Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 2
Julie Nolke
What would happen if I tried to explain what's happening now to the April 2020 version of myself?
Part 1 here: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-Ms7capx4Cb8.html

  • Julie Nolke
    Julie Nolke

    If you like the video, please share! All revenue from this video will be donated to the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund and other various programs dedicated to assisting people of colour

    • zayzay1ize

      Yikes did youtube change the rules of demon i tizing? Because of word corna

    • mamiquephotog

      @Toli Simon so your problem is with where she's choosing to spend her own money because the dead man was no hero. Okay. You know he won't get any of it, right? He's dead.

    • Toli Simon
      Toli Simon

      @mamiquephotog facebook.com/realCandaceOwens/videos/273957870461345/ this is Candace Owens

    • Laura S
      Laura S

      @valfaris25 Basically everywhere but the United States

    • Laura S
      Laura S

      @eric thefathead Color is the spelling used in the United States. Colour is used in other English-speaking countries.

  • thedoanzone

    I love this bitch

  • Aleena Gulbranson
    Aleena Gulbranson

    I’m surprised she didn’t bring up the possibilities of the parallel universe

  • Franz Hörnig
    Franz Hörnig

    Lets hope we don't need another one but to be honest I can see myself watching her say: "So you know that movie Godzilla?" in a few month.

  • Angel Song
    Angel Song

    This needs to be a movie starring that girl from Happy Death Day.

  • Frau Be
    Frau Be

    I love you, Julie! Coming from another Julie.

  • William Palmer
    William Palmer

    Wake up people... You are sheep to these globalist.scum... They want us divided by race, sex, color, political views..etc.. Who is pushing so hard?? Same people that told us Trump was a Russian agent.. There biggest fear is you learning the truth... Think for yourself... Do your research... Believe in yourself.. The truth is coming for all of them... Nothing can stop what is coming... Nothing... Q anon... Be objective read and come to your own conclusions... We the people..

  • Rondalyn Reynolds
    Rondalyn Reynolds

    Oh Julie, you have outdone yourself this time! So well done. Funny yet a sincere message slipped in. You are awesome.

  • UmikoChiyo

    Everyone: we must be in the worst timeline! Me: dunno.. today I learned that 2012 was closer to apocalypse than I thought! We were almost hit by a massive solar storm that could have sent us back to stone age..! So that must be the darkest timeline. .. Although... 2020 is not over yet.. *glances at december Julie* December Julie: oh! Right! In june we still had electricity!

  • Miles Zhang
    Miles Zhang

    She didn't even mention the aliens!

  • Michael Hester
    Michael Hester

    You need to do another one in August, God knows what a mess we‘ll be in by then!

  • Ethan Achacoso
    Ethan Achacoso

    I'm just waiting here for the hurricane level of 2020; the season started 4 days ago.

  • Jolo7t

    August Julie: amateurs

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    Seth Marcell


  • Luna Serene
    Luna Serene

    I thought April sucked. Ah the good ole quarantine days. Btw: As a black woman I am saying thank you from my heart to you Julie. Your comic relief helps a lot in these times and especially being one of the good ones to use your platform to acknowledge the plight of black people. I applaud you sis. ✊🏽💕 Thank you.

  • Kev J
    Kev J

    Future Julie: Do we have a gun? Past Julie: No, they said we don't need one, we just call the police. Future Julie: Oh, yeah I remember... F***!

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    j s

    Subscribing because part 3's gonna be litttt

  • Benjamin Crump
    Benjamin Crump

    What is a person of colour?

  • JustJanet

    I wish she had shown up a few weeks earlier! Great video as always

  • Janet

    You are so talanted

  • AOK

    Imagine watching this in April. Damn

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    Bee Boi

    can't wait till November!

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    Marcus Verhey

    Your so awesome, love to watch your stuff. Brings a smile on my face every time .

  • kate kate
    kate kate

    Is anyone just praying Julie doesn't come from November 2020 with the cherry on the cake to top off this disaster of a year..... Please November 2020 Julie, don't come with that news!!!!

  • pedro cruz
    pedro cruz

    imagine doing this for Brazil, seriously shit is crazy here. We had 3 minister of health during this pandemic. Our president said "so what? I can't make miracles' when asked about the deaths due the corona virus. there are people in the equivalent of the white house with torches calling themselves the 300,they advocate for the closure of the supreme court and more power for the president.

  • CassesVultus

    At this rate by September she'll be making videos about cannibalism and the radioactive fallout.

  • Anas

    Who's watching this in 2018

  • Rich Vail
    Rich Vail

    Wonder if the meme of living alone in a cabin for 6 months will ever surface again?

  • Tony Tpz
    Tony Tpz

    She is NOT getting the credit she deserves. She is very funny and talented. Keep making great videos!!!

  • Rodízio Literário - Eduardo Britto
    Rodízio Literário - Eduardo Britto


  • Alfeos Trikala
    Alfeos Trikala

    this video was so wholesome, and girl i think you would be a great actor! i literally thought i was watching a series that I like

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  • Gabrielle Faust
    Gabrielle Faust

    THANK YOU so much for always making me laugh. I really needed that today. BIG HUGS!

  • Glitching Axel
    Glitching Axel

    I predict war with Iran this summer. Upvote and check back in a month to see if its true.

  • Randy Lazer
    Randy Lazer

    George Floyd was murdered by a very bad person, who likely harbored prejudice and disregard for humanity. However, when you spoke of privilege, I guess you forgot to mention that the 12 people who were murdered in the Demonstrations, some who were white, and the one young Las Vegas Police officer shot in the head in critical condition who happens to be white, well, I guess these people weren't harboring the privilege you referenced for those lacking pigmentation in their skin. Yes...in our country White privilege has been endemic from the inception of our nation with blacks oppressed. However, thankfully we have made great progress, such that blacks have been Supreme Court Justices, Secretaries of State, Presidential candidates on the republican ticket, and even a two term President. Blacks dominate professional sports, entertainment and music, and are prolific in the sciences. Yes there is income and wealth inequality, but prominent black leaders deny your claims of white privilege in our country today. As an example....9 unarmed blacks were killed by police in 2019, with 19 unarmed whites being killed by blacks in 2019. So.....I am not perceiving privilege in this tragic category. Morgan Freeman, Pastor Daryll Scott, and a multitude of other black leaders call you wrong. Even MLK's relative, Angela Stanton King stated that we could move past racism if the media would let us. You contribute to that with your remark of privilege. Tell me....did my nephew have white privilege with his college admission, when he scored 1600 on the SAT, had an A+ average, and interned at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, but got denied at top schools, as minorities with lesser academic and other credentials were accepted? That might be subjective, but it isn't indicative of white privilege, at least for that process. In years past, you are 100% correct. In our current times, thankfully for many cases of employment and education, that isn't the case. Is there income and wealthy inequality....yes, and tragically so. Do we need to do more? Yes, and tragically so. Did Ben Carson make it from difficult circumstances in rough neighborhoods to becoming a brain surgeon and a member of the Cabinet, yes, and I believe that any talented and well intentioned and dedicated person of minority heritage will not be held back today by White privilege. There will always be hateful and prejudiced people of all races, religions, and gender. The idea is not to allow these people to be in a position to have power they abuse, such as with this police officer who had 18 previous violations and should have been previously prosecuted. The system may not be so flawed, but the people in charge or given power are. That is truly what needs to be addressed, and not that somebody should feel that in our society today privilege comes from skin color, when per many black leaders it doesn't, albeit, until recent times that was the case.

  • Brian Wang
    Brian Wang

    As all the sadness, rage and chaos going on everywhere, I need this laugh. Thank you

  • Baja

    Best part is how you just laugh at monkey stealing samples and rats because mood...If someone said to me dinosaurs came back I would just roll with it and tried to adopt one...

  • Xemzo Nevermore
    Xemzo Nevermore

    I feel like this girl should do a collab with Ryan George

  • Aydan Qasanova
    Aydan Qasanova

    You know 2020 is no joke when you get into existential crisis and remember your unhealed trauma instead of F*ing laughing!!!

  • ponakka

    I just can't wait what happens next, we have many months left. This ain't over yet!

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez

    Looking forward to part 3...

  • Eric Jernigan
    Eric Jernigan

    I am not looking forward to the August version of this. Thank you for a little smile in a uncertain time.

  • Gizziiusa

    [read from another commented today, paraphrased]. "oh, its riot season now ?!? I didnt even put up my COVID decorations yet..."

  • Mantas Valciukas
    Mantas Valciukas

    This episode of 2020 is really interesting, I'm really curious what it's gonna do for season finale after all this build up.

  • gngnome

    At the end of the year, assuming we make it that far, you could do a round table conference with all the Julies.

  • KarmaCashflow

    I swear....this is one of the best channels on TR-my right now. Thanks Julie! :D

  • Joseph Hasson
    Joseph Hasson

    Forgot to tell April Julie the good news, thanks to the quarantine, you have more subscribers. The bad news, they want a follow-up the the "Newsroom Threesome". She should get working on that eh?

  • Randall James
    Randall James

    I just visited my past self in 1970 but I think I was too stoned to understand what was going on

  • Laura S
    Laura S

    2020's just been the best year ever! And we know that because there's a need for a series

  • Steve

    November could be a mess in the US which ever way it goes.

  • Raymond Pittman
    Raymond Pittman

    This woman is a keeper.

  • R Holtz
    R Holtz

    At least she looks beautiful in the future.


    Ur hilarious. This should be a series lol

  • adelie

    I never heard about murder hornets, what is this ?

  • Val

    Good job Julie

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  • Mr Ben
    Mr Ben

    Time to talk to your Dr about upping those meds again

  • Juliann Davis
    Juliann Davis

    Probably not the response you were hoping for but when June you got all serious I teared up. Kind of a gut punch

  • Jiri Kram
    Jiri Kram

    I don’t want to hear what Julie from September will say...guys this year ... omg. But anyway thanks Julie for putting in words and feelings what couldn’t be told any other way...

  • ShadowSpear2

    Now explain the pandemic to your Future Self

  • pedro cruz
    pedro cruz

    She didn't even talked about anonymous lol

  • Durragas

    I thought she was going to ask "Have you kept up with what's been going on in Hong Kong? ...maybe watch some videos.

  • Hop Forward
    Hop Forward

    Only recently discovered these video Julie but they’re great and I loved the poignancy of this at the end. Keep up the humour and the good work!

  • JayT

    This is great. I'm about to binge your whole channel.

  • Stephen Chin
    Stephen Chin

    I am sad that I found your channel (way back in the days of a month ago) under these circumstances but I am glad that your channel is what it is. Thank you.

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  • Yonder Tie 2799
    Yonder Tie 2799

    My god were not privileged were human

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith

    Hey, at least you're Canadian. :/

  • Energy Eve
    Energy Eve

    The part I appreciate about the virus is that staying inside forced me to get creative and I started making videos ^_^

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    Pretty funny, good concept. You will have several more to do in this series. You have been warned.