Family Shatters | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 96
Critical Role
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The Mighty Nein, having arrived at the oasis menagerie, must now protect both themselves and the fragile garden denizens from the danger barreling toward them...
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  • Flando Maltrizian
    Flando Maltrizian

    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:40 The Bad Doctor 1:50 What is wrong with you, Sam? 4:45 See y’all there 5:25 Laura’s merch corner 6:15 Ashley plays with a new toy 7:00 Intro cinematic 8:35 Episode Starts 11:00 Recap Ends 12:10 Nott loves Dwarven Forge 16:00 Three 21:05 Reaction to not get hit 30:00 The perfect warlock 42:40 Laura’s cackle and croissant 43:55 Is Beau stoned? 44:30 Don’t worry about hurting the barbarian 46:25 The Nickelodeon theme 48:00 Ashley remembered a rule 52:45 Udder disaster 53:20 Steer clear 55:25 Show me your MOOOOves 1:00:40 Tep of the wind (and straddling Fjord) 1:04:25 A night at the Ranch 1:06:40 Zero-G combat 1:09:40 More cowbell 1:12:55 Can’t trick Matt 1:24:00 Scanlan move 1:26:35 HDYWTDT 1:29:25 Casting massage 1:33:25 Meet the Clays 1:51:10 200 years 1:53:25 Beau kills a random Dragonborn 1:57:35 Break Starts 2:08:10 Art Montage 2:21:10 Break Ends 2:26:20 Who’s important 2:27:40 Confusing introductions 2:29:45 Laura makes a cupcake sandwich 2:33:50 Crunked dead people tea 2:36:45 Last wishes 2:43:10 Depetrifying pranks 2:45:55 Caleb and Nott 2:53:10 Pranking this tragedy town 2:56:10 Pinecone prank 2:59:15 Bone flute 3:01:30 Caduceus and Calliope 3:10:05 Dunking Caduceus 3:11:55 Defiling cloisters 3:13:00 Always prank sober 3:13:20 Obtain 3:14:30 Freeballing 3:18:05 Jester designs a new holy symbol (Hi Laura’s parents! We love Laura!) 3:19:15 Jester and Nott (open your heart to chaos) 3:23:15 Caduceus and Caleb 3:26:45 Mekitoth 3:28:40 The Blessing of Milk 3:33:00 200 years 3:33:30 It’s been awhile 3:34:00 It’s been awhile 3:43:40 Caleb has bad bedside manner 3:48:25 Thank you Caduceus 3:49:20 Mekitoth really sucks 3:51:25 Heads up message 3:52:35 Demid Schmidt happens 3:54:50 Cornelius makes introductions 4:01:30 Arguing over inns 4:05:05 Beau and Fjord 4:10:45 Caduceus and his family 4:21:35 Big family 4:27:10 Quickling 4:32:25 Never split the party 4:34:10 Chicago 4:35:10 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was the 25th of Thunsheer 836. Sam’s flask says “LOST FLASK Last seen with *picture of Yasha* If seen please call” with a bunch of those paper slips with phone numbers. Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

    • TheAussieSlime

      Sams pun at 33:50 that everyone missed

    • Chris Lippay
      Chris Lippay

      Flando Maltrizian On my way! A

    • Zero Kelvin
      Zero Kelvin

      You rock, buddy.

    • Khara Smith
      Khara Smith

      its wonderful people like you that I have mad respect for thank you my friend

    • Gilberth Jiménez
      Gilberth Jiménez


  • didiwin78

    Sam reading through his notes is so funny, essentially Knott just listing off every name she can remember from an area until another party member recognizes it too :P

  • SEP supreme
    SEP supreme

    To the cast of Critical Role, and everyone else, stay safe, just in general, but especially now, due to this Coronavirus stuff, stay safe

  • NᛉX

    Matt, as a pro voice actor, when you're trying to say "worship" in an English accent, why do you say "warship"? Also love you guys etc etc

  • angelemnm

    3:53 Travis pls tell me that was a Dixie Chicks reference this is very important

  • Imperialistbrit 1
    Imperialistbrit 1

    Anyone know what the music in the break art section is?

  • The Squirteler
    The Squirteler

    57:10 what music is this???

  • Rex Mastersins
    Rex Mastersins

    I love that there is a canon about who of the mighty nein wears underwear or not

  • Salty Sandra
    Salty Sandra

    "Actually, can I go a little further to Florida, no." I didn't know Florida was a part of Exandria.. these subtitles are wiiild.

  • UssyV

    The title makes sense now and how dare you hurt me with a pun.

  • susan booboo
    susan booboo

    as usual the rest of the team have a hard time to give talesin the lime light for any length of time, even during his story line culmination. its so frustrating to me how they often talk over his actions, try to make it about them , hes always so accommodating and giving as a role player I think they take him for granted. ffs marisha and jester and ford, quit the OOC wisecracking and side chatter during your friends moments. i also didnt get the whole chaos crew shinanigans in the temple, it was so disrespectful

  • Mephiston

    Woo, terrible subtitles again. These are the worst yet.

  • Charly

    Sam: "I'm sick guys" Me: "Soon..."

  • Jonathan Fishman
    Jonathan Fishman

    Whoever did the subtitles for this really tried their best but it’s rough guys

  • Valdemar Smith
    Valdemar Smith

    "I'm gonna cast... Jeez..." "That's level seven." Geas is indeed seventh level, and that was a great wordplay. Matt is such a nerd, and I love it.

  • Dmitry Mochalov
    Dmitry Mochalov

    Hey guys what's happened with subtitles? They all wrong ))

  • omegagilgamesh

    Jesus, someone did a terrible job with the subtitles, unless TR-my is no longer differentiating between typed in and auto-generated subtitles.

  • Eddy The Dev
    Eddy The Dev

    What is the bull thing is it custom or in mobster manual?

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans

    I want to witness the meetings when Sam throws out the ideas

  • Divinity Quartz
    Divinity Quartz

    luara baily: steals the show twice with the power of cupcakes.

  • It's_Just_Me !
    It's_Just_Me !

    Beau looked/ sounded scared/lost when she was telling caduceus that he was still needed and asking Nott to stay. It broke my heart a little

  • Michael Johnsen
    Michael Johnsen

    Every Campaign has a Beetlejuice in it. Matt just made his a lizard

  • Geoff DeWitt
    Geoff DeWitt

    Real creative? That gorgon had like "Ancient Red Dragon" hit points! But those legendary actions and reactive damage were a nice touch. Maybe add a bonus action ranged attack, like those spines flying out of its skin?

  • redskin122004

    Would of been hell of lot funnier if he said something like "Love you guys, now I have to go make sure war doesn't continue between two countries. Apparently my group is important enough to be a part of negotiating it through." Then close the door, leaving them stun

  • Michael Johnsen
    Michael Johnsen

    I loved how the petrified creatures were just unpainted minis!

  • Dave Oliver
    Dave Oliver

    At the 4 hour mark, I was waiting for either Liam or Marisha to map-slap Travis in the face. Such an opportunity might never arise again, ever! Such a waste!

  • GuardianCloudy

    Its painful how cringey marisha is this episode. Stealing scenes as hard as she can, trying to be edgy and being just awful

  • Aggo D'or
    Aggo D'or

    As someone who has hearing issues, the subtitles have really been a help before, but these past few episodes have been really difficult at times to figure what they're saying. Anyone got any idea why that is?

    • TheYambo121

      Have definitely noticed this! Almost constant errors with the transcription... I really appreciate the captioners work but it's definitely not up to the usual standard

  • Bees? ??
    Bees? ??

    Can we just talk about the Caddy and Calliope scene? He seemed like the emotional border, and then just fucking honked his sister. I think this may be the first time we saw him laugh in character?

  • Alex Chance
    Alex Chance

    Watching that Sam bit a month after this aired...

  • Rowdee Munkee
    Rowdee Munkee

    Man i wish the one armed mapmaker showed up in this. Woulda been great

  • Lurklen

    2:48:33 Mat looks like a fucking serial killer. All this gentle religious talk is just making him go over that Gorgon fight again and again "So close, so close to killing again...I'll show them what a god can do."

  • Blue Daggers
    Blue Daggers

    *who* did these closed captions?

  • Alba Spire
    Alba Spire

    When Mekatoth was turned back from stone I was expecting a “thank you for releasing me, Spyro”

  • Alba Spire
    Alba Spire

    Cad and Calliope are sibling MOOD

  • Jognt

    Super frustrating to see most of the M9 totally disregarding Cad's petrified family during the fight and fooling around as if there was nothing at stake for anyone. I mean, I know Cad hasn't really shared his thoughts and worries with the group much so most haven't really been able to bond and see him as a full fledged character, plus that "It's not his original character", but c'mon, show some respect.

  • butt0nmash

    roll for pun damage 53:16

  • James Parker
    James Parker

    I was super waiting for someone to say "Hey Caleb set a 1 hour timer"

  • Blast10Away

    I am not sure who did the subtitles for this episode, but it definitely needs to be fixed. There are so many errors, it's not even funny.

  • Casey Willhite
    Casey Willhite

    OMG a Beholder only instead of eyes & tentacles, it's just penises. A "Be-boner" if you will.

  • Casey Willhite
    Casey Willhite

    Find it a bit difficult to believe that during all the cow puns, plus the fact that the Gorgon was releasing some sort of gas, no one thought to ask "Hoof farted?"

  • Adam Fisk
    Adam Fisk

    So much diamond dust...

  • despairdreams

    closed captions have only been getting worse... it’s like someone who never watched critical role is writing captions. Kind of irritating.

  • kristin Carey
    kristin Carey

    my question is, who do we think painted Sams nails?

  • Faith B
    Faith B

    "That's what happens when you're homeschooled" Is so true

  • Dakotah Morgan
    Dakotah Morgan

    Fall damage shouldve been 1d6!

  • Joshua Genal
    Joshua Genal

    I don't understand why they didn't just go home with the clays...? Wasn't that the natural way to follow the storyline?

  • Noah Thacker
    Noah Thacker

    Can we get a 1-Shot of Renee guiding the Clays back home? It’d give Renee a reason to come back on the show.


    I like the underwear discussion. Here is an interesting fact about historical underwear. One of the main reasons for wearing underwear is that outer layers of clothing were often made of wool. Now wool can be quite itchy unless treated right. So that's one of the reasons why linnen undergarments were often worn. Another reason is, if you look at the medieval pants, they were usually two pipes of cloth. Worn in combination with a linnen undergarment. This is because the pants usually tear at the seams, and by avoiding the seams near the crotch, you have garments that last much longer.

  • Emile David de Kadt
    Emile David de Kadt

    Cornelius sounds kind of like Orly. Same voice actor maybe?

  • SourBogBubble

    Jesus pretty disappointed in Clay being so quiet during the reunions almost like he didnt care. eek the acting is cringe the more it goes on from Clay. Sam really need to learn to cough like a Vampire and into his elbow

  • Neon mole
    Neon mole

    Quicklings are one of my favourite monsters!

  • Golem Warrior
    Golem Warrior

    Family SHATTERS stone statues of his family. Very clever there with that pun.

  • Jeremy

    Not to nitpick because I appreciate any type of CC, but the captions have really degraded in quality throughout the last handfuls of months.

  • mark taylor
    mark taylor

    Wise words mate

  • Matheus Ribeiro
    Matheus Ribeiro

    Okay, so I just have to comment on how poor the work on the subtitles is on this one. Usually the people who make the subtitles do it with much much care, and it makes it so much easier for non-native English speakers to understand what's going on. But in this particular instance there are just so many wrong words and expressions that if I did not have some background in listening to English I would be extremely confused. I hope this gets better as this episode grows "older".

    • Sara Wallo
      Sara Wallo

      It takes awhile to finalize captions. So in the mean time they are just auto captions from TR-my.

  • Cathal O' Toole
    Cathal O' Toole

    I rolled a 31 on insight at 10th level

  • Draemora

    Could've broken the larger pieces of the statued aunt into smaller pieces that way they're mendable.

  • Garth McCarthy
    Garth McCarthy

    wonder how many got the This is Spinal Tap reference.

  • Daniel Rozovsckiy
    Daniel Rozovsckiy

    Ashley MIMICKING

  • ogugua obidike
    ogugua obidike

    Ok I love Beau, I rly do, but she is super judgy, and it's rly straining on me

  • MegaRiku777

    How no one has said it yet but how long are the rest of the Beau and fjord gonna whine about the traveler not being a god like for real he might not be a god but if he continues to be worshipped and Gaines more power he could become a god that being said he's still a stupidly power arch fey who gave jester her powers basically because she was a lonely child who he befriended because let's be honest he was lonely and wanted attention and Beau and fjord are gonna spend countless times talking about how he tricked her? And how he's taking advantage of her? When honestly he's done nothing of the sort honestly they sound jealous and it's getting old fast everyone else seems to catch on pretty quick that's he's just a wired dude who likes attention and happens to have a soft spot for jester and has bestowed her with powers. Fjord because he had to do a tone of shit before he got powers from a morally right entity instead of ole squid face and Beau because disaster lesbian can't be happy unless she's shitting on something

  • Snow Queen
    Snow Queen

    Jester is just Chaos itself in cute tiny blue form. :O Yasha goes COMMANDO, ohh i'm in love.

  • Cecilia Monroe
    Cecilia Monroe

    lordie the subtitles are having all sorts of problems this episode

  • Kurgosh1

    The Clay family is so cute!

  • Rob McD
    Rob McD

    this fucking episode; tense

  • Kurgosh1

    Jester has infected them all. Even Caduceus.

  • BEN watson
    BEN watson

    this episode really "rocks"

  • Robert Fisher
    Robert Fisher

    Am I the only one picking up on Beau being a definite A-hole or reverting back to teenage punk Beau?

    • Lunar Empire
      Lunar Empire

      Oh hm I didnt think of that. Well then hopefully someone notices and confronts her on it.

    • Robert Fisher
      Robert Fisher

      Lunar Empire I think was intention on Marisha’s part due to had things went with her family and the hag.

    • Lunar Empire
      Lunar Empire

      No it's been very frustrating to see her go back to her episode 1 personality

  • Mys Coleoptera
    Mys Coleoptera

    Homeschooled family relationships for the win! LOL.