EXO 엑소 Concept Trailer #EXODEUX
EXO's the 6th album "OBSESSION" will be released on November 27th (KST).
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EXO 엑소 Concept Trailer #EXODEUX ℗ SM Entertainment

  • Happy Virus
    Happy Virus


  • Vince Roldan
    Vince Roldan

    Nicce Concept another ICONIC Video💯💯💯

  • x back eries
    x back eries

    seeing exo debuted with a story line and keeping up with it and the most interesting thing is how much their is a different colors and flavors of the concept makes me very proud of them .....exo the first group keeping in the same idea that never get old in 9 years and every comeback makes us seeing another talented group but still its exo with new legendary thing

  • shinwonho cross gene
    shinwonho cross gene


  • MØA-L99 xiu._area
    MØA-L99 xiu._area

    I'm so exited 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 It's gonna be amazing comeback🌚🐸🍓

  • Vinita Bhamboo
    Vinita Bhamboo

    I like Chen's makeup the best. Who agrees?

  • her name is EXO-L
    her name is EXO-L

    The blood moon rises once again

  • Rahul Misal EXOL-1485
    Rahul Misal EXOL-1485

    Wow...this come in my recommendation now

  • Raven

    i'm died

  • Kailah Nabong
    Kailah Nabong

    I'm kinda curious what X-EXO Lay would look like...hmmmm

    • Ely B
      Ely B

      I‘m curious how xiumin and kyungsoo would look like.

  • Chel seya
    Chel seya

    Im also shock to Jongdae!!!

  • Chel seya
    Chel seya

    Suho eyebrow raise made me pregnant bye.

  • exo xslbccdks
    exo xslbccdks

    Can't stop thinking how bad X-EXO burn the earth while some of EXO are in the millitary. This is why we need EXO to save the earth. No EXO, No Life.

  • chelovechek 11
    chelovechek 11

    Слишком красиво

  • Asim Mondol
    Asim Mondol

    i am proud of them

  • Asim Mondol
    Asim Mondol

    the best concept ever

  • Asim Mondol
    Asim Mondol


  • Asim Mondol
    Asim Mondol

    I miss them

  • Erika R
    Erika R

    Is it just me or the concept trailer looks actually hotter than the MV 😆

  • Agust D
    Agust D

    So that's what X-EXO mean... interesting...

  • نجم الكون EXO EXO
    نجم الكون EXO EXO

    عشقت شي يدعا اكسو اكسوتشمبك اكسو ستشان

  • Shelly

    omg sm when will u make a movie about the whole story of exo i would def buy the ticket

  • ariestha manapa
    ariestha manapa


  • 김은서

    ?? 아니 분명 엑소는 대한민국 아이돌인데 왜 여긴 영어밖에 없냐고요 진짜 아니 유튜브.. 제발 댓글 언어별로 나눠 좀

  • Gioia Diaries
    Gioia Diaries

    I miss them all

  • Am Vc
    Am Vc

    Who watch this trailer everyday!!??

  • اكسوالية للأبد / مرام
    اكسوالية للأبد / مرام

    راح يوصل 4M 💘

  • rfrnnnh

    im here because i miss EXO so much

  • eri and a flower
    eri and a flower

    8 months past and im still not over this teaser

  • Yusprat 571
    Yusprat 571

    Just EXO.. All the concept are suitable with them. LEGEND.

  • fatima Neverland
    fatima Neverland

    الوسامه تصيح بالزاوية 🥺💙

  • Та Самая
    Та Самая


  • Marwa Fifi
    Marwa Fifi


  • sellin

    I still remember this like yesterday

  • Anisa dessvia
    Anisa dessvia


  • Ashley Marañon
    Ashley Marañon

    angas talaga neto putangina HHAHAHAHA

  • smolkyungsoo

    Thinking about it why does it say EXO concept trailer, it should've been X-EXO 😂😂😂

  • امو امو
    امو امو


  • امو امو
    امو امو


  • riris septiaa
    riris septiaa


  • bitchBoss

    وكل مره يبهروني اكثر

  • bitchBoss

    للحيني اعيد فيه ولا اطفش

    • امو امو
      امو امو

      مي توو :)

  • Chanyeol girlfriend
    Chanyeol girlfriend

    Exo is a special group.

  • Ashley Perez
    Ashley Perez


  • 엑소사랑해

    it's best concept trailer

  • Rzan Yeol
    Rzan Yeol

    Oh shit that’s awesome

  • magu26


  • israt jahan joya
    israt jahan joya

    Chen looks so sexy.

  • L Yixing
    L Yixing

    Aaahhhhhhh Chen Awaaaeeeehh 😻💖💖

  • minseok kim
    minseok kim


  • Jonginx Ohx
    Jonginx Ohx

    L E G E N D

  • Trinity Grace
    Trinity Grace

    Will u be back 😭💔

  • Multi Fandom
    Multi Fandom

    I still can't get over this trailer, it's too powerful expected from exo kings :>

  • Hwni 2
    Hwni 2


  • Mar Gonzalez Gonzalez
    Mar Gonzalez Gonzalez


  • ily zyx
    ily zyx

    team fire ^_^

  • EXOLove Philippines
    EXOLove Philippines

    Exo always amaze me

    • ily zyx
      ily zyx

      i love EXO

  • Evz Chix85
    Evz Chix85

    No one but only EXO can do things like this

    • israt jahan joya
      israt jahan joya

      So true.

    • ily zyx
      ily zyx


  • Crisleen Huang
    Crisleen Huang

    Theres no one like EXO as always doing uniques concept

  • Douglas Carmelo
    Douglas Carmelo

    Exo concepts are always Unique

  • We are one EXO
    We are one EXO

    Este concepto lo era todo y el fandom no lo aprovecho :(

  • Sehun Veledi
    Sehun Veledi

    İzleyip izleyip bir daha heyecanlanıyorum TURKISH EXO-L

  • Freya._ 17
    Freya._ 17

    If they don't turn exo's concept into a movie then I stg-

  • Freya._ 17
    Freya._ 17

    I hate sm for how they mistreat their idols but we have to agree that they come up with the best concepts. The fact that exo kept on building on this concept ever since their debut is amazing it just keeps on getting better and better and allows us as fans to create theories.

  • Tanha Tasnim
    Tanha Tasnim

    So when EXO going to release a movie and linked up all these theories that making us crazy for 8years and counting??????? Man..just come out and make a WHOLE MOVIE...we need it to live peacefully!!!!

  • ethereal kyungs0
    ethereal kyungs0

    Wow so creative salute to the editor and maker of this video

  • Kris Do
    Kris Do

    The teaser is amazing

  • Yvette Bongabong
    Yvette Bongabong

    What if Exo will make a movie with this kind of unique concept..

  • Dinethri & senethri Amarasingha
    Dinethri & senethri Amarasingha

    Wow you are best band in world

  • a n n
    a n n