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We all know the legendary Toyota Supra and the R34 GTR from Fast and Furious, but we decided to rank every single car* in the Fast and Furious franchise, from the Mona Lisa S15 to the Plymouth Road Runner.
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media

    WOW so this list is way more polarizing than I thought it would be, but you know what? I stand by it! Just remember that at the end of the day it is just one (pretty strange) guy's opinion, and I really love all the discussion that this video has spawned. You guys are awesome!

    • Nerousader 911
      Nerousader 911

      Wheres the blue r34 bruh

    • mr bunny
      mr bunny

      Donut Media hey bro you left out the Dodge Daytona with the massive Spoiler is was al so red

    • Janou Bahnerth
      Janou Bahnerth

      Yo nolan the lykan hypersport is a real car there are 7 of them made and they cost 3.4 milion dollars

    • GHOST

      U missed out little nobody’s brz 😢

    • Jeremy Gonzales
      Jeremy Gonzales

      Forgot dom’s 15 charger rt

  • Mathew Valentine
    Mathew Valentine

    What happened to doms dodge Daytona?

  • Wolfen Her
    Wolfen Her

    I will never forget about the 3 black Honda civics. Modern kids these days who love cars now doesn’t even know what they are anymore and that makes me sad 😢

  • stathis spiliopoulos
    stathis spiliopoulos

    Brians GT-R 34 at least top 3...Not a civic...3 of them 1st place...omg

  • Azz Wad
    Azz Wad

    Got it 100% right with the Black Honda Civics being number one


    My mans put a stock pickup with 2 decals in top 10

  • B H
    B H

    All the fanboys in the comment section saying they’d put the Supra or R34 in the number 1 spot

  • Lazygamer1562

    I don't agree with this list

  • Casual Youtube
    Casual Youtube

    You missed the ferarri of the rich guy in 2 fast 2 furious?

  • zAuto

    They used RWD Evo's in Tokyo drift

  • Rafael den boogert
    Rafael den boogert

    So... What happened to the blue r34 from fast and furious 4?

  • Javier Reta
    Javier Reta

    R34 gtr needs to be in the top 5. Fast and furious should’ve gave it way more screen time

  • Javier Reta
    Javier Reta

    R34 gtr needs to be in the top 5. Fast and furious should’ve gave it way more screen time

  • Bugs Bunny
    Bugs Bunny


  • Benet Selani
    Benet Selani

    There are 7 lukan hypersport and this guy says that it doesn't exist what a fucking idiot

  • Joe Bogard
    Joe Bogard

    @DonutMedia You guys forgot to add paul walkers 3000gt

  • DJ Zane Kitsune
    DJ Zane Kitsune

    Brian’s blue r34 from Fast and Furious 4 is my personal number 1 Agree?

  • Gilgamesh

    Thanks for your time. But this is shit.

  • [PSi] sbek
    [PSi] sbek

    Where's the blue Skyline from the 4th film of the saga? That thing was clean and fast :o

  • Holger Hjelholt Simmelsgaard 8C
    Holger Hjelholt Simmelsgaard 8C

    why you do the hypercars like that

  • old soul 1111
    old soul 1111

    this list is a fucking joke.

  • Matt G
    Matt G

    I did not just watch all of this to see a Honda Civic get first



  • Fehrplay

    I take that boring Maserati over any of these ridiculous asian cars any day.

  • OllieDM910

    8:52 That isn’t Fast And Furious 6, it’s gta

  • NoobMaster exe
    NoobMaster exe

    This list man

  • Lance Andrei Gonzales
    Lance Andrei Gonzales

    What civics!!!!

  • Jared Carlson
    Jared Carlson

    He puts all the sweet supercars far down on the list

    • Jared Carlson
      Jared Carlson

      They should be at the top

  • Project lazuras
    Project lazuras

    Number 26 is a shelby

  • Austin Aruiza
    Austin Aruiza


  • pacman4893

    I hate this list more than anything else in life right now.

  • Potato



    Awh man why you gotta do neela like that!? I’d say mine would be 1.) Brian’s r34 skyline 2.) Neelas rx8 3.) Sean’s lancer evo

  • CartelSantana

    Your number 1 was disappointing

    • Mr_Siege

      Downvote for u shithead did u even hear what he said

  • Mandatory Fruit
    Mandatory Fruit

    This list is so wack bro.

  • Devon Montgomery
    Devon Montgomery

    I cried at the end of furious 7 too

  • Amrit Merhai
    Amrit Merhai

    Lykan Hypersport is already made,there are currently only 7 made and the prices are up to 3.4Million $

    • Mr_Siege

      Amrit Merhai that’s y they’re shit

  • Mudan Ismail
    Mudan Ismail

    huh im done

  • Lene Jacobsen
    Lene Jacobsen

    My list is #1 Dom's Drop Charger #2 The r-34 Skyline #3 1963 Corvette F&F4 #4 Dom's Iconic Charger #5 Orange Supra

  • Haydn Poole
    Haydn Poole

    How do you not like the 1972 skyline

  • Haydn Poole
    Haydn Poole

    You didn't include the Dom's Daytona did you

  • MysteryButler

    Bro how y‘all guys forget about dom‘s ice charger :-( For me it‘s the best car out of all...

    • Mr_Siege

      MysteryButler it’s the worst chargers out of all of them. The one that got destroyed is the best because u shit ricer don’t know about it.

  • Aimlikeaboss64

    does he not realize that Sean's lancer was modified for drifting and isn't a 4 wheel drive? I died when he said they tried. they made it RWD because they knew AWD isn't for drifting

  • zxrd s
    zxrd s

    When I see a porsche carrera gt I say Paul walker killer

  • Kirill Beznosov
    Kirill Beznosov

    7:41 This is not "a weird corvette convertible". It is a Corvette grand sport 1963 and it is really fucking rare

  • BFR 45-70
    BFR 45-70

    I think i'm gonna make a metallic black charger with a triple bug catcher intake in GTA V.


    The silver r34 not in the top 10 or 5 wow.

  • Josh Pierce
    Josh Pierce

    Bruh. I’m a high schooler with an 05 Honda Civic. It has a spoiler, and me and my friend just made the exhaust louder and added underglow. We also watched Fast and Furious for the first time last night. Your #1 pick and your explanation gave me chills...

    • Mr_Siege

      Josh Pierce fuckin bot

  • Reon McKenzie
    Reon McKenzie

    Was this list backwards or something

  • Aadi Shankar
    Aadi Shankar

    #1 OG Supra #2 OG Charger with blown engine. #3 Dodge Daytona

  • Patricio Arnold
    Patricio Arnold

    12:28 what's the name of this song?

  • Nate p
    Nate p

    As an FD owner, I can live with being number 49. Not sure if I'd rather have that green Hulk car than a Yenko Camaro though. Good idea for a list!

  • Robert Trisca
    Robert Trisca

    wtf's that list?! , randomly generated to save time?!

  • Douglas Rogers
    Douglas Rogers

    Sorry dude, but your list is way off. Bow Wow's trash Hulk car making the list over ANYTHING is insanity to me. And if you really want to put a marquee car, it would of been the ECLIPSE not the Civic's. Yes, they are iconic but that Eclipse was IT for the Fast And Furious franchise. Seeing Brian spin out of control for no reason at all is when you know this movie starts.

  • Matei Mirel
    Matei Mirel

    Most trash video I ever seen! This top is like a garbage car whit a paintjob.


    Red Audi R8?

  • Maxime Tissot
    Maxime Tissot

    1: supra ! 2: supra !! 3: supra !!!

  • Nordrei28 Dollete
    Nordrei28 Dollete

    what year and model is heist honda civics?

  • Brad Martin
    Brad Martin

    Yes 1

  • Bartosz Opiełka
    Bartosz Opiełka

    My top 3: 1. Brian's Skyline R34 from F&F 4. 2. Dom's Charger from F&F 4. 3. Orange Supra.

  • Christopher Tamburelli
    Christopher Tamburelli

    I fucks love your #1 choice

  • Tahsin Ahmed
    Tahsin Ahmed

    Pretty shit list to be honest Top 3 best cars for me 1. Brian's Skyline 2. Han's RX7 3. Sean's Mustang

  • ozzy

    disappointed,,, not even a min into the video

  • ozzy


  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood

    This list is honestly wack😂

  • Kurogami7421

    A Ford Lightning that barely had lots of screen time made it to the top 10??? ???

  • ce gz
    ce gz

    I agree with the purple spyder being the ugliest one of all the movies. As soon as I saw it the first time I hated it, especially that awful steering wheel. And here goes my top 5: 3- Dodge Challenger 2- Mustang from Tokyo Drift. 1- Mazda RX8 (NFSU2 fav😂) Nice shirt dude.

  • Austin Waelchli
    Austin Waelchli

    There were only 7 of the lykans ever made, that's why you don't see people driving then, they were also like 3.5 billion dollars to buy

  • Nico Edler
    Nico Edler

    Wat about Brian’s blue skyline r34

  • aaron levitz
    aaron levitz

    Hot wheels