EXCITING NEWS!!!! vlogmas 2019 + my new fav sunglasses ever!!
guys i have new merch!! there's bundles, vlogmas merch, ALL THE PRESENTS!! hope you enjoy them all and i love you so so much! Who's excited for vlogmas!? xo -alisha marie
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  • AlishaMarieVlogs

    TIS THE SZN!!! #vlogmasiscoming hehehe who's excited?!

    • gabriela h
      gabriela h


    • Moose vs. Lion
      Moose vs. Lion


    • Ballerz24

      AlishaMarieVlogs You’re literally the Queen of vlogmas!! I can’t wait!!!🎄☃️❄️😊😭

    • Abby Black
      Abby Black

      AlishaMarieVlogs you really need to make merch saying i kid you not !!!!

    • BiancaDonato

      AlishaMarieVlogs I’m doing vlogmas also . Stay tuned THELIFEOFCODY&BIANCA vlog channel

  • Lauren Davis
    Lauren Davis


  • G Diamond
    G Diamond

    I love how u had to different socks

  • Molly Strzelecki
    Molly Strzelecki

    I’m currently procrastinating on my school work or should I say taking a break from my school work and I’m sitting on the couch! #collegelife

  • Sarah Widodo
    Sarah Widodo

    i just wanted to say 16:23

  • Gustė _P
    Gustė _P

    I’m drinking tea☕️

  • kalie rose
    kalie rose

    Laying on my bed 🛌

  • Elia Jones
    Elia Jones

    im making christmas cards

  • Cole Cyrus
    Cole Cyrus

    my dog likes to play like that too omg😂

  • Toasted ᑕlouds
    Toasted ᑕlouds

    How many mugs do you have?!?!?😂 my family has like 5 people in it and we have less mugs😂😆

  • MK Institution
    MK Institution

    I’m licking the popcorn butter off my fingers

  • Sydney Weipert
    Sydney Weipert

    I’m having a bath 😂

  • Doggy Dogs
    Doggy Dogs

    I had a snow day today so I’m just relaxing

  • hi sis
    hi sis

    i KiD yOu NoT

  • Siena A
    Siena A


  • Sandy Sorensen
    Sandy Sorensen

    just ordered my vlogmas sweatshirt!!! Can't wait for it to get here!! Ahhhh! 💓💓 love you alisha!💓💓

  • Noemie Dale
    Noemie Dale

    When is the first vlogmas video

  • Mc yamzon
    Mc yamzon

    printing reviewers

  • Celeste McDonald
    Celeste McDonald

    I can’t wait for the vlogmas intro vlogmas and my vlogmas sweater

  • Celeste McDonald
    Celeste McDonald

    I wish the postage to Australia for the mug wasn’t so much cos I would have the mug. I also can’t wait for my vligmas sweater to arrive.

  • orange borange
    orange borange

    I literally refuse to watch any videos made in the summer / spring ITS CHRISTMAS SZN YALLL I DONT GOT TIME FOR HOT DAYS

  • Hehe Tehe
    Hehe Tehe

    The number of times she said “I kid you not” 😂 ly lida 🥰 ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • Claire Bayhon
    Claire Bayhon

    drinking hot choco with bread and Nutella

  • Sloane Riley
    Sloane Riley

    ok but who spreads jelly with a fork

  • Erika Barajas
    Erika Barajas

    The breakfast girl I eat that combo all the time your not alone sweetheart❤💓💓❤💝💓💝❤💝❤❤💝💜❤❤💜❤💜💜💓💜💓💜❤💜❤💛💜💛💛💛💚💚💙💚💙💚💙💚

  • Sofi Marie
    Sofi Marie

    Qotd: laying in bed

  • Madelyn Moreno
    Madelyn Moreno

    Chillen in beddd already know

  • Alana C
    Alana C

    Omg all these comments about Alisha saying ‘I kid you not’ 🙄 I didn’t even notice

  • Kensi B459
    Kensi B459

    Literally that’s how my dog Abby plays too. Except it’s not fun when I’m trying to make my bed and she wants to play or get up on it

  • Emily Guthrie
    Emily Guthrie

    what size do you wear in the sweat shirt? trying to figure out what size i would be. please help

  • katie graham
    katie graham

    I'm eating avocado toast

  • Farrah Meredith
    Farrah Meredith

    I’m doing my makeup!!

  • Rachel Teddy
    Rachel Teddy

    Taking my great grandma shopping at the mall

  • Avery Brewer
    Avery Brewer

    are you going to have black friday deals on your website?

  • Moose vs. Lion
    Moose vs. Lion

    I am currently watching TR-my XD

  • Moose vs. Lion
    Moose vs. Lion

    No one: Alisha: *gets package* very exiting package!!!

  • Curly hair Don’t care
    Curly hair Don’t care

    I’m folding clothes while I’m watching you

  • Vanessa T
    Vanessa T


  • Moose vs. Lion
    Moose vs. Lion

    6:48, OMG the cabinet in the background is not closed all the way...my OCD...XD (bottom middle) btw luv ya Alisha

  • Caitlyn Wallace
    Caitlyn Wallace

    Laying in a hotel bed before work. I’m also homeless

  • Bryony Keay Bright
    Bryony Keay Bright

    Isn’t that egg thing not an omelette? Idk I’m probably wrong 😂🤷‍♀️ luv u Alisha xx

  • Makayla McInnes
    Makayla McInnes

    You know how alisha try’s to make to intro to vlogmas epic every year I wonder what she’s doing this year 😆

  • Roshini Roshini
    Roshini Roshini

    i am drinking bubble tea

  • Natalia Razo
    Natalia Razo

    Eating chips

  • Sapphira Jenkins
    Sapphira Jenkins

    Alisha wants to know what is happening, we sick like none other and accomplishing NOTHING, on the bright side, time to catch up on youtube.

  • Hailey Marie Martinez
    Hailey Marie Martinez

    I’m currently tying strings on my ornaments for my Christmas tree 😂

  • Lauren Alexander
    Lauren Alexander


  • Nicole Lopez
    Nicole Lopez

    How many times can alisha says I KID YOU NOT 😂💀

  • Angélica Hernández López
    Angélica Hernández López

    I’m drinking my coffee

  • dove exo
    dove exo

    I’m brushing my teeth

  • Kristi Crain
    Kristi Crain


  • Bella Fitzgerald
    Bella Fitzgerald

    cleaning my room

  • Cloud Ciesta
    Cloud Ciesta

    What I’m doing right now is laying in bed having a headache and my body is aching with a diffuser going with oils.

  • Shyanne Mercredi
    Shyanne Mercredi

    i legit just realized i have been watching your videos for over 3 years!!! 😱

  • No sistae !
    No sistae !

    i made a video about mialisha and it got 18 dislikes without me even spreding hate towards them i don't get it

  • Macy Robinson
    Macy Robinson

    Currently folding my boyfriend’s laundry

  • Sneha Chakrabarti
    Sneha Chakrabarti

    nobody: alisha: i KiD yOu NoT

  • Julie's beauty
    Julie's beauty

    Woah I've been subbed for so long

  • Kylee Owens
    Kylee Owens

    well Alisha and tk, im currently doing laundry. the thing you hate so much.. lol I watched the vlogs out of order haha.

  • Kylee Owens
    Kylee Owens

    didn't even realize how long id been watching Alisha until she said it'll be three years in January of her buying her house. omg. I been watching long b4 she bough the house too man, wow.

  • Zaianb Hain
    Zaianb Hain

    watching the vlog while shaving my legs with a face mask on :)

  • Bernice D'Amato
    Bernice D'Amato

    With scrambled eggs add HP fruity sauce and baked beans... It’s AMAZING!!

  • Kloie Rallison
    Kloie Rallison

    Someone please count how many times Alisha says "I kid you not"

  • McKenna L
    McKenna L

    I am looking for apartments while watching this vlog. Split screen is a blessing!!!

  • Emilie Nordquist
    Emilie Nordquist

    i’m lowkey sitting in my history class smackin on some shnacks 😂

  • Oti Kovács
    Oti Kovács

    I love your videó♥️♥️♥️😍

  • anamaria manjavidze
    anamaria manjavidze

    every time alisha said: I KID YOU NOT

  • Vanessa Coco
    Vanessa Coco

    eating chiapuding-banana-pb-org jelly-maple bowl

  • Ava Peanut
    Ava Peanut

    Omfg VLOGMASS I've missed u ❤️❤️👁️👄👁️

  • Joslyn Martinez
    Joslyn Martinez

    currently getting ready for the gym