Cody & Wyatt
we reactin' to EXO 'OBSESSION' !!!!!!
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  • Cody & Wyatt
    Cody & Wyatt

    reaction @ 2:30 :) THANK YOU FOR WATCHING !!!

    • Batch 1259
      Batch 1259

      Gaypop please please make a reaction vid to EXO’s Kai Confession and Spoiler and to Suho’s Been through please thanks!! P

    • TunAmy do
      TunAmy do

      Exo obsession X-kai focus on stage are lit guys

    • Jonginini kai
      Jonginini kai

      Yass React to X EXO STAGE OBSESSION💖💖

    • golembebe

      Yo you have got to watch the live x-exo version. Seriously

    • Youlanda Gr
      Youlanda Gr

      EXO Obsession The Stage don't forget guys

  • Macel

    New fan of EXO here. And Kai is so sexy!

  • Pink Feather
    Pink Feather

    Please react to WayV "'Bad Alive" MV English version: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-sB2YVGPPXW0.html Thanks and Enjoy! 😊

  • y i
    y i


  • ffs

    KAIIII !!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • Z K L U K E
    Z K L U K E


  • Mastane Shajardoost
    Mastane Shajardoost

    Please react to they solo songs too Suho:let's love Lay:honey lay:sheep Baekhyun:un village baekhyun and suzy:dream Baekhyun and blo4:leo Chen:shall we Chanyeol:yours exo_cs:what a life D.o:that's ok exo_cbx:hey mama

  • 、 BBH04
    、 BBH04


  • Dami_Jesse Klover
    Dami_Jesse Klover

    Wyatt: "I wanna crawl into the deepest crevices and Sleep." Me: Hun, You got Cody right next you wtf? XD

  • Mutiara Hafizah
    Mutiara Hafizah


  • Manel Exol
    Manel Exol


  • Rain night
    Rain night

    Kings of k_pop forever EXO

  • oh vivi
    oh vivi

    i love u guys

  • EXO- Kai
    EXO- Kai

    If you guys are really love kai you should check to his solo of "confessions "

  • Nini 88
    Nini 88

    The part you liked of the choreography “when they hug their selves” was choreographed by Kai the dancing machine 🔥🔥thank you for your reaction I love it 💗💗

  • Park Kap
    Park Kap

    Them:He looks incredible Exo:I don’t think so Them:He looks like a gym leader Exo:I don’t think so Them:Love the layered vocals Exo:I don’t think so Them:This is a really fun music video Exo:I don’t think so I had to...

  • Lizzie chicken
    Lizzie chicken


  • chanji 61
    chanji 61

    exo the king I love exo

  • Batch 1259
    Batch 1259

    Please react to Kai’s Confession, thanks #EXOL

  • Jung Jaehyun
    Jung Jaehyun

    Suho Sehun Chen Baek Kai *Died*

    • Diafa


  • Watch EXO
    Watch EXO

    I almost die at Suho's and Kai's Abs 😩💕

  • Watch EXO
    Watch EXO

    *Kai's Crop top* That's the message

  • Anahita E.m
    Anahita E.m

    Reactions... just ME!

  • 벅스팁

    I don't mean to poop on the party, but I'm really tired of the weird crop tops they make Kai wear. I think maybe I don't like it because it looks very uncomfortable. It makes me cringe. Am I the only one?

    • Eri Layne
      Eri Layne

      It's okay 👍 frankly though, I think KAI wears it too cuz he likes it? I mean he did say before that he feels confident in anything

  • Aimee


  • Aidai Kokumova
    Aidai Kokumova

    He reminds me of Morinaga with long hair, from The tyrant who fell in love. If you know what I'm talking about

  • k88 n
    k88 n


  • yasmim rodrigues
    yasmim rodrigues

    If you guys haven't check out Baekhyun's solo UN Village, I suggest you do it 👌👌

  • +MeMie~

    Thanks for your reaction. I love it so much. I hope you love and enjoy with Exo.

  • gabytuca2


  • asya

    ahhahaha love

  • tracy chan
    tracy chan

    EXO Kings 🔥🔥🔥👑👑👑

  • SUHO cancelled all comedians
    SUHO cancelled all comedians

    The outfit are customized by Gucci :)

  • SUHO cancelled all comedians
    SUHO cancelled all comedians

    guysss please watch the Live Stage!! The mix stage of X-EXO and EXO you can found it in EXO channel!! ITS DOPE!!!

  • Javiera

    Don’t forget EXO THE STAGE version but X-EXO 😳🥰

  • ROSè Loops
    ROSè Loops

    OMG YOUR SWEATER...is that Rosè from blackpink🥰😂

  • Loveme K
    Loveme K

    so cute

  • Berries Remix
    Berries Remix

    Oml! React to twice mama performance 2019 feel special. 😲🎉👍

  • Luz M. Figueroa Plaza
    Luz M. Figueroa Plaza

    EXO 💜💜💙💙💙💋💕

  • krynnalexia

    You guys know about EXO's storyline and origins right? They all have superpowers and every MV we get more storyline...you are aware of these things right.....if not you so need to check that out

  • اميرة ابي
    اميرة ابي


  • Gấu's House
    Gấu's House

    Plz reaction "It's Christmas" of Z-star. The song made by 2 group. Girls group's name is Z-girls and boy's is Z-boys. They have member from Vietnam, Taiwan. Others are Philippines, Indonesian, Japanese, Indian and Thailand

  • oppa kingpoop
    oppa kingpoop

    "Those abs have the deepest crevices, I just wanna crawl in there and go to sleep" Same🤣🤣🤣

  • Obsessed with Kai
    Obsessed with Kai

    Kai 🔥🔥

  • SeHun TempoGirl
    SeHun TempoGirl


  • aryan firmansyah
    aryan firmansyah


  • My lemon - Guiness
    My lemon - Guiness

    Did they delete their twice mama performance reaction

    • Cody & Wyatt
      Cody & Wyatt

      it got deleted by CJ E&M and we got a copyright strike lol

  • kim dua
    kim dua

    All exo favorite... no one better 😍

  • kim dua
    kim dua

    I love your channel 😍

  • Mickey Jean
    Mickey Jean

    After listening to the digital album, I was obsessed with it before it even came out. it's the title track of EXO's 6th album with the same name. This song brings trap bass blend with synthwave and jazzy accapella influences similar to their 2018 track "Tempo" with a vocal refrain running throughout the song. Lyric-wise it comes as a warning toward an ex-lover or friend, corrupt media, SAESANGS and Anti-fans to stay away avoiding entitlement which is a constant issue among the kpop community. The track was released with an MV that fits their album wide storyline as a whole! My biases Kai, Baekhyun, Lay and Sehun but I love & support the whole group. They are shown fighting Red Force clones of themselves which don't share the same superpowers as the members...the two clones that have similar powers is bad Baekhyun & Chanyeol. Suho - Water (why you don't see him fighting his clone) Baekhyun - Light [Sun] Chen - Lightning Chanyeol - Fire [Phoenix] Kai - Teleportation Sehun - Wind The only three actually fighting are Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Sehun but the other three aren't.

  • TxGal 1986
    TxGal 1986

    Thank you both 👏🏼👏🏼😊. More EXO please? I loveee EXO!!

  • Briyit Olivera
    Briyit Olivera

    Kings EXO

  • saba 9404
    saba 9404

    Just go and watch x-exo and exo performance guys it's amazing

  • saba 9404
    saba 9404

    My fav bside is trouble

  • مريم علي فالح
    مريم علي فالح

    اكسووووو 😎👑

  • Zitty Allysa
    Zitty Allysa

    Please react to Lisa solo dance good thing & señorita in Dome Tokyo Japan tour 2019

  • 김미선

    omg EXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jude L
    Jude L

    Kai said he liked Chen’s makeup too

    • Cody & Wyatt
      Cody & Wyatt

      an intellectual

  • chewbacca

    Awww your react vids are the best! Too bad :’((( maybe u can draw scenes from the mv and then use the audio but in a chipmunk or deeper range (dunno what it’s called). Lol but i think that would be too much work. Btw: LOVE THAT ROSÉ SWEATSHIRT!! OMG where’d you get that? Tell me please :(

    • Cody & Wyatt
      Cody & Wyatt

      you can get it here: teespring.com/stores/gaypop :) !!!

  • Junmyeonnie

    I love you guys but how can it be a reaction of you have already watched it

  • 아르오arwa

    yes Exo exo exo hhhh👍🏻❤️💔💔❤️

  • Princess Marquez
    Princess Marquez

    pleassssssssseee watch on EXO'S OBSESSION LIVE STAGE PERFORMANCE EXO -X-EXO!!!!!!!!

  • ben montesanti
    ben montesanti

    Y’all realize if you pause and talk over and add in your own shit its allowed

  • winda yunita
    winda yunita

    you must see EXO ver and X EXO Ver Stage bcs these video so lit🔥 and i think you must be like it😂 esp Kai and Suho part

  • Mae Hart
    Mae Hart

    I WAS IN THE AMINO CHAT ☺️ AYE AYE AYEEEEEEEE. You guys are awesome btw! Lost if love from SUHO’S ABS AND KAIS BRA

  • Youlanda Gr
    Youlanda Gr

    EXO Obsession The Stage don't forget guys

  • Khushi Türk
    Khushi Türk

    Gidle Lion MV and Queendoom Performance please please. 🔥 🔥 masterpiece

  • Heather Jaworski
    Heather Jaworski

    Favorite B side is Butterfly Effect because it's just classic Exo, but Jeckyl and Ya Ya Ya are close behind it.

    • exokai realking
      exokai realking

      @Cody & Wyatt omk! Same same my first love is Ya Ya Ya then groove and now I love Jekyll 😍

    • Cody & Wyatt
      Cody & Wyatt

      Heather Jaworski lovinnn Ya Ya Ya!

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T

    Loved the whole MV. Kai was just that and more. Chen was everything 🥺

  • Allyson Dinh
    Allyson Dinh

    What I thought about the series: LOVE What I liked about the series: Everything What I want you to react to: Lion (G)I-DLE If you haven’t reacted to it yet (The MV)