa

    Where can I watch the full ep? Anyone? 😁

  • Jordan Bean
    Jordan Bean

    How did that... produce THAT?

  • II echo II
    II echo II

    She’s pretty.. just wish her personality wasn’t as ugly as her dad’s..

  • Ah, morre!!!
    Ah, morre!!!

    They have something in common and it’s not the neck.

  • Rowan Enzo
    Rowan Enzo

    When he turns his head even the slightest it screeches like a rusty door. His daughter is actually beautiful

  • tommy m
    tommy m

    That’s definitely not his daughter

  • Jr Kularatne
    Jr Kularatne

    No offense but all these comments are messed for making of his looks when he has a condition and can’t control it

  • Aileen Castillo
    Aileen Castillo

    What the neck?oooppss 🤭

  • Aileen Castillo
    Aileen Castillo

    Big head for ed..thats why he looses his neck.good thing they didnt end up together..

  • Elias Reitan
    Elias Reitan

    No to golddiggers

  • Akynna Williams
    Akynna Williams

    This is the ONLY moment where I thought no neck Ed was kinda decent guy

  • Crystal_ CoOkIeS
    Crystal_ CoOkIeS

    I’m pretty sure that love isn’t cheating on your ex-wife

  • Lordy M
    Lordy M

    2:38 a lot of money? 🙄

  • Estrella Williams
    Estrella Williams

    Whatever your dad chooses to be with is none of your business girl I understand your worried about your dad but your dad is not teenager anymore he knows exactly what hes doing and that is to play Rose’s feelings and humiliate her infront of television to make money from her. How disgusting, your dad is not even good looking and to have that bad character it says a lot about him. Hes lucky enough Rose loved him back but eventually he just used her for his own agenda “To make fun of her and make money” 😤

  • Erin McCloud
    Erin McCloud

    1 word...pathetic

  • TeriyakiSauce 100
    TeriyakiSauce 100

    his daughter is BEAUTIFUL

  • Nelley P
    Nelley P

    At least she has a neck

  • Logan C
    Logan C

    aw that’s 😞

  • double AA
    double AA

    Ed no neck lol

  • Ass Fuck
    Ass Fuck

    He must’ve spit some MAD game to bang an attractive enough woman to offset his looks and spit out something as good looking as that.

  • Tommy O.
    Tommy O.

    I'm suprised she had a neck.

  • Edgar Vasquez
    Edgar Vasquez

    Funny cause,eds mom seen like she was a good looking woman.and his daughter is very pretty.