Bri & Fern

  • Bere Gates
    Bere Gates

    does anybody know who does her nails? I LOVE HER NAILS!😩😍😍

  • Bag Alasri
    Bag Alasri


  • Joelene Perswain
    Joelene Perswain

    I hope you do a labor and delivery vlog😫

  • Silent

    Things change wen u have ur girl n its gonna be sooo cute bri! Its gonna be worse but in a good way cuz girls theres just way too many things then boys n u have to have ur girl looking cute af

  • Silent

    It was God's plan he felt u guys were ready ! It took me 2 n half yrs to get pregnant n believe me we tried evry time we did it n nada then we started falling out n booms I had a baby in my belly n I had to choose guess who won! son is now 10 yrs old n his deadbeat long gone! God had it in his plans for me to go thru that cuz he wasnt for me n my baby helped me move on no looking back n I love being a mom so glad I wasnt stupid to abort him over some lame dick! Best move I've ever made!!!

  • Maria Cruz
    Maria Cruz


  • Amber P
    Amber P

    Mateo, Elias, Ezra, Ezekiel, Greyson, Lennox, Hendrix, Santana, London, Cash

  • Rj Solano
    Rj Solano

    Mateo, Isaiah, Izaiah, Xavier or Jordan (goes w josiah and jayden)

  • DulceMichii

    Santi - or Santiago

  • Little sicaria
    Little sicaria


  • Hoann Ayala
    Hoann Ayala

    Baby boy had the right to claim his dad name he is first baby boy I am team Fernando Jr.

  • 83prettyblack

    0 to 3 and 0 to 6 are good.We are not having a shower but I did buy a quite bit of newborn because I want his clothes to fit well especially for pictures.

  • The Dimond Family
    The Dimond Family

    Subscribe to our channel!! 📸🙏🏻

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    Nae Rose


  • tiffany Hickey
    tiffany Hickey

    Can you show us your registry like I have no clue what to ask for .. (First time mommy )

  • Aline

    Brandon !

  • Aracelis Marie
    Aracelis Marie

    It’s cute how he looks at her

  • Rebecca Reid
    Rebecca Reid

    get the baby socks, mittens, blankets, pacifiers, baby bottles, the sponge to clean the bottle, huggies wipes and diapers dont get Newborn, kids grow fast. and cute outfits. get different sizes. never get newborn, thats for premature babies. Dreft detergent, some babies are allergic to certain things. dont buy Johnson and Johnson products its a product thats been getting bad feedback and they have toxicity. i recommend Cetaphil baby, Aquaphor baby, Cereve baby, Eucire baby, Dove baby. Aveeno is part of Johnson & Johnson. You need a baby bag, pack a extra outfit all the time, babies get messy. Formula, i recommend powder form not liquid if your trying to save money go with powder, i cant say what formula because some babies dont react well to everything, also lots of bottled water. Get coconut oil babies tend to have dandruff, oil his head an comb out the dandruff then wash his hair. i cant think of nothing else but thats most of it. God bless =)

  • stephanie zea
    stephanie zea

    Congrats I’m so happy for you guys btw what kind of glasses are you wearing 💛

  • Grace

    You need to get a bouncer, swing, Walker that your baby can sit in & playset for your baby to sit in too. In the beginning until 6 months you need a swing the most to calm your baby & look up luxury baby stroller you can find lux sets for less than 500

  • Christina Betonio
    Christina Betonio

    Pls, Do Update makeup video. ❤❤

  • Evelyn Innocent
    Evelyn Innocent

    Congratulations on your new home and living on your own you will be OK u a strong couple. God bless you both and the prince.

  • Adrianna Deluna
    Adrianna Deluna

    Target actually does have good brands .

  • Mommy Bee
    Mommy Bee

    Baby name suggestion: Orlando (similar to Fernando)

  • Angen Altiman
    Angen Altiman

    OMG I've been watching you and britt forever and nke that you're going for your own thing ... AH proud of y'all and so so so so happy ❤❤❤ I love that fern always still treats you like a princess! Ahhh he does the most without even seeming f likeee.... its like eventhough you say your a brat, NO hes doing what he is supposed to. Till yall have a daughter... I dont even want to think about it yet aahhhh

  • Angen Altiman
    Angen Altiman

    AAWWWE Fern tryna buy things fir when hes older just ... my hearrrrttt

  • Monica Rivas
    Monica Rivas

    That’s crazy you ended up having a boy lol

  • toni montana
    toni montana

    Tatum is cute name.

  • Cynthia Junior
    Cynthia Junior

    Can't believe it either

  • Cynthia Junior
    Cynthia Junior


  • Mayra Ledesma
    Mayra Ledesma

    Don’t get a baby bassinet. Also huge mommy advice get the baby used to sleeping in the crib. In the long run you will love and enjoy it. It’s hard to let them go because they are cute and tiny but as they grow omg they will not allow you to sleep. I am a mommy of 3 and I learned from my 1st it was a Nightmare lol to sleep next to him. My las 2 slept in crib and I loved it.

  • Stephanie Gutierrez
    Stephanie Gutierrez

    Nuna!! Best stroller/car seat brand!

  • jeshlySeli castaneda
    jeshlySeli castaneda

    Dona stroller must have! ... u will love it so easy!!

  • Katherine Gonzalez
    Katherine Gonzalez

    My sons name is Xavier and I think that’s a beautiful and unique name tbh 😊

  • Mayra Jimenez
    Mayra Jimenez

    Such a beautiful couple blessing to the both of u and the baby boy💙

  • Roger Moore
    Roger Moore


  • Mariana Valencia
    Mariana Valencia


  • tatiana


  • emily estevez
    emily estevez

    name it emma

  • Angelina Lillian
    Angelina Lillian


  • makeupbymelic_

    Are you going to breastfeed or pump? If so i have a lot of recommendations for that. But buy your baby a lot of socks & bibs. Also when you are buying the clothes keep in mind what season your baby will be born in. So if your baby will be born in winter don’t buy newborn shorts etc. also use clear and free detergent because babies skin is really sensitive and you don’t wanna irritate their skin with the fragrances. They have really nice diaper backpacks & strollers at buy buy baby 😊

  • Hi_Mai

    Leo. Lionel . Btw dreaming of 💩 = 💰 coming your way!!j

  • Ciana Ochoa
    Ciana Ochoa

    Uriah Izreal Isaac Caleb Nando Ignacio Daniel Reyes Jesus

  • Kali Life
    Kali Life

    Jason ❤️

  • Emily Dowell
    Emily Dowell

    Uriah, Weston, Zebb, Jedidiah and Lincoln

  • Leslie sarabia
    Leslie sarabia

    I’ve heard this name and I kind of like it and it unique VICGINO

  • lovelyypatty

    My sons name is Jaxon we call him Jax 💘

  • Jacky Nshtx
    Jacky Nshtx

    Roel is cute & unique for a babyboys name

  • Wook Mami
    Wook Mami

    Baby boy name suggestions: Noah, Caleb, Israel , Joseph , Jobe , Aiden , Or Jaxon

  • Yahaira Marquez
    Yahaira Marquez

    Jaziel Fernando would be a cute name!

  • Julia Gonzalez
    Julia Gonzalez

    Is your merch still available for purchase?

  • Gabriela ‘Espinoza
    Gabriela ‘Espinoza

    Omg my favorite pareja😍😍 girl your first baby boy amazing news!! I would love to have a baby boy ur being so blessed! Your videos bring mi happiness and love how u and Fern are so inlove and how he actually trying to help u out with the baby stuff I cant never get tired of your videos u both look great together your super bellaaaa💖✨ wish y’all the best of happiness and congrats on little champ on the way💚💚💚

  • Stephanie Torres
    Stephanie Torres


  • Debbie Pimbert
    Debbie Pimbert

    Love you guys thanks for sharing your journey with us and taking us shopping!

  • Jurassic Times
    Jurassic Times

    Get the UPPABABY Vista it’s a top rated u can get it at buybuybaby

  • Gabby Espinosa
    Gabby Espinosa

    Dreyden 💙

  • lex

    I’m late but the nuna strollers are really good and super nice 🤩

  • Melissa Leon
    Melissa Leon

    UPPA is the best baby stroller brand and the best name is Valentino

  • clarissaallday Xo
    clarissaallday Xo

    A swing , stroller (MacLaren is a good brand) , boppy pillow , bouncer , pacifiers , bathtub , cart cover , Muslin swaddles to swaddle , & baby sling or wrap, sleepers with zippers only! :)

  • Samantha G
    Samantha G

    Bri looks so fuuuckin goood!😩😍

  • Phoebe Nguyen
    Phoebe Nguyen

    Get the Doona brand stroller/carrier! It’s so easy but kinda expensive but its the best lol

  • Darnell Ryder
    Darnell Ryder

    I have 3 boys! Preston Solomon Darnell Ryder & my baby Greyson dimitri. Also pregnant again! And hopefully with a girlllll! I’m feeling soooo different than my previous pregnanciesz

  • alejandra delgado
    alejandra delgado

    maximiliano Elijah Issac Isiah Adrain Andres Emiliano Benjamin

  • Rafael

    Name him Rafael

  • Lizbeth Hernandez
    Lizbeth Hernandez

    Done I already subscribed

  • priscilla jacques
    priscilla jacques

    Zara and baby gap have cute boy clothes

  • siiee lovee
    siiee lovee

    name him fernando. please dont name him something crazy lol

  • Ling Kal
    Ling Kal


  • lolosmomma85 lolosmomma85
    lolosmomma85 lolosmomma85

    I'm so happy for you guys 💙🧸

  • ericka lopez
    ericka lopez

    Kingston ,Malik, dylan,