Everything GREAT About Avengers: Endgame! (Part 2)
Avengers Endgame Part 2! Which is Infinity War Part 4 or something. Since this movie isn't cinema I've decided to change my channel name to ThemeParkWins. What's wrong with that? Hope you'll still watch! Here's everything right with Avengers Endgame Part 2!
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  • SUP

    so as a german i fell the need of helping;liebchen means a little nice girl/woman/female

  • Aeon Bloodchild
    Aeon Bloodchild

    9:39 he got a look at nebula memories maybe thats how he got the info

  • zoë-joy bartman
    zoë-joy bartman

    3:23 this whole explanation made me cry

  • Jack Wells
    Jack Wells

    BTW - raccoons are native to North America, so it makes sense that beings linked to Europe wouldn't know anything about them.

  • Brian L
    Brian L

    I love that Itsjustsomerandomguy is doing Steve returning the stones, starting with the Soul Stone.

  • Joacim Dahlström
    Joacim Dahlström

    Been watching this for 4 or 5 times and i tear up every time :'(

  • Caio Ferreira
    Caio Ferreira

    I small detail that I didn't see anyone commenting about: Thanos' gauntlet is left handed, Avengers' gauntlet is right handed.

  • patriot459

    I still remember when banner and tony were talking in the first avengers and they said that quote of like why would hulk save me. We did find out why and it was epic

  • Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions
    Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions

    Hey nice to meet you arghh! OH MY GOOOODDDD!

  • Jacky Trinh
    Jacky Trinh

    Also the song at the end of Endgame was also played in Captain America: The Winter Soldier just to let you know

  • MSKGamerYT

    18:15 Wrong Endgame Takes Place In 2022 Because The Beginning Of IW Opens Right After Thor Ragnarok Meaning It Took Place In 2017 Meaning 10 Years Ago Would Be 2012

  • Ben Meyers
    Ben Meyers

    How does the asguardians have armour and weaponry when it was destroyed on asguard.

    • Ben Meyers
      Ben Meyers

      @TonyFilip917 but to have enough armour and weaponry in that small amount of time

    • TonyFilip917

      They forged it, Surviving Guards we're still on it plenty of reasons how

  • Ben Meyers
    Ben Meyers

    What about World breaker hulk

  • Bambang Budi Prayetno
    Bambang Budi Prayetno

    I still remember how crowd doest at the studio when Cap holding Mjolnir and the "avengers assamble" scene... I mean, that was one of my best moments in my life since graduation :))

  • Edgy Artist
    Edgy Artist

    4:34 Did anyone else notice that this scene mirrors when Howard was experimenting with a piece of the teseract through a glass window? And thats why that scene was so tense for the charactors on screen. Because when Howard did it in The First Avenger it blew up i his face. Hence Rocket yelling BOOM to scare them.

  • Eric Kremers
    Eric Kremers

    I love the little detail that Thor started his war cry slightly earlier than everyone else after "assemble", further emphasizing that he's not over his failures yet, but he's so determined to use this opportunity to do the right thing.

  • ThyHolyNoodle

    Wow I did not notice Howard the duck untl you pointed it out lol

  • Dominique Roberts
    Dominique Roberts

    I'm starting to think that Vision can bring Black Widow and Gamora back or has the answer to seeing how he has been with the mind stone for years that sort of communicate with him.

  • Dominique Roberts
    Dominique Roberts

    So with Bruce snapping everyone back he may have the snap the hulk in his own body even looking out for the Hulk making it two or 3 Hulks in the MCU.

  • NoobsailerRBH

    9:08 "Everything's better with spinning" Trope xD

  • H e l l o
    H e l l o

    I literally started tearing up

  • Gabriel

    Joe and Anthony Russo have an combined IQ of 2000 to pull this off. Just look at it, it's fucking beautiful.

  • Unix_ Phenos30000
    Unix_ Phenos30000

    Liebchen means sweetheart

  • Dimitris Kalergis
    Dimitris Kalergis

    There was a scene where they... bowed before Tony's sacrifice ???????????????????????? Thanks for bringing this to me !! Love you as many wins this movie has

  • Dead bot
    Dead bot

    17:53 look at hawkayes hair

  • Katie Fluke
    Katie Fluke

    Also with rescue “She never wears anything I make her.”.

  • Leah Evans
    Leah Evans


  • Freddy Jenkins
    Freddy Jenkins

    Thank you, cinimawins

  • Rishujeet Rai
    Rishujeet Rai

    18:48 _"The cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to other human beings."_ *Eat that Scorsese!*

  • PowerOfThePick

    I don’t know why but I cry when when Clint picks up the phone and says honey

  • Byson Dread
    Byson Dread

    Yooo! At 17:53. Do you see that?

  • ZombieDasher

    I don't care what Scorsese and Coppola say, these movies are cinema, they did something that seemed impossible. these movies are great, there will never be something like the mcu ever again

  • utsu002

    wait wait wait if old cap is in this timeline as well as normal cap DOESNT THAT MEAN HE HIT ON/DATED HIS GRANDDAUGHTER UNKNOWINGLY

  • ADOLF HITLER アストルフォ
    ADOLF HITLER アストルフォ

    Nuuuu! You reminded me off Stan Lee’s death and i seriously teared up. It’s been a almost a year since his death but I still can’t believe he has left us. He was and will always be my role model! 2018 was a sad year taking not just Stan Lee but a genius like Stephen Hawkins. Let’s take a moment of silence to honer them and many others that have left holes in our hearts and thanks them for everything they have done for us!

  • Johnson ChunYang LI
    Johnson ChunYang LI

    Wait, but since the earth moves in an orbit in space then won't the people who were revived by hulk get undusted in the middle of space and die...

  • Grace Edmonds
    Grace Edmonds

    Even now, I am jumping in the air and whooping for joy when Cap says "Avengers..... Assemble"

  • Cassie Smith
    Cassie Smith

    When I saw this in theaters with my (now ex) boyfriend he told me to be quiet and stop cheering when cap lifted the hammer and said avengers assemble. He told me to stop crying when Tony died. I broke up with him after his family humiliated me and threatened to ditch me 1700 miles away from any family if I didn't "shape up". Anyway movies have always been a strong part of my life. In 2008, just before my dad and abusive stepmother divorced, I saw iron man. I would watch movies all the time with my dad because if we weren't we were usually screaming at each other (we were both dealing with the abuse my stepmom dished). I was waiting for them to come and save me. Please save me. Then I snapped and started self harming. My dad found out and we went to counseling. One of the first things I said was, I can't die, I just wanted to feel something. I couldn't kill myself because these movies were my hope. Now after a solid year or two of therapy, medication, and communication, I'm much better. When I first saw this movie... it broke me. Silly as it may seem, these movies were something I literally lived for. I lost someone close and cried for days. I couldn't even watch far from home because no, Tony wasn't gone, he can't be gone. Endgame didn't happen. That was just a silly misunderstanding, right? Anyway, my point is, movies are art and have different meanings to people. Art is subjective. And thor having PTSD makes sense, just like me seeing this movie as the final one. I don't plan on seeing anymore, or I won't count them as ones. But it's ok, because they can rest now, and so can we.

  • Tony Pringles
    Tony Pringles

    I think the best part of endgame was having captain marvel in it for only 20 or so minutes. She would have ruined the entire film.

  • Tony Pringles
    Tony Pringles

    I wondered when watching, where the us military or something? They're obviously watching this through satellites. Can they not get soldiers out fast enough or are they gonna wait till the ave gets are dead before going jn

  • Virtual_Viking

    16:48- Perhaps Thanos didn't realize it then, but maybe his destiny was to killed by The Avengers and to never truly get to embrace the conclusion of his conquest.

  • M.A. R
    M.A. R

    The real reason there is no “Everything Wrong With Avengers:Endgame (Cinemasins) Cinemasins: I am inevitable Endgame: “I am Iron Man” Cinemasins: **dusts off**

  • Moayyed Salah
    Moayyed Salah

    how come you missed when the woman that caps love was talking to the seceretary about a storm which turned out not to be a storm at all ... meaning shield knew about Thor at that moment.

  • Kiara The Pooh
    Kiara The Pooh

    Bruh, Liebchen!!! WHAT WHAT I never realized that before

  • Hussein Baydoun
    Hussein Baydoun

    19:03 You didn't comment on that Bucky is wearing a black sport outfit instead of a tux. It's theorized that the reason is that Bucky didn't think Tony would want him at his funeral (since he killed his parents), but was convinced to come by Sam Wilson or Captain America (or anyone for that matter) at the last minute.

  • E

    I cried at the end of Engame...and I am not ashamed to admit it.

  • ginzupumpkin

    Missed win. Hope saying “cap” was a call back to her teasing Lang in Antman & the Wasp. Lang called Steve Rogers “Cap” while explaining why he took the Antman suit and went to Germany to help Cap in Civil War.

  • Gabriel Vermund
    Gabriel Vermund

    I would love for these videos to be put in one movie like video. Love all of your movies brother!

  • SlappinFace

    I still maintain that Cap only got close to moving Thor’s hammer before because he was still holding on to the knowledge of Bucky killing Tony’s parents and not telling anyone about it. That’s why he nearly lifted it, that was the final thing holding him back from being worthy and this reunion and slow reconciliation throughout Endgame is what finally cemented him as being worthy to wield the hammer of the gods.

  • toaster in the tub
    toaster in the tub

    still think they made captain marvel wayyy stronger than she should be (compared to thor)

  • Manolo Morales
    Manolo Morales

    Today is 5th of November, great day to remind you of a certain movie you should definitely review... Just remember remember

  • Charlie Greene
    Charlie Greene

    What a great video, can’t wait for the Rango video

  • The Payne Legacy
    The Payne Legacy

    6:24, I did not notice a few birds blip back into existence and I watched this movie twice. That’s crazy...

  • Tadiwa Mhiripiri
    Tadiwa Mhiripiri

    19:03 what was he gonna say

  • Unoriginal Name
    Unoriginal Name

    Missed Win: At 2:42, Tony goes to say father, but switches to Dad, indicating his acceptance of Howard.

  • Miguel Garnica
    Miguel Garnica

    It so sad that iron man died. And the ending song has good jazz.

  • Miguel Garnica
    Miguel Garnica

    The battle scene is so awsome.

  • Miguel Garnica
    Miguel Garnica

    It is so awesome that captain America is holding the old hammer.

  • Car-eco

    The only thing I didn't like about the final battle is when cap uses mjolner and uses lightning, which is an issue with continuity as in ragnarok it says it's only a channel for Thor so cap shouldn't be able to use the lightning but I can over look that because all the rest of the things which make up for it

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    20:04 Sorry, Cinemawins. Disney screwed up that possibility with Thor: Love and Thunder. A real shame...

  • Tonyosad

    I was on TR-my and stumbled upon this video and cried. I have never cried from a youtube video like... i give you props for this and HUGE props to Marvel.

  • Johnny Morris
    Johnny Morris

    The sound of Mjolnir at 10:58 as it lands in Cap's hand is so badass.

  • pitbullboss orca
    pitbullboss orca

    Dr. Strange’s hand has been shaking since Doctor Strange because of the surgery after the crash

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica

    My God stop bitching about the A-Force moment!!!

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica

    Cap wasn't always worthy I believe the theory that he was worthy after he revealed the truth to Stark

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica

    2:44 wow how I feel with my dad now I just look at the good stuff my dad has always been a hardass on me but I wouldn't have it any other way and there's enough good to outweight any bad if there is any

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica

    2:03 RIP Stan Lee and Excelsior!

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica

    Gosh wow so glad this movie validated Civil War and proved it had stakes and that they lasted a while

  • John Keith
    John Keith

    Thanos's weapon is made of the strongest metal in the galaxy. For reference, Cap's shield is made of the third strongest metal. Yet Scarlet Witch still broke Thano's weapon. Scarlet Witch is the strongest Avenger...

  • Neon Puppet
    Neon Puppet

    Maybe your mom isn't dead. Good for you. Mine happens to be. I talk to her often.....I'm gonna cry and talk to her. Fuck you. Good vid tho

  • Neon Puppet
    Neon Puppet

    Cap has always been worthy. He's just altruistic. Pretty sure he could have summoned the hammer 100 years ago