Europe hits grim milestones amid coronavirus outbreak
ABC News
Spain and the U.K. are now reporting their highest number of deaths since the outbreak began.

  • Ahmet Albayrak
    Ahmet Albayrak

    They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it. Quran 61:8

  • Renae Broome
    Renae Broome

    Think the pope for the Europeans deaths for believing in a false god. Christianity is a cult religion Christ is the devil. Gentiles are devil's that inslaved God's chosen for 400 years. God's judging whites now. Y'all's time is up prepare for slavery gentiles. It is written.

  • Parsia Bekr
    Parsia Bekr

    Gemeinsam gegen Coronaviren und Rechtsextremismus

  • jeff strong
    jeff strong

    Watch out for Japanese spreading China Virus all over the world like Chinese. First case in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam came from Japanese visitor. Who knows how many they infected other countries. Their infected numbers are fabricated to show lower numbers because they don't recommend testing people like in S Korea. Japanese government put their head in sand and ignored the virus problem because 2020 Olympic. Now it's delayed that panic set in.

  • Chris Chang
    Chris Chang

    Western government leaders are really and very stupid, they never thought and predicted Corona19 is serious and affecting their countries, they thought it’s a Chinese Disaster only. And they have no control ability to fight with Corona19.

  • Viewer Fact
    Viewer Fact

    There is no coronavirus its just a sesonal flu

  • zombie1969zom

    Zurück zum Speiseplan: Chinas und Wuhans Wildtiermärkte haben wieder geöffnet. Fox News: "Wet markets' reopening across China"

  • Hawk Who Knows All
    Hawk Who Knows All

    Go and Save Your AMERICANs DYING in STREETS without MEDICAL CARE for FREE. Dont even SPEAK About EU.

  • TruthSeeker4Life

    So other positive Covid-19 patients go home to self isolate but others need to be transported in a bubble?? I don't get it. These jokers are not very believable.

  • Senjusan


  • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq

    "Don't close the borders to Chinese travelers, that would be racist." *Dies of COVID-19*

  • Srinidhi hulmani
    Srinidhi hulmani

    Will europian countries ever come out of this mess. There is a roumour that corona 2.0 is coming in China.

  • maksum ahmad
    maksum ahmad

    80% destroyer building free corona

  • Eugene Hicks
    Eugene Hicks

    Can you please list 5 hospitals that are under seize in southern California. Ive yet to find a one. People, please do your due diligence and find the truth. Thats not the job MSN. There job has always been to influence and manipulate the masses. (Aka.. Minister of propaganda)

  • Beau Berry
    Beau Berry

    "Just a flu, bro. Stop overacting." "This is just Mother Nature's immune system reaction cuz HUMAN BAD!" Eco-fascists are evil.

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka

    Now a word from our sponsors, all these death are brought to you by the communists country, China.

  • Ann Barcelona
    Ann Barcelona

    So another china ally used as guinea pigs. Why am i not surprised. China made that mutated virus, it should have the antidote. Why are they just letting everybody else who doesn't have a 1B population die???!!! Fuckers.

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith It is only getting worse

  • batter nan
    batter nan

    Bullshit media spin. 50000 people regularly die in Italy every month. And most of the coronavirus deathes are part of that 50000. At the beginning of 2017 the death rate was through the roof and they managed fine then. Wake up people.

  • jimmy B
    jimmy B

    Coronavirus is a HOAX! Are you or anyone you know personally sick?! Of course not- it’s only on TV!Ask your friends in Italy to send you a picture. They can’t! It’s fake!

  • Robert E
    Robert E

    Julia MacFarlane should be a model, not a news anchor 👍

  • jyd1384

    Most EU countries should have shown a draconian style to be more clean countries against the virus spreading.They have democratic systems for their people but it wasn't mean unlimited freedom if they are living under the situation of the pandemic.

  • Santosh K G
    Santosh K G

    First China send to China viruse for Europe . china now sending China masc for Europe and after China sending reeth and ventilator for Europe

  • stephen


  • Simone Poise
    Simone Poise

    I would double check those masks China sent to Spain if I were the Spanish Government.. the Netherlands had received 600.000 faulty masks.. FFP2 type but they weren't even FFP1 more like FFP0.8 ..

  • Roy Cropper
    Roy Cropper

    How ironic that the USA is now so hard hit by corona virus when they invented and patented these damned virus strains in the first place...You reap what you sow springs to mind.

  • Belle Lysenko
    Belle Lysenko

    TR-my video you all must watch #arrestTheUSPresident If taking the president out will save billions of lives all over the globe, please for the love of life, LOCK, HIM, UP!!!

  • An Dang
    An Dang

    “Them” from where? Made in China 2020(everything...including CCP virus).Any country’s will lost future when make relationship with China communist party.

  • Illay Reich
    Illay Reich

    What was the average mortality rate in Italy before the virus NAMED Corona???

  • Ken Richard
    Ken Richard

    48,000,000 infected with HIV, millions lacking antiretrovirals... Back to the news: 10,000 dead from coronavirus, no end in sight, attempts to flatten the curve, Governor's and Mayor's demanding medical equipment...

  • TrainerAQ

    So many plane crashes!

  • Mathew Frangoul
    Mathew Frangoul

    What about couching? I been coughing throughout the day for the past month idk if i should be worried or not does it take that long?

    • Erin Miller
      Erin Miller

      Mathew Frangoul I’m no doctor, but I think you’ll be okay. Just get plenty of rest and stay hydrated.

    • Mathew Frangoul
      Mathew Frangoul

      @Erin Miller no

    • Erin Miller
      Erin Miller

      Mathew Frangoul Do you have any other symptoms?

  • C P
    C P

    Pls support your govt at this hour we have a lot of time to fight .::: We have heard thousands cry & have lost thr lives ...... pls stop politics .. China can now even manufacture mass killings. As far as possible BAN Chinese products pls. Every citizen should have a small or a big size paper stuck outside thr house saying we boycott Chinese products Or We ban Chinese products .. Pls follow this Chain ... Only a vaccine may I repeat may save China from this boycott ...

  • day dreamer
    day dreamer

    Can anyone help me please I cant even buy food now I lost my job like so many other

  • Twincitiesholding LLC
    Twincitiesholding LLC

  • WildWilly BroCro
    WildWilly BroCro

    10k 🤷‍♂️ well, that’s what you get for living past 80

  • Sucker MC
    Sucker MC

    Id bang that English nurse even with the coronavirus

  • D Storm
    D Storm

    ABC "News" refuses to report true mortality rates, or the success of HCQ, and ABC does nothing but broadcast panic and hatred of Trump.

  • Neo T
    Neo T

    Really European countries fu.. up.

    • J. B.
      J. B.

      Less than the u.s

  • Christina MacNeal
    Christina MacNeal


  • M.A. M.R.
    M.A. M.R.

    Please stop streaming trump press briefings, remember he said this was all a hoax yet you dumb ass media companies still live stream him. WTF is wrong with you dumb fucks?

  • JullietDavid

    Pray for the World in mighty name of Jesus. We all need his Mercy. Only Jesus can heal if we ask him with all our heart

  • Mary Noellia S
    Mary Noellia S


  • Bryan S
    Bryan S

    How's that Globalism working out for everyone ???

  • ArkaDianos

    You buy mask from where the virus it came? How stupid people you are . If the masks are infected 😂😂😂😂

    • J. B.
      J. B.

      You know nothing about virus, dont you?

  • Juli Branca
    Juli Branca

    Jesus help us!! 2020 will not be a good yr to look back to😱😵😛😏👀👀

  • tim


  • Susan DeLaney
    Susan DeLaney



    Overpopulation is a bitch

  • Bashar Jasim
    Bashar Jasim

    Oh my Lord

  • Godavego gogo
    Godavego gogo

    Media need a more shrill desperate [female in distress] voice to really get us worried

  • Lincoln Colt
    Lincoln Colt

    Do you want to know what a grim mild stone is it’s coming to the realization whether you’re Republican or Democrat that the entire government and every news outlet is corrupt and here is the proof! Do you wanna wake up today and be educated do you want to learn some of the most important information that you’ll ever come by at least concerning this and several other horrific viruses, wake up!

  • Godavego gogo
    Godavego gogo

    Never ever trust the media ----> they can't count, so don't count on them

  • Nature, beauty , life and Adventures
    Nature, beauty , life and Adventures

    Mmmm.... Spain still accepting face masks after what happened to Italy? I hope china sends quality masks to spain... This should not be a money making deal cus i do not trust this people ...

  • Godavego gogo
    Godavego gogo

    Italy's health system ---> includes Flu Deaths with COVID-19 Deaths for political points Italy (1386.13/cases) per million ---> USA (283.30/cases) per million ... ... as of 2:30 pm ET March 27

  • Dave H
    Dave H

    60 million people.. average daily death rate per 60 million in 2016, " 1000!" Omg you lie!

  • Coral Aguirre
    Coral Aguirre

    God help us, Amen

  • Eli Cab
    Eli Cab

    Italy: we have 10,000 deaths U.S.: Hold my cup.

  • m-ok -
    m-ok -

    Democrats think socialist utopia Europe is perfect and America should be like them.

  • Pipe Tunes
    Pipe Tunes

    All you butthurt magats obviously aren’t praying hard enough. I thought that religious disease cured everything with thoughts and prayers.

    • J. B.
      J. B.

      There waiting for Easter.


    Thanks China!

  • Robert Pruett
    Robert Pruett

    Fake news

  • p horner
    p horner

    When Obama's H1N1 reached TEN THOUSAND deaths....crickets.

  • _atmofficial

    Yeah if the pope gets it... Its a wrap. One lung finna get coughed up!

  • bbstar54

    hate to be insensitive but the guy at 0:47 seems like an adam sandler character

  • Lo Saetern
    Lo Saetern

    The Pope is 83, and has one lung? Interesting random facts.

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh

    #WuhanVirus I know spain and italy you don't have choice now to say no to china help. Sorry for you losses but please remember death has encounter do to this virus and who hide information about this virus. I hope people will recover fast and no more damage

  • Patty Scott
    Patty Scott

    Of course, ABC is lying again. You guys should know that no matter what people are dying from (Cancer, heart attack, etc), the hospitals have been told to put CORONA on the all death certificates.

    • Erin Miller
      Erin Miller

      Patty Scott You made that up.

    • Maiden Watkins
      Maiden Watkins

      I believe this.

  • Panzer Blitz
    Panzer Blitz

    Why aren't people doing a revolution if people are dying in hospitals and there's a damn cure available they could save the patients with? ignore that and whine about the tragedy? Are people insane? Oh right yes they are. Most humans clearly prefer slow death. Because most humans are stark raving wacko crazy.

  • Ariel Abramov
    Ariel Abramov

    The pope is 83 and has one lung.