Epstein's Autopsy Confirms Suicide Death By Hanging: Medical Examiner
QuickTake by Bloomberg
Jeffrey Epstein’s prison death has been confirmed a suicide by hanging, the medical examiner’s office said Friday.
Epstein, 66, was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City on Aug. 10, touching off outrage and disbelief over how such a high-profile prisoner, known for socializing with powerful people including presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, could have gone unwatched.
The Bureau of Prisons said Epstein had apparently killed himself, but that didn’t squelch conspiracy theories about his death.
Messages seeking comment were left for Epstein’s lawyers. An office telephone number for Dr. Michael Baden, the pathologist hired by Epstein’s representatives to observe the autopsy, rang unanswered.
Epstein, who was charged with sexually abusing numerous underage girls over several years, had been placed on suicide watch last month after he was found on his cell floor on July 23 with bruising on his neck.
But multiple people familiar with operations at the jail say he was taken off the watch after about a week and put back in a high-security housing unit where he was less closely monitored, but still supposed to be checked on every 30 minutes.
Attorney General William Barr says officials have uncovered “serious irregularities” at the jail. The FBI and the Justice Department’s inspector general are both investigating Epstein’s death.
Jail guards on duty the night of Epstein’s death are suspected of falsifying log entries to show they were checking on inmates every half-hour as required, according to several people familiar with the matter.
A guard in Epstein’s unit was working a fifth straight day of overtime and another guard was working mandatory overtime, the people said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the lacked authorization to publicly discuss the investigation.
U.S. District Judge Richard Berman, who is in charge of the criminal case against Epstein, asked the jail’s warden this week for answers about the earlier episode, writing in a letter Monday that it had “never been definitively explained.”
The warden replied that an internal investigation was completed but that he couldn’t provide information because the findings were being incorporated into investigations into Epstein’s death.
The Associated Press often does not report details of suicide methods, but has made an exception because Epstein’s cause of death is pertinent to the ongoing investigations.
The Washington Post and The New York Times reported Thursday that the autopsy revealed that several bones in Epstein’s neck had been broken, leading to speculation his death was a homicide.
Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson issued a statement Thursday in response to those articles, saying: “In all forensic investigations, all information must be synthesized to determine the cause and manner of death. Everything must be consistent; no single finding can be evaluated in a vacuum.”
The medical examiner’s ruling came a day after two more women sued Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, saying he sexually abused them.
The suit, filed Thursday in a federal court in New York, claims the women were working as hostesses at a popular Manhattan restaurant in 2004 when they were recruited to give Epstein massages.
One was 18 at the time. The other was 20.
The lawsuit says an unidentified female recruiter offered the hostesses hundreds of dollars to provide massages to Epstein, saying he “liked young, pretty girls to massage him,” and wouldn’t engage in any unwanted touching. The women say Epstein groped them anyway.
One plaintiff now lives in Japan, the other in Baltimore. They seek $100 million in damages, citing depression, anxiety, anger and flashbacks.
Other lawsuits, filed over many years by other women, accused him of hiring girls as young as 14 or 15 to give him massages, then subjecting them to sex acts.
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  • davidpar2

    The same source was later reported to confirm that a video caused Benghazi

  • King Johnson
    King Johnson

    What now tell me this ain't hell so he hang his self with paper bed sheets now because that's all that's in suicide watch people as far as the public and news casters and public office nothing but Coward's it's like some kind of Damm nightmare a Damn disgrace.

  • Brian O'Hara
    Brian O'Hara

    Are you ready for this? Can you handle it? Attorney General William Barr's Republican father, Donald Barr, hired CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER Jeffrey Epstein to teach at the elite Dalton Prep School, teaching boys and girls 12 to 18-years-old even though he had NO TEACHING CREDENTIALS in the 1970's when Epstein was in his early 20's. When asked if he raped any of these kids, Epstein took the FIFTH AMENDMENT. Suicide Watch of Epstein was called off, three cameras broke which covered Epstein's cell. AG Barr made a SECRET VISIT TO EPSTEIN'S PRISON days before Epstein's "SUICIDE". Attorney General William Barr REFUSED TO RECUSE/REMOVE HIMSELF FROM THE EPSTEIN/ACOSTA CASE.

  • Joseph DuPont
    Joseph DuPont

    Dear Editor, It has dawned on me for years that too many of our elected officials were not voting for the best interests of America. Perhaps the hanging death of Jeffrey Epstein has answered my question. Apparently both Epstein and Harvey Weinestine had connections with current and ex Mossad members. Is it a coincidence that Anthony Bourdain also died of hanging after trying to expose a pedophile ring?

  • Craig James Myran
    Craig James Myran

    Meanwhile, inside a corrupted DoJ-managed Federal Prison with all guards and corrections officers paid-off and cameras shut down, two assassins run into each other just down the hall from Epstein's cell. Assassin #1: "Hey Roberts!" Assassin #2: "Hey Johnson!" Assassin Johnson: "Fancy meeting you here. How are the kids?" Assassin Roberts: "Great! Great! Junior's joining Mossad next week." Assassin Johnson: "Wow! That's great! I'm sure he'll be a great agent. These kids grow up so quickly." Assassin Roberts: "They sure do. Speaking of which, how's your niece? She must be about 12 now?" Assassin Johnson: "13 actually and she's just been recruited into the MKUltra Sex Kitten program." Assassin Roberts: "Wow, seems like just yesterday I was diddling her. I'm sure she'll make a great kitten. So what are you doing here?" Assassin Johnson: "I'm on a CIA assignment to eliminate Epstein. You?" Assassin Roberts: "Wow! Same here, just received Epstein's burn notice from Mossad. This seems ackward, how should we proceed?" Assassin Johnson: "I don't know. Paper, Rocks, Scissors?" Assassin Roberts: "Fair enough." The two assassins play Paper, Rocks, Scissors and both pick rock. Assassin Johnson: "Well, this is a bit of a kerfuffle. What now?" Assassin Roberts: "How's this? We both go in, I'll choke him to death and you say as loud as you can, 'Breathe Epstein, breathe!' " Assassin Johnson: "Sounds legit. Let's do this!" The two assassins go in, kill Epstein and later meet up for a bagel and tea while catching up on past cover-ups. A grand time was had by both. The amount of likes listed below is equal to the amount of people involved in this cover-up.

  • lee orsborn
    lee orsborn

    Which bones?

  • Marcela Soledad
    Marcela Soledad

    Suicide by hanging, sure! Like no one can be hung, more BS, that's all! New term, being suicided doesn't exist for Nothing...too many being killed off lately

  • Fact Checker
    Fact Checker

    Hanging is the EASIEST WAT TO FAKE A suicide in jail!!!!! ....... When BILLIONAIRES and world leaders are Epstein's clients, there is plenty of money to bribe guards, corroners, law enforcement, and the FBI so the TRUTH will never be revealed!!!

  • Right On
    Right On

    It's more like arkancide.

  • Debra J Bush
    Debra J Bush

    like we are suppose to believe these liars in government ...don't be stupid

  • Ricky Ostrom
    Ricky Ostrom

    Epstein Strangled? An ER Doctor Weighs In. tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-nNItvSfzDxI.html

  • Bob Saget's Roomate, Don.
    Bob Saget's Roomate, Don.

    Every news station and all of its anchors should just fucking die. You have one job and you continue to shun its purpose. Tell the fucking truth.

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry

    Come on. I believe this involves foul play for sure. But still going with disproven theories like bed sheets made of paper or broken cameras? You guys are just helping the conspirators to make conspiracy theories look bad with your fake information sources. The real conspiracy here isn't "who murdered him," but who could've quietly ordered or blackmailed the guards to look the other way, as well as taking him off suicide watch.

  • Gage Caldwell
    Gage Caldwell


  • Joel Font
    Joel Font

    Epstein was a member of a sex cult that provided young women to members of the liberal political classes and media elites. That is why everything about his work has been covered up and why he was suicided. It's not clear if he was ready to confess and name names. But, those like Bill Clinton, also a member of the sex cult, could not run the risk of having him speaking up. It's unlikely that anyone will come forward with information to implicate other cult members, for fear they will be killed within a week.

  • Mr Shah
    Mr Shah

    "Deleting comments, bloomberg is, fake news they are"

  • JasonKnosaj

    The only way he could’ve committed suicide is if they allowed him or blackmailed him

  • SW Sweetie
    SW Sweetie

    0:12 It "refutes" nothing.

  • not me
    not me

    GOOD NEWS TO “””ALL””” VICTIMS; JEFFREY GOT RAPED IN COUNTY JAIL HE WAS FOUND IN THE FETAL POSITION AFTER GETTING HAPPILY RAPED . I bet he really really enjoy To feel what he actually did to all Those young “””” KIDS””” Is that what some people call “”””KARMA “””

  • Keith Shaw
    Keith Shaw

    "Confirms" suicide? What a headline! Read: "Nothing to see here folks, move along." I wonder if there is a guy name Bloomberg in Epstein's little black book.

  • Jenny Jenkins
    Jenny Jenkins

    Needed several medical examiner in this case, not just the opinions of one...

  • Pedro Fernandes
    Pedro Fernandes

    Bull**it !!!!!!!

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    How can an autopsy show it was a suicide. It can just show how he died. Strangulation. We knew that. It doesn't show who did it... Wild Wild Wests thing about an image of the last thing you saw being burned into your eye isn't real.

  • Stephen Bray
    Stephen Bray

    Trump is the closest thing I can think of as Epstein. Let's use Trump as the control to do a scientific experiment to see if a pedophile could break bones hanging themselves from a prison bunk.

  • bulldog Brown
    bulldog Brown

    Death by hanging...from the hands of Clinton's hitman who is the Chief medical examiner of New York .

  • Big Ugly
    Big Ugly

    in either case, good riddance to bad rubish

  • Big Ugly
    Big Ugly

    "ny medical examiner that examined epstien hits lotto and retires to brazil for his life time achievments"..... you gotta put the " good and righteous " flare like the left wing news would to try and win the people over

  • DaCaveman

    very convenient to not mention the broken vertebrate that couldnt have broken in the manner that he hanged himself.

  • paidapps

    Yeah right, the next thing they'll say is israel is a legitimate state.

  • Dean Eireann
    Dean Eireann

    I just heard that the guard in charge of watching died in a car accident next week.

  • Unstoppable Hun
    Unstoppable Hun

    The whole establishment media and politics is set up by pedos to defend pedos, didn't you guys know by now?

  • Unstoppable Hun
    Unstoppable Hun

    The whole establishment media and politics is set up by pedos to defend pedos, didn't you guys know by now?

  • Unstoppable Hun
    Unstoppable Hun

    The whole establishment media and politics is set up by pedos to defend pedos, didn't you guys know by now?

  • Unstoppable Hun
    Unstoppable Hun

    The whole establishment media and politics is set up by pedos to defend pedos, didn't you guys know by now?

  • Unstoppable Hun
    Unstoppable Hun

    The whole establishment media and politics is set up by pedos to defend pedos, didn't you guys know by now?

  • Learning Thru The Insanity
    Learning Thru The Insanity

    So lets get this straight, he start from friday he was cutting a deal to get a reduce sentence. He is also removed from suiced watch on same day. Told his lawyers hed see them sunday. He was happy and a little excited according to his lawyers. Cell mate transfered, or bailed out this isnt clear. Cameras go out/down for maintance. Gruads go to sleep after faking logs. They know this becuase some how cameras show this but we are told they werent up. This is never explained. Sourounding prisoners in others cells hear epstien scream/shierk then hear grauds scream breath epstein breath. Sounds legit to me. Dies at hostipal an hour 20 minutes later at hospital. Or died in cell this still is not clear as reports are still sketch. Prison says hospital, hospital says he was alread deceased upon arrival. The you guys the news pushes narritive he commited suicided. with in an hour media starts pushing anyone that says other wise is spreading conspiracies. With in 12hours youtube and google not only bury the documents released friday but also bury all non media channels out of view of algorithm. Twitter removes #clintonbodycount Seriously try to search for Epstein on google or yuotube, you wont get any where near a real youtuber. Google also removes clintons from search results but Monday doj claims they wont stop with case. Not they want to find killer or confrim suicide, oreven figure out how he died, as it was already determined a suicide with no autopsy. News pushes thisall week. It has not been clarified how many bones were broken btw. Were told some of bones are broken not fractured. but among the bronken bones the hyoid bone was also broken. TR-my has since been flooded with many doctors making videos explaining why a hanging in the prison in the manner explained on monday would most likely not result in that type of break. We arent even going to get into the sheets. As its still unclear which he had. Its assumed at this point thick sheets which would of made the bone breaking even less likely. As for how he is taller tan the bunks which he hung him self off of. 6ft meaning he would be on his knees to hang him self. Which is how he was supposely found. Which according to the laws of physics would not result in the type of injuries found. Which is also confrimedbymany of thedoctors on youtube explaining how this type of damage happens from a hanging. Leading may to see this for what it is. Basically you think we are misinfromed simpletons who clearly can not piece together facts to draw a logical conclusion. Even my nieghbor whos iq is 72 says he was murdered. People in the medical field say he was murdered. I have a phd in physics and i think its murder but media seem to think we belueve this bullshit. Get the fuck out of here.

  • RetroMarky

    I know bacteria who can make up more plausible stories than this BS!

  • Stephen Dise
    Stephen Dise

    You can report this to the American people as news? Unspeakable swine.

  • GayJew

    If the Catholic church could hide the fact that 7% of their priests were molesting thousands of children, just imagine what the world's richest & most powerful people are capable of hiding.

  • Amy J
    Amy J

    1. Either he really killed himself and is a coward and made himself guilty by doing so. 2. Was killed to cover up government involvement. Or a higher power that was involved with him. With the trafficking 2.Or got a way and made it seem like he is dead to cover up everything because he’s rich. Or protecting a higher power..🤔

  • andrew

    Bollocks it was a suicide.

  • Salty Steve1989
    Salty Steve1989


  • Rip

    Bull fucking shit. Politicans were fucking children on his pedo island.

  • Rodney Armstrong
    Rodney Armstrong

    Jeffery Epstein was murdered stop lying you are fake news.

  • Raye Sharpe
    Raye Sharpe

    He loved his self to much to hang his self. Much less be in a body bag

  • starscreamm

    Everyone knows he was murdered and him doing what he did some of us knew he was doing that for the last 10 15 years at least but really he was supplying children to the 1 percent elite since the 90s. That's the real reason why he committed "suicide" it's because of the clients he had. He had presidents..wallstreet bankers... elite families actors politicians people from the royal family hosts from the GEC etc...this isnt news at all more like waiting for him to get caught already knew he was going to commit "suicide" btw he was a billionaire that worked his way up because he was literally a genius in mathematics...that's how he was introduced and worked his way up in the first place...and he would fly his clients on his private Boeing 747 to his private island with clients being the social status of the group's I listed above and much more. Again who Epstein was and did is old news funny how all this is happening now. Suprised all that lasted so long. # people the run the planet the government also in entertainment run the economy etc. World leaders of every industry in every industry you can think of. # they will never find his little black book. Ever. (List of clients) it runs so deep most of the idiots that make up the world population have been oblivious to this lmao if they only knew who these client are and were it would run so deep it would literally distort their sense of reality and they would shun the information immediately. Distort their little bubble. # ignorance is bliss. Lmao btw...they arent conspiracy theories its documented but if you were good enough with a computer you would know that and would be able to find it. There's files and facts supporting them going back to the 80's lmao but because they dont know they're labeled conspiracy theories. # your bubble.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop

    I clicked on this video SOLELY to congratulate you guys for putting the cause of death in the title of the video instead of resorting to that clickbait bullshit like those charlatans at FOX. They put the title in all lower-case letters, too. Who the fuck does that? You're a professional news conglomerate and you're putting your headlines in lower-case letters, what the fuck is wrong with you people? Anyway, stay classy, Bloomberg TicToc. I dig your style. Also OF COURSE IT WAS SUICIDE YOU IDIOTS. He was COERCED into committing suicide, they're not going to KILL HIM when they can just make him kill himself by threats or leverage. Who's they? Who cares - it's not really important because the affluent are all our enemy, don't go fishing when you can throw dynamite in the pond. Anyway, why wouldn't they just falsify the autopsy report, anyway? Everyone's a fucking crime scene investigator now and coroner now, it's clear none of you nuts have actually ever been part of a conspiracy before, because all of the conceits that supposedly tip us off make the 'conspirators' look like morons.

  • Ethan K
    Ethan K

    I'm calling it now, they're going to somehow "misplace" his journal that has all the info, that or they'll say it doesn't contain anything.

  • mr GRIZSKI
    mr GRIZSKI

    (Press "X" to DOUBT)

  • Aaron Harper
    Aaron Harper

    Phew! I was starting to think there was something fleshy going on

  • Ganbala

    So next week to create distraction another shooting ?

  • justinbam KAG 2020
    justinbam KAG 2020

    FAKE NEWS liars!!!

  • joeashbubemma

    Utter bullshit. All this says is even doctors can be FULL OF SHIT.

  • King’Kong' Quisha
    King’Kong' Quisha

    Remember when the Panama Papers revealed that the ultra-rich all had a secret tax-evasion island where they hid their assets, and nothing happened? Well, you'd think the ultra-rich having a secret rape island would be taken a little more seriously, but it's not looking good.

  • Dan W
    Dan W

    Welp, That officially puts any doubt I had to rest! Phew... I almost thought that insanely rich billionaires and world leaders would be brazen enough to kill him because he has videos of them having sex with children. Thank god thats not true!

  • Astro Dan
    Astro Dan

    Fox News disabled comments in their coverage on this topic!!!! Trying to control the sheep

  • Roger

    Fake news!

  • Kanade Tachibana
    Kanade Tachibana

    Everyone already knows he was either murdered, or taken out of there and is being protected by the elite. Stop trying to bullshit people, report actual news. Report facts, not fake horseshit.

  • Jamie Dixon
    Jamie Dixon

    Modern "NEWS" is a puppet show. Confirmed.

  • wootuser

    So, who hung him. " confirmed a suicide by hanging" I think someone is playing weasel words.

  • Da Mama
    Da Mama

    The medical examiner was feeling a little suicidal himself until he signed the death certificate as "Death by Suicide." The bookies are not giving the ME long before he meets his own door knob.

  • Terry Richards
    Terry Richards

    Yeah right! Do you think people will buy this one!? Enough of your lies! People start to wake up!....

  • Lenoquo

    How the hell can someone hang themselves while on suicide watch? They didn't see him tying a noose while under constant surveillance?

  • Robert Blowstein
    Robert Blowstein

    these reporters are literal puppets lol

  • sciencmath

    In other news, chocolate rations have been increased and 2+2=5

  • Grubert

    Breaking News: Jeffery Epstein's suicide watch guards believed that "suicide watch" meant watching him commit suicide

  • W

    I'm a physician my training in forensic pathology. You cannot confirm a suicide. From what I have read, he had injuries consistent with hanging by a bedsheet. Doesn't mean he was a willing participant . You can't tell if he did it freely and was forced to do it on autopsy. And I haven't seen any suicide note mentioned. And it is possible that the prison was coerced/bribed into providing conditions where suicide could occur. That's what Rudy is talking about. And that is 100% possible. It's actually very likely.

  • Subash Chandra
    Subash Chandra

    New York Medical Examiner didn't wanna get suicided as well I guess.

  • Cuentos de la Cripta
    Cuentos de la Cripta

    that face of yours made Epstein hang himself with another person's hands you puppet.

  • Pawdukes

    you're a joke. #fakenews