Everything Wrong With Steven Universe The Movie
Steven universe the movie is one of the best animated films I've seen in a while.. but I'm still gonna poke fun at it!
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  • Zeno Lord
    Zeno Lord

    there is alot of sins that actually arent because you probably dont know much about the backstory for example spinel knowing their names is because all their names is because their names are literal gem names

  • Kevin Cooper
    Kevin Cooper

    Bruh atlease it’s the first Steven movie

  • Colin Matthew Bishop
    Colin Matthew Bishop

    This is annoying when stuff is in the show yet he either dissent know or is singing this motive for it Examples rubies are dumb and made to protect spinel was made for pink Steven has her gems and so on I will show this to my su friends to test them

  • Robic Del rosario
    Robic Del rosario

    Moliminous should read some of the comments he clearly doesnt know the gem history he just make it to get views.some of your op8nion show you didnt know anything in the show

  • Kayden GUNNELL
    Kayden GUNNELL

    SHUT UP.

  • Skylar Diamond
    Skylar Diamond

    Ok, so Ruby and Sapphire remember each other because they were made for each other’s tasks. Pearl calls Greg “Um, Greg Universe” because Pearls are made to do anything asked of them, so she said it exactly how Greg did. Spinel is gravitated towards Steven because Steven has Pink Diamond’s gem and Spinel was made to be Pink’s best friend. The other sins however are reasonable, no hate though, just pointing out somethings.

  • Zachk

    >I feel like the movie was extremely heavy on the song aspect, really it feels like it was jsut a few songs short of being a musical. Damn, even after putting a promotional in the beginning of the video; that sure was the fastest I've closed out of a video for someone being so ignorant, IT'S LITERALLY A MUSICAL MY DUDE!

  • Titan Adventures
    Titan Adventures

    Sin 22: it’s cause Pearl is a well..A PEARL!

  • KrystalFoxMemes

    A sin i made up: Great now we have a huge shipping mess being compared to a fricking demon not even relating to steven universe and there are literal people making ships and fanart of that demon and twitter going crazy over a pink haired depressed emo girl with the power to stretch as far as they want and wanting to kill some gems just because they want to but for some reason asks steven if its him even though she knows its him because she saw the live message when she was there

  • sonic and goku fun gaming
    sonic and goku fun gaming

    2:32 look like rose and pearl had something hint what is mean: pearl: oh rose yea put it here , pearl moans rose: this i-is so g-great pearl , now both moans if you understand want it mean leave a comment

  • suck my dick
    suck my dick

    Sin count for the moliminous: 100000 Plus his annoying voice and stupidity

  • FruitCxkes

    Firstly, it IS a musical. It's shown in the film that there is a passage of time, and it's also shown that Steven's broadcast was EVERYWHERE. And Spinel could probably tell who each of the gems were by their gem cut and colour, and since Steven mentioned a Garnet, Spinel filled in the blanks and assumed that Garnet was the fusion. Seriously, did you even think about that? Obviously a rejuvenator wouldn't be able to cut through solid matter, it's designed to be used on gems, who's bodies are made of light. And no, Pearl shouldn't have knowledge of the technology, the whole point of a Pearl is to serve, not to be technological. It's literally stated in the film itself that Rubies are made to protect Sapphires, and it's also stated that a gem already knows what their purpose is when made. Steven's sandals are magic, duh She ran away because of the feelings she was getting. We get Pink Diamond's character development backwards, and either way it's only one side of the story. Pink might have intended to return, and from what we've seen she was pretty busy after getting her colony and starting the rebellion, so when would she even have had time to come back? She probably wanted him to see the life on earth slowly die so he'd be in pain for longer. They just want something to remind them of Pink. Really, a lot of these sins aren't even sins because they're explained or should just be obvious through simple observation.

  • Jason Ringhofer
    Jason Ringhofer

    “How do Ruby and Sapphire still know each other” alright I tried to not say anything. But I’m System_Boot_Pearl Pearl literally says “ A precious Sapphire, She sees the future, That’s who the Ruby’s for”

  • Allie Roe
    Allie Roe

    Ngl these aren't even real problems-


    Wait... amethyst isn’t an alien

  • Tazimah Marsidi
    Tazimah Marsidi

    JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!! YOUS##$%

  • ItsGacha_ Stacey
    ItsGacha_ Stacey

    Alternate title: Logic in steven universe movie

  • The Biggest Waste of Your Time
    The Biggest Waste of Your Time

    Men if you are gonna count flaws count them right most of the points you made didn't even make sense

  • Micahyl Johnson
    Micahyl Johnson

    This video is basically everything wrong with you in 18:21 and that's still not every problem you have

  • Disco Man On Roblox
    Disco Man On Roblox

    Part of the audio stopped working.. i even re watched the video.

  • korraclaw

    13:49 And its why people are commenting spinel is still waiting in the garden on litterally every single su episodes on youtube

  • Fancy Fox Gaming
    Fancy Fox Gaming

    I don’t get the 20th sin Like wut? Pearls come from clams

  • leah villar
    leah villar

    **Sins A Music for having songs** *HmMm..* 🤔 *YES! The floor here Is made out of floor!* 😂👌

  • Henlo There
    Henlo There

    2:46 Steven can’t fly, he can float safely but still good point I’ve always wondered how that whip doesn’t hurt

  • Socks Mermea
    Socks Mermea

    ㄩ 丂卄ㄖㄩㄥᗪ 山卂ㄒ匚卄 ㄒ卄乇 爪ㄖᐯ|乇 卂ᘜ卂|几

  • Squaridot ·
    Squaridot ·

    3:00 Actually, no it wouldn't, the beach city residents have already seen gems and events related to them (like the last ep of season 1, where the ship fell off) and in the past, they've also seen them like Pink (which was her colony at the time) as Rose, and even a gem hybrid human (Steven), so that kinda doesn't make sense anymore.

  • Marsolo X
    Marsolo X

    Lol the KEEP box was a callback to the season one episode "Maximum Capacity". Inside is a picture of Rose and Greg.

  • prince cherwin r. ortego
    prince cherwin r. ortego

    4:31 i was thinking the same

  • JumoTheDestroyer YT
    JumoTheDestroyer YT

    Bruh moment Idk if i will dislike or like dis Well bcuz im a su fan i disliked it Cuz moliminous just makes no sense And just does not understand the whole steven universe series... its just STUPID

  • the magnificent MAson
    the magnificent MAson

    Yea musicals with a lot of songs are definitely a mistake

  • Nina’s gaming channel
    Nina’s gaming channel

    Pearl just told him what she dose

  • It'sMacaroon :3
    It'sMacaroon :3

    Gemssss not alien

  • BossGamer99999

    5:47 *listen to that again. What is INSIDE OF A CLAM?!?*

  • Bonnie Alexander
    Bonnie Alexander


  • Diane Verespie
    Diane Verespie

    Every thing wrong with Steven universe the movie me: nothing

  • THEgluten

    is it me or is he cutting off at the song part when spinel comes i thaught it was my headphones but no...

  • The Idiot Cow Guy
    The Idiot Cow Guy

    You just need to calm down and enjoy the movie. You spent time nitpicking an amazing movie for know reason. Have fun knowing that you wasted your time.

  • The Idiot Cow Guy
    The Idiot Cow Guy

    Garnet has to activate her future vision. Dude, the gems are made of light. Of course a reset scythe wouldnt cut solid matter. In Gem-Lore its said that gems pop out of the ground with their purpose known. This guy needs to chill. Of course we need the "Happily Ever After" re-cap. There was a significant amount of time between the finale and the movie. Also dude, steven was unaffected in the original forge. And if im not wrong, Bismuth was season 1. Also, Stevonnie and Steg are finalized because humans cant alter their forms. Amythest and Steven didnt see it thay second time because they were facing away.

  • The Idiot Cow Guy
    The Idiot Cow Guy

    This was a bit much bro.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    *Isn't Peridot a Era 2 peridot and rejuvinators were used in only era 1?Or am I just stupid?*

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    *You forgot a sin,Spinel didn't open her mouth at the end of other friends*

  • MagicalToasty

    The annoying part about the movie is he has literally no idea about anything in Steven universe and yet he still gives his opinion and for some reason he shits on the movie but still gives away Steven universe merch like what?

  • Jasmine Medrano Hernandez
    Jasmine Medrano Hernandez

    I have to admit the Steg fusion made me very uncomfortable. The shirt is the main problem. Did Rebecca Sugar forget that this is a fusion between a father and his UNDERAGE son? I'm not a huge fan.


    This video has more sins Then the movie

  • Tomato O
    Tomato O

    This video makes me mad

    • Tomato O
      Tomato O

      I'm sinning this video for makeing the sound cut out it's annoying

  • Tomato O
    Tomato O

    Sinning the movie for having unaware viewers?!? That ain't fair 0:57

  • acripa 11
    acripa 11

    Your very stupid fuck you bich ass hole

  • Elmo Missing!!!
    Elmo Missing!!!

    Tbh I feel like cinemasins would’ve done a better job roasting the literal shit out of this movie

  • bluejayx x
    bluejayx x

    This review is not accurate. First of all, when Spinel was in the garden, she saw Steven say, "I live in a beach house with my friends, GARNET, AMETHYST, AND PEARL. So, of course she knows their names. Second of all, Bismuth knows about the rejuvenator because she was an era 1 gem. Peridot knows nothing about it because she was an era 2 gem. Also, when Garnet was battling Spinel, before she was singing, she was her old self. How could she fight like that? Her old self was shy and confused. No offense, but you probably didn’t even watch Steven Universe.. So all in all, this review kinda stinks. (Btw, saying that the movie has to many songs is stupid, because it’s a musical. :/)

  • Micahyl Johnson
    Micahyl Johnson

    I hate this video you are ruining one of your so called "favorite movies" and my favorite movie so yeah this sucks and you have just wasted like 19 minutes of my life

  • Micahyl Johnson
    Micahyl Johnson

    Here's a sin 1: 16:20 And 2: you skipped my favorite song change

  • Micahyl Johnson
    Micahyl Johnson

    14:56 that would make just a jerk like pd

  • Micahyl Johnson
    Micahyl Johnson

    14:45 all the courses and events of the movie happen a little over a day Peridot said 41 hrs it has only been like 4-5 hrs

  • Micahyl Johnson
    Micahyl Johnson

    10:38 blog. keep beach city weird.

  • Micahyl Johnson
    Micahyl Johnson

    10:17 that's because Shelby is a better tap dancer than you'll ever be

  • Micahyl Johnson
    Micahyl Johnson

    Also when you decide to make your own dang movie don't count the mistakes of someone else mabye you're the sin and last time I checked you never had limited time to make a movie so stop judging this movie

  • Micahyl Johnson
    Micahyl Johnson

    Also pearls are butlers/maids not tech experts

  • Micahyl Johnson
    Micahyl Johnson

    7:18 because the rejuvinator is era 1 tech and Peridot is an Era 2 gem

  • Santal

    "Why would Pear's default avatar be a clam." *Proceeds not to say anything about how there are also regular gems and metals on the other planet*

  • Santal

    *Get's mad because people who don't watch Steven Universe know what's happening in the movie.* *Proceeds to get mad again at the fact that they're doing recaps on what has happened*

  • Santal

    This is the worst like to dislike ratio I've ever seen.

  • Теди Коте
    Теди Коте

    Moliminous:Everything Wrong With Steven Universe The Movie Su fans:* shotgun noises *

  • the gamer Dot com TM
    the gamer Dot com TM

    *sing to the beat of I can make a change* I can make you change your mind about this movie I know I can make it right just listen to me for a second I can make everything right I can make you change your mind you can't fix everything with some stupid logic*punches*

  • MleoPlayz

    Just so you know, rejuvenators were created before peridot was formed, but they were no longer used so there was no point of them being mentioned.

  • JackCorte Yeet
    JackCorte Yeet

    bruh u got 9 brain cells no never mind u got 1

  • Kumo Chan
    Kumo Chan

    These are all correct but at the same time its all cartoon for kids so they probably dont notice these flaws. Also steven wouldnt be in this mess if his MOTHER wouldnt have made alll these mistakes that end up effecting him.

  • Peter VandenBerg
    Peter VandenBerg

    OH MY GOD. How can someone's voice be so annoying

  • Bhupinder Rehal
    Bhupinder Rehal

    It's all a cartoon not real life

  • Alex The Artist
    Alex The Artist

    i hope this is satire if it isn't this is dumb


    Also spinel is spelled wrong at one point