FaZe vs Vitality - ESL Pro League - BEST MOMENTS | CSGO
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  • Ersin Ergin
    Ersin Ergin

    zywoo vs faze xd

  • CrouchinCorner

    Niko's cursor is so weird around 4:00

  • Mannen i den vita hatten
    Mannen i den vita hatten

    It is weird to think that faze went from cod to csgo which is a completly different game with complete different playstyles. It´s almost like faze doesn´t belong in cs

    • dv pg
      dv pg

      What kind of stupid statement is that. Faze is an esports organisation. They play in many esports, just like every other org. There are cs teams from orgs that came from games that have nothing in common with cs. At least cod is from the same genre as cs

  • The Aggro Traveler's Bucket List
    The Aggro Traveler's Bucket List

    I just hope Navi will be like Faze

  • Keshav

    well we can only wish to see nbk back.. as rusty as he was he was one of the best players in vitality and a very experienced vet

  • Hoxto licious
    Hoxto licious

    Rain lost so much weight wtf

  • How To Be a CSGO Pro
    How To Be a CSGO Pro

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Quit Maybe
    Quit Maybe

    I think broky is too young to play.

  • Giuseppe Falzarano
    Giuseppe Falzarano


  • Chris K
    Chris K

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  • kaep lit
    kaep lit

    6:50 coldzera won the game already right there

  • Vince

    team zywoo with the L


    When i see vitality vs faze i feel like its shox and zywoo vs coldzera and niko (idk why)


      @Soham im trying to do that but shox is dominating sometimes

    • Soham

      You should think of every vitality match as ZywOo vs 9 tbh

  • Valentin Astoc
    Valentin Astoc

    ZywOo litteraly 2,53 K/D on Mirage

  • iAmguYFaWKeS

    @8:25 from 200iq to 0 in no time XD

  • Allstar CSGO
    Allstar CSGO

    Olof is back fragging again

  • TheoOfSweden

    Zywoo is actually carrying sooo hard

  • Кластер

    Niko #1

  • M j
    M j

    Zywoo Mr.Beast💯

  • Džindra IS back
    Džindra IS back

    9:13 olof wallbang.

  • TricksyJack

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  • Costan Alexandru
    Costan Alexandru

    tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-zmLk1e83D0Y.html Zywoo activating that wallhack :) ... following cold through the smoke .

  • EZAF FightSpeed
    EZAF FightSpeed

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  • Player 51
    Player 51

    Faze now is like navi without awper

    • Player 51
      Player 51

      @dv pg stfu you dont know what awp is

    • dv pg
      dv pg

      Olof is awping great. Better than guardian was tbh

  • Yash Bhatt
    Yash Bhatt

    Zywoo hard carrying Vitality

  • TheGoodguyperson

    Zywoo is getting the s1mple experience

  • Marijus5 xD
    Marijus5 xD

    Zywoo the Carrying criminal

  • Frenz David
    Frenz David


  • Realistic Person
    Realistic Person

    38/15 with no OT and still lost. The carry is real.

  • Zohaib Salim
    Zohaib Salim

    Not pushing ct on pistol for vitality cost them pistol.

  • Lil Gaby
    Lil Gaby

    4:30 that AWP's sound tho

  • Ka 1n
    Ka 1n

    13:50 NiKo one taps

    • Siryus Clemente
      Siryus Clemente

      no, it wasn't a one top tho..

  • Vannrith Va
    Vannrith Va

    How to play against Vita 1. Find Zyw0o 2. Go to the other side, doesn't matter there are 4 people there

    • Costan Alexandru
      Costan Alexandru

      @215beechurst avoiding the awp is a tactic that everyone uses :)

    • 215beechurst

      NiKo is best known for his tactic "going b, but seeing zywoo, then going a"

  • Vannrith Va
    Vannrith Va

    I dont think Shox will last long in this team

  • LeFerraille

    Does anyone know who's the main awper for FaZe?

    • Redku

      Nishad Chaoji broky also AWPs. Rain is like the only one who doesn’t really awp but from what I remember his teammates said on a betway video that he’s a bad awper so

    • Nishad Chaoji
      Nishad Chaoji

      It's mainly olof but cold and Niko also take it sometimes

    • Shubham Trivedi
      Shubham Trivedi

      anyone who took the awp xd

    • LeFerraille

      @Upayan Biswas Oh alright thanks

    • Upayan Biswas
      Upayan Biswas


  • Elpeee •
    Elpeee •

    FaZe vs zywoo

    • Džindra IS back
      Džindra IS back

      Idiot,vitality lose why zywoo vs faze and zywoo isn't better than faze.... idiot.

  • Jun Joe  Hoo
    Jun Joe Hoo

    Zywoo trying so hard carrying bunch of bots🙂

    • Jun Joe  Hoo
      Jun Joe Hoo

      @Tan SN ya i knw say only

    • Tan SN
      Tan SN

      They are not bots bro. There 3 experience player and one good igl. He just a star player that make the play.


    I hate that the video length is already a spoiler 🤯

  • Mrmyagi132

    Olof looking like his old self, Rain the pistol god, coldzera clutch master, niko the star player/igl and Broky the young talent. Faze are looking good

    • dv pg
      dv pg

      I am not sucking any dick. I am looking at something objectively and drawing comparisons. Of course Faze is not equal to astralis but one bad loss does not mean they are not looking like an improved team. This new faze roster is looking promising and will probably improve more with time. Sure they had an embarrassing defeat but if they beat the same team in an equally dominant way just a few days before then it isn't something I am going to look to much into. The team looks good

    • Johnny Fappleseed
      Johnny Fappleseed

      Džindra IS back they have yet to prove themselves

    • Johnny Fappleseed
      Johnny Fappleseed

      dv pg keep suckin faze’s dick. I love faze but it’s not the same consistency is Astralis. Faze hasn’t shown up and win a big event in god knows how long

    • dv pg
      dv pg

      @Johnny Fappleseed and a few days before that they went 16-2 against that same team who 16-0 them. So I guess astralis aren't looking good cause 16-2?


      @Džindra IS back top clan shouldnt lose like that

  • alexander Giannarakis
    alexander Giannarakis

    Zywoo such a wasted talent on vitality not a team that can complete what he is able for ...

    • Rioby

      true... i really want Zywoo to have the best coz whenever he plays csgo he has fun...and thats how u should play.

  • John Smithens
    John Smithens

    Zywoo on that gear wtf

  • Oliver Fortmann
    Oliver Fortmann

    An insane team would be vitality but: -apex; shox +Nexa; Hunter

  • leave it
    leave it

    Zywoo: hey s1mple, now I understand how you used to feel like

    • Na'Vi Lennon
      Na'Vi Lennon

      @Tan SN most of those ppl are ignorants😂

    • Tan SN
      Tan SN

      @Na'Vi Lennon true ppls just didn't notice vitality Player role play and said them trash. They are experience Player. Zywoo just a star player that make the plays

    • Na'Vi Lennon
      Na'Vi Lennon

      @Ogi Dharmasura 3 veterans and 1 good IGL

    • Ogi Dharmasura
      Ogi Dharmasura

      other vitality players : "chill out we already got the best player here, let him carry us"

    • Na'Vi Lennon
      Na'Vi Lennon

      S1mple: Where's your Graffiti? ZywoO: I don't know.

  • Blurb Lupnem
    Blurb Lupnem

    4:34 bhop IDGAF play

  • zaid videos
    zaid videos


  • StruckT

    Zywoo became as good as simple and also the fact that he is also the one carrying like simple lmao

  • Ralph Axcel Diao
    Ralph Axcel Diao

    Zywoo vs faze clan. Bro better transfer to a better team.

  • Bryan Chong
    Bryan Chong

    Is Niko a fragger now???🤔🤔🤔

    • Kriss

      he's adapting very well

    • B A G U E T T E
      B A G U E T T E

      still igl

  • PVP Project
    PVP Project

    They should kick Broky, and add NiKo's Cousin...

    • PVP Project
      PVP Project

      @Upayan Biswas Depends brooother

    • PVP Project
      PVP Project

      well, I'll give Broky time to improve. He's so underrated but that's just my opinion, Imagine NiKo and Hunter together it will build chemistry.

    • Upayan Biswas
      Upayan Biswas

      Broky g0d

    • SeXceL

      Broky is better than Hunter tho

  • nico sollano
    nico sollano

    kick NBK MORE

  • Кирилл Лавренко
    Кирилл Лавренко

    Apex talks shit about other players and still he is pretty on the bottom of his career.

  • Read

    zywoo popped off only on mirage you guys need to stop sucking him off

  • Carlitos serrario
    Carlitos serrario

    Just nurf the kreig, Im tired to see that gun holding angles

    • Thangws

      *N rf

    • Souvik Sarkar
      Souvik Sarkar


    • Shantanu Matwanker
      Shantanu Matwanker


    • Hosea Christian
      Hosea Christian


  • Ahmad Rashiq
    Ahmad Rashiq

    Shox should retire. Fucking noob.

  • ze ea
    ze ea

    ALEX is just so bad

    • Hainesi

      He's IGL and usually 2nd to top fragger so how is he bad?

  • Hanzade dillice
    Hanzade dillice

    Shox noob player

  • As aventuras do Pinguim JP
    As aventuras do Pinguim JP

    RpK= Ruim pra Kralho

    • swarkkles


  • Abhi

    38 kills bro wtf even

    • John Coffey
      John Coffey

      Fucking indian hoes doesnt understand the game... he was fucking entry piece of shits

    • easy stuff
      easy stuff

      @Rishi Mainkar he played entry fragger this game and got that many kills

    • Dome 17
      Dome 17

      He is a Jame 2.0 and Baiter

    • Abhi

      @Rishi Mainkar he is an awper

    • Rishi Mainkar
      Rishi Mainkar

      Dude he is an exit fragger

  • migosgangdt

    You are a scammer

  • fps whore
    fps whore

    What a choke from faze clan on mirage

    • fps whore
      fps whore

      @Dvex faze wont climb the leaderboards to top 5 for sure and faze is just spending money stupidly they could've bought a tier 1 igl for 1 million but nope

    • Dvex

      @fps whore Is it something I say that is really hard to understand? Read it again. I said it's not everything. It's obviously something, and some teams relay on their IGL, but it's not EVERYTHING.,

    • fps whore
      fps whore

      @Dvex "well igl isn't everything" tell that to astralis

    • Dvex

      @fps whore Well IGL isn't everything, and if FaZe can climb the leaderboards and beat the best, then maybe "tier 3 IGL" is all they need, cause they have so much extre of everything else.

  • James Axel
    James Axel

    that was quite possibly the best counter strike game play i've seen in a long time

    • Dann3bro

      yeah same, very entertaining watch.

  • Babar Azam
    Babar Azam

    olof love you!

  • Clément Gaignard
    Clément Gaignard

    Zywoo is #1 this year, but the rest of the team really needs to improve, and quickly..

    • Dennis Morgan
      Dennis Morgan

      zywoo go replace broky

    • macindaw gg37
      macindaw gg37

      NBK right now: HUEHUEHUE

    • SeXceL

      @Naman Singh hltv doesn't approve that

    • GibusPyro

      @Adam Flexen shox is just playing super bad recently, he just isn't picking up kills and is constantly being caught with nades or just by surprise, he reminds me of when KioShiMa subbed for G2

    • Hosea Christian
      Hosea Christian

      @Rishi Mainkar call who's number one then

  • Yu Jian Cheng
    Yu Jian Cheng

    Niko and cold are fking god duo

    • Dredevil halo
      Dredevil halo

      Olof better than them

  • monster2k

    Hvh is fun

  • Peru Perry
    Peru Perry

    Whats wrong with shox😔

    • yGriZ


    • Carl Javier
      Carl Javier

      everybody has a bad game

    • zk has
      zk has

      @monster2k LOL honestly

    • monster2k

      @zk has olof god shox is not god olof is 3rd form of jesus 2nd is Jame

    • fps whore
      fps whore

      Just a bad day/game

  • Aamash Victor
    Aamash Victor

    It's always good to see Faze win...

    • ッVi

      George Blevins oh ic

    • George Blevins
      George Blevins

      @ッVi Was a type, meant "shouldn't".

    • TheoOfSweden

      FaZe has been playing better than ever. They will always be inconsistent, but they have won against all the top teams recently. Exept for Liquid i think.

    • Aamash Victor
      Aamash Victor

      @Krafko Agreed.

    • Krafko

      i feel like most of you guys don't even follow the scene and just watched the semi-final. FaZe Clan are on an upswing, they feel like a team now, not just five players. They are improving by every game and it is evident, you guys are just ignorant or stuck in the GuardiaN + stand-in FaZe era.

  • Arijit Mazumder
    Arijit Mazumder

    zywoo is god..he deserves a better team than this 🙂

    • TheGoodguyperson

      @Sam Kim amanek has clutched so many rounds for G2, why would you replace him ?

    • SeXceL

      @Sam Kim amanek ? Seriously ?

    • Core-5

      @Sam Kim wtf amanek is god

    • Sam Kim
      Sam Kim

      Florin D tbh if they put him in g2 that squad would be unstoppable. Take out amanak or jackz for him. Kennys and ZyWoo awp duo

    • Florin D
      Florin D

      Bro , he know 0 english...just basic very basic , in which team would u put him? xD It need to be french... I think a team , like , NBK ZYwom Shox , Kenny and 1 more would be perfect

  • Enemy Myself
    Enemy Myself

    I really appreciate you for uploading this content so fast, god bless you and your family