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  • Kate Crossley Furse
    Kate Crossley Furse

    4:00 video starts xo

  • Gracie P.
    Gracie P.

    So good to see Contrapoints nominated! Not sure how likely it is that she'll win, but it would be awesome if she did. Oh, and Logan Paul handled that situation really well. Repeating positive responses to nastiness can act the same way as daily affirmations. The "fake it till you make it" approach, until those become real to him by absorbing them a bit more every day. The incident in the forest was despicable, but it might turn out to be the thing that finally got through to him, made him see things had to change. I didn't think anything could, I never expected to see Logan Paul act the way he did here. He's done it before, can't remember where but he said the same sort of things. "I've got nothing but love for you" while trying to make his point with far more respect than he was shown. I hope he keeps it up.

  • Salena’s Beauty channel
    Salena’s Beauty channel

    You literally could get sick from someone spitting on you plus it’s illegal... he should press charges

  • Chelsea Ozanic
    Chelsea Ozanic

    It is never okay to spit on someone just because you don’t like them. What the HELL?

  • Brooklyn Gazes
    Brooklyn Gazes

    I’m sorry but he still hardly shows remorse for dead things. Let his tiny dog out in the middle of the night in LA, which everyone knows not to do here lmao. I think this girl is immature and it’s obvious she wants attention but i also refuse to defend him.

  • Happy Hippy Sarzz
    Happy Hippy Sarzz

    i dont support logan paul but the girl who spit on him needs to be charged. thats assault and he could have gotten sick if it got in his eyes or mouth

  • Jia Pia
    Jia Pia

    That Logan Paul video was too awkward. It made me kinda sick

  • alexis dalton
    alexis dalton

    Trump and the Paul brothers get away with murder.🤷🏼‍♀️ However spitting on people is gross and childish also accomplishes nothing.

  • Darin Cates
    Darin Cates

    WHO CARES .... why do you think YOU are a news reporter? You are annoying AF - FAIL

  • CaT V
    CaT V

    She should’ve walked up to him and tell him that she doesn’t like him or what he did. You don’t spit on people you don’t know. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Bella, do you copy?
    Bella, do you copy?

    girl don't put ur tags in the description box, u can get in trouble for it. last time i checked it was against youtube guidelines.

  • Erica Banks
    Erica Banks

    Spitting on someone is disgusting and I don’t play that at all!!!!! He handled that waaaaayyyyy better than I would have


    No no no keep the same energy. Logan sucks but Tana also showed a dead body so if we forgave her..... just saying. Not a Logan or Paul’s fan in general, but you just made Logan look good by spitting on him.

  • absolute in doubt
    absolute in doubt

    If Jeffree star don't win I will cry

  • Corinne S
    Corinne S

    logan paul’s reaction was surprising, don’t excuse him but i have to give him props for that

  • Amacky

    I know aaron personally and I know he wouldn't cheat. Great dude

  • Denver Evans
    Denver Evans

    logan handled that like an adult. I don’t care what people say about him. But he did handle that maturely.

  • kitty creations
    kitty creations

    I feel like the way Logan reacted to it was mature and shows that he is trying to change his character

  • elena andersson
    elena andersson

    I bet the chick that spat on him is thinking "omg that was hilarious, I'm soo cool, people are gonna think I'm a legend" and probably put it in her bio too 😏

  • Jesse Prendergast
    Jesse Prendergast

    wtf logan was so great with that situation i don’t like logan but wow

  • Baby Daisy
    Baby Daisy

    With the Logan situation and I actually appreciate the way he approached her whether it was for show or not it could have been any celebrity and imagine what they would’ve done. Press charges, some ppl would’ve swung at her anything could happen. She’s lucky he wasn’t aggressive.

  • MishMish💜💎💋

    Im not for violence but spitting on someone is the lowest form of disrespect and you can get arrested for asult for that. Shes so lucky he didnt punch her in the face. I don't care for him at all...but damn. She would of been on the ground in 2 seconds with me.

  • Dawn K
    Dawn K

    I wouldn't be surprised if that girl was a paid actress to gain public sympathy

  • Amadeus tentacle Bts
    Amadeus tentacle Bts

    Bruh she just spit on him for clout that's so childish and immature

  • softxdaisy

    i’m not a big fan of logan but he handled it very maturely and that girl shouldn’t have spit on him.

  • Ines Laur
    Ines Laur

    Shorty awards : i know like 6 people from all those nominees and with eugenia i think she is nominated because of her story and what happend to her (which i think is nice) but i also don't understand why people are not nominated twice in a row Logan : what the girl did is so immature like yes logan did horrible unforgivable things and i don't like him either but he's trying to get better and all that stuff but like you said spitting on him won't help

  • *.Alice.*E .*
    *.Alice.*E .*

    Didn’t even know she was even dating:/

  • Gracie May
    Gracie May

    imagine being Emma’s age and have all of this personal stuff with boys be blown up on the internet.... so detrimental to mental health 🥵

  • mia aa
    mia aa

    I don’t really like emma but I’ve been cheated on too and I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone

  • Galaxy Scout
    Galaxy Scout

    not a fan of him but he answered respectfully even when she did that, wow.

  • Destiny Marie
    Destiny Marie

    definitely not okay to spit on people.... but I also think it was unnecessary to run after that girl to confront her and record the whole thing.

  • Ari Fam
    Ari Fam

    So disrespectful and disgusting, I can’t believe how society copes with this.

  • Lesley Rowland
    Lesley Rowland

    a part of me wonders if emma is playing us with her social media follows and unfollows...

  • claire t.
    claire t.

    i think logan’s reaction was good. even as she was still kinda disrespecting him it was good he remained calm👍🏻

  • MmM


  • Jordan Haase
    Jordan Haase

    i think emma broke up with him so he was upset

  • pRaiSe LoRd tHanOs
    pRaiSe LoRd tHanOs

    I love Aaron what the hell is going on-

  • pRaiSe LoRd tHanOs
    pRaiSe LoRd tHanOs

    Ok we get it Logan did some dumb shit, he genuinely apologised..it's been like 2 years. Now y'all doing too much he's been trying to protect his image and I wouldn't blame him. Every one of you would be like "oh why is everybody hating on me for a mistake I made long ago" if you were in the same situation. You can't hate him forever. I think he is attempting to being a good person, but you can't hold onto his shit forever.

  • Mandisa Mthembu
    Mandisa Mthembu

    Spitting on someone is absolutely NOT funny and is nothing to chuckle about... Eeeeu!! I’d beat her up to be honest, to a pulp

  • micahnahs腐った花

    I dont understand how ppl still date in 2020. No one's loyal bro

  • Tyler Gardner
    Tyler Gardner

    I do not like Logan Paul at all but she shouldn’t spit on people she doesn’t personally know (or anyone at all) what if he just decided to punch her in the face like he’s a person too and he has feelings like say whatever you want to or about him but physical violence bitch now you’re doing too much

  • hi

    What did Logan do ?

  • Corie Lyn
    Corie Lyn

    That Logan situation was staged for publicity come on

  • the drummerist
    the drummerist

    Uh godd. All these social media ppl are hooking up. Great.. a next generation of even more ignorant kids! Yes!

  • zoe

    4:25. Ignore this is the place I was on I have to go somewhere lmao

  • the drummerist
    the drummerist

    Who cares if it teaches him a lesson. Hes DONE

  • the drummerist
    the drummerist

    Theres no being a bigger person w logan paul. She shoulda pissed on him

  • Katelyn magana
    Katelyn magana

    they spelled vereena wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Steph

    Lmao did anyone else get the sabra hummus ad...

  • bme_brook_E *
    bme_brook_E *

    If I had to line em up, I think #1 Jeffree Star, #2 NikkieTutorials, #3 Andymation, #4 Roxxsaurus.. just my opinion, and in the order I like them best❣️

  • All Talk No Action
    All Talk No Action

    Assault is different than filming a dead body she could get arrested for that

  • ronvfx

    am I the only one that knew this was gonna happen?

  • Cecilia Salinas
    Cecilia Salinas

    I don’t like Logan tbh but I actually feel bad for him... the fact that, that girl SPIT ON HIM ... how sick can u be

  • Julia Abib
    Julia Abib

    did Shorty Awards just spell Vereena’s name wrong? she’s a youtuber, you can just google her name my man lol

  • Reaction Ella
    Reaction Ella

    Look I don’t like Logan and forgive his actions. But-That was absolutely wrong. He should absolutely press charges. That was foul and disgusting. He’s still human. Grow up.

  • Emma Hoeft
    Emma Hoeft

    if i was logan paul i would’ve been pissed. So much respect for him for staying mature. that girl is childish. why was he basically apologizing to her??

  • Llamasforlife 11
    Llamasforlife 11


  • Megan Webb
    Megan Webb

    I unfollowed him the moment I saw that vid of him calling her annoying

  • flower lol
    flower lol

    Make a videos what Logan did I don’t know anything

  • flower lol
    flower lol

    What did Logan do?

  • flower lol
    flower lol

    What happened

  • T Mar13
    T Mar13

    logan got the coronavirus now

  • Hannah Hawley
    Hannah Hawley

    But where were you the 500 times Lilly was on Jimmy Fallon 🤭

    • Spill Sesh
      Spill Sesh

      I didn’t have a channel when she was on the first time so to talk about it her millionth time would be stale. I’ve talked about how she has her own show instead.

  • Wheres Pluto?
    Wheres Pluto?

    Im more confused about the fact asron went to a party.

  • ѕυммerαɴɢelĸιɴz♡

    You’ve got to be a certain kind of someone to make me feel bad for Logan Paul... 😒

  • Mia Dunleavy
    Mia Dunleavy

    Like I don’t particularly like Logan Paul but if I see this girl imma dump super sticky slime in her hair 😁

  • ari

    i just wanna be emmas friend , poor baby need this love and support

  • chelcat

    am i the only one that cant tell if this is nat taylor

  • karrie grundy
    karrie grundy

    “i’m sorry, not really”

  • Zoe Thomas
    Zoe Thomas

    who misses ethma?