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We all know the legendary Toyota Supra and the R34 GTR from Fast and Furious, but we decided to rank every single car* in the Fast and Furious franchise, from the Mona Lisa S15 to the Plymouth Road Runner.
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media

    WOW so this list is way more polarizing than I thought it would be, but you know what? I stand by it! Just remember that at the end of the day it is just one (pretty strange) guy's opinion, and I really love all the discussion that this video has spawned. You guys are awesome!

    • Veronica Camacho
      Veronica Camacho


    • Veronica Camacho
      Veronica Camacho

      What Nolan didn’t realize is the evo in Tokyo drift in that movie was converted to red

    • Vlad Kuz
      Vlad Kuz

      U are fucking awesome about the civics like they don't look rice, not at all . Number 1 is really true for me too

    • Anon Ymous
      Anon Ymous

      Some of those cars in the first half of your video have awesome stories behind them. Oh well.

    • Tyrant King
      Tyrant King


  • AJ

    My list 1. brian r34 F2 2. silvia s15 F3 3. rx7 veilside F3 4. orange supra F1 5. civic F1



  • Elijah Dela Cruz
    Elijah Dela Cruz

    Wrong. The Evo 9 in Tokyo Drift was actually modified and converted into a rear wheel drive. Notice how it’s the rear wheels only that burnout and produce a lot of smoke. Also, it’s been said by the producers that they converted 10 Evo 9s into rear wheel drive.

  • Glitch Saiyan
    Glitch Saiyan

    I agree with your list but the placement of Brians GTR R34 Skyline seems odd to me

  • Kernel Kraken
    Kernel Kraken

    I've never even driven a running car in my life but the phrase _autozone- tier- spoiler_ was perfect.

  • Youtube_Rollins

    What bout the blue skyline

  • Skootring

    I disagery with evry thing

  • Jorrak Productions
    Jorrak Productions

    + you think a chriysler Town and Country is Better than an Evo?

  • Gracias

    Dude wtf all the nice ones are so low what's wrong with you bro but anyways still a nice video

  • Tripwirestudios

    The new fast and furious are now based on having enemy’s and fighting with at least 1 car race at the beginning of every movie but the older ones are based on racing and not even based on racing!

  • Adam Schleppi
    Adam Schleppi

    Nolan how do you actually feel about the change F&F movies are taking?

  • Ayden Miller
    Ayden Miller

    That moment when a Chevy suburban is better than an evo.

  • Funnehcake 13
    Funnehcake 13


  • TheGojiCustoms

    I feel that the Murcielago shouldn't be at 97 or so but more for me at least top 20 Also I'd say the S15 should be top 60

  • Varsity Shinebox
    Varsity Shinebox

    #1- 2F2F silver R34 Fight me.

  • Bruno Angelino
    Bruno Angelino

    you missed 2f2f orange dodge challenger

  • Ethen Davis
    Ethen Davis

    He put the Supra at 109 man ur messed up

  • Eggy

    Woah, where did you get that t-shirt from?

  • Zyprex

    Veilside,evo,r34,dodge,supra 😄

  • Faya

    Honda civic #1🤦‍♂️😂🤣👍

  • Lord Raive
    Lord Raive

    3 ugly black civics beat a supra? Not even those 3 civics can catch up to the supra or other cars on the list!

  • carlos santistevan
    carlos santistevan

    1:Honda civic 2: Johnny tran’s s2k 3:mia’s integra

  • Eric Raeder
    Eric Raeder

    Doms charger is bad ass with the blower it's my dream car

  • MUSCLEROD 2008
    MUSCLEROD 2008

    I would choose the demon from ff8

  • Rafael Blanchard
    Rafael Blanchard

    Top 3 are: Brian’s skyline. Brian’s yellow Evo. And Brian’s supra

  • ItzStorm

    wow bad ranking

    • ArtilleryFire


  • SPRCOOL fortnite to bad for me im
    SPRCOOL fortnite to bad for me im

    We’re is the the gray Chevelle from fast and furious 4!!!!!!!

  • Yeeting Bananas
    Yeeting Bananas

    I thought he'd forget the civic but when I saw the end..

  • Oliver Ekman
    Oliver Ekman

    The best car is all dominics cars

  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia

    Where did you get your shirt?

  • Rob 326
    Rob 326

    4:22. Me in a nutshell. Game has Gen1 Camaro in it? The first car I want to get.

  • Willy Q
    Willy Q

    Your list sucks

  • Chi Uy
    Chi Uy

    Can someone please tell me the songs he used

  • Evan Smerechanski
    Evan Smerechanski

    I'm do not like you

    • yeah dude
      yeah dude

      piss <3

  • Yono

    1. Brian's R34 (Fast and Furious 4) 2. DK's 370z 3. Brian's Supra

  • DuBstep115

    You put doms boring stock challenger above 1971 Nissan Skyline GT-R ? ok cool

  • Jimboy

    OMG Where can I get that shirt from that you're wearing!??

  • Sean Richard
    Sean Richard

    What a shit list


    9:3 just seeing those two cars together made me cry inside

  • Camel

    Was Dom’s Plymouth super bird even in here??

  • jacarie bond
    jacarie bond

    I hate everything about this video ⚰️

  • Elijah IV
    Elijah IV


  • Seth Colon
    Seth Colon

    Shit list.


    My top 3 1 monte carlo 2 Brian's r34 skyline gtr 3 Brian's supra

  • knight demon
    knight demon

    Where is the 2000 hp charger ff7

  • Radioactive King_Cobra
    Radioactive King_Cobra

    You said letty’S chevy twice Also rx7 for life

  • Radioactive King_Cobra
    Radioactive King_Cobra

    The hypersport is a real car

  • TaF

    i dont agree with ur list

  • Ayrton Sy
    Ayrton Sy

    The R34 better be number one

  • Ricardo Caaya
    Ricardo Caaya

    Just like what I predicted #1

  • Cricketoman

    Hey you didn't included the Dodge Daytona in the list???

  • Devon Griffith
    Devon Griffith

    Even though I don’t agree with his choice, I still respected his choice on these cars/ most of them I agree 👍🏻

  • Prathamesh Pawar
    Prathamesh Pawar

    For me it's the blue skyline forever

  • AWeebPilot WithNoLife
    AWeebPilot WithNoLife

    My Top 3: 1. Peterbilt 359EXHD 2. Freightliner FLA 3. Land Rover Defender

  • Drake Forster
    Drake Forster

    Love the list although muscle cars are higher up than imports for me. Love you guys tho

  • Sebastian Leal
    Sebastian Leal

    The lykan is a real car but ok

  • mitchel monterroso
    mitchel monterroso

    Honda Civic have to be the gayest choice out of all the cars ...

  • Jonathon McRae
    Jonathon McRae

    I love how out of all of these cars, the three black civics are #1. #HondaGang

  • DoomFurious Yt
    DoomFurious Yt

    Doms theme car is a charger Brians theme car is nissan

  • DoomFurious Yt
    DoomFurious Yt

    I disagree with the supra being so low on the list it deserves lik number 50 at least

  • GPO Dante
    GPO Dante

    you really put a suburban a regular ass suburban ahead of a lot of classic cars

  • Devin Nihipali
    Devin Nihipali

    how u put the bentley at 110 cmon noww

  • Eden C
    Eden C

    How dare you fucking put the lykan in 116

  • Markus Johansson
    Markus Johansson

    92 should be on 1 and 91 should be on 2 so FUCK YOU

  • 3g 6g72
    3g 6g72


  • Undefined Existence
    Undefined Existence

    Worst list

  • 1c3 sLy1
    1c3 sLy1

    Wait the Lykan is a real car lol

  • 4Eighty

    2:22,5 haha lol looks like its moaning😂🤣😄👍🏻

  • Arav Kulkarni
    Arav Kulkarni