Everything Wrong With Steven Universe The Movie
Steven universe the movie is one of the best animated films I've seen in a while.. but I'm still gonna poke fun at it!
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  • platium gamer546
    platium gamer546

    Thier are so many things I could correct you on buy it would take to much time to type

  • Ender Breezy173
    Ender Breezy173

    You're over thinking this

  • Ender Breezy173
    Ender Breezy173

    11:13 I think it's because the ground is being poisoned lol

  • Addison Clark
    Addison Clark

    Garnet is strongest when she's singing because she's singing about love and that motivates her and fights better

  • random boi playz
    random boi playz

    did you notice white headed shorty is still a kid sorry forgot his name

  • Daydrea Brown
    Daydrea Brown

    For a quarter of the videos vanilla and Spinoza song was mostly quiet to check the footage again

  • Go Figure
    Go Figure

    I know nothing is copywrighted cause it’s all TR-my. But do you at all feel like a pathetic shit for literally copying @CinemaSins. You are so desperate for online validation that you’re beat for beat copying someone else. It makes sense that you’ve clearly never been validated irl cause of the same reason. Do your own fucking shit and stop claiming “Oh you crushed my dreams and soul of being cinema sin and now you’re a cunt!” No. If that’s what you want, go get a fucking job with Cinema sins and leave their intellectual property(the basic machinations of each one of their videos) out of your lazy hands like it should be

    • Go Figure
      Go Figure

      Also you lack all reason and charm the narrator of CinemaSins has presumably worked for. You’re comments made me want to damage what device I was watching this on. Very petty and unnecessary like your channel

  • XxAusleseYTxX ówò
    XxAusleseYTxX ówò

    Sin counter 20-21 makes no sense because she’s a pearl so she has to come from a clam T_T

  • Coolboy 17
    Coolboy 17

    It’s supposed to be a musical

  • DannyGamerXD & Artist
    DannyGamerXD & Artist

    This guy says the movie doesn’t explain that much *but he hasn’t watched all Steven Universe Episodes which explain most of these events*

  • Melodi Mocha
    Melodi Mocha

    Ok, so. I have a few things I should point out: 1. The injector needs time to incubate. When spinel just emptied it out, sure it hurt the earth, but it seems to have only hurt Beach City and Steven literally said he'd kiss the world better. Which COULD be played as a joke, but he healed a good portion of the ground before the diamonds arrived and I'm sure they implemented something to clean the water to prevent the spread of the poison. 2. Too much singing in a musical? Really? The songs were paced well and didn't feel too jarring. I'd say the songs were welcome. 3. Spinel needs help. That much is very much clear. I think Spinel and the diamonds could be a positive influence on each other as they were both hurt by Pink. 4. Steven shouldn't take on his mother's burdens. I feel this is growth to his character. He should be his own person. Don't get me wrong, it's great that he helps people and is kind to everyone. He should just get them help instead of trying to be that help all the time. This is all conjecture and should be taken with a grain of salt. Tldr; 1. The injector needed time to incubate so the damage to the earth is mostly Beach City only 2. It's a musical there's going to be singing 3. Spinel and the diamonds could be good for each other. 4. Steven shouldn't take on everything by himself. Take my words with a grain of salt.

  • Donovan Elorza Cortes
    Donovan Elorza Cortes

    El mejor

  • electroaudio

    Yep In one of Rebecca’s Interviews she mentions how Spinel had access to Pink’s warp and equipment which is why Spinel arrived on Earth also traveling quickly using the warp pad.

  • electroaudio

    Well warp pads do travel at warp speed faster than light speed

  • PlushTuber101 PT
    PlushTuber101 PT

    Some of these sins are retarded as fuck.

  • Archie Cavanagh
    Archie Cavanagh

    Suck a dick bitch

  • me is dumb trash
    me is dumb trash

    I mean they prob made refferences cuz it was a show ment for kids and older ppl also watch it

  • screaming cat
    screaming cat

    *but wait, this shouldn't exist* no offense just a child of gay jesus makin' a joke

  • wîłłøw tŕęê
    wîłłøw tŕęê

    heres from my knowledge He asked Why would spinel jump right on him ? Blah blah blah even though pearl needed a name and such (I didnt really wanted to go back in the video-) Heres the answer (from my knowledge again): In greg's backstory rose mentioned that gems are formed to already know they're purpose which is why it made rose so confused to see greg with a smaller human (a baby) because gems dont have you know ages they dont grow technically but i think pearl was formed in that way because pearl's are technically higher up in the system they serve the diamonds which are very high too , im assuming if a diamond was reformed they would have a big entrance or do more than what a normal average gem would do. Pearl was made to serve the diamonds but spinel was only made to entertain mostly any gem it didnt matter who which is why she didnt have a entrance like pearl did with her needing your name and settings because spinel didnt that kind of things from you Another question : why would sapphire and ruby would still know eachother? Surely they arent born at the same time , dont they have a purpose too? (I tried to get it) Answer (in my knowledge): Yes they do get a purpose roght after they are born which means ruby would know sapphire since ruby was born only to protect sapphire from danger with other rubys so it would make sense why they know eachother. Two questions that im too lazy to type twice: Why did spinel get mad at steven for trying to leave her but didnt get mad at pink for leaving her after like 4000 years And Why did spinel leave steven at his most vulnerable state? Answer: 1st question. The reason is spinel was remembering slowly and honestly she was made for playjng with so you leaving her would hurt her feelings she didnt think of it with pink because pink called it a game and not a escape-plan-to-get-away-from-spinel 2nd question . She left him because he left her alone in the audience while they were all flying she felt left out and she started to remember more even so like if you are with your best friend and they leave you alone how would you feel? I know alot of people hate pink but honestly i kinda love the idea of her she shows that most decisions arent so simple as right or wrong black or white , everyone makes mistakes and grow from them she trys to make decisions but most of the time they arent the best but even so she grows I believe she left spinel because the diamonds didnt take her seriously and now they finally did by giving her a colony and spinel wasnt serious she was silly and wanted to play and rose though at the time if she wanted to be tooken seriously she would have to grow up

  • Phan Tom
    Phan Tom

    You did bring a lot of good points TBH but I still love it

  • Nat Games
    Nat Games

    Most of the movie in this video is just silence for me

  • Youknowmeboi 4
    Youknowmeboi 4

    I like how people make these videos without realizing THEY DIDN'T MAKE IT so yeah get off their cheeks

  • WalnutSmolNut

    Steven can't fly- he floats 😑 Also Rubies are made to protect Sapphires.

  • Cara Hollingsworth
    Cara Hollingsworth

    Everyone joking about sinning a musical for music but imma call you on the sin at 4:11 when doing his broadcast steven NOT ONLY states where he lives but also lists off the names of the crystal gems. also at 6:09 just remember yellow pearl and the whole pink lasagna meme that came from it

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores

    Wow I’m reporting for copy right

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores

    Oh I thought this was cinemas in’s I’m out here cause this TR-my’s trash

  • MattAnimatezYT

    Do the gems get strain when they stand up too long?

  • Evan Gravett
    Evan Gravett

    We we we we are in the

  • Phenix_123

    For Ruby and Sapphire As soon as Ruby see's sappire she knows to protect her

  • Mr. Cup
    Mr. Cup

    Wow, this guy is stupid. Like, really stupid. There’s a difference between blowing nitpicks out of proportion for the sake of comedy and just saying things that are blatantly false.

  • Serperior Chaos
    Serperior Chaos

    Everything wrong with you. Doing this before CinemaSins PLUS the intro is just like CinemaSins

  • LilacLuv //The Queen Of Cringe//
    LilacLuv //The Queen Of Cringe//

    Oh, *_NOW_* he adds subtitles?! - Everything Wrong With Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans come up and I see it - *_O H C O M E O N_*

  • Tristan Zane
    Tristan Zane

    pearl SAID their NAMES so... FUCK

  • Twisted O4
    Twisted O4

    Where's the sound in some of the parts

  • Rosey Sbeve
    Rosey Sbeve

    Didn’t spinel let pink leave her cause it was a “game” according to the song????

  • Sans Undercraft
    Sans Undercraft

    One more thing: Steven nose bleeds, he decided to wipe his blood and licked his thumb and... That's it, he doesn't lick his thumb then wipe it on his nose

  • echo the neko
    echo the neko

    6:38 she gravitated to Steven because she was made for pink diamond and steven kinda is pink diamonds so yeah 7:46 well when a ruby is made right next to a sapphire its common sense that the ruby is to protectthe sapphire because they are made knowing that For both of these to say, maybe there coukd be a rule of when a gem is made for another gem? Just a theory. And when they are returned back to how the were made they were made to serve or protect or entertain somone special? In the series it is stated a few times about for example amythist s knew what they had to do when they got out. 9:50 for steven and connie the first time they fused was as patched as all the other times

  • Raijin Dryar
    Raijin Dryar

    It is a musical

  • FirefliesX

    They tottally forgot thats the shock 11:00

  • FirefliesX

    Steven and connie wernt refined same as greg and steven, its just mixmatch outfits and hair it just that everyone has black hair 9:40

  • FirefliesX

    7:42 "A precious sapphire thats who the rubys for" - pearl rudys a classicly DUMBso if rudy just listened and sapphire just saw it tottally plausible

  • FirefliesX

    That isnt the speed of light

  • Nickyhasnolife

    THIS is the shittiest video on earth, none of this is an actual “sin” Except that you made this video,THATS A REAL SIN. “a portal to hell has opened to swallow you whole” Edit: I just have to say how retarded you are for calling out that clam, Pearls come out of oisters, why does Steven universe have to be an exception? And why didn’t peridot know it? MAYBE BECAUSE IT WASNT HER PURPOSE TO USE IT. BISMUTH HAD TO FUCKING MAKE THESE LIKE WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU RETARD, ON EVERY THING U COUNTED I COULD FUCKING SCREAM AT YOU CUZ ITS NO FUCKING REASON

  • Ivan Santiago
    Ivan Santiago

    They can still remember but a pinch that's why they got their memories back!!!!!!!!

    • Ronnie houston
      Ronnie houston


  • Maddie Yeet
    Maddie Yeet

    Ok I’m sorry but am I the only one who noticed that the injector first went into the hill AWAY from beach city? And then it’s shown on the hill by the temple??? It’s especially clear in “No Matter What” YOU CAN SEE IT NEAR THE TEMPLEEE

  • 『MaríaSol』

    He cleaned the earth by taking buckets of water from rose's fountain 😉

  • swerve attack
    swerve attack

    Spinal was Made for pink diamond And Steven has pinks gem sooooo

  • antonio sanchez
    antonio sanchez

    U suck

  • Cody

    Watch the show dipshit and rewatch the movie

  • Dilo

    Ok this is not a great everything wrong with 1 people have said it but IT IS A MUSICAL 2 garnet doesn’t use her future visions all the time 3 spinels weapon is only needed to poof not shader 4 spinels memories are mostly 6000 years of being left and other things.

  • Pickle :3
    Pickle :3

    7:37 Actually yes, they should know each other already. Gems aren’t born they’re made lmao. Like Amethyst and Rose say, they pop outa the ground knowing what they’re supposed to do. Ruby was made to protect Sapphire, that’s why when Ruby reformed she said “You’re not my assignment” This whole video is just nitpicking and you thinking know shit about Steven Universe. You probably watched season 3-5 and then watched the movie. ai recommend that you actually watch series, watch the shorts and then make a judgement. Your honesty so stupid

  • Pickle :3
    Pickle :3

    **sins musical for having too many songs** Yes this red is too red

  • Danny DeVito
    Danny DeVito

    Most of these sins can be perfectly debunked- just fyi-

  • Hero37137

    9:57 i think this is something from all the spinels, spinel called steven of "best friend' even if don't know him so i think the spinels are made to be best friend of someone and is a automatic thing that happen like the pearls doing everithing that someone told them even if they have been created in less of one minute


    can I have the merch and everything

  • neet like, really neet
    neet like, really neet

    It looks like the comment section is forgetting this is satire

  • Joshu did nothing wrong
    Joshu did nothing wrong

    The series was overall a shitty experience for me to go through, but when the movie came out it was a *MAJOR* change for the series, i hope they continue it like this

  • •Freæky Gacha•
    •Freæky Gacha•

    Is it just me or does this guy sound like Daryl from ok k.o

  • Kade Bast
    Kade Bast

    Sin 23: Spinell gravitated to the highest ranking gem (Steven), as she is meant for entertainment. Pearl just needed to know who to serve; Ruby knew she was made to guard a Sapphire. Amethyst was defective so she has an excuse, as when she woke up the first time, she didn’t know her purpose (unlike most gems (I.e. Ruby and Pearl)). Sin 28: Ruby gravitated to the one she was most likely supposed to guard Sapphire. Steven, being a diamond, was strong enough to protect himself, the others were not of high enough standing, so that left Sapphire. She was the weakest fighter with high importance. Many gems know what they were made for as soon as they wake up in their Kindergarden, so she knew immediately that she was meant to protect Sapphire, as that was and is her purpose. Sin 36: Spinell, on a subconscious level, remember Pink leaving her; she didn’t want that to happen again. She was starting to get her memories back. Sin 43: Spinell is most likely using older gem tech. That’s why Peri doesn’t recognize it; she’s a new-ish gem. It would make sense that Spinell would only use tech she’s used to. Sin 50: Explanation: Pink’s a bitch with a horribly, nonsensically bad memory Sin 60: Being bitches with corroded minds and horrible mental problems runs in the Diamond Family

  • Kendarius Tucker
    Kendarius Tucker

    Great video. But with the fusion thing. Steg and stevonnie were in a finalized state because they had already built up their relationship my guy. And with garnet they basically just met on both times that they first fused

  • EpicFortnite7

    Sins a magic series for going faster than the speed of light HhHHhHMmMmM

  • mac n' cheese
    mac n' cheese

    Wow an adult hating a kids movie

  • Ronin the Jounin
    Ronin the Jounin

    You forgot the home button click to take a picture

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Actually why is most of spinel's text non-existent, that's annoying, also, stop copying stuff from cinemasins

  • Airi

    12:34 sadie does, it's in the back

  • Santy Kindrat
    Santy Kindrat

    "hi" 1+ sin

  • Yoyo Bear
    Yoyo Bear

    +1 sin because the spikes on the whip thing are now gone after Amethyst pulled Steven in, to protect him.

  • Willie Viljoen
    Willie Viljoen

    Why where there no music when it was spinells song?

  • Orange Watermelon
    Orange Watermelon

    do you like copying cinemasins?

  • Queer Monarch :3
    Queer Monarch :3

    I'm sorry, but did you watch the whole movie before this? You said that Spinel should not have known who they were, but in Drift Away it CLEARLY shows Spinel seeing Steven's message. And I'm pretty sure Spinel has quite a bit of common sense to know the colors of an Amethyst, Pearl and Garnet.